Echo, Milosh


Echo goes off to find Milosh immediately after her encounter with Willimina.

Mild Swearing, Talk of Sex


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Igen Weyr, Caravan Grounds, Milosh's Wagon

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Dammit Echo!"


Igen Caravan Grounds, Milosh's Wagon

Of course Milosh would have one of the more extravagant wagons in the Armida train. It's Milosh. His wagon is large, craftily built so that it extends when at rest and folds in for travel on the road. The back of the wagon is almost a separate room, with a wall and an open doorway. Colored beads hang in a curtain across the doorway, slightly obscuring the bed and chest of drawers contained within. The main space of the wagon is cozy. A heating brazier sits in the corner by the 'bedroom' wall and burns merrily, putting off the scent of sandalwood and something floral. There's a table and chairs, a small desc, a locked cabinet and a couple of trunks. A few cubbies in the wall sport things like flagons of wine, whiskey and rum. Saving the space with the brazier, there are brightly colored rugs on the floor and curtains to match on the windows.

After saying goodbye to Willa and the kids near the central fire, Echo is taking deep steadying breaths all the way to Milosh’s wagon. She’s also mumbling under her breath, trying to figure out the best way to approach what it is that she is there to tell him. Nothing sounds right to her though because the truth is that she kept something rather important from him and, if she’s really honest with herself, for purely selfish reasons. She begins to tremble as she sees his large wagon come into view. Her legs feel like jelly as she steps up and gives his door a little rap. There’s every possibility that he’s not there of course, he’s a very busy man after all. Oh please Faranth let him be out, I don’t think I can do this. The thought races through her mind over and over as if she could silently will it to be so, biting back her anxiety by chewing on her lower lip.

Milosh is not in at the moment, his wagon quiet and dark. But this does not mean he doesn’t know Echo is there. Firelizards are wonderful little creatures. He’d started for home the second Echo had left Willimina at the fire. He’s been wondering what the two were talking about, but it’s the last thing on his mind at the moment. His mind is entertaining more…sultry thoughts than what two women might gossip about. When he gets close, he goes into sneak mode and comes up behind Echo, silent as the night. “Hello Pet….” He rumbles when he’s behind her, his voice husky and tinged with a little growl.

Echo is jumpy naturally, but people who sneak up on her get treated to a shriek as she spins around, hand coming up in pure reflex. When she sees that it's the very person she came here to talk to, she quickly drops her hand and leans in close to him, her eyes rather frantic with her frayed nerves as to what must come next. In a whispered voice, “I really need to tell you something, but it can't be out here.” Her eyes flicker to his wagon. “You might need a drink for this…”and her voice drops to barely audible and she mouths the word “Sir.” Suddenly aware that it's broad daylight and usually their activities take place in the evenings. Her eyes wander then around them, making sure her cousin isn't about but she doesn't see him.

Milosh is pretty much expecting the shriek and his laughter is deep and carefree. He eyes that hand though, smirking when it drops. However, Echo’s frantic demeanor and her words have a storm gathering in his eyes. “Oh?” He questions, that one word imbued with curious caution, and his eyebrows hiking when her ‘Sir’ is all but audible. HIs hand fishes around in his pocket for a moment and comes out with the key to his door. He leans an arm over Echo and unlocks it, clicking the door open. “Well then get inside and pour me a drink Pet. Scoot.” He raises his eyebrows again and jerks his chin towards the door. Then he backs off enough to let her get inside.

Echo doesn't wait for a second longer after the door is open and nearly bolts for the inside, moving over to the table and grabs which ever bottle is handiest, and pouring them two glasses. Hers she picks up immediately and half empties it in one gulp, before she turns and begins pacing however much she can inside a wagon, very pointedly looking anywhere but at him. She doesn't wait long before she pauses, back to him and takes the second half of her drink, clutching the now empty glass in her hands in front of her, looking down into it. She finally blurts out, “I-I should have told you something rather important about me when we first met, and I had planned on it, b-but,” she winces and silently curses her stutter, “BUT I didn't, and now I need to tell you because of reasons that will become apparent once I tell you…what it is I have to tell you.” Willa may not beat around the bush but with Echo it seems to be all she can do.

