Alyna and Haquith, D'har and Searuth


Alyna passes on some exciting news to D'har in a rather interesting manner.


It is noon of the seventh day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Picnic Grounds, Southern Coverage

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Picnic Grounds

These are the picnic grounds of Mirror Lake. A scattering of stone tables and fire-rings ornament the carefully clipped lawn. To the north lies the lake itself. Northwest there is a footpath, and west is the bath-house door.

With the spring sunshine warming the air, it's a beautiful day for a picnic lunch. Which looks to be exactly what Alyna is currently unpacking from a heavy basket, covered dishes placed on the checkered cloth she's draped over the table she's chosen, the one closest to the lake's shore. For her part, Haquith is gleaming from a fresh bath and oiling, her chartreuse hide impeccably shining, maybe a touch brighter than usual, but if that's the case, her rider hasn't yet noticed. She's too busy pulling a box from the basket carefully and placing it just so in the middle of the table before peeking inside with a wry smile. She had suggested the lunchtime picnic this morning before he left for drills, and had Haquith relay where they were setting up just moments ago. The green has been most aloof in the last few days, not her usual chatty self, a sense of holding back coloring her interactions with Searuth.

The day is absolutely beautiful, which makes D'har all the more eager to get off to lunch after Jaguar's drills. The area of Old Southern isn't somewhere he's been all that often, so the chance to get away here with Alyna is something he's been looking forward to. Searuth is well aware of the change in Haquith's behavior, though he doesn't seem to be of the mind that it's entirely because she might be a bit shiny. Which makes him exceedingly curious about what exactly is going on with the green. He focuses in on her as soon as they blink in above, a cool night wind rustling a shadowy forest canopy in quiet greeting. D'har is quick to remove his lifemate's straps so that the midnight blue can go to her, and just as quick to cross to the table where Alyna is setting up. An arm slips around her waist, his lips finding her cheek as a happy rumble vibrates in his chest. "You have a knack for a setting, my love," he comments, pulling back so that he can slip out of his jacket. "Anything I can help with?"

Lifting her head with a trill of greeting, Haquith rustles her wings with subtle excitment at seeing the familiar midnight blue pop in overhead. Adorably round eyes whirl a happy blue green as she lets the soft buzz of gossamer wings flow in tendrils towards Searuth. Once he approaches though, she curves her neck prettily, swishing her tail behind her before crooning in coy invitation. « And how were drills dearest blue? Come, I want a cuddle. » She says, not requesting his attention, but demanding it in a sultry voice that expects to be obeyed, mindvoice wafting thickly with fresh lily-of-the-valley. Blinking slightly at her green before D'har comes over to her, Alyna leans into his kiss with a coy smile on her lips, "Why thank you darling, I do try my best," she responds with sly smirk before turning her head for a proper kiss. "No, I think I have everything in hand…" she trails off looking over the table. "Have a seat and tell me of your day so far." Her pale blue eyes shift over to the box she had been peeking in, but the cover is on it, the contents still hidden. On the table, the covered dishes are uncovered to reveal some meatrolls, cold cuts of meat, wherry and ham, a basket of fresh rolls and a bowl of fruit salad. The only drink available is a pitcher of mango juice, any alcohol suspiciously absent.

Searuth isn't one to answer demands, of course, but his intentions align nicely with what Haquith wants anyway. « Invigorating, as always, » he says of drills, coming to twine himself snugly with the sultrily-spoken green. « Though not nearly as much as being in your presence is, most lovely one. » As amorous as his lifemate (if not more so), D'har meets the full kiss Alyna exacts from him with a hum of satisfaction, arms wrapping rightly around her until it's finished. "My day?" he questions once prompted to sit, doing so and flicking a quick glance to the box. "Nothing remarkable. Though I still have my qualms with what Va'os and D'wane have done to the cycling of colors. I'm not convinced it's made any appreciable difference in a positive way. But, this is not the time for me to sit and grumble." Resting his chin on a lightly balled fist, he watches her, dark eyes taking in all of her before settling on her face. "And you, love?" he asks, plucking up a meatroll and going about pouring some juice. "How has it been, adjusting to flying without betweening?"

