K'lir, Sabina


Sabina and K'lir discuss teaching wildlings to build traps, a freaky coin, and Bina's generally odd day.


It is the twenty-eighth day of Summer and 28 degrees.


Southern Barrier Hold

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The Klah Bark

UNFINISHED SPACE — this is a natural rise that looks nothing more than a slim building, hollowed out, waiting to be used.

After having met with his wildling friends, K'lir decides to explore a little more of the icy Hold since he hasn't taken the time to do so the past few times he's come down. He finds himself in an unfinished building and ducks in the door to get out of the chill wind and look around at the place. The young bronzerider peers around the dim interior, wondering what this space is going to be used for.

Currently the slim building appears to be used for storage of some sort. Or perhaps is a partially worked project that has been abandoned for one reason or another. Shoved against one wall is a line of tables with overturned chairs balanced on them. The establishment is empty of a bar or any other accoutrement one might expect. A stack of wood resting haphazardly in the middle of the floor instead. And crates of supplies line the walls between tables and other seeming junk. Sabina is perched atop the stack of wood in the middle of the floor. Staring down at something in the palm of her hand almost contemplatively. K’lir’s sudden appearance brings that gaze upward to land on the bronzerider. Contemplative expression sliding through shock and toward curiosity. “Greetings, Sir. Were you looking for something?” Because why else would a Rider be poking in here?

K'lir turns at the greeting, feeling a little foolish for having overlooked the woman sitting in the middle of the room, and smiles slightly. "Oh no, just looking, really. It's been a while since I was here for more than a candlemark or two and I never really looked around at all the new work that has been done." He moves closer to where she sits and settles on the pile of wood carefully so that he doesn't send anything sliding with his weight in case it's not stacked as well as it could be. Catching sight of the glint in her hand before she can hide it, he peers curiously at her hand before his amber gaze lifts to study her face and smiles as he realizes he's sitting with Sabina. "How are you, Sabina?" he asks gently, not wanting to frighten the woman since he did rather surprise her with his appearance.

Sabina would be easy to overlook. Given adjustment of K'lir's eyes to the dim light and her position atop the oddly stacked bundle of wood. Now though her hand fists around whatever she's holding as he approaches. "To keep up with some of it you'd have to be here often," Bina admits with a smile. "There are times when I walk through a room and marvel at the changes. And I live here." She watches him take a seat and smiles. "There seems to be more unfinished here than anything to me." She sets a small coin on the wood between them and stares at it. "I am having an odd day honestly." She waves toward the door and outside. "How are you K'lir? Getting the traps rebuilt?"

K'lir's gaze follows her hand as she sets that coin down between them, his brow furrowing as he frowns down at the glinting piece before her words draw his attention back to their conversation. "Hmm, yes, I'm sure you're right. I just haven't had too much time to just look around since I can only get down here on my restdays." He glances around them and nods, his curiosity causing him to pick up that coin and turn it over in his fingers idly. At her questions, he nods again and chuckles softly. "Oh, I'm doing okay. Don't get out to hunt as often as I or Bryntaeroth would like but we do well enough." His head ducks slightly as he glances down at the coin in his hand. "Yep, got all the damaged ones repaired and reset the last time I was here. This time I was teaching Lidor and some of the other wildlings how to build them so that we could get them reset too. There should be a fair amount of meat starting to come in again now that the full lines are run again." He weighs that gold token in his fingers and holds it out toward her. "What's this?"

Sabina’s eyes follow the coin as K’lir picks it up to study it. So crudely made the edges aren’t quite even and the thickness is way off. But that isn’t the weirdest part. The oddest thing are the two faces of the coin. Both with the eyes scraped out, leaving rough edges that catch at ones skin. Her attention is split between the coin and K’lir himself. But she tries to be mindful of his words. “It is very nice of you to spend your restday here helping rebuild the traps. I’m sure there are warmer spots the pair of you would rather be.” Mention of more meat to help bolster the Hold does manage to draw a genuine smile to her worry thin lips. “It will be wonderful to have something fresh for the pots in the Kitchen.” Her smile falters and fades back to thin set worry when he holds the coin out. She reaches and accepts it, flipping it over in her palm. “I found it on my pillow this morning when I woke. It slid and hit me on the nose when Viridis shifted.

K'lir shakes his head at her comment and chuckles softly. "I set the lines up myself for them when the Headman asked. I didn't take the time to teach them how to make them or give them the names of my contacts for the supplies … it's really the least I can do when they ask for help now." He shrugs one broad shoulder as he looks up at her with a wry smile. "Besides, I enjoy it. Even when it is nearly as cold as between." When she tells him about the token, he frowns and rubs his thumb over the rough edged face and shakes his head. Lifting the crudely made piece, he bites on the edge and then looks at it to see his teeth print in the edge of the soft metal. "Hmm, it's gold … why would someone bother to make something this badly out of gold?" He frowns down at the token again and heaves a deep sigh, his innate curiosity making his mind roll with ideas. "I just can't figure out what it might mean … unless someone is wanting to frighten you."

