Ha'ze, H'rik


Ha'ze is still grounded, and H'rik drops in to check up on things. Just making sure he's not bored!


It is noon of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Whirliebird Lounge

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"Just keep a journal of who you sleep with."


Whirliebird Lounge

Fireplace and hearth are made of blocks of sandstone, with a large wing banner hanging above. Tapestries are draped over the other walls, covering the patchy limestone. There is of course a fully stocked bar, complete with glass shotglasses with Whirlwind's logo etched onto the side. A rather small alcove provides an office, the neatly kept desk stocked with supplies for penning sweep reports and tracking the inventories of store room and bar. If it isn't time for drills one could be sure to find a Whirlie or two here, hanging out, day or night.

Day drinking is totally a thing that everyone is chill with, right? Because Ha'ze is doing ~that~. This time he even has a weyrwoman's voice that says Kaisylaith isn't ready to be back in action and Ha'ze can't really argue with that like he would an ordinary healer. Werywoman are serious shit. So he's got a nice bottle of ale, his feet up on a table, and a wooden puzzle toy that he's idly toying with between sips of said ale.

H'rik well knows of Ha'ze's situation, but the young Weyrleader still likes to do the polite thing and keep up with the man rather than just hear from Diem about what's been going on with the transfer's injuries. So it is, this afternoon, that Wendryth reaches out to Kaisylaith in his usual manner, without any hint of subtlety. « KAISYLAITH! H'RIK WISHES TO COME SPEAK WITH YOUR RIDER - WHERE MIGHT HE FIND HIM? » Not angry, not accusatory, just Wendryth - aka loud.

Kaisylaith's response is muted. As the weather spins ever closer towards winter the bronze gets more and more lethargic. (Not helping Ha'ze and the bronze refute the healer's claims…) With a weight of age backing up the words the bronze responds on a slight swell of music. « The Whirliebird. » This inquiry gets transferred on to Ha'ze so that the older scar-faced man isn't surprised when someone strides into his quiet time.

There's approval in Wendryth's mind. « A FINE PLACE! » It's not long before H'rik arrives, stepping in from tledge to lounge and giving Ha'ze a nod of greeting. He'll move to the bar first off, getting a bottle of the least alcoholic beer available, before moving to take a seat at table, opposite the older bronzerider. "Ha'ze - how are things?" He opens the beer as he opens the conversation in a chatty way, leaning back in his chair and taking a sip of his drink as he looks over at his wingrider. All casual, but straight to the point, it would seem.

The weyrleader is quite literally half of Ha'ze's age. So while the older man gets straight to action Ha'ze feels no following compulsion. Instead there's a salute that gets tossed off and a deep drink of his ale. The feet don't even come down from the table. What is H'rik going to do, ground him and Kaisylaith? (Actually that would suck but unless he got a gold to enforce it Ha'ze and Kai would probably ignore it anyway…) "Weyrleader. You see it how it is. Ale isn't horrible. What brings you to the lounge this early?"

Ah, a joke! Yes, very good. H'rik will give that a small smile. "I had some time between things, so I thought I'd drop in on you. Make sure being grounded isn't chafing on you too much." His gaze will sweep the puzzle toy and the ale, and he may be making up his own mind about how Ha'ze seems to be taking the convalescence period. "And a lunchtime drink isn't too bad, either," he'll add, lifting his beer slightly in a sort-of 'cheers' action.

"It would be a lie if I said I missed Thread. It's a younger man's sport." Ha'ze isn't the youngest rider out there, but he is one of the oldest still technically able to fight. Technically because it's possible they'll curve right into retirement with this last injury of Kaisylaith's. Only time (and the player's patience) will decide that. "Idle curiosity then?"

H'rik can't argue that; he's not particularly looking forward to fighting Thread when he's older (though at least that would mean he's survived Thread long enough to have that honour so, yeah). "Well, I wouldn't want you to feel forgotten," he says, with just enough dryness and a certain look across at Ha'ze to imply he's sort-of making a joke. "Make sure the healers are treating you alright, that sort of thing. If there's anything you wanted from me."