Haquith isn't bothered if he did so of his own volition or because of her demand, just so long as she can snuggle up next to the larger blue dragon, tail twining almost possessively with his as she lays her head delicately on his neck, smug at his complimentary response, an indulgent croon vibrating through her entire body. "I said as much to R'zel the other day, it's going to cause more trouble than it's worth in the end, mark my word," Alyna responds almost flippantly as she goes for a piece of melon picked out of the fruit salad and pops it into her mouth. Chewing thoughtfully, she grins around her mouthful as she shrugs to his last, "It's ok I suppose, a bit tiresome when betweening is so much more convenient, but I don't mind." There's something a little secretive in her words, as if some hidden meaning colors them. Finally, she turns to that box, "I got us a special dessert," she says with a glimmer dancing in her gaze as she removes the top and carefully removes a layered cake, lemon flavoured with icing and fresh berries between them. On the top, a dusting of powerdered sugar in which is written, quite simply, 'Congratulations Daddy!'. Settling it so that he can get a good look, she watching him closely with an expectant grin.

D'har can't help but chuckle softly at Alyna's assertion, though there's rueful agreement to the tone of it. "More than anything, I don't think it's doing much for morale," he opines, taking a bite from his meatroll and then pouring another glass of juice for his weyrmate. Smiling gently over her reply to the matter of betokening. "Ah, well. You'll soon be healed enough for it," he asserts, not quite picking up on the secretive edge to her words. Mention of a special dessert piques his interest, his gaze homing in curiously on the box. "Giving us some motivation to eat properly first?" he questions teasingly, watching as she reveals the cake and smiling when the tangy scent of it reaches his nostrils. "Faranth, who did you get such a thing from?" He looks it over as she sets it down, and soon enough, he registers the fact that there are words on top of it. A few blinks later, he comprehends those words…and the fact that they're directed at him. "Lyna…" His ebony gaze is glittering with awe as he looks to her again, standing and pulling her into his arms, his hands settling on her waist and his thumbs stroking her stomach as he peers down between them. "Truly?"

Waiting for the realization to hit D'har is like torture for Alyna, but when she sees it dawn on his face, her own grin is wide and beaming, hardly able to containg her joy as she nods her head vigorously before slipping her arms around his neck. "Truly. It must have happened as soon as we started trying, because I'm already a month gone by the Healer's reckoning." Shifting her gaze down to his touch on her stomach, she feels a surge of emotion even as her eyes prickle with tears. "Found out completely by chance when I was out swimming. A couple of dolphins told me so, through their journeyman dolphineer, I didn't even know they could do that." Fearing that she may be babbling, she brings her hands to frame his face lovingly, "You're going to be an amazing father my love." Haquith raises her head with a trill of joy that she's been holding onto for almost a sevenday now, her mind buzzing with excitement as she caresses her cheek lovingly along Searuth's neck, « She wouldn't let me tell even you. We're having a baby! » Because of course, it's all of theirs, a new member of the family.

"A…month?" D'har visibly boggles a bit at that, though his smile quickly turns insufferably roguish. "I wasn't expecting such quick results, though I should hardly be surprised. Dolphins…" He shakes his head in mild disbelief at that. "Clearly I'll need to acquaint myself with them a little better at some point." His hands slide around her then, his arms tightening to pull her close against him as he grins down at her. "I…hope so," he murmurs, his voice nearly a whisper. "A match for the mother you will be. Faranth…a baby. I…" Choked for the moment, he instead plies her with a long, soft kiss before getting out, "I love you. So much." In the meantime, Searuth perks considerably, blinking profusely as Haquith finally lets go of all she'd been holding back. « Oh! Well, well! » He nuzzles her back, uncommonly animated as he punctuates his own curious, quiet excitement with a glitter of moonlight off of dozens of tiny, dancing wings above his dark trees. « Pardon me a moment, my dear… » With a rich rumble, he rises and stalks smoothly over to their riders, nudging Alyna gently with his midnight-washed snout. « But how do they know? She doesn't look or smell and different. » He seems to be second-guessing the smell part, however, carefully sniffing at the greenrider as D'har laughs and puts a hand on his blue's nose. "He's trying to figure out how it changes you," he conveys, not knowing whether or not Haquith has passed anything along on her end.

