Mayte, Va'os


Mayte and Va'os cross paths again and conversation goes… not well, but at least there isn't yelling? And decisions are made.


It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Baths, Southern Weyr

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"You were right."



The steamy fog of the baths could be an entirely different world, transitioning from the well-lit brilliance of the inner caverns: a different world entirely, one wrought in dreams and humid fog. Steam lifts from hot waters, obscuring those who bathe within, drenching any who dare enter. Well-maintained, well-stocked, the baths offer pre-netted portions of soapsand in various scents, fluffy towels in orderly rows, and five separate spring-fed pools, all of differing temperature: from scorching hot to soothing chill.

One of the nice things about being a leader of the Weyr is that you have your own bath. Another nice thing about being a leader is that you can choose not to use it. Mayte, in this instance, is occupying one of the hotter pools; no one shares it with her and one child who wanders too close gets the Eye and is soon ushered away by a nanny who knows better. Otherwise, Mayte lays back, resting her head against the lip of the pool so she can stare at the ceiling. Her shoulders are starting to relax but the way her forehead pinches indicates this is not a restful spa visit.

Ahh, the perks of Leadership! If there’s a VIP pool in the baths, you better believe that Va’os will crash it. He’s a leader too, right? And while Mayte is already occupying it and he would love to be anywhere else, well… He needs to clean off. Drills were particularly rough today, to judge by the look of him. Could be that’s just how he looks over all of late, too! Recent events have worn him down, despite his efforts of keeping his usual upbeat, always-joking, attitude. Gathering what he needs, he’ll veer towards that pool and wordlessly strip down before entering the waters. Mayte’s looking up! Right? So no warning, no hint. As he settles, he’ll pointedly not make eye contact but it’s more of a cold shoulder than modesty. Maybe he’s hoping his arrival will be enough to get her to vacate and leave this awesome spot alllll to him!

Oh the look on Mayte's face when Va'os appears in the doorway; it's a combination of resignation, fury, and… it went by too fast to be fear but… apprehension. Then Va'os' bits and nibblies make it into open air and Mayte's face is now one of barely concealed horror because it's bad enough the drudges heard about their fight last week but trying not to laugh out loud at the sight of him? She mutters something to herself, but when Va'os won't look at her, then it's a challenge: feel those two holes burning into your skull, Va'os? That's Mayte, right there, staring at you. Especially since he has entered the Forbidden Zone: her express pool when she's in it.

See that, Mayte? It’s Va’os. NOT LOOKING AT YOU (challenge accepted)! Call it petty or downright childish, but clearly he must want to talk. Why else tempt fate and the goldrider’s ire? Could be he has a death wish, too? Had she actually laughed at him prior, things would’ve dissolved and probably into sarcastic humour and some shade, but no. No, they’re caught in this Hell instead. Along with not looking, he’s not speaking either and he’s got a pretty damn good record at holding to that! So who is going to crack first? Because he’s going to briefly scrub at his skin and then sink back against the wall of the pool. La la de da~

Not-Stare-Off! The nannies in the room start to usher the children out, probably rolling their eyes because who sets an example like this about Using Our Words? Your Weyrleaders, people. Not having kids in the room drastically quietens the Baths and so the effect of staring intensifies. Mayte doesn't shift otherwise but gives Va'os a break long enough to glare at everyone else, who has the sudden urge to not see what happens next. It's as the last feet are padding out of the room that Mayte breaks the new silence, even as her laser eyes fix on Va'os again: "You were right." There, she said it. And not ever again.

It’s for the best that the nannies take the children away! Who knows what will go down in this pool? At least there’s no victorious whoop given when Mayte says those three glorious words? Va’os might be tempted but he’s going to be less of an asshole tonight and not even smirk (or look smug). No ‘say that again’ or similar jabs that’d completely RUIN this moment! He’ll savour his little victory right until he lifts his gaze to meet her laser fixed one on him. “What changed your mind?” His curious mind would like to know (no, really)!

Will the jury please note that Mayte's utterance that Va'os was less than completely wrong is not an apology? Also, it's said and she doesn't have to say it again now. The tension in her shoulders eases a little and Mayte shrugs a little: "I got talking with a mindhealer about it. I'd…" and now she looks around uncomfortably, "made some assumptions that the Healer was happy to correct for me." A little shrug. "But we can't keep her here." A new subject for them to focus on, whatho. Mayte waves one damp hand around, "We don't have facilities to help her, we don't have the manpower… we don't have the time."

Temptation rears it’s ugly head and Va’os fights it back beneath an almost neutral expression. Oh, but how he would LOVE to rub her face in it, right about now! Who needs an apology? This is almost as sweet! Almost. Shifting agains the wall of the pool, he’ll sit up to face her. “Mind healer’s are good for that,” he mutters, as close as he’s willing to risk at “pointing” out that she wasn’t wholly right. He scoffs lightly, shaking his head and looking away again. “I was never suggesting we DO keep her!” There was a lot said last time they spoke. Yelled. Same thing? “Put her where there is suitable manpower and facilities. Even if that’s foisting her on Healer Hall itself!” he shrugs. At this point? He’s done with this whole Laeiva business.

You know what else is best rubbed in someone's face? Mayte's fist. It's better this way. The woman huffs impatiently and ignores what was or was not suggested the last time they… spoke. "I have talked with the Healers at the Hall. They have suggestions of where we could send her. They'll assess her and let us know if she'll ever be ready to be tried." A long look at Va'os and Mayte continues: "Though they don't recommend sending her by dragon - something about the trip between being distressing on an already distressed mind." The marvels of modern? medicine! The crossing of Mayte's eyes might be missed as she stares at the Weyrleader a moment longer before her eyes dip to the water, the warmth of the bath colouring her cheeks suddenly.

