D'wane, Va'os


D'wane and Va'os escape the heat of Southern's summer and mix business and fun…


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Eternal Waterfall, Southern Weyr

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Eternal Waterfall

One must skate the treachery of the frozen lake to find this hidden treasure: after a perilous drop-off, the lake's contents spill over into a lesser lake, a vast waterfall that lies in nigh-permanent stasis thanks to the bone-chilling freeze that overtakes this part of the world. For those smart enough to find their way down, a hollow space is carved behind the falling of the frozen waters, a marvel of ice-fractured light beautiful for those who sneak within.

When the going gets hot, the hot get out if they can. D'wane may love the beach, but he's still High Reaches born and bred. When faced with another summer day of sweltering heats, the Weyrsecond up and left. Sure, he took his work with him… but it's not being used right now. It's hard to do hidework when you're sitting in the snow.

D’wane’s not the only one with the bright ideas! Va’os is making his escape too or could be he had ‘business’ out this way. Who knows? The reason he’s now making his way to where the Weyrsecond has sat in the snow isn’t to lecture him, either. “Weird how this feels like paradise, eh?” he’ll call out as greeting on his approach.

Ignore the fact that D'wane was clearly making a snow-dragon not too long ago. He's a serious man when 'business' demands it. Luckily it doesn't seem too demanding now. He tosses a hand up in a lazy salute to his boss. "Nah. I always loved winter. Shame the waterfall is getting a bit wet." Even SBH can't fully escape summer, but still ice a plenty to be found.

Va’os might’ve paused briefly to admire the work (or be envious of it), but there’s conversations to be had! Maybe. Said tossed lazy salute is returned with about as much effort. Out here, who cares? And they’re just about on equal footing. “At least they get snow here,” Proper winter! “And not what the Weyr calls winter. Igen’s winter isn’t so bad either. Was just up there.” Crooked smirk and all, it’s clearly ‘business’ but very casual. “H’rik’s gonna speak to the Zingari and pass along the apology. No bad blood between us and Igen, anyways.” Small victories?

"What would Southern do if it snowed?" D'wane can't help but wonder. WHERE WOULD THE SLEDS COME FROM? Make shift from laundry baskets, perhaps? Anyways, back to business and D'wane nods along. "At least he won't be setting foot on their continent any time soon." Should be a comfort, right?

Burlap sacks would work! “Hopefully not panic?” Va’os can’t help but laugh a bit at the thought. “Snow, I think, is low on the ‘shitty situation’ scale. Better than that red stuff in the water and bugs. Foam was pretty damn fun though. You get a chance to see it?” He was full on playing it in, himself. Mature Weyrleader is… sometimes not. D’wane won’t mind if Va’os sits? Good. “Yeah. H’rik seemed surprised by that. At least now if F’kan fucks up again, it’s on our turf.” And much less a political disaster.

"Someone always panics," D'wane gives a bit of a sigh along with that dose of reality. "But yeah. As long as it didn't last too long… just would have to make sure farmers were prepared…" Southern's crops probably wouldn't like it too much. D'wane definitely doesn't mind Va'os sitting. Plenty of snow for all. D'wane nods again about the whole F'kan situation. "Yeah… maybe the thought of shifting him to Puma if he fucks up again will keep him in Lynx.”

Va’os grimaces and probably forgot about the crops and how they’d be affected. “… a light dusting wouldn’t hurt? Gone by midday, sort of thing!” He shrugs and doesn’t even pretend that he knows a lick about plants. “Oh now that’s a good threat! Y’know what’s sad? I thought we’d seen the worse with B’ly. Now I’m worried what could be worse than F’kan.”

D'wane isn't a farmer himself and just shrugs. Don't look at him. His family just grew rocks. "Have you seen Amani around him?" That gets a shudder. Their youngest weyrwoman can be scary. "And they'll always make a bigger fuck-up." Someday, they'll see WORST than F'kan! Isn't that hopeful?

