Beris, R'ku


R'ku has a birthday surprise for Beris when she gets back from work. Various plans are made.

Sexual innuendo/themes


It is after midnight of the sixteenth day of the seventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Kabelkath's Lair, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 24 Mar 2018 00:00


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Kabelkath's Lair

It's late night - just after midnight - but not exactly an unusual time for Beris to come in. With the last of the drunks sent on their way from the Pit and everything cleaned and tidied up, the only thing left is for the staff to make their way home. At least Beris doesn't have to go all the way to Kurkar nowadays - a short enough walk across the 'bowl, still warm even at this hour, and she's climbing the steps to Kabelkath's weyr. Her steps are heavy on the steps; it's been a long shift and a tiring one, and she's more than ready to get home to R'ku and into bed. A yawn announces her reaching the ledge, and now she crosses it to head into the weyr itself.

It's fairly dark inside the weyr at this time of night, though it's certainly possible to see Kabelkath's luminous blue-green eyes from where he is coiled languidly in the 'ledge' section of the ground weyr. Likely the bronze heard Beris' approach, as he gives a deep rumble of greeting, faceted eyes whirling faintly as he follows her tired progress up the steps. R'ku, however, is nowhere to be seen, nor is there a sound from him that might give away where in the weyr he might be. Other than Kabelkath's eyes, the only light coming from within is of a flickering quality - a few lit candles have been left to burn in their holders atop the neat little table that is used for both meals and hidework. It's just enough light, along with an open glowbasket nearby, to illuminate the sturdy shelf set against the wall near the unlit hearth that has a brand new addition. A large tea chest has been setup there, the wood of a lighter balsawood material and stained to match the desert sands. There are a few carved embellishments along the edges, though the main draw are the intricate metal knobs used for the drawers, as well as one larger metal tab that is used to open the hidden comparment in the middle that hides the brand new teapot, 2 mugs and 2 teacups/saucers. There's even a little vase next to it full of fresh flowers, because apparently R'ku has to be extra romantic or something. Though he's still nowhere to be seen.

"Hey, Kabelkath," Beris murmurs as she passes the bronze, a hand reaching out so her fingertips can brush his side as she goes by. It's not surprising to Beris that the light in the weyr is dim, but what does catch her out is the source of the lights. She pauses in the entryway, frowning in bewilderment at the candles. The placement of the light draws her eye, naturally, to the shelf by the hearth and the item that wasn't there before. Silently, she crosses the weyr towards it, running a hand over the chest's desert-like wood; letting her fingers rest on one of the metal knobs and opening one of the drawers on its smooth runner. Her eyes flick to the vase, and the smile that creeps onto Beris's face comes slowly, a soft expression. Now she speaks. "R'ku?" The drawer is closed gently, and now her fingers run over to the metal tab.

Who knows where R'ku actually was hiding - probably in the bathing section of the weyr to be sure to have stayed out of Beris' potential line of sight. Either way, R'ku soon appears, his footsteps softened since he's in barefeet. He's pretty much already dressed for bed - bare chest and whatever Pern's version of boxer briefs would be, because otherwise it'd probably be too stifling with any lingering heat from the desert summer. He slips in behind Beris, moving to encircle his arms around her and place a kiss where he can easily reach from this position - the side of her neck, if he can get to it. "Happy early turnday, love," he murmurs against her skin. Then, noting her hand was just about to go towards the larger tab, his expression brightens and he flashes one of his usual toothy grins, "Oh - you definitely need to open that!"

Beris is still entranced by the teachest, fingers lingering on the tab as she wonders what it might reveal. Then R'ku has crept up on her and she lets out a laugh, half from surprise and half from happiness. "You're terrible," she teases, leaning back into him and that kiss. "Oh?" Since he's encouraging her to open it, she does just that, revealing the tea set inside. "Ohh," Beris breathes, turning the teapot this way and that to get a good look at it in the flickering light. "You really didn't have to," she murmurs, but the brightness in her eyes gives away that she really, really likes what she sees. Her free hand comes to rest on his arms where they're around her, squeezing gently.