That’s assuming Mayte could hit her mark (she would, at least once)! Va’os at least is much calmer than he was the last time; no threats of shaking or strangling her! He nods, features dropping to a thoughtful, but grim, outlook. “So what, then? Guarded and escorted by land and sea? That’ll have to be carefully planned out.” With failsafes. In case the unstable mind decides a coup and they’re back to square one in this whole mess. Focused as he is on his inner thoughts, he may not catch Mayte staring at him before exchanging that for the water. Shaking his head, he suddenly looks very tired as he takes his turn to stare up at the ceiling. This is a Va’os rarely seen; a strangely quiet and reserved one. He’s talking but it’s feeling more and more like it’s a requirement and not because he truly desires it.

"Essentially, yes." Mayte shifts uncomfortably when she adds, "The Healer suggested… liberal use of fellis juice, to keep her calm. For this, I would let Varden take charge." Eyes drift back up from the water as Mayte relaxes, her head falling curiously to one side as she observes Va'os, not quite staring. "Each leadership gets challenged," she says quietly, "and this is a raw deal for your first leadership. Mostly they're about tithe arguments and shit." Let Mayte do the talking now.

Va’os doesn’t seem wholly surprised by the Healer’s suggestion and there’s no argument from him; just a nod of agreement for her choice of who should be travelling along with Laeiva. Her quiet commentary is met with a lift in his gaze to meet hers and a brief smirk tugging one corner of his mouth. “It’s kind of been a shit show the second I got the knot,” he admits with a huffed breath. Tell him about it! Mayte WILL do most of the talking, once Va’os slips in one (not so) little comment of his own. “Southern has suffered some heavy losses.” Pointed look. Yeah, he’s kind of picking up at that low shot from her from their spat in the War Room.

Mayte snorts gently and shakes her head a bit: "It doesn't get better. In case you were worried. And then," a brief smirk, "the ones causing you smaller headaches go and impress and start causing you bigger headaches.." That pointed look goes sailing past HMPN Mayte becausee she's busy looking around and frowning. "Alright. I'll figure out how to organize Laeiva's move to Healer. We may need a couple of dragonriders somewhere, as watchriders above. Did you really promote Rocio in here? Totally naked?" So much more interesting than planning.

“Not worried.” Va’os counters and… that’s it. No rambling commentary, no sarcasm. Clear cut and done! Guarded. At least in that sense; let’s forget they’re both in a bathing pool! Brows furrow, but it’s clear he’s running something through that head of his (surprisingly not empty!). “Might know of a few riders I’d trust with it — and that we can spare. I’ll run it by D’wane.” And then ultimately by her. Rocio’s name and the method of her promotion is met with a quirked brow and a visible smirk from him. “Yeah. Seemed like a good time to do it? I tend to veer from ‘normal’ and shake things up a bit. Just wasn’t expecting a seasoned rider to get all bent out of shape over nudity. So,” Va’os sighs a little, as he turns his back to her as he exits the pool and dries off with a towel that is promptly wrapped around his lower half. No view of the bits, but his back is traced with faint and telling scarring; only the sort of scarring that comes from being flogged (not necessarily by whip). “You gonna bitch me out for it too? Or…?” He stares at Mayte, sidelong and waiting. Well?

A brief nod when D'wane is the one named, but of way more interest is the story of Rocio and the WLM knot. Because Va'os' record with women is becoming infamous, in one manner. "A promotion in the baths… yeah, that's pretty far from normal." Finally, Mayte cracks a grin. It's not a really nice one but it's amused and full of mischief. The look fades a little when Mayte looks over Va'os' back and she won't lie to letting eyes wander clinically shameless over it. Instead, she pulls herself out of the water (since Va'os can't actually promote her or anything), showing her own not-uncommon threadfall scars, including the fierce one that mangles her lower abdomen. "Nah," and it takes some effort to make that sound casual as Mayte starts to towel herself off, "Rocio spoke well enough for herself there." Again: lack of promotion opportunities. Grabbing an overly-towelly, overly-long house coat, the short woman wraps herself up and huffs. "Well. Good talk, Va'os. We should do this again." Pencil it in your agenda for never o'clock.

Va’os will at least mockingly salute with two of his fingers off the side of his head for Mayte’s quip about his promotion tactics. That and there was at least ONE grin from this gathering! Nice or not, it’s more than he’s done! He was speaking the truth to Rocio about not oogling her ‘assets’ as they were but he’ll be as shameless as Mayte was to his back; it’s kind of hard not to miss a particularly nasty ‘scoring. So far, he’s evaded the worst of that but his time will come, eventually. “How do you know what she said?” he tosses her way, while slipping back into his clothes — or at least his pants. His tunic looks to be a complete write-off and may just get up and walk out on its own accord. Her huff is met with a mildly perplexed look but he only shrugs his shoulders. “Probably in the morning.” he points out with a grimace. Meetings, remember? NOT the same and he knows it but he’ll just throw it out there regardless. Lingering there, Va’os goes to say something further but falters; it ends with him shaking his head and grimacing, while one hand rubs up along to the back of his neck. “Yeah.” Good talk. It didn’t end with screaming! “Clear skies, Mayte.” Polite enough of a ‘farewell’, but his tone tips towards hidden apologies. Not that he gives her the satisfaction of pushing; he’s already leaving without so much as a backwards glance.

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