Zsaviranth, Wendryth, H'rik, Neryk, Edlsesa, G'tan, Malosim, Daenerys, Xanthee, Reveka, Kyara, Miel, Eala, Mayte, Ziniel, Ko'an (emits by Doji and Divale)


Complete with snow flurries in Igen! Luckily, the hatching caverns are as hot as ever as Zsaviranth takes to the sands.


It is sunset of the twenty-eighth day of the third month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr - Galleries

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"Faranth, our queens keep getting faster at this, I swear."



Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

From the Sands, The weather across Pern has turned rather sour lately and Igen's no exception. That spring weather people had begun to enjoy has completely fled today. Luckily, Zsaviranth seems to know a good place to keep warm and so the egg heavy queen heads to the sands. The cavern staff has been rather thorough with the cleaning from the latest hatching, but that doesn't mean the Senior isn't going to give the sands a very thorough inspection of her own on arrival. Is this corner suitable? There might be a draft…. While she's pondering placement it doesn't take long for word to spread that eggs look imminent.

From the Sands, Helping spread the word is Wendryth! The bronze is not shy at all about trumpeting his news to all and sundry. « LO! FAIR ZSAVIRANTH'S EGGS ARE TO MAKE THEIR ARRIVAL! HASTEN TO THE SANDS! » Accompanied by the recognisable bugling of the bronze as he soars into the caverns, giving the gold some space as he lands in a distant spot on the sands. He's ready for fatherly duties!

The chatter spreads quickly, even from human mouths without a dragon to pass on the news. The Residential Terraces are soon alive with the gossip, how many? Search would start! The beginning of the waiting and guessing was now! This is an infectious excitement, spreading like fire, and soon many a step have found thier ways to the galleries, among this crowd, Neryk slips in, picking a spot at the front of the galleries and sitting, eyes scanning the sands, no eggs yet? Well, all the more fun to say one had seen the whole hatching, right?

From the Sands, There is a look from Zsaviranth sent towards the bronze as his bugling interrupts the near sacred tranquility of the hatching caverns, but whatever it was passes in a moment if it even existed at all. A quiver ripples across her sides and there's no more time for consideration. Those eggs are coming and they're coming quick. Looks like this spot will have to do…

Edlsesa is glad to see nothing has happened quite yet, arriving a bit out of breath and withh her sketch pad in hand. SHe adjusts the shoulder strap of her rucksack before scooting in and finding a seat with a good view, she needs to be able to see to sketch. And so, she settles in the first or second row and sets her rucksack between her feet. She pulls a charcoal stylus out and begins sketching the outer areas of the sands, she'll get to the mound when it starts appearing, which looks like it will be happening soon.

Where there's eggs there's Zinakoth, winging in to claim a ledge above the Sands with a deep, encouraging croon for Zsaviranth. He never misses this when allowed, whether the clutch is his or not; their future is being set into motion regardless! G'tan makes his way up into the galleries shortly after his bronze, plunking himself down to watch toward the front, a grinning chuckle uttered for his lifemate's eagerness.

Ain't No Party Like an Igen Party Egg Cuz And Igen Party Egg Don't Stop
Psychedelic blues and greens make this egg almost painful to look at for too long. The laser-like colours mix in a dizzying array that seem to puse with it's own beat something like 1-2-3-4 that just makes someone want to ~dance~. Don't you want to be gettin' on the dance floor now?

It's a BOY! Egg
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails may be what little boys are made of, but don't tell this egg that! Periwinkle ribbons and pastel bunting swirl along the surface of this egg, along with assorted itty bitty baby booties, rattles, pacifiers and all other manner of newborn things in all shades of pastel BLUE. It looks like this egg is fully stocked for a picture perfect nursery.
It's quite a colorful crowd that makes their way up to the galleries. The weather is cold. Right now, the chatter among the old uncles seems to be evenly torn between how many eggs they're sure there is going to be this time to 'There's gonna be snow! I feel it in my bones!' Which is met quickly with an elbow from his wife and a "Hush, Herold. There hasn't been snow in Igen in TURNS"

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red Egg
Spring green fields softly envelope the surface of this egg, tranquil and still. From the verdant meadows spring rows upon rows of countless crimson flowers. The only thing to interrupt the bloody coverage of foliage is perfectly uniformed slabs of marble inscribed with details to remember all the fallen.

Malosim has…actually never been to a clutching before. The one before this saw him out in the passes on assignment. But here be one journeyman Miner, hovering at the entrance and waiting for a certain green-eyed Weyr girl to appear. He doesn't want to miss this, but there's no way he's going in there without her!

And it happens all in a rush!!!! Eggs start hitting the sands and Edlsesa begins to sketch furiously! They come so fast she has to just sketch an outline where they drop and will fill in the details later. It's an odd thing, to see someone looking at something and drawing it, only barely looking down to make sure things are placed properly. It's a skill she learned from her foster father and one she uses quite regularly. She can sometimes even write this way! But for now, her skills and attention are honed on all those lovely eggies.

