Rielle, Va'os


Rielle is clearing her ledge with Obhaeroth's help and Va'os is out wandering again to cool off…


It is afternoon of the fourth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


River Cliffs, Southern Weyr

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River Cliffs

Towering cliffs topped with the verdant growth of brilliant greenery hover over the churning, steel-grey river far down below. The winding Black Rock River crashes against the base of the cliffs, churning as speed is slowly picked up over the rapids as it spills quickly towards the Caspian Lake, seen as a glimmering jewel in the distance. When the chilly grip of ghostly fog rolls in, it clings to the jungle that grows right to the very edge, giving the whole length of the river's cliffs an eerie sense of danger. In the distance, a feline's yowl may sometimes be heard. Dotting the towering cliffs are ledges; this is one of the best spots for those who seek a view in Southern.

It's just on the cusp of sunset, the heat of the day still in full force and making the breeze that whistles over the edge of the river cliffs feel downright luxurious. It's only part of the reason Rielle is up here, however. There's a small sack of firestone, of all things, sitting near her feet, and she peers over the edge down toward where her ledge lies. Then her gaze darts up to where Obhaeroth is gliding around on the thermals overhead. » Haven't you got it chewed yet? « she wants to know, chuckling when her brown gives a discomfited rumble. « I'm working on how it's supposed to feel! I'm not used to making a flame this small, y'know. »

While his weyr is nothing to shake a stick at, Va’os doesn’t find the usual comfort in resting there. Who knew silence could be so grating? Tsiroth’s musical hum is ever present, but currently muffled as the bronze sleeps — likely the only one in this pair who loves this humid summer heat. Va’os could go without it but on this evening he decides to go for one of his aimless walks; which are just about as wandering as some of his conversations. Lots has happened and the days have gone by in a blur. He’s trying to get better with taking time for himself but so far it’s been an intermittent thing at best! At least he’s not drinking tonight? No one seems to have commented on just how much (and how early) the Weyrleader consumes; could be because he never gets inebriated to the point of being useless… except for that one (okay maybe two) times when deaths were just too raw in number. The cliffs always offer a wonderful view and Va’os is hardly surprised to find Rielle already there. “Well, well!” he greets with a crooked grin in place. “What do we have here?”

Va'os actually startles Rielle a bit this time, but it manifests as little more than a small gasp and a chuckle as she steps back from the edge. "Um…a wingleader using firestone in a probably irresponsible manner?" she replies, the tilt of her smile a bit sheepish. "Don't worry, though; it's low grade. Faranth knows there's plenty of it lying around." Suddenly her head lifts again, just in time to track Obhaeroth coming in low…and dipping below the edge of the cliffs as he buzzes their ledge, letting loose a small but well-aimed gout of fire across the stony lip. « Did I get the whole thing? » he asks, banking away to come back around with a rumble. Rielle steps away from Va'os for a moment to look over the edge again, leaning out a little farther than before. » Aye! Now you just need to land and tell me if it still smells… « Clearing her throat, she backs up again and turns once more to Va'os. "Dead bugs. They blow out of the greenery up here and onto the ledges sometimes…and today there were too many to sweep." Hence the incineration.

“I think I can overlook some low grade ‘stone going amiss!” Va’os will allow Rielle off the hook this time, mostly because there wasn’t any reason to get all bent out of shape. He does, however, watch in fascination on Obhaeroth’s control and whether she wants it or not, he’ll be shadowing her to take a look at the brown’s work as well. “Damn, he’s got a fine edge on that!” he compliments, unaware of the private conversation between the pair. As for those bugs? There’s a suppressed shudder that translates to a grimace. Is his skin crawling? Just a bit! “First the red stuff, then those things!” He gestures widely to the greenery below to indicate the recent infestation of bugs. “Don’t blame you for wanting to find a quicker, more effective way to clear out the husks. Just make sure no one else gets the same idea and… have less finesse than you and Obhaeroth. We don’t need the jungles going up in flames too.” He jokes about it now…

The compliment gets passed on, and Obhaeroth just might be preening a little bit as he comes in to alight on his ledge. "It's probably the only refined thing about him," Rielle asides to Va'os with a grin, just in time for her lifemate to announce that the only smell present is burning. "I'll take it over rotting carapaces," she mutters, then gives some tacit instructions to her brown that presently results in an almighty draconic sneeze resounding from just beyond the edge of the cliff, followed by a faint cloud of ash drifting up and away and a disgruntled grumble. She can't help but laugh as she turns back to Va'os, this time slipping her arms around him. "I doubt anyone else saw, but I'll make sure," she promises. "Just out on a wander again?"

