Amani, Maikah, N'iel


A chance meeting at the river demonstrates that dragons and sheep don’t mix! Maikah isn’t so great at it either, but Amani and N’iel do try!


It is midmorning of the first day of the twelfth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


River Clearing, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 07 Jan 2018 11:00


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"She doesn't bite, promise."


River Clearing

Just north of the river delta, the jungle's grip loosens enough to expose the sand-enriched soil and lichen-kissed rocks as the river battles through the rapids before dumping into the gentler delta. Cacophony of sound is made through the roar of the rapids, the spray of white water as it rains upon the nearby shores, and the shrieking of birds and wild firelizards that call from the nearby jungles. Treacherous to cross, most would follow the bank to either the river's delta or the calmer river bank, but a few courageous souls find the lure of the rapids too tempting to not cross as the far bank holds the promise of accomplishment.

It is the first day of Summer and 99 degrees. It is sunny and bright. The skies are clear.

With the beach still plagued by red tide washing up to foul the dark sands with crimson goo and dead fish, getting a draconic bath in entails going somewhere less convenient. That's the issue faced by Amani and her lifemate today…but there are, fortunately, an abundance of rivers in the area. The further issue is finding a spot along one that will accommodate Pern's second-largest gold, but this particular clearing has proved equal to the task. Amani isn't fully in the water yet but is dressed to be in an indigo and gold two-piece, currently perched on the shore as she scrubs her lifemates great, sinuous tail. Zymuraith is lounging in the current, submerged only halfway up her body at the deepest part but looking quite pleased with the way the water flows against and around her.

Sigh. Clearly the fluffy, fluffy cloud-like flock also coming to the river to see to personal needs are not part of the considerations taken into account by the most recent of Southerns Weyrwomen. It's cool though, Maikah's pups Shep and Pard will keep the flock running back towards their pastures, while their master tracks the progress with a mournful expression. "Weyrwoman." He bobs his head with sad respect. HIS SHEEP! But silver lining! No sheep were eaten!

Ah, bathing. Roxeauth has had her bath already this morning, a long languid one well away from the disgusting red tides. Now the green can make an appearance over the jungle, following one of the rivers on some sort of job or another. It'd be impossible to miss Zymuraith, and Roxeauth is nudged mentally into a swoop, landing near the gold - but not particularly near. Now the power dynamic has shifted between Weyrling and Weyrlingmaster, the green is far less interested in the gold and her rider. She'll deposit N'iel and settle where she is, at a distance, to watch her rider approach Amani. "Morning, Weyrwoman," comes the polite greeting from the man, and Maikah gets a nod and a "journeyman" too. N'iel is on full politeness right now, apparently.

Oh look! Bonbons. Fortunately, Zymuraith isn't hungry at the moment, even for snacks, but the fact doesn't appear to deter the sheep from scattering. She just has that effect on most livestock, sadly. Amani observes all this with an expression somewhere between dismayed and amused, straightening as the man minding the fluffy flock comes into view. "Journeyman," she answers with a bob of her own head, Zymuraith lifting her head to croon a greeting to the approaching Roxeauth in the meantime. "I don't suppose saying she's not interested will bring your beasties back around," she observes apologetically, and pauses her washing in order to pluck a robe up from among the grass and drape it around her shoulders. "Morning, N'iel," she greets her erstwhile AWLM with a bright smile. "What brings you out here?" Roxeauth isn't trying to fit herself in elsewhere along the river, so she assumes it's not for a bath.

Maikah continues to track the flocks progress mournfully, until they disappear into the jungle. "'Fraid not. Once a sheep gets an idea in it's head, it's rather hard to change it." His deep voice rumbles. "Even harder to change a flock's mind." The subtle rumble of resigned humor colors his tone, even as he sighs, most of them will make their way home. He's resigned to ALL THE DEATH AT SOUTHERN. "Rider." Another head bob, to the new arrival and then he's going to pretend real hard he's not staring. Because staring would not be respectful.