From the Sands, Whoops - sorry Zsaviranth! Wendy has stopped bugling at least, now that he has a job to focus on. Which, right now, is following the gold at a polite distance to help cover up the eggs that are making rapid appearances on the sands. His forepaws are handy shovels, shifting big amounts of sand, but it's all done with great care. He's a protector, and a gentle giant. H'rik makes an appearance then, sweating a little as if he's perhaps made the journey at more than just a simple walk. He'll just go stand where it's polite, and not get in the way of the dragons. Seems safest.

Daenerys is around there somewhere, looking l over the railing to spot the eggs as they spill forth onto the Sands and tempt dragons to go a-Searching.

Xanthee is running in shortly after Edlsesa, and stops when she sees Malosim at the entrance. She stops to catch her breath, hands on her knees for a moment before she smiles up at him, getting on her tiptoes to give him a quick kiss before she catches his hand in hers and pulls him towards the front of the galleries, over my Daenerys actually now that she spots him. "I always get front row seats for Clutchings." she says as she slips down to sit next to her brother, hand still clasped in Mal's.

Reveka moves into the galleries looking tired, and wan. But it's better than staying at home, where her mother might swoop in at ANY point and ask her about what she's decided concerning her baby. It's something she just doesn't want to deal with right now, particularly because the father of said baby knows nothing about it yet. She still hasn't approached Daenerys. She's afraid too, afraid what will happen, afraid what he'll say, just plain afraid. She doesn't see him at the rail when she decides to sit in the front, so inwardly focused she is. Though, some of her focus does move to the sands and the eggs being laid there.

From the Sands, Things can be forgiven, Wendryth. As long as he doesn't squish one of those rather squishy eggs. But the last clutch survived unscathed so Zsaviranth will leave the covering up of the first eggs to her mate, giving them one last whuffle of inspection before moving on to the next area. Is there a pattern forming? It's way too early to tell. At least the sands are as warm as ever, no matter the wind blowing up above.

"Faranth, our queens keep getting faster at this, I swear." That's from Kyara, taking a quick clip up the stairs as Liareth finds a perch above it all. The greenrider, looking fresh from the baths, wrings out her runner-tail a bit before finding a spot near the front. Spying Xanthee, she gives the girl a wave and ends up sitting not too far away from the lot.

Bal de Neige Egg
Ice and snow have been meticulously gathered and sculpted to make this delightfully chilly-looking egg's shell. Palest shades of wintry blue and the purest of whites come together to craft the illusion of far more frigid materials used. Shadow and light play across the surface to give further impression that its been carved and cut into, in a myriad of fanciful designs… or is it a creature of some sort?

Wicked Hairy Devil Egg
You've been a naughty, naughty person, haven't you? Compared to many of the festive and bright colored eggs of this clutch, THIS one seems content to be the literal black sheep. Dark and darkest is the surface of this shell, smooth as pitch until the very top where subtle variations in shade give a rougher texture. Surely those aren't a twin pair of horns?

This was it, the excitement, the thrill of the first eggs and the two parents, Neryk revels in it. He pays little to no attention to the people around him, just a few soft words and shifting so that people can get by and take a seat, eyes locked on the eggs and all that they promise. Baby dragons are the best. Absolute best. Always. Eyes do skim over the people in his immediate area, no one he knows immediately, but… was someone drawing? Neryk leans over slightly, looking at Edlsesa's sketches, then up to the sands and back again.

Miel was here all along! Honest. There's a reason why the greenrider is moving a little slower these days but she doesn't complain as she makes her way to find a seat. "How much have I missed?" she asks to no one in particular, but looks relieved to be off her feet and out of the freak weather the Weyr is currently undergoing.

"Front seats are fine by me!" Malosim says with a grin, letting himself be led by the hand until he finds himself sitting there beside Xanthee, facing a massive field of sand, the clutch parents out before them and more dragons watching overhead. And there are already eggs! "Wow. I had no idea they'd all look so…detailed."

From the Sands, H'rik is at least glad to be somewhere warm for this. He'll watch from a distance as Wendryth continues to fuss over the eggs as they arrive, the bronze spending perhaps a bit too much time pushing sand up around each one. His attention to detail is admirable, and fatherhood seems to suit the dutiful bronze.

Is that rain starting to come down outside the caverns? The clothes of some of the latest arrivals to the galleries do bear some fairly fresh damp spots on their shoulders. One kid, barely older than a toddler is more concerned with looking back than at the sands, his mother having to constantly trying to urge him forward. "But momma… it's a white raindrop."

From the Sands, Someone was right when they were saying Igen's queens are getting faster at this, even if Wendryth might be taking his time covering the sand up just so. People better quick to get a peek at those eggs because Zsaviranth is not going to let a chance of the chill effect her babies. She doesn't completely get the last one covered before nature calls and a few more eggs decide they just can't be late to this party.

Up, Up and Away Egg
Pristine and endless, crystal clear blue covers most of this shell, a perfect replica of a crisp autumn morning without a cloud to be seen. At the base of the egg, nearly obscured by the sand heaped around it is a hint of leafy green and from this meadow launches first one, then a handful of odd sphere shapes of every color and pattern imaginable until eventually the far side is practically a fiesta of pigmentation.

