Khaylia, Xanthee


Khaylia is fresh off a wagon newly arrived at Igen Weyr. Xanthee welcomes her and offers friendly advice.


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the eighth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tea Room

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"Oh, you know, here, there. It's not important. I like to look FORWARD."

The Tea Room

This shop is easy to miss from the street. It bears the same striped awning that most shops have, this one in shades of lilac and sand, but it has no sign save for a plaque of sandstone hung beside the door, on which a teacup has been carved. When open, the heavy curtain that covers the doorway is pulled aside to allow entry. After stepping through, one will find themselves in a tiny space decorated with classic desert touches.

The walls are whitewashed to increase the sense of light within but the floor is tiled in hues of blue and green, with each tile bearing in its center a brilliant red lotus. There are only five small tables, all of them of dark, heavily carved wood set low to the ground. To sit at one requires reclining on the plethora of pillows and cushions and layered rugs provided for that purpose; each seat is provided with a carved wooden back-prop to rest the pillows against, for those who want spinal support. Tea is served from the service at the rear of the room, where a tiny smokeless hearth keeps water heated, and a row of trays are kept loaded with teapots, tiny cups, and containers for sweetener. There is a small selection of fruits, breads and cheeses also available for those looking for a snack but this is not a place for heavy meals.

Late afternoon and Rukbat's rays are still merciless, causing a certain junior weyrwoman's assistant to to seek out somewhere with cold drinks to work on some hidework that's been piling up. Xanthee is sitting at one of the low tables, scribbling her stylus over a hide, transcribing one to the other. It's rivetting work…not! But the raven-haired girl seems to be enjoying it. She's whistling softly to herself, only pausing to take a long drink from the frosty glass of iced tea in front of her.

Khaylia did not think whatever it was through because she is sporting an AMAZING sunburn despite her hat and loose shirt. She's also sweating and trying oh-so-hard not to. She wiggles her collar to try to get some air moving in there as she enters the tea room. "Please tell me that somewhere has something cool to drink?" A plea.

Looking up from her work at the low table she's sitting at, Xanthee blinks emerald green eyes a couple time before wincing visibly, "Oh hon, you look like you need a Healer more than a cold drink." Getting up, she gestures for the girl to sit down. The one waitress is busy with dishes, but Xan waves her away and pours the girl a tall glass of iced tea from the pitcher and brings it back to her. "You poor thing, how'd you manage to look like a spiderclaw freshly boiled?"

Khaylia sighs as she looks down at her arms more than a bit mournfully. "I should have asked if I could sit inside the wagon, but it seemed like a bit much, plus I couldn't SEE anything then!" That totally answers the question right? "Oh my gosh, you are AMAZING." That said gratefully as Khaylia takes the iced drink. Just a moment, she's going to look like she's in heaven.

Xanthee finds her seat again in the pillows after delivering the tea, listening to Khaylia's non-answer with a puzzled look before giggling at her last, "Yes, I'm sometimes called that, mostly by my boyfriend," her eyes dance mirthfully as she takes another sip of her drink before continuing, "I'm Xanthee, or Xan. And no problem, I used to work here for turns, so they don't mind if I serve someone once in awhile. What's this about a wagon? Are you a Trader?"

"Khaylia," Kay-Lee-Ah, she returns as continues sipping with a beatific expression. ICE who even knew that was possible in a desert?! "No, not a trader - and after the last two days NO THANK YOU. Do you know how much WORK they do?" There's a small shudder as the girl takes off her hat, letting tangled red hair fall down.

"I do actually, I have friends within one of the Trader caravans here at Igen, the Zingari," Xanthee replies with an easy smile as she shuffles her hidework over to give the girl some room. "Well met Khaylia, I take it you're just arriving at the Weyr then?" she asks curiously before wrapping her hands around her glass, fingers tracing idle patterns in the condensation.

A quick nod before a snarl in her hair catches Khaylia's attention and she so has to deal with that. One moment. When she looks back up she's got a half-smile on her lips, a bit sheepish. "Yeah. I thought maybe I could give it a try. Change of scenery and all, you know?"

"I guess I could see that as a good thing," Xanthee replies thoughtfully, "Where are you from originally then?" she asks, her curiosity rather insatiable and being teased by the vague answers from this new girl. Giving her an appraising look up and down, she muses, "Do you have somewhere to stay? Do you have a job lined up?"

