Tareq, Xanthee, Ziniel, Mysterious Woman and Guards (NPC'd by Divale)


A until recently vacant shop in a sidestreet of the bazaar seems to be occupied once more. Xanthee and Ziniel investigate, while a glowy trade is cut short by guards.


It is sunset of the seventh day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Out-of-Business Business, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 10 Jan 2018 05:00


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Out-of-Business Business, Igen Weyr

Just a hole in the wall, the sort of place that hardly draws a glance by those passing by- and perhaps that's why this little shop went out of business. Two men standing with arms outstretched and fingers touching could span the width of the shop, from one side to the other. The feeling of space is provided by spotless whitewashed adobe walls, the open windows that hold no glass but do have shutters, and a door with only a heavy curtain to keep the public out. Another doorway at the back leads to a miniscule nook that's intended to be an office.

Frequent travelers of this less frequently used alley in the bazaar might second guess themselves as they pass by this building. Wasn't it vacant just two days ago? It isn't tonight at all. The formerly overturned table has been righted and a token effort made to sweep the worst of the sand away and a man in sits himself at the table. There seems to be several piles of objects on the table, but a blanket covers them from full view. Tareq seems unconcerned with his untraditional marketing techniques. He's waiting for somebody or nobody. Right now, he just waits, a knife being used to clean under his nails.

A cloaked figure slips out of the Tea Room, her raven hair and piercing green eyes mark her as Xanthee, weyrbrat and waitress at the Tea Room just finished up her shift. Before her feet automatically pull her in the direction of home, she notices something different about that unoccupied shop nearby but now it doesn't look so unoccupied. The curiosity is strong in this petite teen. So sauntering closer, she peeks in the door, a bright smile on her face as she spie the occupant. "Hello there. I work down the street and thought I would come and say hi!" Her sing song voice friendly, her smile extending to her bright eyes.

This is a new part of the bazaar that the girl finds herself wandering down. Ziniel's glad that she has more than a single blade on her person as this area looks… questionable. The shop, if one wants to call it that, draws the girl in. The basket she carries holds materials from a cloth shop, and now she's wandering through the maze of the bazaar to see if she can find accessories for the new outfit she's got in mind. Xanthee, for the moment, is not noticed. What's under the cloth? Come on, tell Zini what's under the cloth?

Another figure is drifting along the side streets. This one is an older middle aged woman, dressed appropriately and her face covered by a veil. From the cut and style of her cloth, she is neither wealthy or poor, but nestled somewhere in that blurred between that makes it easy for her to blend into the crowds. Well, almost. She does have a chaperone, a tall, lean grizzled looking man to whom she spares a few whispered words with while eyeing the (completely suspicious) shop. While the chaperone growls something unheard, the woman merely nods but steps forwards all the same.

Well isn't that just Tareq's luck today. Despite his complete lack of marketing effort, he seems to be attracting quite a crowd. Of teenage girls. The man lets out a grunt of acknowledgement at Xanthee's greeting. "Well, ya said it." The knife works on to the next nail as he raises an eyebrow at the girl standing there smiling. The not-quite-merchant in the not-quite-shop looks like he hasn't smiled in a long, long while if ever. And then the eyebrow raises even more as Ziniel makes her approach. "Are y'all looking for something in particular?" Although he makes no effort to remove that fabric concealing whatever might be his wares.

A look towards Xanthee, and Ziniel gives a short smile, "Something shiny?" the girl pipes up, realizing that she'd accept anything shiny really. She's just looking for something that will sparkle in the sunlight to give her new outfit a bit of pop to it. It may well be too much to hope that this would-be merchant has something that would work for what she has in mind, but you never know until you ask. Right?

Xanthee lets her eyes wander to the table and the cloth covered wares there, one thick brow hiking up her forehead. Hmmmm, he's a gruff one, she assesses quickly. She's quick on the uptake is Xan. "Not really, just off my shift, thought I'd see what was about." Xan comments non-chalantly. When Ziniel speaks up Xanthee will giggle, "Oh yes, shinies are always nice." Looking again down at the table, she makes the astute observation of, "Y'know, customers usually want to see what you are selling."