"'Bout half a dozen?" G'tan offers up to Miel with a grin as she passes near. "Zsaviranth doesn't waste any time." He gestures outward, where the Senior queen is getting ready to demonstrate the fact yet again.

Extravagant Indulgences Egg
Plush scarlet coats the surface of the egg, giving it a striking appearance to a Lady Holder's prized jewelry box. Especially considering nestled in the vermilion cushions appear to be countless baubles of gold, sapphire and ruby. Strands of perfectly uniform pearls twist and turn throughout the display. Light reflects off the shell as if it truly is metallic, inviting one ever closer to the treasures it holds. Because really, don't you deserve to treat yourself?

Puppy Power Egg
On your mark. Get set. GOOOOOO! Or not. Those crisp, individual lanes that curve around the surface of this egg seem to have little bearing on the oddly, but endearingly, elongated canines that are sprinting every which way but straight from the checkered flags that seem to be waving at the starting point of this particular ovoid.

Xanthee smiles brightly as she snuggles up close to her boyfriend, both her hands clamped around his as she fairly bounces in her seat. She surveys the sands and the activity as she tilts her head in Mal's direction. "Every egg is different and unique." She confirms, emerald eyes not leaving the sands in front of her, heart beat pounding in her chest as she tries to take some deep breaths.

Daenerys looks around from his egg gazing — it's a sport here — and spots Reveka; he hasn't seen her in a few days, and her appearance concerns him. He'll wander over o her, and offer her an arm to lean on. "You seem tired, Reveka. You okay?"

From the Sands, The weather out side might be frightful, but the sands are so delightful. Or they are when you have a rather pressing need to lay some eggs. Wendryth, you're on your own with that set of eggs. Zsaviranth is making her way to another patch of pristine sand which will soon have a few more perfectly placed eggs deposited.

Sing a Song of Admittance Egg
If one didn't know any better, it could be said that this shell is made of bleached bone. Off white, beige and earthen tones of brown all come together in stark contrast to form the shape of a runner's skull. What truly makes it garish (or comedic) are the festive colors thrown in — almost as though someone decorated said macabre piece. A splash of metallic green here for the 'eyes', some red and orange ribbons near the back of the skull and voila! A truly bizarre masterpiece!

From the Sands, Dig dig dig. Wendryth is…not picking up the pace. Each egg has got to be very carefully looked after! In his mind, anyway. They're all so precious! At least, thanks to his speed (or lack thereof), the people watching from the galleries can see the eggs' colours and patterns for longer before they're buried.

Test Your Medal Egg
From the heat of ever burning flames, molten gold, silver and bronze coalesce to give this shell its shape. The craftsmanship in this egg is beyond compare, something a Mastersmith must dream about in the hours and hours and hours to get to the peak of his craft. The polished metallic that combines in perfect unison surely is something Igen and all of Pern can be proud of.

Last Light of Durin's Day Egg
Ebbing sunset shrouds the upper dome of this egg in steadily darkening blue, a day-lit sky descending gradually into twilight where a single roundel of pale silver glows. Shadow claims the wide base upon which it sits, a massif of dark, stony umber rising from the darkness to break the horizon line between day and night. But stand by the grey splotch crowned by one dot of ruddy gold when curiosity knocks and peer along the streak of luminance that issues from it, following it around to find a tiny block dot that looks remarkably like…a keyhole.

"You're almost bouncing again, Xanthee," Kyara teases from a row up and not too far behind the girl and her Miner. Faranth knows she'd had to curb a bit of that in the girl during their first lessons. "Good to see you, Journeyman Malosim," she adds, and looks out to the eggs again. "These ones are fun! Except for that dark one." And even it seems to fit in some strange way.

Edlsesa notices Neryk's gazing, and turns her sketch pad to show the rough outline o the dragons and the eggs dropped thus far. "Do you like to draw?" She asks finally, a wide smile crossing her lips in Neryk's direction.

"No." The awnser is simple, soft, but very matter of fact, "But I once knew someone very important to me who did." Neryk offers a small smile in return, "You're very good, please, don't let me interupt you, I'm happy to watch." Neryk nods slightly, looking back between paper and the eggs, "Please, feel free to continue or all the eggs will be buried before you get a good look."
Reveka looks up to Daenerys when he approaches like a proverbial deer in the headlights…er…Whersport in the glowlights? She is tired, exhausted to be matter of fact. She just nods at Daenerys a bit in answer, cheeks flushing red as she looks away from him, tears springing to her eyes. She's not ready for this. But there's no avoiding him…not now. She does take that arm to lean on when she can finally control the stinging of her eyes. She'll lok back to him then, and even hough she managed not to cry, her eyes are still bright, and wide, and worried.

Xanthee's energy is contagious; Malosim's fingers are tightening upon hers just as hers are upon his. "I'm definitely starting a betting pool with some of the guys," he enthuses. "Some of 'em seem obvious, others not so much." Noting the deep breaths she's trying to take, he extracts one of his hands to soothe across her back. "Any jumping out at you, love?"