The stare that Ha'ze lays on H'rik has layers of meaning in it. "Feel free to simply forget about Kai and I. Means you won't be wanting to give out responsibilities." Ha'ze? A little lazy? Nahh. More just… interested in his own pleasures vs the good of like… the world or whatever. Like this ale that he raises upwards in a mock salute again. "It's less of a mess that way."

"I'm not going to forget about a rider," H'rik says, firmly, meeting Ha'ze's stare with a calm look. "You're of Igen, and my responsibility. Besides, it would be foolish of me not to keep you around - you've too much experience to throw that all away." Which is a nice way of saying he's old, right?

"Actually, I am originally from Fort, Telgar, here, Ista." One finger spins in the air to show how that the rider has done some jumping around in his thirty-odd years of being bonded to Kaisyalith. "I don't suppose I could convince you that my experience was all bunk and not worth much?" It's said without much hope. Ha'ze's experience hints that once a Weyrleader decides you're useful it's damned hard to prove them wrong. (Which means Ha'ze is going to have to work harder at this.)

"You're of Igen now," H'rik says - he's aware of Ha'ze's past from the transfer documents. All that travelling = more experience, right? "And therefore my responsibiliy for as long as you're here. And especially for as long as you're in Whirlwind." He can't help but glance at that big old wing banner hanging on the wall. There's a faintly amused smile at Ha'ze's further attempts to make himself less useful. "Afraid not. I'm in a Pass, and a young Weyrleader, and I need all the experienced riders I can get. Especially bronzes." Casual beer sip!

"You have… what, a trio of turns under you?" Ha'ze can pretend to be as uninterested as possible but he can't be a complete cad. Otherwise Kaisylaith never would have bonded to him. "That classifies as more than a bit young." Ha'ze, slowly giving into the reality that he's not going to be able to sit on his ass if H'rik has his way. "What do you want of me?"

"Something like that," H'rik isn't going to clarify the exact amount, but it is definitely less than three. Nice and young and inexperienced, but hard-working! "That - will have to be determined when I have a better idea of your long term future." Because the grounding has continued, and who knows how long for? H'rik certainly doesn't. "But for now, I would like you involved with Whirlwind where possible. You could assist with appropriate ground drills. Be a representative for Whirlwind to the weyrlings, perhaps - though I know work with weyrlings isn't to everyone's taste." He'll say that with a touch of humour, though his light eyes are watching Ha'ze intently, for his reaction to all this.

A DEEP SIGH. That's Ha'ze's reaction. Not rejection though, just quiet acceptance of the status-quo. Another upraised drink in H'rik's direction. "Vosji and I work together well enough, so I won't object." A slightly far away look has Ha'ze shaking his head slightly. "Though I'd best get down to Ista and visit our kid before I do that." Y'know, to make the reunion even that much better.

Well, it could have gone a lot worse, so H'rik's gonna sip his beer, still looking relaxed overall, but his gaze is a bit less intense. "Good to hear. Didn't know you had a kid with her." There are more questions he'd like to ask, but given the age difference and tentative deal this conversation has struck, he doesn't want to push his luck. "Take the time you'd like to go to Ista. If working with the weyrlings sounds suitable, I can have a word with Vosji, get things sorted out?"

"Stick around long enough and you'll be surprised how many kids end up happening. Plenty of women don't keep up with the juice from the healers well enough." That quirked smile has a whole lot of amusement in it's small curve. "Just found out about another one recently actually." It's a personal bone tossed out. One more thing to make H'rik have doubts about Ha'ze's fitness. "If you want to dit, there isn't much I could do to stop you Weyrleader. IT's your house."