Va’os laughs for Rielle’s aside on the brown, “Can’t be too bad of a thing! Ask me what Tsiroth’s refined quality is and… I’d probably have to get back to you on that?” He’s joking, of course! The bronze, for all his faults, DOES have some strengths! Just like his rider. Probably not the worst Weyrleader but far from the best! Almost by habit, he will step closer to her side when she slips an arm around him, his once cocky grin edging to something more of a warm smile. “The Weyr is always full of eyes, isn’t it?” he teases and sighs in the next breath. “Yeah. Tried to just cool off and relax in my weyr but…” He shrugs. “No dice. So I went for a walk. Debated to go back and maybe hit up the ‘Kitten.” But? “I’m thinking this is a bit better.”

"Aye, but most eyes have the same habit of not being good at looking up," Rielle points out. "Even dragonriders, when it comes to anything other than Thread." But really, who knows if any of her neighbors were home to see. Va'os' answer about his walk earns a soft laugh. "No cooling off anywhere. Though maybe…if we pitched a tent right here and camped out for the evening…" She looks up at him, brows raised in honest query over what he thinks of the notion even as she gives a grin. "I am glad this seems better to you," she notes quietly, and leans up on her toes to kiss him softly.

“Okay, good point there!” Va’os will have to concede to that! He feigns a pretty good disappointed look, “Do you have to burst my little bubble of hope there, Rielle? Let a man hope and dream that he can sleep comfortably at least one night before the winter season is back!” Her idea is given some thought, as he scans the surrounding area with an appraising eye. His nod is one of agreement but with some hesitation. “Not a bad plan! Been awhile since I’ve camped out.” Let’s not go into the details of when he did or why. “Right here though?” With all those ledges below? Or is that the smart thing to do? “… guess it’d be riskier going too far into the wilds, eh?”

"We've got autumn in there too, don't forget!" Rielle is just being realistic here! She can't help but grin when he questions the location. "Why? Afraid we might get up to something that has us rolling off the edge," she teases, and slips away from Va'os briefly to pace out a spot in the grass. "Set up here, have the dragons sleep at the perimeter…and we'll be fine! And get to do something out of the ordinary for fun. With the added benefit of a breeze."

Va’os scoffs and counters, “That season hardly sticks around!” Because it’s true! Blink, and it’s gone. Leaving her to pace out a spot on her own, he’ll grin in a manner that betrays the “innocence” he tries to ply in his tone. “Now what would make you think we’d be up to such ‘risky’ activities? I mean, I know I roll around a lot in my sleep…” He makes a vague dismissive gesture with his hand. Not important! Teasing aside, he’ll wander to the spot she’s picked, as if to assess it with his own eyes. “…okay,” he adds, wry grin now in place. “I think you’ve sold me on this. Can we toss in some food and drink? Y’know. Aside from the obvious?”

"Oh, I can't imagine," Rielle counters lightly in turn, and returns to Va'os with an eager little grin lighting her face, almost girlish. "I'll go find the tent if you sort out that food and drink, aye?" she suggests, just as Obhaeroth wings in to land on the cliff's edge and surveys the spot himself. Cool-is, grassy…sure, he can sleep up here! The ledge needs time to get clear of burnt bug smell, anyway.

Tsiroth’s arrival takes time. Va’os has to convince the sluggish bronze to get his ass into gear and win the argument that ensues as to how this benefits HIM. There’s probably some bartering and lots of sniping between them but the rider half prevails! Obhaeroth won’t mind the company, right? Good. “Leave it to me! I’ll meet you back here,” Va’os promises with a broader, almost wicked grin of his own. He’ll be sure to pick up something they’ll both enjoy, as far as drink and food goes; preferably that won’t spoil should they be… distracted before digging in. And if it all comes down to Va’os actually having a restful night of sleep? That’ll be a win-win in his books!

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