Magdaline, Edlsesa, Daenerys


Puddles aren't the only mysterious things encountered on the bazaar shopping trip. Half-siblings tease each other and a possibly coded note is found.


It is sunset of the twenty-second day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Cloth Corridor

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"I mean… no idea what any of that means, but. It could mean somethin', yeah?"


Cloth Corridor

Countless cloths of every cut, color, and size obscure the open air of this bountiful booth. Extravagant silks embroidered in so fine a metallic thread drape in diaphanous folds, billowing in the wind as one parts through veil upon veil of hanging fabric on display. Beyond, yet more plain or patterned cloth tower in neat stacks, the likes of which are oft seen wrapped about many a stylish Igenite.

Early evening is a busy time for the bazaar merchants, seeing as how most folks have finished their duties for the day and can find a scrap of leisure time before dinner. Magdaline just happens to be one of those many folks that has managed to claim some free time for herself and so she's busy perusing the stalls on the cloth corridor. Sure, there's plenty of fabric in the stores and she knows where most of it is, but the assistant headwoman seems to have something in particular in mind and with the pursed lips and quick headshake she gives, that pastel yellow fabric with the little flowers on it definitely isn't it.

Evening finds Edlsesa in the thick of what little free time she has as an apprentice, and this evening has been spent moving her mother's things back to their quarters from the Zingari camp. Now, she tries to enjoy what little time she has left before studies and sleep must be attended to. She's got a couple of small purchases in a bag and is just wandering around, bundled against the Igen winter and lost to her own thoughts. She's mostly on about her brother, and what she and Realilina must do to facilitate his recovery. It leaves her a bit unawares of her surroundings and she ends up a bit off the beaten path.

Free time's a thing to be treasued; and as such, it's never to be squandered by staying within the camp where one might be snatched up to turn one's hand to do something productive! Therefore, Daenerys, too, is wandering the Bazaar, searching for new clothing, or something of the sort. Anything to escape shoveling yet more runner crap into the appropriate places. Bundled as he is against Igen's winter, he's all about that deep bronze cloth currently being shown him by an eager merchant, running it through his fingers to explore its softness.

Magdaline has had many turns to finely hone those mom senses of her's, complete with the eyes in the back of her head. She doesn't even need to take her eyes off the bolts of other pastel colors that she's flipping through. "Watch the puddle…" Considering this is Igen and it hasn't rained in the past seven, who knows what substance that puddle actually is made of. Probably nothing anybody sane would want on their shoes if they intend to use them again any time soon. And apparently she also just found a lovely minty green piece of cotton that does meet her approval. "Three yards, please." To the merchant.

Edlsesa skips to the side of th puddle when Magdaline warns her of it, just barely missing it and sort of sqeaking in protest that she almost had. "Shells, thanks for that. My shoes would have been utterly ruined." Edlsesa wrinkles her nose up and moves around to where she might see her savior a bit better. "That really is a beautiful color, my father used a shade quite like it in his paintings often." Edlsesa fondles a loose bolt of harper blue cloth.

Mmmm, mystery puddles! Daenerys does not miss skipping around those every time he wants to go get lunch or whatever. But hark, the sound of voices draws him away from the lovely soft cloth, much to the merchant's disappointment. He'll turn, tucking his hair behind his ear, to spot Edlsesa and Magdeline. With a crooked, crooked smile, he'll call to his sister, "Hey, girl. Whatcha doin'?" He moves toward the other pair, suddenly much more interested in them than anything else. What? Was he supposed to be buying something? Oops.