From the Sands, Sigh. A mother's work is never done. Instinct might say to cover the eggs immediately, but instinct also says that there's another set of eggs coming right now. Looks like those eggs will just have to remain half covered for a moment more as the group of eggs nearest Zsaviranth grows again. If you look closely, does it kind of look like a desert rose?

Farolito Egg
Upon a shell bathed in deep, rich midnight blue, two parallel lines of warmly glowing golden dots march in an ethereal spiral from the base to the tip. A faint spray of shimmering silver glints like stars throughout, and if one looks closely, faint shadows seem to be visible between the lines of golden lights - pilgrims guided onward between the safe beacons of candles and torches to an unseen haven.

What Happens at the Aftershow, Stays at the Aftershow Egg
This egg looks, for lack of a better word, messy. The odd flash of white background is visible here and there, but it's lost in everything else that's going on. On one part of the shell there's a muddle of brass, silver, and wood colours; running here there and everywhere are fuzzy shapes rather like people, taking up every available space. And splashed liberally around are the golden browns of lager, bright colours of cocktails, and the sheen of pure spirits. Does the egg also smell faintly of pizza?

Feast Fit for a King Egg
Food, food, and more food! If ever an egg celebrated eating to the excess, it's this one! The very bottom of the shell is the brown of wood, a sturdy table to hold a feast. The forms of so many enticing dishes can be made out on the shell: that looks like a turkey, glistening; that there piles of vegetables; there, a whole roast boar with the red spot of an apple in its mouth. Everywhere is gravy, flowing freely to drape the egg in delicious streams and pools. As one's eye moves up towards the egg's top, the dishes become distinctly paler and sweeter, the impression of all manner of desserts there, studded with strawberries and blackberries; thick creams and purple plums. The raucous noise of a hall filled with revellers is almost audible; the clank of tankards, singing growing louder as the ale flows. What an event!

Edlsesa smiles softly at Neryk before moving back to her drawing, indeed having to catch up quick as the Queen dragon lays more and more of the orbs. She doesn't mind Neryk's watching at all. And so, the sketch continues to evolve, black lines appearing on white paper to make some sense out of the chaos of life.

There's probably some grumbling or murmurings about the freak snowfall outside and the timing of the clutching. Good omen? Bad omen? Seems the opinion on the matter is splitting 50/50.

Eala makes a late appearance, Ailsa riding piggyback in spite of the fact that the girl is getting too large to be using her aunt for such purposes. At least it's a good workout for the greenrider, who's looking pink in the cheeks for more reasons than just the chill outside. "Alright, down you go," she demands, squatting just enough for her niece to slide off of her back. "Next time, we're bringing Kor, and he'll be your runner." Because Eala is too old, etc etc. After a moment of murmured conversation, Ailsa scampers off in favor of familiar faces her age, while the greenrider makes her way toward a seat to catch whatever remains of the event.

Not taking her eyes off the Sands, Xanthee turns her head in the direction of her teacher's voice. "Hey, I have something to bounce about ok?" she says with a laugh, her knuckles going white as her grip on Mal's hand is intensifying, her whole body is tense as she leans forward. When she reluctantly lets one of his hands go, she feels it on her back and manages to relax slightly, able to take a deeper breath. "I kind of liked that dark dark one." she says, pointing to where Wicked Hairy Devil Egg was.

"Then I haven't missed too much!" Miel chimes back cheerfully to G'tan, while her attention focuses mainly on the sands below. Not her first rodeo watching this event (and likely not her last for a long time to come)! Likely a little preview for her, given she'll be tending to the weyrlings to be paired with those eventual occupants! There's an easy going smile flashed to Eala (and almost anyone, really), as the greenrider is late to the 'party' too. "She yours?" Ailsa, that is.

"Good to see you again too, greenrider Kyara," Malosim finally remembers to answer before listening to Xanthee's reply, which earns a chuckle. "Really? I guess it look kinda…mischievous or something. Fitting for you, I guess," he says, touching a quick kiss to her temple. "I like that pure shiny one. Looks like a us and the Smiths could've made it instead of dragons." So of course he's drawn to it.

From the Sands, The longer the hatching goes on, the more uncomfortable Zsaviranth seems to be. But if anybody tries to blame her, they should try laying twenty to thirty eggs and see how comfortable it is. As it goes, the senior is still looking quite put together all things considered as she calmly lays yet another cluster of eggs. This party ain't over yet.

Neryk will watch, quiet, and impressed. Harpers, Performers of all ilk, really, there was a talent there that he didn't have or understand, but it was mesmerizing. His eyes drift from paper to sand and back again, not wanting to miss either, but forced to given the nature of things. As the sands and Edlsesa's paper fill, and the galleries grow more crowded, Neryk doesn't move, not willing to lose his seat at the front or the view of the drawing

From the Sands, Get on with it Wendy or those eggs are gonna get cold! The bronze is picking up the pace now, thanks probably to his rider's silent urgings. The eggs are coming quickly, so he can't dawdle! Maybe it's the knowledge he'll have plenty of time to fuss over them in the coming weeks. For now, he finishes pushing sand around for that lot, and moves on to the next.