Khaylia smiles, "Oh, you know, here, there. It's not important. I like to look FORWARD." Vague answers are vague. She'll be more specific at the second questions though, "I would like to stay? At least for a bit, I mean, if it's terrible then I think I should move on. And…. no. I thought I might go throw myself on the weyr's headwoman and beg for a position."

Thoroughly intrigued now, Xanthee puts one elbow on the table as she rests her chin in her palm, fingers curling against her cheek "Here and there? Huh. Well you might need to be a bit more specific when you talk to the headwoman…" she remarks knowingly. "And throwing yourself at Cremla might not be the best of ideas," she shudders at the mere thought of the formidable woman.

"I mean…. do they not need people to do stuff?" Xanthee's advice has the same effect on what was over-the-top optimism as ice water when one is asleep. Dead. Stop. "I was always told the weyr was ALWAYS looking because people keep impressing dragons and becoming riders instead? Did they lie to me?!" AFFRONT.

Xanthee holds up her hands with a smile, "Of course we always need more people, but you don't have to throw yourself at anyone. I'm sure she'll be able to find you a spot. I'm an assistant Headwoman myself, although I'm assigned to Junior Weyrwoman Nasrin as her assistant." There's a teeny tiny puff of pride in the raven-haired girl as she sits up a little straighter, "I don't have anything to do with hiring help, though I can definitely point you in the right direction." Humming thoughtfully, she studies the girl, "Are you skilled in any way?"

"OKay, well, maybe that was a TAD dramatic." Khaylia says sheepishly, tilting her head to one side just a bit in interest as Xanthee mentions an in. A small shrug, "I've been told I'm a quick learner. As long as it isn't too gross youknow? I think I'd rather not… poop.You know?"

Xanthee snickers at Khaylia's last, causing her to snort the sip she was taking, giving her a brief coughing fit. "Well everyone gotta start somewhere. But maybe avoid the Creche then. You're going to have to talk to Cremla indeed, cause unskilled workers usually starts off as drudges, and they deal with pretty much the grossest stuff. I should know, I was one as soon as I could hold a job."

Khaylia sighs. "Lovely. Of course they do. I suppose it was…" Khaylia tails off and then shakes her head without finishing that thought. "Well, it won't be forever. Maybe there'll be some handsome dude that I can smile into at least helping." See, sunny side. "So…. I need to find this Cremla? Or should I seek out someone else?"

"Not forever, there's also jobs here in the Bazaar too," Xanthee muses after a moment's considering, "Well, if you know where to look…Just stay away from Rosie's…" she offers no explanation for that little tidbit of advice and quickly moves on. "As for handsome guys," Xan's eyes sparkle with mischief, "There's plenty of those here, although I am spoken for, I can still enjoy the view."

"Ehhh, I don't know about the bazaar. I mean, back home I hear it's PRETTY sketchy." Khaylia leans forward when she says that last part like she's sharing some kind of secret. "I think I'll take my chances with poop or whatever."

"Oh it can be, watch your purse and don't walk alone at night," Xanthee cautions with a serious nod of her head, "But if you're careful, it's fine. I could show you around the safer parts if you want sometime." Considering the other girl for a moment with a tilt of her head, she grins wickedly, "Do you like parties?"

"Yes PLEASE." Khaylia says to that offer of being shown around the last comment has her eyes narrowing quizzically. "I mean, I like gathers? Is that the same thing? I USUALLY don't step on anyone's toes?"

"Kinda like gathers," Xanthee elaborates with a grin, "The Zingari put on regular entertainment nights with dancing and drinking and all that fun stuff. They also have contortionists, and jugglers, and fire-breathers, and all kinds of amazing stuff. They are super fun!"

Khaylia eyes Xanthee, all sorts of doubt in her brown eyes for the other woman's insistence that this thing happens. "I guess then? Hey, any chance you could point me in the right direction to this Cremla? I should PROBABLY find a place to sleep tonight."

"No really, I will take you to one," Xanthee drops her voice then, "And Zingari boys are gorgeous by the way although they don't always play for keeps if you know what I mean." Finishing the last of her drink, she nods her head at Khaylia's request, "Sure, no problem." And in no time, she's packed her things into a rather large portfolio and shoulders it before heading to the door, some marks on the table to pay for both their drinks. "Come on then, just follow me," she says as she makes her way out into the Sidestreet and the Bazaar beyond.

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