Roxeauth's gonna give those departing sheep a loooong look. Drat, if only they were coming her way. Alas, they disappear into the greenery, leaving one sad green. You and her both, Maikah. "Probably safer for them to not be around Roxie," N'iel will comment with a good-natured smile. "She, ah, wouldn't turn down a possible meal." Said eternally hungry green is pretending not to hear that, and looking over at something interesting off in the distant skies. This also means some ignoring of Zymuraith. "I was having a look at the spread of this red tide stuff, but…figured I'd drop by and say hi." The 'see how you're doing' bit is unsaid, but there's concern in his eyes as he watches Amani. She's already sort of introduced him, but N'iel will offer a hand to Maikah. "N'iel, green Roxeauth's."

"I'd imagine so," Amani says over a chuckle to Maikah's last, and flicks a gaze toward the departing herd with mild fascination. Caprines were once a far more familiar sight than sheep for this desert-bred girl. N'iel's comment about Roxeauth (whom Zymuraith doesn't care is ignoring her) earns a smirk. She can imply the "see how you're doing" bit easily enough; it seems to be the motivation behind most who pay her a visit these days. "Hi, then," she counters cheekily. "Quiet moments for things like this don't come around often, so I'm doing well." A roundabout way of saying she's been pretty busy, but what else is new? "Amani, of Zymuraith," she introduces herself to Maikah in turn. "I'm sorry about your flock. If I'd known you were coming, we would've looked for a different spot."

Maikah chews the inside of his cheek for a moment, his pale eyes seeking that last glimpse of the sheep now long gone. "Maikah, Herder." D'uh! As if that excuses his fondness for his flock. "Plenty of culls in the pens if she has a taste for mutton." There is a surprising lack of censure in his deep tone, for if anyone knows how delicious sheeps are it is this journeyman! "My fault. Forgot about the red sh…stuff." Not that his substitution is any better. "I know who you are Weyrwoman." You impress a shiny dragon EVERYONE knows who you are. For a moment he dares eye-contact, then goes back to focusing on the rocks at stuff at his feet. "Well met N'iel." The hand is taken and given a hearty shake. Maikah at least knows how to MAN!

"And here everyone is dropping in on you," N'iel jokes softly, expression sympathetic; Maikah is included in this look, even though the herder seems to have stumbled upon the gold pair unintentionally. "Please don't encourage her. She…has quite an appetite." Only a rider can sound that affectionate about a dragon. There's the beginning of a grin when Maikah chooses his words carefully, and then he watches the way the man basically doesn't look at Amani, returning the shake with a firm grip. Not overly firm though - N'iel's not interested in strong handshake contests. "Sheep your speciality, then?"

The herder's bluntness might surprise Amani a bit, but it rolls off her otherwise, and she shrugs, smiling amiably. "I don't like to assume," is her reasoning, though with her dragon being very much right there, it's a bit harder to justify. Moving on! To N'iel, she sighs a little, resigned but not seeming overly burdened by the fact for the moment. "I'm used to it. Besides, I do my fair share of dropping in." From the sky. Sometimes she ought to be on the receiving end of droppage, right? Being unable to figure out why it seems to make the herder uncomfortable to look at her, especially since she has taken a moment to cover up, she bends and goes back to rinsing Zymuraith's tail, ears still tuned to the conversation.

Lambing Season may be mostly over, but Maikah has yet to make up for the time lost. His lack of direct visual contact with the young bikini clad goldrider has way more to do with that than anything else. It's been a while (I can't imagine why >.>) So even covered he's just going to do battle with that quietly and awkwardly. There's already a gold dragon in the area, why not a few more elephants? "Uh. Yeah." Because who would hang out with sheep if they didn't have too? Other than dragons and their short associations with beasts who will soon be snacks. "It would be weird if I didn't know who you were."

