Clementine, K'vvan


Clementine has a request to ask, and K'vvan misses another opportunity.


It is sunset of the fourth day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Weyr Entrance

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"Because of that fucker that axed the harper?"


Weyr Entrance

No standard weyr-arch for Southern, no, not when an open-air bridge could curve so gracefully into the exterior of the bowlwall, the concave swoop of the weyrbowl itself nestled against the far high-rise of the rivercliffs. A pocket of white marble is delineated in gorgeous architecture at the termination of the bridge, a staircase switching back to a terace above; the stone buildings of the guard compound rise in a vivid vein against the rough-hewn darkness of the cliffs it settles against. The classic arcs only possible by ancient stonecutters show through, Southern's ageless beauty to be admired by all who trespass her walls.

Autumn is cold and gross at Southern. Clementine is swaddled in her cloak with the hood pulled over her head as she picks her way across the weyr entrance, avoiding puddles and bumping into other people. Her path is taking her from the direction of the garden terrace down towards the weyr proper. It would be less miserable out if there wasn't this constant drizzle, it really makes the atmosphere that much worse. Over the last few days she's seemed exceptionally pre-occupied with something and today isn't much better.

Rain, rain, go away, plz don't come back another day~ If K'vvan sang he'd totallly be saying that. But no, instead he's just got his head down and his lips settled into a tight line. He's trying to keep a pile of hides dry under his shirt, so there's some really weird bulges off to one side. He's watching out for puddles, and doing his best to walk AROUND them, and it's one of those upward lookings that brings Clementine into view. A hesitation for a moment, before he brings up his fingers to his mouth and lets out a single piercing whistle. It's SO not a cat-call kind, just a nose that says 'hey! look here!'.

Clementine is doing the same kind of walk, trying to keep her feet dry while traveling back to the bowl. The whistle brings her attention around, casting a look over until she spots K'vvan and his… weird bulging side. An eyebrow creeps upward in a silent question about it before she diverts her path to meet up with his. "Hey! I was going to send you a message when I got back to my office." Her office with Ione. "I wanted to ask you something. Do you have a minute?" While you walk in the rain, hopefully not too busy.

K'vvan slows his steps so she can catch up, and spends a moment stuffing those hides a little big higher up under his shirt so they're not in danger of falling and getting wet. Her eyebrow creep gets met with an eyebrow raise before, "I'm heading towards a drill but," a glance around shows a small overhang the two of them could hang out in out of the drizzle. "Come on," as he's just going to assume she's going to follow as he heads in that direction.

He's heading to drills with an armful of papers stuffed under his jacket? She's probably wondering what he'd do with something like that during outside activity (with rain), but thats not the question she wanted to ask. So she's just going to try and pretend she doesn't see him wiggling them around under his clothes. "This is going to sound really strange…" Always a good precursor, it explains why she's biting down on her lip uncertainly. "I remember seeing you in the sparring room that time and I was just wondering if you could teach me how to hit people? Without them just turning around hitting me with own fist." There are probably so many troublesome components to this request. Where to start?

When they're in that shelter K'vvan will awkwardly let the papers drop out, and instead hold them slightly away from himself so the wet outside of his clothing doesn't get drips on them. At her words though, he stops paying any attention to them and lifts his eyes to fix his gaze upon her. "Me?" That's the first question, followed quickly by, "Because of that fucker that axed the harper?"

"That." Clementine has had a brave enough face for the entire murder situation, but it doesn't mean that she's been immune to idea of a homicidal lunatic on the loose. "And someone pointed out that I was a girl with no fight training who would probably got killed if I was alone without a guard." Of course there's no context supplied for where this comment comes from, no mention of how she was definitely not where she should have been.

If anyone in Southern was ever where they were suppose to be, nothing interesting would ever happen. K'vvan watches closely, the papers in his hands now getting slowly squished. "Sometimes you have to be alone." It comes out tersely, as if K'vvan's biting off the word. "Why ask me?" Because that's an important question. He's quick to add, "I'm not saying no, just… why me?" He's still a skinny-ass lightweight.

It's true, Southern is full of good-intentioned rule breakers. "Right, you do." Whether that's voluntary or an unfortunate circumstance, Clementine is happy to agree thought she's watching him crumple those papers up a little uneasily. She reaches out to stop him, "Because I saw you that day letting loose in the sparring room. And you told me that you used to hit people? And I just get this feeling that you would understand. I don't want someone to be able to accuse me of being unable to defend myself and have them be right." She lets a hesitant smile tug on her mouth, "And you're scrappy?"

K'vvan does stop his slow destruction of those papers when she reaches out, instead going for his impression of a statue. "I get beaten in almost every fight I get into." Honestly forces that, though pride does have him interject almost unwillingly, "Because I lose my temper." Looking downwards at Clementine's hand on his, "Are you sure?"

"I don't plan on joining a fighting circuit, K'vvan. I just want to make reasonably sure that I can keep myself in one piece." She tacks on hurriedly, "More or less." Clementine scuffs her foot against the wet ground, "Yes, I'm sure. I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure."

"Hannah would kill me if you did." Just imagining what tiny little Hannah could unleash if she REALLY wanted to has K'vvan repressing a shiver. Got to watch for the little ones. "Alright. Hit me." K'vvan throws his papers deeper into that sheltered place. It's not like they're not pretty much already ruined at this point anyway.