Sabina pulls her eyes away from the coin in her hand long enough to smile crookedly at K’lir. “From what I’ve learned of them they learn fast the things that interest them.” And catching prey food on a large scale is something she assumes would be a hook. When he takes the coin and rubs a finger over it she finds her attention once again following that speck of oddness. “It doesn’t look right for gold though.” Not that she wants to argue with a bronzerider. It’s just an opinion. “I’ll have to show it to Fenrir next I see her. She might be able to tell me.” Drawing a leg up she wraps her arms around her knee. “Why would someone what to scare me though? Perhaps to add fuel to the fire of the stairs?” She blinks and then realizes he won’t know what she’s talking about. “A while back I nearly got pushed down one of the stairways in the unfinished part of the Hold.”

At her comment about the wildlings, K'lir nods and smiles slightly. "Oh yes, they do learn quickly so long as they are learning something they want to learn. They aren't stupid." He tilts his head as she says it doesn't look like gold and shrugs slightly. "I could be wrong. I'm a hunter, not a Smith, after all." He offers it to her as she wraps her arms around her legs and nods at the thought of showing it to someone for confirmation. "You nearly got pushed down the stairs? Did you see who did it? And why would someone do that anyway? You don't seem like the type to make people angry."

Sabina nods her head and smiles because they agree on the wildlings. She herself calls a few friends, which can be difficult to do when they close ranks with one another. “I’ll show it to my friend.” Fenrir is one such wildling turned Miner. “I did yes. I was looking for some misplaced supplies.” She looks up from her hand and shrugs. “We use some unfished rooms for things like that. And as I was coming down the stairs to seek my rest I felt a shove in the center of my back. Aurum took off down the corridor like she was chasing something. But I was busy trying not to break my fool neck.” She sighs, “I didn’t see anyone and Aurum gave me a jumbled mess of shadows. Which wasn’t real helpful in the mater.” As for making people angry.. “I usually get along with everyone. But there anywhere you live there are always a few who dislike you on principle.”

K'lir chuckles softly as she takes the token and nods, his hand lifting to pat her shoulder gently. "Do that. I'd like to know if it is gold or just covered in gold." He falls silent as he listens to her explanation, a frown of concern creasing his brow at the thought that the assailant couldn't be caught. The young bronzerider nods in understanding at the young woman's firelizard not having any luck in showing a clear picture of the culprit and sighs with regret. "I understand. Sometimes my firelizards can't give me clear pictures either, especially if they are excited about something." A soft snort of amusement is given at the last comment though he dips his head in acknowledgement. "This is true. There are always those who dislike a person just because."

“You and I both,” Sabina says of the coin and holds it up toward the light from the door. “Next I see you I will try to have an answer.” Providing she manages to catch her friend in a free moment. She sighs softly at the memory of poor Aurum’s frustration. “She tends to get jumbled the worst when she’s angry. And Viridis has a tendency to abandon ship. I find her later holed up under my cot.” Young and not the bravest of ‘lizards lil’ Viri. “A lot of folks here in Southern seem to forget that I’m a drudge and wind up helping me clean their rooms and things. But some.. there are some who frown on things like that.” It is only normal that a handful treat her like a drudge after all. And her tone isn’t bitter about the honesty of it. “I can’t picture any of the stricter folk leaving me something like this though. So I don’t know what to make of it.”

K'lir nods slightly at the description of the woman's firelizards and smiles sympathetically. "I'm told that they are a lot like dragons and that they have their own personalities so I guess one could have a temper and the other be timid." The bronzerider isn't too sure about that but that's what he's been told, his own quartet being rather like his lifemate in their steadiness and purposeful approach to the few tasks the young man has for them. When she comments on being a drudge, his lips thin slightly though he doesn't make any comments. "I don't think of you as just a drudge but … I guess you are right. There are folks at the Weyr that still look at me like I'm just the hunter for the Weyr rather than a rider." He shrugs slightly. "Not that we can change their attitudes. But I sure hope whoever is involved in these … incidents is found soon."

“Oh. I suppose so. I’d never thought about it a lot.” Sabina shrugs her shoulders and hums softly. “Viridis is still really young. And Aurum can be.. well,” she glances all around before whispering, “a bully.” Obviously the coast is clear because no indignant gold appears. The pair are both under a Turn and still developing themselves so to speak. “The only thing that can change a person’s opinion is the person themselves,” she reasons. “Though in your case a big honking dragon can’t hurt the situation.” She chuckles teasingly. “There haven’t been any more frights or scares for a while. So I’m hoping this is just some coincidence. An odd one sure. But I’d like to believe whomever was shaking folks up has grown weary of the game.”