Judging by the pristine condition of Magdaline's own shoes, the older woman has a very, very pointed interest in saving the shoes. Mostly her own, but she knows how tragic it can be when accidents might befall a favorite pair. She smiles and nods towards young apprentice. "It really is. Should make a nice turnday dress for my daughter. She'll be turning ten." And really, the family had a pretty sad turn of their own. Time to look forward to the new with minty fresh wardrobe and all! Daenerys's calling gets an eyebrow raise seeing as she doesn't know they're siblings and seems more like random catcalling. "Do you know him?" She's tried to protect girls from puddles, catcalls are another thing she'll try to fend off. While honest business may be going on in the streets, there's an alley way not too far from the stall. An Azkhan man can be seen going in, followed by another two men that look suspiciously over their shoulders before making a very sharp left after the other man.

Edlsesa nods. "Oh I'm sure she'll look perfectly lovely in it." Edlsesa gives a wide smile and a respectful bow of her head. Respect thine elders. Oddly enough, Erikkhan had been rather strict about that, which is funny, because any stories she's heard of her late foster father involve him being a rulebreaking hellion. Sesa shakes her head at her own thoughts as Daen calls over and it startles her a bit. She whips her gaze around to se whos calling and relaxes, an irritated chuckle escaping her lips. "Hm? Oh. Yes ma'am, he's my half-brother. He's just obnoxious." Sesa will turn to Daen then, a sisterly 'I'm soooo not amused' look on her face. "You know Daenerys, one of these days you're going to cause someone an attack of the heart and you'll be sorry for scaring them then!" She sounds irritated even, but the smirk on her lips says she can't be all that mad.

"Sesa, I'm hurt that you would attempt to malign me so." Daenerys heaves a sigh, so laden with all the hurt feels that it's a wonder he can remain upright under the weight of it. He turns to Madeline, then, inclining his head in greeting. "You must excuse her: she's young and tends to be rather… fanciful." Or whatever version he prefers to come up with to annoy the girl. "Besides, I haven't managed to kill anyone yet. Just kept you from straying into mischief." Isn't she glad Daenerys is in her life now, just to create all kinds of crazy for her.

"She will, for the approximately two hours where she decides she wants to wear something frilly before deciding she'd rather wear her brother's clothes," Magdaline shrugs slightly and takes the neatly wrapped bundle of cloth from the merchant. Marks are exchanged. Yay commerce! As for the siblings, she gives a little bit of a headshake. Sibling bickering. She can't escape it even when she escapes her own children apparently. "Maybe maligning you is her way of staying out of mischief, hmm? At least it's better than the alternatives… like boys, right?" She gives a bit of a wink to Sesa. And as quickly as whatever those men had to do around the corner, their business is concluded. The Azkhan man leaves the way he came. The other two men head quickly in the direction of this little group. The pre-dinner crowd in the bazaar is a little bit tight and there is some jostling in the crowd as nobody seems to want to give way so everybody can get through with out at least some pushing into the surrounding crowds. That may or may not extend to the harper or tanner themself, but in all the tussle of the crowds, a note flutters out of one of the man's cloak pockets and lands perilously close to that mystery puddle.

Edlsesa peers side ways at Daen when Magdaline presents her theory, with that little smirk still on her lips. "Oh no, I do so simply because it is my job, to do so." And besides, she's had to be mother, sister, housekeeper, student, failed mind-healer and all this last turn. Let her have this one bratty thing Daen. This one bratty thing. "And trust me, my other brother gets into enuogh trouble for us all." She chuckles, though there's a hint of bandaid statement to her words, making light of an otherwise heavy situation. The hustle and bustle of the crowd is nothing new in Igen, nor is the sea of faces in the bazaar, so normally someone's passing might go unnoticed. But Sesa is trying to look away innocently as a part of her joke and happens to notice the note fall. Being the good person and apprentice, she picks it up. "Sir…." She calls, "You're note!" And it's unsure whether or not he'll hear her. The urge to read it is strong, it's right there in her hand…