N'iel is slowly working out that Maikah's awkwardness may not be solely due to Amani's rank, and the green rider is sympathetic, in a quiet sort of way. Best not to embarrass the man any more, right? "We're dragonriders; I think dropping in comes naturally." Joke given, he turns his attention to the herder. "She doesn't bite, promise." N'iel's all jokes, and gentle smiles, trying to make things less awkward?? Or making them worse? A man can try, either way.

Color Amani oblivious! She made an effort; what more do they want? It stopped being an issue in her mind once she'd thrown on the robe, and it remains so now as she steps into the river to gather water for rinsing Zymuraith's tail, a hiss of indrawn breath marking the fact that it's a bit chilly despite it being summer now. "Not as weird as my supposed reputation," as well as her name, "preceding me most everywhere I go, let me tell you," the young goldrider remarks drolly as she works. Then she realizes N'iel's last was probably about her and blinks up at him over the glimmer of subtly iridescent gold hide. "Who, me? Don't go telling lies about me, N'iel," she says with a wink, a deceptively serene smile flashed Maikah's way followed by a slosh of water as some of her lifemate's hide is cleared of suds.

Maikah is way out of his depth here, RIGHT HERE on this river bank. "Now that I have not heard about." His voice lifting in a subtle encouragement to share if she is so inclined. He's interested! Or he was, until the sloshing river water makes contact with his ever-present boots. He'll just step back here now, all nonchalant like. "The biting or the other thing." She did offer to tell (N'iel admittedly) And Maikah would prefer to be all ears, rather than all eyes right now thanks. There is a sickly smile sent to the other man, for his jest about dropping in and biting. Thanks for the Dreamfuel N'iel! "I thank you for that promise." Again his usually deep tone rises in question, because he's not sure if that is the right thing to say. Usually his dogs are around to make up for his awkwardness, but they're busy. "Water warmed up yet?" He offers his own scintillating contribution to the conversation.

N'iel can't help but grin at Amani's wink. "Wait, your reputation isn't not biting?" Is she going to say more on this apparent reputation of hers? If she has one, N'iel has managed to keep his head in the sand about it (then again, he's rather good at that generally, in life). And you are MOST WELCOME for that dreamfuel, Maikah! "You live at a Hold, Maikah?" He seems interested, but whatever deeper meaning is covered up with layers of politeness. Chit chat, he's doing it! As best he can.

"Now, now, journeyman, we've just met," Amani teases over the biting matter as she sloshes more water against Zymuraith's hide, her cheeks tinting slightly despite her humor. Her practice at teasing comes with a price, however; now she has to figure out how to answer. A wry look is cast toward N'iel before she goes about distracting herself with scrubbing another spot on Zymuraith's hide. "Well, it's not as though I have much of one," she qualifies. "But I've been surprised by people here and there knowing I used to be with the Zingari. And some people have…strange ideas about the Zingari. Just like some people in Igen's Bazaar or the Holds have strange ideas about goldriders. I've heard I used to be an escort…or a spy…and I even heard once that the Zingari kidnapped me and I begged to be Searched in order to get away." She looks eminently amused at that last, chuckling and shaking her head. "In the Bazaar, when I've also heard that some people know I was born at Kurkar Hold, and so Zymuraith must have Impressed a thief." Pausing, she glances at them both. "That one is true, from a certain point of view." And she'll just let that hang there as she listens for whether or not Maikah will give N'iel an answer after all that.

Maikah is teased, and dies on the spot. Well not really, he does kind of freeze for a long moment. Long enough to be all the ears he desired to be. "Odd." Was she expecting more of a reaction? He's not really built for emoting, but he does have a thought or two in his head on occaision, despite his current… deprivation. "I don't know if that's about you. As it is about them. I offered to pay a barmaid for…" He coughs and actually flushes under his beard. "Says more about me than her." There is a firm nod for his assessment, then he turns his attention to N'iel, and stares. "Weyr." He answers with one word, Maikah's people skills are spotty at best, particularly when it comes to chit-chat. "Mostly. Sometimes I get out and go for a wander." Like now, but this is just a little toddle compared to some of his more adventurous escapades.