R'ku squeezes Beris fondly against him, his cheek still bent near her face after that initial kiss. Thus, she'll probably be able to feel his cheeks round out into a fond smile at her reaction to the tea set. "I had the idea and I couldn't wait until your turnday to give it to you." His voice is full of warmth and a hint of his lingering excitement at having kept this secret all day and finally being able to show her. "I know it's pretty hot to make tea on a regular basis .. but .. " he trails off before shrugging, placing another kiss on Beris, this time on her earlobe, "It'll be nice to be able to have tea together in the morning without having to really leave the weyr." His voice turns a little mischievous, "Or really even get dressed, come to think of it." He pauses before adding, "You'll get something else for your actual turnday, though." Because he apparently can't help himself.

"It's never too hot for tea," Beris states, grinning the whole while. "Especially with a tea set this beautiful." She turns the teapot back to how it was when she opened the compartment, all perfect and neat. The idea R'ku brings up for morning tea turns her grin impish. "Hmm, lazy mornings with tea…I could get used to that." Then she turns her head to look at him, eyebrow lifting. "You don't have to spend all these marks on me, you know. Just…being with you is like a present." Her turn to be soppy! And she'll plant a kiss on his nearest cheek too, for good measure.

R'ku's expression softens at the words, his breath escaping in a fond sort of sigh, "I know - but you know I can't help myself sometimes." First those feline fur blankets, probably a whole bunch of flowers over the turns and now this. "Just consider it an added bonus," he adds, deep voice full of amusement. He pulls back slightly, moving to try to turn Beris around to give her a proper kiss on the lips. "I love you and I like to show it in more than one way," he notes as he pulls back, his usual grin appearing. "I know it's late and you've had a long day - did you want to try the tea pot now? Or maybe a bath? Or both?" He nods his head at the tea chest, "Xanthee helped me pick the tea leaves out. I'm sure there's something relaxing in there." He's a bit too jittery to go to sleep just yet, apparently, having to deal with the excitement of his surprise finally being revealed. Who cares if he has early morning drills?

Beris isn't going to argue about getting all these lovely gifts - she loves them really! She lets herself be turned, smiling fondly up at him and leaning in for that kiss. "Tea, in the bath," she muses over that, eyes sparkling as she grins up at R'ku. "Sounds perfect." She glances at the tea chest when he nods at it, and purses her lips thoughtfully. "Xanthee knows her teas - there must be some camomile, or maybe some valerian." She reaches up for another kiss, before she pulls away to have a look in the chest, still smiling at how lovely it is. The smell of the various tea leaves is in the air as she looks at the contents. "Ah - camomile, I thought so. Sound good?" She turns back to R'ku with a smile that implies she's looking forward to more than just trying out the new tea set.

"Chamomile sounds great, love. You're the resident tea expert," R'ku notes with a toothy grin. His voice still remains warm and loving with just a hint of teasing added in. He leans forward to press another kiss to Beris' lips, his hand lingering a bit longer at her waist than strictly necessary. He's probably more than happy that the bath will be involved, as well - there's probably a touch of added heat to his last kiss and a little bit of impishness in his smile as he moves away rather reluctantly, "I'll get the hearth started so the kettle will boil." And he does just that, padding over on his bare feet towards the hearth to get a fire started, which doesn't take him too long. He makes sure there's water in the kettle before swinging it out over the fire. Hopefully no sparks land near him, as he's got an awful lot of bare skin able to be burned at the moment. But, as a bonus, Beris probably is getting a bit of a show with all his fire-making motions while wearing just his underwear. "Was it crazy at the P
it tonight?" he asks as he prods the burgeoning fire with a poker to try to encourage more flames. Because he realized he never even asked her about her day as of yet, so excited he was about the gift.

There's reluctance in Beris's body language as she pulls away from that kiss. No doubt there'll be more to come though. And hey, she can watch R'ku lighting the hearth while she gets the teapot ready with the appropriate leaves. Fire safety be damned; she bites her lip as she watches him. "Hm?" She's distracted, and it takes her a moment to process his question. "Oh, no more than normal. No customers got into any fights, so I consider that a good night." What was she doing? Oh yeah, the teapot! She brings it out, handling it incredibly carefully, this precious gift. That'll go next to the hearth, ready for the water. "How's Sirocco? Is your new Wingsecond good?" She lingers there by the hearth, leaning casually to watch R'ku a while longer.