Milosh is in the wagon on Echo’s heels, steely azure gaze following the woman as she pours the drinks and paces. He makes sure the door is firmly shut and bolted against intruders before he comes up the stair and turns to face Echo. She begins to speak and it devolves into stammering and going ‘round in circles like a trundlebug missing a leg. “Echo” He booms deeply, his voice thick with command. “Take a breath and speak. Stop yammering and be out with it.” He’s stern, but more just trying to get Echo to focus.

And then that voice, that ridiculously commanding voice booms in her direction and Echo freeze on the spot. She takes a couple deep breaths, closing her eyes, balling her hands into fists, and with a little wince replies simply, “Tallel is my cousin. First cousins, our mothers are sisters.” And then she looks at him, but remains frozen until she sees his reaction.

That azure gaze of Milosh’s bores into Echo as she composes herself and at first, Milosh nearly doesn’t believe what he’s hearing. His face is a blank slate of steely nothingness as his mind works to process what Echo just said. Who’s cousin???? With what has passed between Milosh and Echo, it is almost unthinkable that she would keep such a secret. Milosh panics a little. Holy fuck. A storm begins to gather in those blue eyes of his and he sucks in a sharp breath. He stalks across the wagon to the table and grabs his drink, slumping down into one of the chairs as a scowl begins to crease his face. He tosses back his drink and the tumbler makes an audible thunk as it settles on the table.

There’s a moment where Milosh wonders whether he’s going to be on the receiving end of Tallel’s wrath for this… The man had nearly gone wild with rage when his wife was taken by the elders, or so Milosh has heard. The Armida man has not seen Tallel in a rage in person. But he remembers judgement day, remembers the day he’d seen Willimina and Tallel secure their reign over the Zingari, secure their bond with their people and oust those who would oppose them. A force like that is one to be reckoned with.

All pretense is lost for a moment and Milosh’s anger shows through his normally cool mask as his fist pounds the table just once. “Dammit Echo! Why wouldn’t you tell me that in the first place???” He turns angry blue orbs towards Echo, fury turning his eyes into liquid pools of magma. “Do you have any idea ….” Milosh reigns himself in and takes a deep steadying breath. “And does he know what we’ve been about lately?” This is important too.

Standing there, biting her lower lip relentlessly, Echo watches as the storm begins to gather behind his eyes. When his fist then hits the table and his anger is known, she does the first thing she can think of and moves to his chair, sinking down onto her knees next to it, her hand reaching out at first, wanting to touch him so desperately, but she holds back and then places her hands on her own knees, eyes looking up at his, pleading forgiveness.

“I guess I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want it to stop you from…helping me.” she says referring to the night she first thought to hire his services. “Or worse, that you might insist on getting his permission or something. I just didn’t want another family member deciding what I could or couldn’t handle. It was foolish and so wrong, but…” She trails off, her eyes going downcast. But then when he asks if Tallel knows, she winces and takes her time looking up at him, a truly apologetic look on her face. “Well….” She starts before swallowing past the lump in her throat. “He probably wouldn’t have if I hadn’t worn your collar to dine with him and his family a couple days ago. It was my first meeting with Willa and his kids. I just came from a chat with Willa, who is the one who recognized it, then she explained to my cousin what it means and apparently Tallel isn’t taking it so well…. ” As she awaits her fate, eyes upturned to his face, Echo resumes her relentless biting of her lower lip.

It’s probably a good thing Echo keeps her hands to herself. In ways, Milosh is livid. In other ways however, he is equal parts proud and confused. Why on Pern would he ask permissions for a grown woman? “Knowing you were Tallel’s cousin would not have stopped me from having you, pet. It may have altered my actions however, you are partially right about that.” His voice is a low, angry rumble, and his eyes are filled with the storm to match it. “I would have told you not to wear your collar to dinner for one thing!” New that Tallel isn’t taking the news well is not exactly unexpected at this point, but it does rip another angry growl from Milosh’s chest. He takes a deep breath, and tries to still some of the raging inferno burning within him.

This could end badly.

This could end very badly….depending on what sort of offense Tallel takes to the situation.

But… they are both adults, he and Echo, and that affords them some protections, particularly if Echo has explained her willingness in the situation. “They don’t think I forced you do they?!?” He asks of a sudden, a bit of panic rising up in his normally controlled voice.