Those ARE some interesting rumours! N'iel pulls a face as he hears them, clearly not impressed with the various ideas flying around Southern's youngest Weyrwoman. "People love to talk, huh?" He tries not to smile at Maikah's unfortunate barmaid encounter, and just about manages it. There's a nod, with only a slight tremble of his lips, when the herder explains he lives at the Weyr. "I see." Alas, duty calls - Roxeauth is looking at him in a meaningful sort of way. "Well, good to see you again Amani. Hopefully I'll see you around soon." Maybe for a proper catch-up, too. "And Maikah, good to meet you." He probably would say something like, 'be careful of this one', but the man's probably had enough teasing for the day. So N'iel will give a cheery little salute to both and head back to his green, the pair heading Weyr-wards.

Working as she is, Amani isn't immediately aware of Maikah's reaction to her teasing. At this point, she's gathered that he's a man of few words, so isn't put off by his response to her anecdote, either. She does appreciate the more verbose part of it, nodding agreement…until he relates the bit about the barmaid. Then she bites her lips together and tries to look sympathetic. "It is. More about them," she says aloud, "and yes, they certainly do like to talk." A nod is tipped toward N'iel. "Fortunately, none of that changes the truth." Then N'iel is off, and she's waving after him. "Hopefully!" she calls…and then there they are, the goldrider and the awkward herder. "Where do you wander, from the Weyr?" she asks as she continues her attentions to her gold, genuinely curious but not expecting anything effusive from the man.

Au contrare, Amani, Au contrare! "I go out to check the wild flocks. Monitor predation, see if a less structured lifestyle has an impact on fleece yield and meat quality." Now he pipes up with a little enthusiasm and confidence. "For my mastery." He concludes, some people are just born with a passion that cannot be denied (Not that kind of passion!). As N'iel makes his departure however the dark-haired herder's expression falls. "Did I…" Sigh. "I probably should have followed the sheep." Just because he isn't so good at people, doesn't mean that he isn't occaisionally inclined to linger about them. "Do you need help?" The offer is sudden and just as awkward as everything else about the man. It is his attempt to make amends in a way that doesn't require so many words.

And Amani is pleasantly surprised! She peers over the golden wall currently separating her from Maikah with a slowly growing smile. "How far away are you from your knot?" she asks, and then shakes her head as he starts to voice what seems to be a guess that he ran N'iel off. "What makes you say that?" she wants to know. Then he's offering to help, and she smiles again. "If you like, Zymuraith wouldn't mind," she answers, shoving some loose hair back over her shoulder. "But will your sheep be alright if you don't get back soon?" There is a lot of dragon to cover, obviously.

Maikah sighs. "Turns and turns yet. She's a long road to mastery." But he'll get there! And then she's asking the hard questions, and he can't help but grin. "Seem to be putting my feet in it a lot lately." And it is giving the man a bit of a complex. Thankfully, Amani is saved from the realities of Maikah putting his actual (and probably very stinky, because why not?) feet in it by the arrival of an utterly nondescript brown firelizard. The creature flutters about Maikah's head for a moment, before settling upon the man's singletted shoulder - the little eyes awhirl with all kinds of exciting colors. "Apparently not." Maikah frowns, as he attempts to decipher the chaos projected by the brown. "Perhaps another time Weyrwoman?" Amani may or may not twig to the fact that all is VERY NOT WELL with the sheep despite Maikah's fondness for understatement.

Amani can read draconic eyes quite well by now, big or small. When it's apparent all is not well with his sheep, she certainly isn't about to keep him. "Of course. I hope everything turns out alright," she says, dark brows arched concernedly before she dips her head at him. "Another time, journeyman." She'll watch him go for a bit before returning to the task at hand, the clearing returning to its earlier serenity…save for the uncommon presence of the queen in the midst of the river, of course.

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