Oh, Faranth, no more boys for his sisters. Such creatures are apt to get Daenerys into one too many fights. He'll squint at his sister mock-sternly before companionably attempting to slip an arm about her shoulders. "And you do your job well, brat." His bratty sister, whom he loves no matter what, though the reationship has only developed lately. He does, however, squint at Madeline. "Don't give her any ideas — I've only got one set of fists to fend off the scum." He doesn't want to reminded of that other brother — the one they had to drag free of the wreckage of his young life. It still haunts him, a little, to see one so young so devastated. Meanwhile, the skulking men have been eyeballed covertly, but minimally. Someone's ALWAYS skulking about here — and while Edlsesa is a polite young girl, Daenerys is as curious as a magpie, and opts to swipe it from his sister to read. As he does, his eyebrows rise upward in surprise. "…huh. I think you'll want to see this, Headwoman." He proffers it to Madeline with a little huff of curiosity. "I mean… no idea what any of that means, but. It could mean somethin', yeah?"

The harper can try to call out, but the crowd is heavy and loud and the men are gone. Looks like that's her's. Despite the more than a foot in height difference between the two, Magdaline can still somehow manage to stare down Daenerys, even if she's having to stare up. It's all about the confidence. "You do know forbidding something is the quickest way to get children to run into the arms of danger, right?" Oh, she's had to deal with many a little rebel at Fort and the fact continues at Igen. Who thought she'd be having to tell kids nearly old enough to be apprenticing not to put mysterious blue glowing substances in their mouths just cause their friends dared them to? Not Mags. And a whisper for the harper girl not intended for her brother to overhear "Save the boys until after you get your knot, right?" Cause priorities. No sense getting kicked out a craft. But whispering is interrupted with Daenery's bringing her attention to the note. "Hmmmm?" She'll take a moment to read the note as well. "They didn't look like farmers…"

"Hey!" In true sisterly fashion Edlsesa objects to having her prize(?) stolen. She's grumbling playfully when Magdaline does her bit of whispering and a girlish giggle escapes Sesa's lips. "Oh not me!" She'll be damned if she loses her knot over something as trivial as a boy. "HIs other sister. I have enough with my brothers, I don't need more male company." Despite that, a small blush tinges her cheeks. She's far too young to be thinking of such things. (Tell that to a rider, right?) She moves to re-retrieve the note but it's passed off first and really she's too short to be trying to take things from Daen. Silly Sesa. Tricks are for big kids.

"Yeah, I might have some experience with that." Daenerys grins cheekily at Madeline — there's been rumors aplenty regarding his exploits among the Crafters. And another reason why he prefers being a Trader to all else; the limitations are quite different. "Yeah, you better not. One of us has to prove the family name up." He playfully moves to tweak her nose. Oh, brothers and sisters: how they lovingly needle each other! But to the more important point — "No, they didn't." Curiouser and curiouser. His pride in being so much taller is plain in the way he gives her a lofty little sideways grin. Oh, that blush is so cute. "I wouldn't look sidewise at a nice gentleman."

Magdaline shakes her head as she looks at the note one last time, but it is getting close to dinner time and she does have still more duties to tend to before the night is done. "Sesa," cause Mags didn't actually catch the harper's full name, "Can you please take this to Kithak for me? Hopefully he'll know what to make of it." Or the Weyrharper will know the right harper for the job of deciphering whatever hidden code might be there! "I have to get back to the Caverns. Good evening you two." And with a nod of her head, the assistant headwoman and her newly acquired cloth head back towards the Weyr proper, still taking care to avoid any more suspicious puddles on the way.

Edlsesa might get playfully snapped at he gets too close to Sesa's nose. However, she's got Magdaline speaking to her and she aims her focus there and takes the note back. "Yes ma'am, I'll make sure he gets this right away." And She will too. It's getting on towards dark anyhow and she needs to check on Kan and Mama before getting to her studies. "I have to go too Daen, Sorry." She's already behind in time, actually.

Daenerys ducks away from that slapping hand, laughingly giving her a little push on her way. "To your errands, girl." He brushes a little kiss across her cheek, and turns to begin anew his search for cloth and decoration to festoon his yurt with.

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