"I'm not surprised much either, not with how diligently we've been going at it," Alyna replies with a sultry note flavoring her words before she chuckles at his look of disbelief, "I know right? I've never heard of such a thing, but the dolphineer and the healers both confirmed that dolphins have a way of seeing things inside the body." When she's pulled close against him, her hands drop to rest against his chest, eyes rapt on his face as her eyes swim at his words. Sighing happily into their next kiss before tears escape out of the corners of her eyes, Alyna beams up at him once they are parted again, "I love you too dearest bluerider." Haquith looks downright offended that her cuddle buddy should vacate her side so readily, even with him excusing himself. Narrowing her eyes in his direction, she turns her back to the trio and goes into an obvious sulk, pointedly ignoring the excitement. With a chuckle of amusement at Searuth's nudge, Alyna grins as D'har shares his blue's query, "Well it's only teeny tiny right now, but In a few months you'll be able to see." In all the excitement, she misses her green behaving like a tantruming toddler, but turns now to Haquith with a frown before taking notice of a few things that makes her hang her head with a grumble, "Oh perfect timing," she mutters under her breath with a sigh.

D'har lifts his hands again, framing Alyna's face and using his thumbs to wipe away the tears that have escaped, chuckling at Searuth's short, rumbling huff that marks his acknowledgment of the greenrider's answer. Attention then turns to Haquith, and while the blue isn't one to be placating, he does return to the green, giving her neck a teasing caress with his nose that ends in a gentle nuzzle at the back of her jaw. « Now, now, dearest one, you can hardly blame me for a little curiosity. You have known for a time. I have not, » he rumbles, and the nightscape of his mind follows a shaft of moonlight down into the trees, a tiny clearing edged in moss-covered ruins beside a stream creating a more intimate space, the shadows softly broken by the lazy, winking dance of fireflies. His spoken voice plays low and husky and close, huskily seductive. « A sulk does not become you, darling. Do not mask your grace so. » D'har lifts a dark brow, returning his gaze to Alyna seriously. "Do I see what I think I see?" he questions, tilting his head briefly toward the green. He'd noticed her gleaming from an oiling, but the gleam did seem a bit brighter than usual. He'd passed it off as the spring sunlight, but…

Haquith hides in the lily-pad covered pond of her mind until Searuth starts that teasing caress down her neck, making her peek out and tentatively explore the intimate clearing he projects, her mind-buzz softening with a gently floral caress. « I guess that's true, » she relents magnanimously before unfolding herself from the defensive ball she'd curled up in and returns the nuzzle most tenderly, tail reaching out to twine with his once more. Satisfied for now that she has his attention, she'll settle…for now. Alyna's gaze softens as he frames her face with his hands, sighing softly as she nods her head, "Yep, she just can't stand not being the center of attention, so I guess I can't really be surprised." The greenrider's words have a subtle bite to them before she exhales softly, trying not to let it get to her. "I guess her timing's pretty good though…Now I don't have to worry if someone else catches her. Although…" she trails off looking at her green, "I still kind of hope Searuth catches." Her look up at D'har is one of fierce adoration before she treats him to a deep kiss. "So," she says after pulling back for a breath, "Should we have lunch then? I still wanna see if that cake is as good as it looks."

Satisfied that Searuth has exercised his own wiles effectively enough, D'har turns his full attention upon his weyrmate once more, leaving the dragons to it. As for the matter of who catches Haquith, the blue rider's own brand of fierceness slips in, making ebony eyes glitter as his arms tighten around her. "As far as it depends on us, he will," he nearly growls in the wake of their kiss, which he returns quite possessively. Getting back to the matter of lunch pushes all of that aside, however. "Yes, we should," he answers with a chuckle, and turns back to the table, still keeping her close. "I'm sure the cake is perfect." It's certainly one he's going to remember, for one big reason at the very least.

Shivering slightly in the wake of his growl and the possessive way he returns her kiss, Alyna chuckles softly as she gives him a squeeze before turning herself back to the table to settle, "We shall have to see, maybe with her holding it off, she might go up sooner rather than later." Which would suit the greenrider just find, she can already feel the subtle itch beneath her skin that will only intensifies until Haquith flies. Grabbing herself a couple pieces of cold wherry breast and some fruit salad onto her plate, she grins before popping a grape into her mouth, "I'm sure it is too, Elonoora is a genius when it comes to confection, she's a Journeyman Baker here. I wanted a special way of telling you." A light blush colors her cheeks as she dips her head a little, embaressed at her own sentimentality as she spears another piece of melon.

"I will have to keep her name in mind," D'har says, a hint of slyness narrowing his eyes. He may have some surprises of his own to spring via confection at some point in the future; who knows? Chuckling at Alyna's blush, he slips his arm around her and pulls her against his side, kissing her cheek before making himself a plate. The sooner they get through lunch, the sooner they can get to the cake…and then on to other sorts of celebration. As far as he's concerned, that is precisely what the rest of the day is going to be dedicated to!

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