R'ku jabs several more times at the wood in the hearth, his expression brightening as the flames leap up and start to lick at the underside of the kettle. Now all that's left to do is wait for the water to boil. Setting the poker aside, he opts to do the waiting nearer to Beris. A watched kettle never boils, anyhow, and he'd rather be near her at the moment. "I suppose that sounds like a good enough day at the Pit. No lewd men trying to grab at you that I have to have a talking to?" his words are full of teasing, though there's a hint of seriousness to his words, too. Becaue he slips an arm protectively around Beris, sliding her against his side with a hum of pleasure. It takes him a moment, too, to process her question regarding his wing and he pauses with his hand on Beris' hip, his brain finally kicking in, "Oh - Wingsecond. A'lira. Yes - he's amazing. So much better than Ch'ad. Though having to tell Ch'ad he's no longer Wingsecond was /not/ a fun conversation." Hopefully they can make it through all these distractions to actually make the tea at this point. "Had you heard anything more about that Trader?" he asks suddenly, his distracted brain finally cluing in on something he had been meaning to ask.

"Nooo," Beris laughs. She loves his protectiveness really, even if she also enjoys her act of being a tough woman who can hold her own. "I didn't even get my bum pinched," she teases right back, leaning her body in nice and close against his. "Mm," she pulls a face at the unpleasant idea of having to tell someone they're essentially fired. "He'll get over it." Wise words right there. She is rather distracted though, so perhaps she can be forgiven for not being at the top of her game when it comes to thinking? R'ku's mention of the Trader does focus her though, and she nods, slowly, voice softening. "Actually…yes. He didn't want to talk too much about it all, but he did suggest there might be some answers at Big Bay. That's…ages away, isn't it?" She's not too hot on geography, and her brow creases with a frown.

It takes R'ku a moment to focus on the answer to the question about the Trader. He'll have to be forgiven, there's probably not his entire quantity of blood circulating in his brain right now. At the moment he's content to have Beris at his side, pausing only briefly to plant a quick kiss. He pauses in the middle of sweeping a stray strand of Beris' hair behind her ear, his brain finally wrestling control back from down below, "Big Bay?" He appears baffled for a split second before brightening, "Ages away? That's only 3 seconds on dragon! We could go now, really — " Though he cuts himself off, his train of excitement suddenly halted in its tracks when he hrealizes the lateness of the hour and the fact he's in a general spot he'd rather not leave right now. "Well … maybe first thing in the morning." His reverie is interupted by the shrill whistle of the kettle and, distractedly, he moves to pull the kettle from the fire with an oven mitt, "He didn't say anything else other than Big Bay Hold?"

Beris can't help but laugh at R'ku's enthusiasm. "We've got tea to drink! And a bath to have." Her voice drops to a sexier tone as she says that. She watches him go to the move the kettle - well, more specifically his butt. A lady has eyes! For her part, she'll move the teapot closer, so there's less distance to cover with the boiling water. "That there's a wagon that left there involved. He said it met a nasty end, but they might knoe something at the Hold." It seems like such a big task, when she says it aloud. Swallowing, Beris tries not to get too overwhelmed by what they have yet to find out. "Do I need to run the bath?" Diversionary tactics, go!

R'ku somehow manages to get all the boiling water into the tea pot without spilling any - apparently he's managed to focus his concentration to this moment at hand, at least for now. He can't help a happy little smile as he settles the lid back on the tea pot with a tiny clinking noise, obviously still rather pleased at his choice of gift. He settles the kettle back on its hanging stand near the hearth, "Mmm. The bath. Yes - I also got some new soapsand that is supposed to add some nice suds to the water that we may want to try." For a second there, his mind is obviously jumping ahead to the bath and what that may entail, as he misses the shelf where the oven mitt goes by several inches and the pot holder ends up on the floor instead. Not that he notices this. Nope - he's already back next to Beris, pulling her against himself for a kiss that spills over into heated territory. He pulls back after a moment or two though, his breath escaping in a ragged sigh, "Right - we have tea. And a bath. Draw the bath - I'll bring the tea once it's steeped?" Because he totally needs to get his mind off this if they actually want to get around to /having/ said tea. He grasps at Beris' distractionary comments and finally adds his thoughts, "We can head over there easily tomorrow. The question is - who do we talk to at Big Bay?"