Beg pardon, but she's no teenager! Had Tareq used that sort of flattery, however, he might have got a laugh from the woman hanging back near the covered door. Instead there is only wary silence from her, as her dark gaze settles on the blanket and mysterious "wares" beneath. She'll continue to remain silent during the exchange between Tareq, Ziniel and Xanthee. Only when that is done, does she clear her throat. "Do you trade in more… recent wares?" The woman inquires cryptically, but with a levelled look to the young merchant. She is no fool; she knows exactly where they are and just what kind of business could be had, if the cards play right.

Tareq looks between the two girls as if he doesn't quite believe what he's hearing. "Shinies? Don't think I see any of them here…" Yep. because the man in the dark, grubby garb of indiscriminate color is just the man to be asking for jewels from his table that's not displaying any wares. There's a snort and a hint of a grin as Xanthee does indeed give some valid business advice, if he were anything like a normal merchant. "Aye… but who says you'd be my customers? Although you…" A finger flicks to the older woman. "Seem to have an eye for things that glow."

Glow? Oooh, even better. Ziniel's now very interested in this thing that may or may not be available. Alas she probably doesn't have anaything worth trading, "How am I to know that you have nothing I can use? You've hidden your wares away," after all Ziniel is nothing if not a consumate showman. Though what she isn't is a merchant, she's always spent her time performing when there's a performance night. Haggling? No. No, Ziniel doesn't know the art of the haggle.

If possible, Xanthee's brow hikes up even higher on her forehead in question as things just got cryptic in here. She turns to the younger Zingari teen, "Glow?" She repeats after the other girl, suddenly very keenly interested in what is being sold. She has heard the talk from her cutomers, it pays to be well informed. For now she just looks on from the doorwar, her emerald eyes sharp.

The Veiled Woman, who's name is not important in times like these, merely bows her head in a sombre nod. She keeps her hands clasped before her, a few modest rings on her fingers but none made of precious or expensive materials, save for one. A wedding ring, perhaps? It's on the right finger. "I would never presume one to be dabbling in glowing," Haha, puns! "sales. But… should that offer be available," A mildly suspicious look is darted to Xanthee and Ziniel, but her need must be pressing as she soon focuses back on Tareq. "I can pay."

Suspicious glances all around as this is a very suspicious situation they find themselves in. Tareq eyes up the crowd in front of him, giving a headshake towards Ziniel and Xanthee. "You too both look a bit young to be needing what I'm selling." Oh yes, yes. That's a confession that he is indeed a merchant of sorts. Why else set up shop in the bazaar? As the other woman is drawn in as well, and the offer to pay, well, that has Tareq's full attention. "But you… ah, yes. Surely you've heard it can do wonders for a willy? Or cure the aches that just won't leave?" It's been a while since the guard's last round and he judges it safe enough now. The corner is lifted slightly so that it can be revealed, several pouches are on the table, the types frequently used by apothecaries and healers. And in the middle, there's a bowl with a sample on display. The powder inside is definitely blue and certainly glowing in the twilight's low light.

Now isn't that an interesting sight? Ziniel almost snerks. Pain, after all, knows no age and her profession sees its share of aches. Though she does keep this to herself as she steps back just a little to listen. Yes, she is slowly learning that perhaps it's best to not talk as much as she does. At least she does have the sense to keep certain things to herself. This? This just might wind up being one of those things.

Xanthee turns to Ziniel then, leaving the merchant and his customer to their clandestine dealings, leaning back on the doorway and striking up a conversation. See they are totally not paying attention to anything going on in the shop. The pounches and the bow of glowing blue powder is certainly not eyed before she looks at the younger girl. "So how are things in the Zingari camp? Any entertainment nights coming up? I need a good party." She says with a soft giggle.