Flipping Out Egg
A first glance at this egg reveals utter blandness. It's all cream dotted with specks of brown and just totally boring! But wait, look closer and you just mind find something you like. A splash of chocolate brown there; a drizzle of lemony yellow here; look, shapes that look like delicious fruits! Is that a dusting of white icing sugar? That squiggle is the shiny brown of maple syrup, and is that…rashers of bacon?? Whatever is going on with this egg, there's something for everyone!
Feast From Famine Egg
Endless row after row of neatly tilled crops cultivate the shell of this egg. But careful as the farmer might have been in planting, all is not well for the fluffy white cotton plants waiting to be harvested. A dark cloud of writhing, living mass crowns the top of this egg, descending on the fields below and wrecking havoc. But look, out of the withered remains hope can still be found. The mighty legume reigns supreme, as peculiar as the waffle-ish weave that dots the nut on the remainder of this shell might be.

Tomfoolery In The Spring Egg
New life — and hope — springs eternal in the pastel swirls that sweep over this egg's shell, from pink to green, to blue; bright sparks of pale yellow sprinkle over the curves of the egg like unicorn dust, sparkling and gleeful. But what's this? A hint of foolery in the way that one little white blotch near the egg's top seems to constantly shift, from fish, to fowl, to a rabbit or a small chick. Another splotch of virulent green and purple splatters, like a jester's hat, on one side, complete with brass tips like jingle bells.

Ziniel is late arriving, so she'll find a place out of the way and hopes no one really notices. The girl leans forward to look at the eggs already on the sands. This is the first clutching she's witnessed, and the girl is mesmerized.

Sneaking in when everyone's back turned is entirely not what Mayte would do if she was late so there's a likely chance her blush means she got… turned around. Or got lost in the ffing snow. "Since when the fuck," because Mayte's unapologetically opinionated about this, "does it snow in Igen?" This is pretty quietly announced because no one should upstage the bri clutching queen. Coming down the steps, she waves to a miniature Zsaviranth and Diem, and goes to sit near a gaggle of old Igen riders… who move away slowly, like a very slowly moving tide.

Old Herold with his achy bones heard that announcement from Mayte and gives a rather smug, mostly toothless grin to his neighbors. "I told ye it was gonna snow! These old bones still got it!"

Yeah, it's snowing, and Zinakoth isn't sure he likes it. It's a desert! He's a desert! The bronze shifts and grumbles, glancing toward the cavern entrance briefly before turning his attention back to the eggs. Then there's Mayte, and that makes G'tan take notice. "Mayte!" the big bronzer nearly booms (nearly; he does know how to maintain some decorum even when enthusiastic). "And since today, apparently. Can't leave things too familiar for you around here."

From the Sands, Zsaviranth probably wouldn't mind being showered in rose petals like some brides are, but at the moment, she has a single minded determination. The sands are filling up and she doesn't have too much time to be choosy but she will reject first one and then another spot. Third one's the charm and it's found not a moment too soon as the next eggs decide to make their appearance now. And they didn't even fill out an rsvp card!

It takes a moment for Eala to realize that the other greenrider is speaking to her, but after that short pause she flashes the other woman a brief smile. "Not by birth, but I suppose she is." She's certainly not anyone else's, after all these turns in the greenrider's care. (And Ko'an's, to give the man some credit.) (And also the nannies, let's be fair to everyone.)

Worship the Green Goddess Egg
Rays of every shade green imaginable fan across the smooth surface of this egg, entwining and overlapping, like some dense foliage that gives a false sense of depth into the egg, an optical illusion one could easily get lost in. A light dusting of purple and oranges add a touch of contrast to the verdant spears. From the bottom rises, to swirl and mingle among the greenery, faint wispy tendrils, pale and insubstantial, flowing on unseen currents of air through nooks and crevices created by the busy patterning, lending the whole a decidedly hazy feel.

Toro! Toro! Toro! Egg
Byzantine paths of ancient cobblestones are made even more confusing by the haphazardly placed lumber that curve around the form of this egg. A cloud of dust rises from the side, heralding the arrival of runners all in white followed closely behind by flashes of red and the glimpse of horns. Here come the bulls!

Luscious reds and pastel pinks twist and streetch into the shape of this egg. Among the twined cords of taffy, boxes of purple and pink shake and truffley treats sit temptingly near. Whatever treat your heart desires might be found on this garishly bright shell, but careful! The sugar coma will hit and hit hard leaving you all zzzzz…….

Closing her eyes briefly to savour his kiss to her temple, Xanthee turns her emerald gaze to Mal, a soft smile on her lips as she mouthes the words, I love you before squeezing his hand again and looking back out over the Sands. She points out Tomfoolery in the Spring Egg, "That one…I don't know. There's something about it." She says as she hears some familiar voices and looks over to seen Daenerys and Reveka talking, her eyes narrowing and distracting her from the spectacle in front of her as she wonders at their expressions and demeanors.