Beris misses the pot holder's fate too - R'ku is far too good a distraction, especially like this. "Mmm," she breathes when the kiss finishes, eyes dark with longing as she looks up at him. "Will do," she promises, voice a little hoarse now. "Sounds like a plan." The tip of her tongue touches her lips where the kiss still lingers, and she starts to move away, to go get started on that bath. R'ku's question makes her pause, though. "I - I think if it's a trader wagon, there must be someone there that organises them as they come and go? Keeps a record of them, that sort of thing?" She hasn't thought that far ahead yet, but if the place is anything like Igen, surely someone is keeping an eye on the comings and goings?

R'ku starts to rattle around what passes for the 'kitchen' area of the weyr, pulling out some teaspoons, his stash of sugar and the like. "Mmm. You're right. There should be someone in charge to talk to. As long as we have some basics to describe." He inhales slowly, taking in the scent of the steeping tea before letting out his breath, the muscles in his bare shoulders shifting as he rolls them to work out some tension. "We'll leave in the morning." His eyes fix on Beris then and there's no hiding the heat in that gaze, the desire that's brimming beneath the surface. Not that his state of dress is doing much to hide his obvious state of mind, really. But at least he's able to carry on a conversation, of sorts. "… but at this point I think we may be sleeping in," he notes with a touch of impish sexiness in his rough voice, accompanied by a sly sort of grin as a promise of what will come later. "But - we should still have time to speak to people. The heat's been too bad to really do too many drills early, so I can push them to the evening when the sun's nearly down." And with that, he'll tear his gaze /away/ from Beris for now so he can focus on the tea. Yes- the tea needs to be made. He'll start by grabbing the two new mugs that are shaped like bulbous cacti before starting to work at prepping the mugs.

Beris has made it as far as the entryway to the bathing room, turning back to watch R'ku as he considers a plan for the morning. Forgive her if she's distracted - her mind is most definitely more on tonight's 'plan'. "Sounds like the perfect reason to delay drills," she smirks, while her hands go to the ties on her clothes. She smiles at the unique mugs as R'ku gets them out for use. Then, she turns to face into the bathing room, and a moment later there's the sound of clothes hitting the floor. "I'll go get that bath sorted," she says, throwing a teasing look back over a bare shoulder before she disappears into the room.

R'ku ends up spilling a bit of sugar onto the table, distracted as he is by the sight of a naked Beris walking away from him. Focus, focus. Focus on the tea. He takes a deep breath to try to tamp down the lust running through his veins - just for the moment, anyhow, while he's handling boiling hot liquid. Scalding himself would be a definite end to the night's activities before it even begins. He can't help but keep an ear out for the sounds of the water running as he fills both mugs with a quantity of tea and stirs in the sugar for both of them. Then he's shedding the last scrap of cloting he has on so he can be doesn't have to fuss with such things while holding containers of hot tea. Then, with a mug in each hand, he heads back to the bathing cavern completely nude. Thankfully there's a small ledge near the edge of the pool that is the perfect spot to set the mugs, too, so he can slide into the water with ease. "We best drink this tea before I get completely distracted, love - otherwise it'll just get cold and all this work will be for nothing." His voice still has a husky, rough edge to it, though there's a touch of humor in it at the situation in general.

The sounds of the water running follow not too long after Beris disappears; then there's a delighted giggle. "You weren't wrong about the suds." When R'ku comes in, he'll find her sunk into a tub that's filling rapidly not just with water, but an increasing mass of foamy bubbles! Giggling, she waits for him to get in before splashing some suds his way. "Mm," she agrees, moving closer in the water. "Nothign worse than a cold cup of tea." It's hard to focus on that and not other activities, but she'll manage it - once the tea is gone, there's the rest of the night to enjoy!

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