El'ai's going to have questions about the state of K'vvan's paperwork for sure. "Hannah's bound to kill me if she finds out half the stuff I get up to as it is." That comes as a quiet little mutter, stifled at the end by his demand. Clementine wasn't planning on starting right now. But if he wants her to hit him? She'll go for it, pulling her arm back and throwing her weight behind it. Which would would be fine, she's not weak. But she basically telegraphs it, anyone's grandma could dodge what her blow. The aim is somewhere at his chest and K'vvan's face.
at his chest and NOT K'vvan's face. :P

It really won't be K'vvan's normal painstakingly-perfect script for SURE. It doesn't take much for him to figure out where she's hitting and a sidestep has Clementine's fist heading towards the wall instead of in the area of his chest. (or face.)

Since she basically has no control over this little venture, her swing connects with the wall and it hurts. Like a lot. Clementine's reaction is immediate, first there's some extremely colorful cursing and then she swats at K'vvan's arm. "You let me hit the wall!"

To K'vvan's credit, he manages to not laugh at her. There's just a slight hitch to his breathing that hints that he might wish to. "You probably shouldn't have kept going then. But that's how I learned." He doesn't avoid her swat, but instead reaches for her hand that hit the wall to see the damage. "Hitting a wall isn't much different from hitting someone's face."

"It's hard to stop once you're going." Clementine mutters, entirely too stubborn to admit that she really could have just stepped back or something. Since the wall is a hard, stony object there's some scraping on her knuckles. She'll allow it to be taken up for inspection, it's not going to look very pretty later. Watching him as he checks out her hand she'll casually add on, "Yes, well. I sort of punched someone in the face when I was a weyrling once. In a bar fight. I guess it's a similar feeling." You don't 'sort of' punch someone, but that's really besides the point.

"I never was good at pulling punches." K'vvan might say it to be nice, or just because he's honest to a fault. He spread her fingers out so he can look more carefully at it. "You should probably put it in some salt water or something." He keeps her hand as he looks up, "Why were you punching people as a weyrling?"

"When we could finally go places, I went to Black Rock. And I stopped in this place for a drink. I ran into a friend there, Sa'mael. But it turns out the place was not all that great." Clementine sighs and tries to make it a shorter story, "Anyway, he went to use the head and these guys got too close and tried to rob me. And it really just got out of hand and Sam basically saved my ass. But I hit someone before we left. And I broke a glass and jabbed someone in the leg who was holding onto me." She winces at the memory, keeping one eye open to gauge his reaction. "So anyway I've developed this tendency to get myself into shit…"

"Fucking. Black. Rock." There is serious feeling behind those three words. "That stupid fucking hold needs to burn down and just stay burned down." For all the serious anger in his words K'vvan is gentle enough when he pulls out one of his handkerchiefs and begins to wrap it around her hand. "I'd say you shouldn't get into shit, but I doubt you'd follow through. When are you free?"

"I didn't burn it down." Clementine supplies quickly, just in case anyone else was going to suggest that she'd do something like that. Not that she's ever expressed such thoughts herself at anytime, no, no. It's much easier to watch K'vvan wrap her hand than it is to see whatever emotions are transpiring on his face. "Probably not." She chews one her lip, "Tomorrow in the afternoon? And I can make time for you." Assuming that slot doesn't work.

K'vvan stops wrapping in the middle to lift an eyebrow up and look Clementine in the face. "You sound like you aren't really sure. If you did I wouldn't blame you." There are probably a few more 'fucking black rock' epithets ready to drop from K'vvan's lips, but he'll manage to hold them back as he tucks the corners into the improvised bandage. It'll probably fall off if she does anything super strenuous with it (like move her fingers at all). "Afternoon works, don't eat a lot for lunch."

"No, I'm sure that I didn't burn it down. T'zaim thought I did and it…" Well that was an awkward situation that Clementine isn't going to launch into just now. Her lips tug up in the hint of a smile when he says he wouldn't blame her for being arsonist. "That's sweet." It's meant to be semi-ironic. Here she tests the durability of his bandage before finally hazarding a look upwards, "Thank you. For this and for tomorrow."

"Don't let it get out, okay?" K'vvan delivers a half smile at her before daring to reach up and brush a knucke against her chin. "People wouldn't know what to do if I didn't tell them to fuck off every other word."

"I'll try not to blow your cover as a total asshole." Clementine replies, glancing down at his hand. There's a subtle hint of pink racing up her cheeks as she clears her throat, "You said you had drills? And your paperwork is probably ruined, sorry about that."

"Ah SHIT." K'vvan jerks backwards and quickly bends to scrap up his paperwork. "El'ai's going to make some quip that I can't punch him for." At least he doesn't know WHY K'vvan is late, unless Nadeeth tells not realizing she shouldn't. :( "I'll see you tomorrow." And K'vvan is going to race off with a string of curses following when he totally steps into a puddle.

Clementine is just going to stay here a moment and lean her back into the punching wall, don't mind her. One of these days (maybe!), K'vvan is going to look back on moments like these and realize he totally had such an easy opening to kiss her and didn't take it. But she'll see him tomorrow, on time and not having had a full lunch. And hopefully she won't break her knuckles on anything because that would be… not particularly awesome.

Someday, Vi is just going to show up and shout, "FUCKING KISS HER ALREADY YOU IDIOT," on the drive-by.

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