Wilting slightly and sitting back over her feet, Echo's arms come up to hug herself tightly as she averts her eyes once more as he speaks. She feels utterly foolish now for not speaking up sooner and basically causing this whole mess. When she hears another angry growl from Milosh, she sighs heavily and sinks a little more into herself, the picture of inner turmoil, guilt wracking at her, knowing she caused so many people to get so upset because she wanted to be selfish for once and a sore ache in her chest knowing that she had made him so angry with her actions. Her eyes are downcast until he asks her that question. Without looking at him, she shakes her head,

“No, well, Willa at least knows that this was initiated solely by me and that I’m totally willing. That was one of her main concerns as well. I think she actually understands why I'm doing this, after I explained it to her. Tallel on the other hand.” She gives a little shrug of her shoulders indicating her cousin is probably not going to be as easily swayed. “I just found out that they know, I came here straightaway and I promised Willa I'd go find Tal right after I talked to you.” Her voice sounds strangled for a moment when a lump of emotion tries to rise in her throat. When she swallows it back down, she says, in a voice pitiful with apologetic tone, “I am so sorry Sir that I kept this from you.”

Milosh is more than relieved to know that at least Willimina knows that Milosh is not guilty of forcing himself on a woman. He would never…has never.

Milosh examines Echo for a moment, wilting into herself with guilt and apologizing to him. Surprisingly, the sight makes a good portion of his anger bleed away. In the grand scheme of things, this is a small thing, after all, he had insisted on a mutually beneficial, but loveless relationship. He sighs and leans forward, his hand coming down to grasp Echo’s chin and tilt her face so that she is looking at him.

“Were you not on your way to Tallel directly after this, you would not be able to sit for a seven!” His voice is low, and there’s still an undercurrent of anger to it, but it is more heavy with that tone of command and the beginnings of something more. “I do commend you for doing something for /you and sticking to it, even if it was downright disastrous of you to keep it to yourself.” Those Azure eyes of Milosh’s churn with a multitude of things while he looks at her now, and it’s a moment before he drops his hand from her chin.

In the seconds passing, Milosh makes two decisions. The first, to kiss Echo, which he does, heated lips finding hers in a demanding and plundering kiss that only seems to stoke his fires instead of temporarily sating them as he’d thought to do. And the second, is to talk to Tallel as soon as he can, the risk to his jewels notwithstanding. When he breaks the kiss with Echo he pulls back reluctantly, and looks at her.

Then, leaning down to place his lips near her ear, Milosh breathes, “You are forgiven, pet, but I have not forgotten…now, You had better get to your cousin’s and speak with him before I change my mind about that sitting situation and haul you to my bed.” The order is firm, and not to be disobeyed. “And you’d better take that off and leave it here until you come back later tonight. And you will come back. Understood?”

Echo feels her chin being lifted and can't resist looking up at him, her brow creases in concern, lower lip red from nervous nibbling. Then he threatens her with a sore bum for a seven and a frisson creeps up her back, and not entirely caused by the fear that he will follow through on his threat. But then her heart skips a beat and her breath catches in her throat when he commends her, a blush of warm spreading over her cheeks and a weak smile on her lips. When he leans in to kiss her, her response is immediate, sinking into his embrace deeply, accepting his demanding plunder of her mouth willingly.

Then he is pulling away and a sigh follows after him, escaping from Echo's lips. Eyes flutter back open as she hears him say she's forgiven, her heart giving a little flip. “Thank you Sir.” She says a little breathless. Uh oh, maybe someone needs a reminder that feels were not part of the deal here. When he basically dismisses her to her cousin’s wrath she nods, getting to her feet, head hanging low.

When he tells her to take off the collar, for just a second it looks as if Echo wants to protest that, hand flying up to grasp the pendant in a fist. But she is in no position to do something that silly right now so instead with a pained expression, she reaches up and takes off the collar. She arranges it almost lovingly on the table before she quietly obeys and slips over to the door, her neck feeling strangely empty. She pauses as he tells her to come back this evening and a tremble of anticipation passes over her, “Understood Sir.” She says a small smile creeping on her face because she was unsure she was ever going to be invited back. Then she is out the door and off to find her cousin.

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