There is a fluttering cough which could be a stifled laugh as well, as the Veiled Woman is clearly of proper stock and proper ladies simply do not laugh over such crude humour! She is not put off however and once she's composed again, she speaks. "There is much talk of it," she agrees and the delight in her eyes when Tareq does reveal his wares is impossible to miss. "Oh, I see I was not misled." Whether it was by word of mouth or their conversation now, it's difficult to say. Just as she approaches, hand hovering above that sample, that chaperone of hers comes looming in through the door. He'll eye the two young women disapprovingly, before grunting towards his actual charge. "Guards!" The Veiled Woman breathes out in hushed alarm and without so much as a good bye, she's hurrying to her chaperone's side, who ushers them both out. Sure enough, if one strains to hear… those are heavy footsteps approaching. Guards who are hours ahead of their usual round ? someone's shaking up the routines now! And in they shoulder their way through that door. "Right, now! Enough of this. You!" The biggest and burliest one points a heavy finger to Tareq. "Don't move." Ziniel and Xanthee are best to just hang back and out of the way for now; the Guards seem to have zero interest in them ? it's the "merchant" they want.

Tareq is quick enough to react at the whipser of the word of guards, already rising to his feet as they come into view hours early. There's not really any windows or back doors in this shop to make a convenient get away. Instead, Tareq will have to seek to make a distraction instead and he'll just flip the table and all it's contents over. The bowl does splash on one of the guards and the pouches go flying as well. He'll just ignore the calls not to move and do his best to attempt to flee, hoping the one guard getting hit with the stuff might slow his partner down just enough, but with the way the man's luck is going today…

"I believe so," Ziniel answers softly, "Willimina's turnday is coming up. I've a new routine that I've just perfected," it's why she's looking for something that will add a bit of sparkle to her new outfit, that she hopes to have done in time. Zini's heard rumors about the glowing substance, but she's made it a policy not to speculate on things she has not enough information on. Then again, "Come on," she knows a shortcut back to the caravan grounds, "Keep up. Stay low, and for the love of all don't panic," the girl sounds like she's had her share of close escapes from guards. Though she won't elaborate.

And suddenly there are guards and shouting and mysterious women creeping off. Xanthee's reflexes are sharp thankfully and she manages to push herself against the wall next to the door when the 'merchant' tries to make his escape, sending his wares flying. A couple pouches land by Xanthee's foot and as the Zingari girl is telling her to follow, she pauses just long enough to reach down and grab them before she tries to make her escape with Ziniel.

Ziniel will snag one of those pouchs as she tucks herself into a shadow. She'll move only as swiftly as Xanthee can keep up with. A bit of luck will see herself and Xanthee safely out of the 'shop' before the guards can notice them.

The tactic works! The one Guard hit with the powder utters a loud curse as he dodges out of the way and frantically shakes and wipes at his clothes. Most of them are still skittish enough around this mysterious stuff, that getting hit with even the fake knock-offs is enough to distract even a seasoned Guard. Big and Burly will of course be thrown off too by the commotion and everyone will have their chance to escape! Ziniel and Xanthee have their opening, of course and likely clear out before Tareq makes it to the door. As for his fate? Well. Luck dies out the moment he crosses the threshold ? he'll be tackled by the burly Guard and, failing that? There's a particular brown riding Wingsecond lurking just outside in the shadows who will make sure to cut off Tareq's path of escape. Too bad, so sad. It'll be the brig for him!

And he would have gotten away for it if it weren't for those meddling Oh, looks like Tareq did manage to get out of their by the skin of his teeth. Or not. Big and burly might not succeed in tackling the wirey not-merchant, but he does succeed in pushing him right towards that lurking wingsecond. "Why, hello there." Too bad Tareq's not pretty enough to pull that off and even if he was, he's not Divale's type. And there's the whole two guards right behind him that caught him red handed. It's the brig for him, at least for the night. He's had worst places to spend a night before though.

Ziniel doesn't stop running until she and Xanthee are half way to the caravan grounds, "I'm going to take mine to Tallel," she says to the other girl, "Make sure I can safely use it in my cosmetics," because wouldn't that look stunning? Her high up in her silks glowing a soft blue? She can see it now, and almost trips over a cobblestone that's worked its way loose, "Oops, careful, that's loose."

Xanthee follows in the younger teens footsteps, her fist still clutched around the pair of pouches that she managed to snag. "I have no idea what I'm going to do with mine." Xanthee says as she manages to sidestep the loose cobble and follows Ziniel back to the Caravan Grounds, her mind whirling with what she saw. Wait till she tells…. well everyone. Xan does love a good story.

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