K'lir laughs outright at her teasing comment, the usually reticent young man showing a more open demeanor the more time he spends with the woman. "Yeah, a hulking bronze should help but there have been times when people have tried to push me around a bit. Not very successfully, but they still try." And it's a good thing riders are discouraged from fighting because the hunter-turned-rider could easily hurt someone if he lost control of his temper. He nods slightly at her words and glances around, a small smile curling his full lips. "Well, you can always send one of your lizards if things get out of hand … you know, a yell for help from a friend sort of thing."

Sabina is far less shy and backward herself than she is with total strangers. “Everyone will push the boundaries sometimes and see what their limits are.” She chuckles, “Heck even I do that.” The size correlation of K’lir next to herself isn’t lost on her. Even seated she’s diminutive compared to his bulk. “I could if I knew what I needed help from.” She tucks the coin in a pocket as she drops her leg and lets it swing above the floor. “I haven’t told very many folk about it to be honest. I refuse to be part and parcel of the fright around here. Folks need reassurance that all is safe.”

K'lir grins down at the young woman and nods slightly. "Oh, of course, but some folks who haven't had any success still keep pushing to see just how far they can go." He considers her words and shrugs slightly, understanding the vagueness of what she is up against. "Well, even a couple dragonriders lurking around might help. But I'm really surprised that this sort of thing is going on with men like Headman Renalde and that Miner Thornton I keep hearing about being around here."

Sabina smiles kindly and nods, “I can understand that I suppose. I tend to have a lot more give. It does me no good to find myself getting lectured.” In her position there really isn’t a lot of standing up for herself. “I have done my level best to not meet Thornton honestly. I have heard tell he’s a very hard man.” As for the Headman well, “I can see Headman Renalde giving the prankster such an earful they’d have a ringing head for life. And I doubt very much that Riders could be spared for something as trivial as guard duty.” She tilts her head, “You lot have plenty on your plates I’d think.” Straightening her noggin she glances at the doorway. “If you want my opinion someone is causing trouble for the sole purpose of it. There isn’t a lot to do when it’s so cold you near freeze going anywhere I suppose.”

"I've never had a lot of patience with that kind of person, I admit. I've gotten better since I Impressed but … it's still tough." K'lir nods as she mentions not knowing anything about the Miner the bronzer has heard of but startles a laugh from him at the description of the Headman. "Oh yeah, I can see that happening." When she suggests that the riders have a lot on their plates, he shrugs slightly. "Hmm, we do have a lot to deal with but everyone has a restday … I don't mind coming down here if I am needed. Bryn doesn't mind the cold but he would rather see more sun than you guys get down here. But I think you're right … someone could easily be causing trouble just because rather than for a specific reason."

Sabina glances at K’lir with a half-smile on her lips, “It gets easier with age I think. And accepting that which cannot be changed.” Her smile becomes full-blown when he laughs aloud at her opinion of Renalde. Though she doesn’t comment further, just nodding her agreement. Anyone who knows Renalde can well imagine the lecture of the Pass over something like all that has been happening. “Riders need time to rest and recoup. Not parade around Holds and the like.” Not to mention the Weyr might frown on this. “You yourself are doing plenty just helping the wildlings as you are.” She’s just a drudge but she can’t see asking more than that. “I hope that ignoring whomever and not giving them the satisfaction of seeing people afraid will give them cause to be weary of the game quickly.”

K'lir chuckles at her assertion and nods his agreement. "I suppose so." He glances at her before his gaze is drawn toward the door, his eyes glazing slightly as his bronze touches his mind briefly. "Yes, we do but it doesn't kill us to offer the odd restday to help someone else. I guess it's easier for me since I'm used to being busy all day every day without much in the way of rest unless it was raining felines and canines." He grimaces slightly at the reminder of not giving this culprit the satisfaction of knowing he or she has riled people up but he can't help but agree. Heaving a deep sigh, the young man pushes to his feet and makes sure the top of his jacket is fastened and gazes down at the young woman. "Well, I'm afraid that Bryn has reminded me I need to get back to the Weyr so … just holler if you need help or something, Sabina. If I can, I'll come down and do what I can."

“Perhaps you need to get used to taking a restday to actually rest,” Sabina teases with a grin. Because she has ALL the room to talk. Given that she herself must be reminded to take a day herself once in a while. “If I think of a way you could be of assistance I’ll send word.” She says it to be nice, because asking a Rider for help is a foreign concept to her. Even with a bluerider also on her friend list. “Take care K’lir. And I will see you next visit with any luck.”

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