"G'taaaaannnn!!!" Mayte beams her beamiest and shuffles over to sit near him, "How are you?" Rhiscorath is up somewhere, looking on so she can take note. Mayte turns her head at the sight of a very red shell and humphs: "I can't tell if it's dangerous or good enough to eat. In Southern, that apparently means something's poisonous." A shrug because who knew, after the first person to eat it. To G'tan: "What's with the snow? Did Zsaviranth plan this?" A gesture to the eggs that Mayte takes a moment to examine. "Faranth, how many is that now…"

And why, pray tell, is Mayte alone? Because Va'os is still on Mayte's shitlist and she's banned him from being seen in public with her! (just kidding! maybe…) They're Not Hanging Out RN! Something about… assault on bookshelves? Or assisting IN said assault. High crimes! Terrible crimes. Sorry H'rik, your BFF will catch up with you later </3
From the Sands, H'rik will see Va'os soon! (With whiskey!)
Whiskey! Hmm. Wonder where that came from.

Edlsesa is more than ok with being watched, it doesn't bother her any. And So, Neryk is free to view to his heart's delight. Despite the speed of the dropping eggs, Edlsesa takes some time filling in the details of The Green Goddess Egg. It catches her attention for some reason.

Mayte is Mean.

From the Sands, Dig dig dig: Wendryth takes this duty very seriously! Can dragons get bad backs? Cos he hunches over each egg, placing his feet carefully so as not to crush the thing, and then works sand around the soft shell. His wings flare out as he does it, as much to balance him while his forearms work as to protectively shield each egg. Not that there's any worry of it snowing in the hatching caverns, but Wendy is nothing if not a helicopter parent.

Never fear. D'wane and Va'os can get into plenty of trouble when they have an entire continent to themselves unsupervised!

"Does it matter, really, in the end?" Miel grins towards Eala. "Your back must hate you, though." Leave it to her to point out the obvious about being used as a piggy-back runner. The greenrider chuckles under her breath, gesturing towards the sands. "Any guess of how many? I missed the last clutching here. Vosji only sent word after the two clutches were laid."

(oh shit)
(Z'bor will watch them!)
(too late now… RIP Southern)
(And probably help….)
(Rhu will help nothing.)
(There's still one goldrider down there right now, y'know.)
(Party in Amani's Weyr!)

From the Sands, Is it the end? Hasn't Zsaviranth done enough work for one day? Apparently not as there's one last? set of ripples across her golden sides and here come some late attendees to help even out the festivities. She'll settle for just watching as Wendryth dig. At least he's serious about his duties.

(Southern is safe!)

"So I heard," G'tan snorts. "Red here seems to be pretty good in general, though. Name for a good Zingari whiskey you should try before you leave." As for the snow, the bronzerider just shakes his head. "I dunno. Wouldn't put it past her, I guess. Zin hates it."

There's a good chance the conversation between Reveka and Daenerys gets pretty animated. And at one point, they both disappear from the galleries, Daen looking shocked and Reveka looking as if she might be sick. And still, they are talking. Fighting? Both? Neither? Who knows, but they both disappear, that's for sure.

I'm Awake! Egg
Rumpled, crumpled and a serious case of bed-head — this egg has it all! Never fear, the shell is perfectly smooth but the play of light and shadow between less than crisp white bedsheets make it appear otherwise.

Gaelic May Day Egg
Nut-brown lines criss cross the shell of this egg, each twining over the other not unlike the weaving of a bush. Smaller strokes end in sharp pointed thorns and while foreboding, the oddest of oddities be the sudden emergence of spring yellows. Blooms! Small bundles of flower-shapes dot the otherwise barren and drab looking egg.

Winter's End Egg
All along the wide base, variating shades of brown rise upwards as if stacked like so many long pieces of wood. Wisps of smokey grey curl about the bottom and drift upwards towards a bright spring blue sky and… wait a minute. Is that a snowman perched on top like an effigy awaiting sacrifice?

Neryk does notice the special attention to one egg, he looks up at the Green Goddess egg, though on the sands, it does not stand out to him, looking at the paper, it is clear that it does to her. Who was this person, anyway? Perhaps she would stand? He didn't know, never had the knack for that sort of thing and Eorannuth had never had the interest, though, as the Goddess egg gets all the pencil's attention, he will lean over slightly to get a better look at Edlesa's paper, words soft, "Liking the look of that one, Miss? It's very pretty."

Mayte peers out to check the latest eggs that Zsaviranth emit: "White, brown, brown. A whiskey, you say?" G'tan knows how to get her attention and Mayte grins: "I'll have to check them out before we leave." A long look at G'tan and Mayte grins a little: "We're built for warmer climates, aren't we? Or, our dragons are."

Malosim mouths those words back in echo before peering out to spot the next egg Xanthee mentions. "Yeah… There kind of is, isn't there?" he chuckles. His attention is drawn to Reveka and Daen as well, the way the conversation moves out of sight drawing a slight frown of concern before he's facing forward again. Something he'll probably hear about later, he's sure.