H'rik's smile is half-hidden by his beer, but it's still there after he's lowered the bottle. "Oh yeah? I feel like I should count myself lucky nobody's come out of the woodworks to throw a baby at me, or something." There's still time. Soooo much time. As to him doing things regardless of what Ha'ze wants: "I know. I like to think I'm not going to go completely power-crazy. Maybe I can have a few more months before I go down that route?" His smile is verging on a grin now as he jokes.

"It's endemic of the position. Catch enough ass and it's bound to happen." Ha'ze won't mention that sometimes dragons get jealous if a particular bronze catches multiple golds in a weyr. H'rik and Wendryth can just figure that out on their very own. The hard way! WOOT. One more piece of advice though, "Just keep a journal of who you sleep with."

A journal? That does make H'rik pause with his drinking and swallow carefully, as if he was damn close to choking on the beer. "Uh - I see." His gaze flicks upwards, as if he's perhaps working out who he'd have to put in that journal if he were to backdate it. "I'll…bear it in mind. Hadn't considered it before." Does H'rik catch enough ass to require a journal? Is Ha'ze's journal worthy of publication? So many questions. He downs the last of his beer and sets the empty bottle down with a thunk. "How old're your kids? The two you mentioned."

Without a hint of sarcasm this time Ha'ze offers a napkin to the rider just in case he DOES choke. "Not all of them?" If anything the lounging becomes more smug than it was before. Ha'ze has all the feels of manliness about his verility. "Xanthee's the one I just found. She's seventeen turns. The other, Vosji's, is eight turns." Haze would give that kid's name too but the players haven't QUITE worked that one out yet.

H'rik takes the napkin with a little nod of gratitude, though it remains in his hand, fingers crinkling it a little, rather than bringing it to his mouth. He manages to supress an eyeroll at Ha'ze's smugness, looking across at the man with one eyebrow slightly raised. The other eyebrow comes up to join it when Xanthee is name-dropped. "Xanthee? Huh." That is interesting. And reminds him the man is old enough to be his dad (sorry Ha'ze). "Did she know you were her dad? Xanthee, I mean."

Ha'ze is old enough to be MANY PEOPLE'S dad. Alas, the folly of people being in their mid-twenties. "Didn't have a clue. She's still figuring out what to do with it." Ha'ze shouldn't act so amused by the prospect. HIS world wasn't just turned upside down, nor was this the first kid he's had a 'so hey, you're my pops' kind of thing going on. "Lexi, her mom, wasn't too happy with how I left Igen and never bothered to tell her before she died."

H'rik takes a moment to consider that. "Must be a lot to take in. I was a candidate with her, actually." There's a little nugget of information for Ha'ze, since they're sharing and all that. A smile is on H'rik's face, but his gaze is distant as he thinks back to candidacy (he's been doing a lot of that today). He's not going to mention that he slapped her once, though. Not to her dad.

"I heard she stood." ZERO smiles for that. Ha'ze is old school in the opinion that generally… women shouldn't ride dragons and isn't fond of the fact that his daughters seem hell bent on doing it anyway. (That's what he gets for not being a present-father. THEY MAKE THEIR OWN DECISIONS.) "It's a shame."

Though there aren't many words, their meaning is clear enough to H'rik. His expression changes subtly, the smile leaving his eyes, though his lips remain curved. "It's Weyr life," is what he'll say to that, as he stands to go gently lob the bottle in the bucket of empties. "As are meetings, which I can't avoid. Thank you for the company, Ha'ze."

Lalala, hopefully H'rik never asks about some of Ha'ze's interactions with female riders in the weyr. There's one that he's pissed off (Hi DIVALE.) One that he's made hella uncomfortable (Hi Doji!), one he's bedded (Hi Miel!), and probably more that stretch thought the wings. Oh, and there's the one that is the mother of one of his kids, so. Yeah. Ha'ze is already making his mark. "Fair skies Weyrleader." A good enough good-bye, right?

"Fair skies, Ha'ze," H'rik more or less echoes the farewell as he heads out to meet Wendryth. He's got plenty to think about for now - finding out about MORE of Ha'ze's dalliances will, no doubt, happen at a later date!

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