Linden, and E'bert


A confused E'bert meets Linden in the baths.


It is afternoon of the first day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Public Baths, Igen Weyr

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

Escorted by a pair of healers, one on either side to catch him should he start to lose balance, E'bert makes his way slowly into the baths. He's been given a robe to wear, and there's a basket being carried by one of the healers, "Here, sit here," is said as E'bert moves very slowly in from the bazaar. He doesn't say anything, but does irritably bat at the hands that try to guide him to a bench. He can do this himself, thanks.

Linden is bathing himself in one of the pools, scrubbing and…maybe playing with the bubbles a bit. Cough. Looking up when E'bert and his Healers arrive, the young teen pushes hair off his forehead and wipes soap from his face, blinking and nodding his head. "Sir," he greets quietly.

The healers help E'bert to get into one of the bathing pools after he's disrobed. There is a mostly healed score nearly dead center of his chest, yep, that's going to be an ugly scar. E'bert blinks a few times before he finds the speaker, "Not a 'sir'," he answers slowly. He's doing everything slowly right now, "E'bert," he adds after a long pause while he eases himself into the water, "Don't get the…" the healer sighs as the warning is given too late and E'bert simply stares at him. He can go now. Kaythanks.

Linden shrugs a shoulder, the teen eying his score with unabashed curiosity. "E'bert. I know. Your mom was in the infirmary a lot, worrying about you," he says quietly, glancing at the Healer and then back at the rider.

"My mom?" E'bert puzzles through the comment. Then he nods, "You mean Ravene?" not really a question, but he's puzzling through a fading fog of fellis. Probably why he's being trailed by a pair of healers, at least he's not a mental basket case. He's just not completely aware of his surroundings.

Linden nods quickly. "Yeah, Ravene. She was real worried…" He sinks a bit lower in the water, still openly staring at his score. "Did it hurt?" the teen blurts.

E'bert blinks a few times as he slowly process the question. It really can be seen in his eyes as the question sinks through, and he puzzles it out, "I don't know," he answers honestly, "I'm told," look around then blink again at Linden, "I was unconscious when I got back to the weyr," the healers have sat down on the bench to observe. They're assessing E'bert on many levels, and as he speaks they lean close and converse softly between themselves.

Linden winces. "It looks bad. Thanks for…for protecting us all." With his parents both being riders, Linden has a strong sense of appreciation for all that they do. "How long you going to be in the infirmary? Was your dragon hurt? I'm sorry I don't know his - her - name."

E'bert shakes his head as he starts the slow, painful process of scrubbing himself clean, "No, he wasn't," unless the mental anguish of E'bert's pain counts? "When they say I can leave?" is added as the rest of the questions sinks through, and E'bert realizes he hadn't answered all the questions.

Linden exhales softly. "That's good, that he wasn't hurt. I'm glad." The teen sinks into the water a bit more, low, until it laps against his chin. He looks at the Healers for a moment, and then back to E'bert. "I'm Linden."

E'bert gives a nod as the name is filed away. Though chances are it won't be retained beyond this conversation, "Karkath," he says, yep. Seems random, but, "My brown's name," and that kind of clears up the random dragon name. He's back to blinking as he finishes the scrubbing, being careful to not scrub too hard over the barely healed scoring on his chest, "I thought," he looks around a little confused, "Did Ravene bring breads to the infirmary?" because he thought he'd smelled breads.

Linden nods. "Karkath." There's another nod and Linden will try to remember it. "I…I think she did, yeah. I think so…"

E'bert nods as he leans back, "Thought so," he's been so lucky as a rider until now, "Ravene was worried?" oh, sure now that tidbit of information sinks in. Yay for fellis?

Linden nods. "She was crying a lot. She seemed really…uh. Out of it. Like…a lot."

E'bert makes an 'o' of his mouth, "She was crying?" he finally manages to ask. Clearly this is not something that E'bert thought his foster mother capable of doing, "She doesn't cry," puzzled tone, "Ravene, yeah?" because Ravene.

Linden blinks a bit. "I…uh. I don't know if she was crying. She was really sad though. And like…distracted. Worried. She couldn't focus on nothing."

Still the concept is foreign to E'bert, "She doesn't get distracted?" uncertainty in his voice at the thought, but what does Linden have to gain by saying something that isn't true. A look at the healers gets E'bert a slight shake of the head, nope. The healers won't help him to the bakery to visit with Ravene. They're starting to look impatient with his bath. Too bad. He's actually feeling very relaxed, and muscles that have been cramped are relaxing as well.

Linden shrugs a bit, glancing at the Healers and then back to E'bert. Not sure what to say next, the teen dunks himself for a moment and emerges to push his wet hair out of his face.

"E'bert, time to go," one of the healers calls out. E'bert blinks at the healers a few times, "Not done," he answers. Okay, technically speaking, E'bert's clean. He's just enjoying the warmth that's seeping into tired muscles.

Linden shifts a bit, and clears his throat. "Maybe…you should do what they say?"

E'bert sighs as he begins the slow process of extricating himself from the pool. He's suddenly very tired, and it's starting to show, "Maybe," he answers as the healers step forward to give him balance as he begins to dry himself, and get dressed to leave the baths. One of the healers looks at Linden and offers, "Thank you," and they begin to move the rider back towards the infirmary.

Linden lifts his hand. "Nice meeting you, E'bert. Feel better soon!" As the brownrider goes, Linden sinks back into the water for a moment and then pushes up out of the pool. Grabbing his clothes, he half dries himself with his tunic and then dresses, before scampering back out into the weyr.

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