"It really doesn't." Eala's writer got really excited for 'Garlic May Day Egg' and was disappointed, woe. The greenrider casts a glance toward Ailsa, who has found a couple of other kids and is animatedly talking to them about the snow, and about all the things they can DO with the snow. The poor girl is going to be deeply disappointed when it doesn't stick around. "I'm making my weyrmate take her next time, she's too big for me these days." A glance goes toward the eggs upon the sands with a sort of helpless shrug. "I'm not sure. I don't pay them too much mind until they're hatched, and we can start scouting for the wing. But it looks like a decent number, at least."

(there is a garlic festival, y'know)

Kyara simply chuckles for Xanthee's continuing enthusiasm and settles back to watch quietly, amber eyes flicking here and there, momentarily landing on Edlsesa's sketching, then Mayte and G'tan hobnobbing not far away. Shouldn't be too much longer now…and Liareth is increasingly curious about the snow.

Ziniel looks at all those eggs. She's not even able to pick one out she likes the most Ziniel's just going to sit quiet like not far from Neryk and Edlsesa. The girl's attention is drawn by Reveka and Daenerys, but then she's back to watching the eggs. She's not going to stick her nose in where it doesn't belong.

From the Sands, And with that being that, Zsaviranth will curl her rather exhausted self up in the center of her eggs where she can keep an eye on everything. Or could, if she didn't appear to be slipping into a late winter hibernation of her own.

Miel smiles to herself as she watches the clutching below, still keeping most of her focus on the conversation with Eala and around her. She grins crookedly for the observation. "Not much to do but wait, really. I'll be sure to let you know if any start to show promise for Parhelion right from the get-go. Kind of curious how this clutch is gonna spread…" Color or otherwise? Who knows.

From the Sands, Zsaviranth may be resting, but Wendryth is still going! There are eggs to cover up1 And at some point, he'll venture away from the sands and see the snow - but, right now, fatherly duties take precedence. H'rik has stuff to do too, and he'll be busy for a little while now the eggs have been laid.

Edlsesa looks up at Neryk as he asks his question and then notes the amount of detail work she's put into the Goddess egg. "I guess so…" She giggles and moves back to the sketch, making herself work on the rest. "Edlsesa." She says next, announcing her name and giving a friendly side look to Neryk before returning to her work,

"Yeah they are," G'tan agrees over his and Mayte's dragons. "And so am I, but cold doesn't bother me too much. I'm kind of hoping this piles up, actually; I'd like to show the kids." Glancing back outward, he surveys the eggs with a hike of sandy brows. "Guess she's done!" Quick to start, quick to finish, leaving them all to simply gawk at the result now.

A long sigh is exhaled from Xan as she watches whatever is going on between her brother and best friend, brow furrowing further. That does not look good. Reveka looked almost sick she was so upset. Leaning over to Mal, she whispers, "That has me worried." She says with none of her usual pep and bounce. But soon enough her eyes come back to the Sands but it looks like she missed the rest. "Oh darn! I got distracted!"

Mayte huffs a little in amusement, shaking her head a bit like she can't quite believe it; a long look over where Zsaviranth rests and Mayte hums with some sympathy: "That.. that's plenty out there," she agrees and then turns back to G'tan: "Would you be interested in showing me where to get some of that Zingari whiskey you mentioned?"

Neryk looks up at eggs again and nods, "It's okay, they do call out sometimes. Cool, crazy things. Eggs. Crazy things." He is surprised by the name, but nods slightly, "Neryk." As talk of snow is noticed, Neryk's head will turn from paper and sand, though he can't see the entrance from wher ehe is, the idea of snow in Igen is…. ridiculous… .

Hopefully not long?
probably just hours.

Speaking of the devilishly handsome man, he just now ascends into the galleries. Exactly on time, in his opinion. Ko'an seems to have spotted Ailsa, since he hesitates in his arrogant swagger to watch her for a moment. A short, crooked grin on his scruffy face and a hand further messing his naturally dissheveled hair later, and he's back to scanning the sea of gathered faces for his greenrider. Eventually, he arrives at Eala's side, glancing at Miel in turn as he catches words exchanged but not quite the gist of the convo. "Hello love. I see Ailsa hasn't missed any of the party. And the lad?"

"Definitely!" G'tan is all about grabbing a drink now, and as far as he's concerned, getting to show Mayte a new one is a bonus. "Dustbowl, Oasis, straight to the caravan grounds - where do you wanna go?" To the source is probably best, of course. But he's easy.

Edlsesa smiles. "That's a nice name, Neryk." She smiles his way and looks up just as the Queen seems to have finished her laying. Sesa speeds up, trying to get them all before Wendryth has them all covered up. Hurry Sesa! Hurry!

That seems to warm Eala up like nothing else, enticed by the promise of new recruits. "I'd appreciate that. I'm sure you'll see plenty of me while they're training." Because even intel directly from an AWLM isn't as good as seeing it for herself. "I'm always a bit nervous," she admits with a faintly wry smile. "Most of the candidates seem hopeless to me, but they somehow turn out alright." That's a compliment, probably. Ko'an's appearance turns her head, and she rests a hand lightly upon his arm as she answers, "In the archives, I think. He wasn't interested." Seen one, seen 'em all. "I'll send Ailsa after him in a bit, so he doesn't miss the snow."

