Coora, L'ri


An Oldtimer brownrider and a Nowtimer bronzerider meet and trade information.


The sixteenth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Galleries, Southern Weyr

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Stone benches rise, black and showing the lack of polish from a thousand seats — by the look of it, these have not been used in… forever, if ever indeed.

Coora begins climbing the stairs to the galleries, looking around avidly as she does so. This is the first time she has been in Southern's galleries, and she takes in all the details. Reaching the front row of the stands, she makes her way to the very center and takes a seat to check out the eggs from as close as she can.

L'ri doesn't often take time to just look at the eggs - as an Assistant Weyrlingmaster he's usually too busy wrangling Candidates for that! But today he has a brief reprieve, and so it's really not long after Coora enters that he follows, although he's surprised to find himself with company. "Oh, erm. Hello there." Eloquent, this one is.

Coora grins at L'ri, waving the young man over to grab a seat near her. "The best view is right here in the middle. C'mon over!" Coora's as effusive as she usually is, age having nothing on her cheerful personality. "Hi, I'm Coora. I transferred from Igen a few sevendays ago. I'm from Oldtimer Ista Weyr." The brownrider just offers all the relevant location information right from the start, after having introduced herself to nearly everyone in the weyr recently.

After a moment's hesitation, L'ri ventures to take a seat beside Coora. "I see them up close pretty consistantly, but it's nice to get a look from a distance every now and again." Ah, so he's not normally just as ineloquent as early. Probably a good sign, that. "A pleasure, Coora. You ride with Serval?" He's noticed her around before, but with the current round of Candidates…well. He hasn't really been out and about meeting people. "I'm from Telgar, originally. The Weyr, I mean. I've been here…a couple of turns now, I suppose it's been. Ah, sorry. I'm L'ri, bronze Cignalusath's."

"Brown Sidaaeth's. Yes, we're with Serval. How about you?" Coora's never been one for reading knots as it takes away from the conversation and the asking of questions. "How is Telgar? Did you Impress there or here? What's the weather like in Telgar?"

"Was with Ocelet, now I'm mainly working with the Weyrlings." L'ri admits freely. "It's intersting work, and nice to watch the Weyrlings learn from what they're taught and their mistakes." For all that he wasn't too long out of being one himself when he made it on Weyrlingstaff. "Telgar's…interesting. I Impressed there, yes. The weather…well, it's kinda like Igen except…well, it rains more often." He slings a wry little smile in her direction. "What was Ista like, back in your day?"

Coora nods her head eagerly at L'ri's position as weyrlingmaster. "Oh, I was an assistant weyrlingmaster for a while back at old Ista. It was like *right* after I Impressed. Or like a couple Turns, but I was barely a rider before I started working with the new riders." What a coincidence, even if Coora doesn't know about L'ri's own situation. "Ista was wonderful. Sandy and warm, but not too hot or too humid. The thermals were amazing, you could fly for days on one." Coora's look becomes wistful in memory, and her memory is probably the exaggeration of missing one's past. "Today's Ista is not quite the same."

"Huh, we share a lot in common, then." L'ri's not shy about telling her. "Cig'n'I've only been together a few turns. Ja'kai's a good Weyrlingmaster." He listens attentively as she explains about how Ista was, and nods slowly. "Time changes everything, unfortunately.. At least you've your memories?" While not an absolute consolation, it's better than nothing, surely. "How are you liking Southern, so far?"

Coora grins at L'ri, nodding. "I do have my memories. And there are other people who came from Ista too, so I'm not alone. Southern isn't bad, but it's so humid and hot here. It's definately hotter than Ista and the breezes aren't as cool and constant." Ista being right on the ocean had nice breezes.

L'ri smiles a little, and tilts his head to the side. "I suppose all of us have to get used to Southern. It's strange to think that those that were here before us all went mad or something." A hand flaps in a 'what can you do?' sort of mannerism. "Did the Southern from your time go mad?" It's a pointed question, and perhaps one that's more teasing than anything.

"Oh, is that what happened?" Coora has heard a few different ideas, but not the 'official' story. "No, Southern was different then. In the north of the continent." Not the North north, but the north South.

"That's one of the rumors, at least. We might not ever know really for sure." L'ri frowns a little, and thinks where she's talking. "Oh, so the ruins up there were actually used at one point? I guess that adds up with the history I know, but.." Hard to imagine, considering this Southern was uninhabited when he was born!

"Yup, that was where Southern was when I was a kid." Coora has not been by to see the ruins, but it's not like she came from there. The brownrider stands suddenly, "I think it's getting close to dinner time. I'd better get going. It was great meeting you and talking to you, L'ri."

"A pleasure meeting you as well, Coora. I'll be seeing you around, I'm sure." L'ri moves a bit so he's not in the older rider's way, and turns his eyes out to the eggs. "Hard to believe that soon enough…" He'll be here a while longer, and then head off as well. He has a pretty girl to go pick up for a date, or some such!

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