And Va’os’ family… oh right, he was disowned. “Don’t think I have! She’s not… actually interested in him, is she?” He’s completely misread D’wane’s shudder and the context. Oops? It also goes to show just how much the Weyrleader pays attention; not that he’s had too many personal chats with the youngest goldrider. “Isn’t that just a cheery thought?” Should they knock on wood?

D'wane snorts. Completely misread is right! "Said his banished here whenever it looks like Zymuraith is showing even a hint of proddiness." All clear on that front! Good thing at least one of them pays attention. "I mean… we'll also usually survive the idiots as well?" at least Southern and the world as a whole. PROBABLY

Shiiiit,” Va’os drags that out in an incredulous tone and doesn’t even blink an eye over getting his facts back-asswards. “He really did get it this time, didn’t he? Thought you guys just slapped him with the one ban.” Consider this a stamp of approval? Even if a part of him — nah, there’s no sympathy. “Yeah, so far our luck has held out.” SO FAR.

"K'vvan also punched him before he kicked him out of Ocelot?" D'wane will oh so helpfully fill in some more of those details in case Va'os forgot to read the report. And then since he can't help but push his luck… "Yeah. We haven't even had a murder yet." Just a dead Weyrwoman. Someone really should find a tree for them to knock on.

Va’os scoffs, “Not surprised by that, either. Wish I could’ve witnessed it!” He only got the report and his imagination to go by, here! Murder? D’wane’s going to get a good side-eyed LOOK for even bringing up the word. Dude. “Don’t go ruining our streak of luck!” Not that he means D’wane will be the source but… you get the picture.

And unfortunately, it seems like D'wane's ran out of tidbits to drop about that particular scene. Va'os can probably get a LOVELY recounting of it from whatever aunties were helping with breakfast that morning though. He just raises an eyebrow at his weyrleader. "What? I can't have been the first to point out Southern's murder rate's been a bit low lately…" Not that he's ASKING for that to change.

Or Va’os will go to Amani for her version and then Southern will get their first murder: him! “First I’ve heard of it from anyone!” And maybe he’s just pulling D’wane’s leg here, too. It’s just too tempting not to! “Why is that even something to keep tabs on?” he grins.

"Gotta keep an eye on it. We're overdue. Only a matter of time before something pops up. Blackrock… wildlings… plague… fires…" D'wane can just go on listing all the things Va'os should probably be worrying about. But he'll stop at the worst possiblity. "Running out of alcohol!"

“If that happens again, shame on us!” Wait, which one? The alcohol or all the others? Va’os doesn’t elaborate and merely smirks at D’wane for bringing up Every Scenario! “No sense worrying over it now.” He’ll save it for later, ok? When it’s already too late (or it’ll just keep him up at night). “Now I want a drink.”

D'wane may or may not have a flask somewhere on his person. If he does, it's just going to remain a secret for now! "We'd probably have a fucking mutiny on our hands if we ran out of booze? So where you going? That fancy place or to the kitten?" The fancy place would be the hold's bar.

Va’os outright laughs, “Pretty sure that just about happened the last time… or so I heard. Maybe it wasn’t here?” He could be getting his area gossip mixed up, here! “I’m thinking fancy. Don’t want to go back to the real summer weather anyhow…” At least he’s honest about it? Rising to his feet, he’ll brush the worst of the snow from his clothing. “Gonna join me? Or you heading back?”

And it's D'wane's turn to be surprised as he blinks over at Va'os. "Wait. That actually happens? I was just making that last shit up…" he didn't actually consider running out of booze was a real possiblity, but now that he knows it's out there, he's standing up as well. "Here. I think I could use a drink or two." But not three or more. He does actually want to get home at some point.

“Never say never, D’wane! And if it happens, I’m blaming you first!” Va’os is grinning broadly with that half-true threat. “My treat then! You pick the poison.” Isn’t he a nice guy? Without further delay, the Weyrleader turns to pick his way back towards the Hold and this so-called fancy bar. Just a drink or two! No need to worry this time on overindulgence on Va’os’ part!

Look, D'wane's going to go and order the girliest drink imaginable just because. And try to get Va'os to order one to. Cheers, y'all!

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