Malosim frowns a bit again at Xanthee's observation, glancing in the direction Reveka and Daenerys left. "Guess we'd better let them sort it first, huh?" As opposed to going after them. He looks outward again, his expression relaxing. "Well. Looks like that's it." Dark eyes settle upon Xan again, his fingers tightening upon her as he studies her, quiet for a moment. "Wanna take a walk?" he asks quietly. "See what's goin' on with that snow out there?"

With the eggs all clutched, Ziniel stands and slips quietly out of the galleries. She'll return to the caravan grounds, and if Isie isn't too grumpy Zini will tell the woman all about the clutching. Or at least all about what she's seen of it.

"Anywhere!" Mayte cheers, "We have a healthy clutch to look forward to, s'long as the weather stays outside." A look over the Sands again and her lips press together for a moment: "Shall we?"

"Snow?" Xanthee was so distracted by the clutching and then watching her two good friends have some kind of heated discussion. "It can't be snowing." She says with a glance at Mal. "Can it?" But at the idea of a walk, Xan nods with a smile on her face. "Of course my love, a walk sounds wonderful right now. And of course I'm going to let Daen and Reve sort it out." Although she may seek them out the minute they do…

Miel gives a small, but mock, salute to Eala and a quiet laugh. "Don't be a stranger, then! We don't mind." Since she figures she and other Wingleaders and 'seconds know to stay out of the way. A knowing smile follows, "Kind of hard to tell when they're just Candidates. Usually start to see 'em and their quirks within the first few days! But sometimes you get the warning flags even before that." A mild shrug and then the greenrider is pushing slowly to her feet. "Looks like this is over and since it'll take me an age and a half to get around…" She's gonna exit now. There's a smile for Ko'an as he approaches, but only a polite nod before Miel excuses herself.

"It's not bad, could be better." Neryk shrugs slightly, then nods to the drawing, "You a harper apprentice? You are very good at that. You should do it more." Though, with the clutching over, and the attraction of the apparent snow outside, Neryk's attention wavers. He's seen a lot of snow in his life, High Reaches is like that, but Snow on sand?

And so G'tan escorts Mayte, or vis versa, to the nearest watering hole that serves appropriate amounts of liquor, joking and teasing about how things change in Igen when the winds change.
And of course there are some High Reaches folks over there grumbling about how it's not real snow. Ignore them. It's white! it's falling from the sky! And it's sticking for the time being!

Ko'an chuckles. There's some level of approval for that decision. His thumb hooks into his belt with his black-wrapped hand, the other arm briefly occupied by her hand. "Aye. Speaking of which, I hope you have a moment to not miss it either. It's been awhile since I've had the pleasure." Of stealing a random moment? Of snow? He leaves that for interpretation, though at least he seems.. tame? There is the faint hint of rum on him, and a hint of more playful trouble in those kohl rimmed eyes than any steeled glint. Should she entertain him, he'd hold an arm up for her to take to lead her elsewhere.

"Kaleka and Land are telling' me so!" Malosim says, grinning over Xanthee's bewilderment at the snow. His brown flits decided the better show was outside apparently…while his bronze opted to stay warm in here. But now Mal is standing, pulling Xanthee to her feet after him, and slipping an arm around her to start off on that walk. First the eggs to wonder at, and now the snow. It seems fitting.

Edlsesa blushes. "Thank you." Talk of the snow finally filters into Sesa's hearing. Wait. Snow??? She sits up and looks around. She's got the basic outline now, she can come back and finish later. She snaps the book shut and stands. "Snow? Oh, Please excuse me Neryk, I've never seen snow before!" She shoves stylus and pad into her rucksack, closing it before giving Neryk a bow. She'll dart off to see the snow then, though, since he admired it so. Some way, some how, a copy of that drawing will find it's way into Neryk's possession. Signed, Apprentice Harper Edlsesa.

A smile of wonder spreads over Xanthee's face, "I've never even seen snow Mal!" she says excitedly as she lets herself be pulled to her feet and nearly pulls her beau after her to go and see this one in a lifetime event.

And when it does, it will be pinned to his wall in his rooms in the Terraces. Neryk may not be interested in the snow, but as the place starts to empty, he waves after Edlsesa. Neryk waits for things to clear a bit, then he too will slip away, going home to tell his firelizards about the nice eggs and to not drop snow on people. It's rude.

"Ailsa!" Eala calls, just loud enough to get the girl's attention (hopefully) without disturbing the clutchparents on the sands. That blonde head whips around, and after a brief silent interaction, she turns to her friends and says her goodbyes. The greenrider says her own farewells to Miel as the other woman makes her escape, leaving her alone with her weyrmate. Well, alone until Ailsa appears, tucking herself into Eala's side for a brief hug, before greeting Ko'an with a far more enthusiastic one. "You should grab your brother before he misses out on this." The girl hangs off the bronzerider for a moment longer before acquiescing, dashing out of the galleries to find her brother. "I suppose I've got a few moments," she offers, hooking her arm through the bronzerider's. "Let's go."

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