D'wane, Amani


Weyrsecond and weyrwoman both decide to escape their Senior's proddiness in the bowels of the Weyr.


It is evening of the sixteenth day of the eleventh month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Catacomb Ruins, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 03 May 2018 06:00


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"How long do you think you can come up with excuses for being the opposite side of the Weyr?"


Catacomb Ruins

Claustrophobia gives way to higher ceilings and the promise, somewhere of natural light. From that place where light enters, the shadows are drawn long across this expanse of hall. Thick columns provide the support for alcoves that might have once contained benches, but now hold nothing. A disused grate lies against the floor, near to an old ventilation shaft. Echoes and noises from the other tunnels can be heard very faintly. While it's clear that this area has been cleaned up, it's still obvious that time has taken its toll. Crumbling bricks and cracked foundations aren't uncommon sights. At the end, there's nothing. It's a dead end! Such a cruel joke. Except where it's not, a 'trapdoor' is set into the ground. A few good tugs can break it open and lead to a short staircase and a tunnel beyond.

Since Drinking is Southern's Official Past time, and yet the Kitten, the beach, the boardwalk and most other common drinking places are probably off limits if one wants to avoid chance encounters with a certain goldrider… D'wane's taken to being creative. With a basket of glows, a skin of wine and probably some hides to read at some point, the bronzerider has bravely ventured forth into the bowels of the Weyr, through tunnels he probably doesn't quite know where they lead until ending up… here. With a shrug, the opened area seems good enough as any and so into one of those vacant alcoves he tucks himself in, humming all the while.

Amani emerges from the narrow stretch of the catacomb tunnels with a considerable amount of ease, familiarity with the path apparent in both her gait and the smudges of dust marring her once-white shirt and left cheek. It's hard not to get up close and personal with the walls in some places. A satchel is slung over one shoulder, a little round basket of woven reeds carrying a handful of glows kept in her palm. Pausing, she stops and listens for the familiar bubbling of unseen water, the distant whistle of breeze across a hidden vent…and instead hears humming. It doesn't take too much peering about for the light from another glow basket to become apparent, revealing the familiar form of the Weyrsecond in an alcove not too far away. "What are the odds," she asks with a smirk, wandering his way, "that you're escaping, too?"

And it doesn't take too much attention to notice that Amani is arriving seeing how the glows can give it away. D'wane's humming had just switched to a whistling when the goldrider arrives next to him. He gives a bit of a shrug as he looks up at her. "Probably damn near certain. Drink?" He's got a wineskin and he's willing to share. If she takes it, she'll find out it's a not too bad vintage of red something or other. "Have you got any thoughts of where you're gonna go?"

Amani gives a little chuckle at that, and does indeed take the wineskin with thanks voiced, folding herself down to sitting against the wall facing D'wane as she opens and sniffs lightly at it. "Igen," she replies without missing a beat, then takes a sip. "I'm always looking for excuses to go visit certain people, and this sure as shells qualifies." Another sip happens, this one kept on her tongue a bit for evaluation before she hands the skin back. "I just glad one of us started showing signs finally." Even if being around Mayte right now creates a yen to disappear. She digs into her satchel, pulling out a few long, thick little log-shapes and a knife. "I…can't even imagine how it's going to go for me and Zymuraith. Cheese and sausage." She brandishes each as she names them. "Want some?"

D'wane takes the skin back and another pull of it himself before setting it down between the two of them, 'cause sharing is caring. He gives a nod at her justification. "Always good to have an excuse to go home for a couple days. Those chances are rare and far between." And he may just be the teensiest bit jealous that he can't disappear as well and some transitions are so rapid, that it actually leaves D'wane blinking. "Huuuh… oh, yeah. Thanks. Should probably have thought to bring more than just wine."

Amani smirks for D'wane's blinking ask she peels the wrappers back from the cheese and sausage, then takes the knife to them, cutting two thick pieces of each and passing them to the bronzerider before getting some for herself. "Sorry," she says for throwing him for a bit of a loop. "Is this your usual hiding spot, or a new one?"

"Ehhh… all the usual ones seemed a bit risky," D'wane shrugs. "You aren't gonna tell anybody about this, right?" A hand waves around to the whole cavern they're in which finishes with claiming some of the offered cheese and sausage. "Because if you tell anybody, you'll be out a hiding spot too."

"Why would I tell anybody?" Amani counters, a bemused bit of a chuckle coloring her tone. She pops a bit of food into her mouth, washing it down with a little more wine after a moment. "Besides, there are enough nooks and corners in these ruins to hide in to take up every day 'til Rhiscorath goes up, I'll bet. If this place did get found out." Apparently she's done a fair amount of poking around. "I hear Mayte's been taking to doing bad card readings and fortune-telling?" Phrased as a question because she hasn't had the dubious pleasure of being subjected to it yet, making certain to get a move on when business is over with rather than letting the Senior drag her off to the Kitten or some such thing.

D'wane lets out a long groan that could quite possibly be mistaken for the dead raising from their tombs if there were any weyrbrat sneaking around in the tunnels near by to overhear. "All I wanted was a sharding beer." Or four. "But noooooo… wound up getting dragged into one of those fortune-telling readings. I'm surprised you've managed to escape unscathed so far. How long do you think you can come up with excuses for being the opposite side of the Weyr?"

Now Amani chuckles, though softly; there's a great deal of sympathy in her gaze as she snacks away. Dark brows hike at D'wane's last, as do her shoulders. "I'm not sure. I'll let you know when I run out and end up subjected to one." Though she'll try her damnedest not to be. She's just not so sure Mayte won't order her into a situation where she'll have to endure one. She eats quietly for a moment longer before she decides her curiosity can't be contained. "What did she say for yours?"

"Oh, just that I couldn't keep playing with the heartstrings of all my wingleaders and would need to pick just one of them eventually," D'wane gives a dismissive wave and follows that admission up with a double gulp of wine. "Is anybody following her around writing down all this crazy stuff?" He's not exactly suggesting it be used for blackmail if needed in the future…. but he's certainly not ruling out the possibility!

There's a good, mirthful laugh for that, and Amani reaches for the wine again once D'wane is done. "Well, at least she's dead wrong about two of the wingleaders even being available for that," she notes drolly. The notion of following Mayte around to record all the ridiculousness strikes her as silly for a moment…and then she actually seems to consider it. "You know, it might be worth going through one of those sharding reading of hers just to be able to do that…"

D'wane snickers slightly and shrugs. "I don't know… that depends on how Rielle takes the revelation that Va'os has feelings for Ardstelle. Two might be free again." And just as he was about to open his mouth again to possibly warn Amani about actually going through with a reading, karma strikes. Or just plain bad luck. A rather familiar looking gold makes a beeline towards D'wane with a scrawled note attached. A brief reading of the note and another groan is given as he rises from the impromptu seat. "Duty calls. Guess you can keep the wine skin."

"Wow." That's all Amani has to say for that, dark eyes dancing with laughter. She'll just observe for the moment as D'wane gets his missive, and doesn't object over being left with the wine in the least. "I'll make sure it doesn't go to waste. And bring my own around to share sometime," she promises. "Clear skies, D'wane." She'll just go back to wandering, wine and snacks in hand until she absolutely has to go back herself.

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