N'cal, Sienna, Terrian


On the lake shore, robberies are speculated on by those who want to know the who and how, and Sienna offers her take on things.


It is afternoon of the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

It might be hard to tell it's autumn rather than summer, with the amount of people and dragons out at the lake this afternoon. However, there aren't so many as to make the place crowded, and N'cal has found a a quiet stretch of sand to call his own for a little while. Lean-muscled, trunk-clad frame stretched out on a towel with his fingers laced behind his head, the Arroyo wingsecond is taking a much needed break. Iolarth lounges in the shallows nearby, cloud-edged wings spread out over the water's surface to catch the sun while the water laps gently over his tail and around folded legs. The fact that the blue dragon is staring rather intently at his rider may indicate a conversation going on, in spite of the bluerider's nearly somnolent appearance.

Sienna loves the crowds but Kehemath does not, so the pair is seeking a compromise. Somewhere Sienna can chat with folks while Kehemath gets her own little section of the lake. And it seems that they've found it, near N'cal and Iolarth. "Sir," Sienna says with a smile and a finger tip salute. "Mind?"

Eyes flutter open, and N'cal blinks up at Sienna, taking a second to register who he's looking at before a smile forms on his lips. "I'm certain I'm the one who's suppose to be 'ma'am-ing' you," he chuckles, raising his head slightly to return a sketch of a salute, "but let's leave formalities back over there somewhere for now, yes?" He waves a hand in the general vicinity of the North Bowl, then props himself up on his elbows with a grunt and a bit of a sigh. "I don't mind at all, Sienna. Please, sit." Iolarth sends a drowsy, happy croon at Kehemath, but doesn't move otherwise. He's not really tired or anything, just…being lazy.

Kehemath slides into the lake past the blue, paddling out to find an area to settle and soak, while Sienna grins and sits down, rolling up her pant legs past her knees, and removing her tunic to her tank top beneath. She needs sun. "Thanks. Wanted some quiet…"

"I'd imagine so," N'cal returns, amusement coloring his voice. "This is certainly the spot. Though now I am talking, and that is hardly the quiet you're looking for, I should think." He grins over at the greenrider, then looks back out at the water. "I'd hoped for quiet, but when your mind refuses to let you have it…" He shrugs as much as he can in his current position. "How go things with the weyrlings?"

Sienna leans back and closes her eyes, basking in the sun. "What runs through your mind?" she asks quietly. "They're seniors now. Working with their mentor wing a lot. They're a good group. Big. But good."

N'cal nods. "I have A'sh and Tokath, myself. A solid pair." Considering her question quietly for a moment, the wingsecond hums in thought. "There's been trouble on sweeps; I'm not sure how much the weyrlingstaff has heard. We've been…missing things; bandit attacks have increased. I've been tasking myself with researching what could be happening, how it could be…but I'm running up against a wall. Hence, the need for a break."

Sienna nods. "They are. I'm glad your wing is the mentor wing. Solid. Realistic." Then she frowns, turning her head a bit to watch him. "Missing things? What do you mean?"

"There have been…attacks on caravans, travelers, some of the minor outliers," N'cal explains, brow furrowing. "We miss catching the culprits. We're being thorough as ever, even more so now that this has been happening…but it's almost as if whoever's responsible knows we're coming, when we'll be overhead, when we're gone… it doesn't make any sense." With a slow shake of his head, he presses his lips into a thin line. "They might be a group with someone who can hear dragons among them, but Iolarth doesn't sense any such thing when he listens around or when we're out flying. There must be another explanation."

Sienna frowns a little bit. "So…maybe they have a firelizard to alert them? Or they know the sweep schedules? Can you change the schedule? Randomize it a bit to try and catch them unawares?" she suggests thoughtfully. "Or…someone is warning them." A spy. She visibly winces at that possibility.

Terrian is looking for relief from the heat, and the best place for that? Of course at the side of the lake. With Novak on his heel the guard and dog make their steady way towards the lake. He's about to enter it for the cooling relief when he espies the pair on the edge, one familiar and one unfamiliar. A hand is upraised as he chances course to go towards the dragon riding pair, as Terrian calls out, "N'cal! Good to be seein' you again," and a nod to the woman, "Ma'am."

"It could be a firelizard," N'cal concedes, drawling a bit in his thoughtfulness, "though if that's the case, why wouldn't these attacks have been going on before now, if it's such an effective means to evade us? Trek and I will be trying some randomizing, though we'll have to do some coordinating with the other wings… And if they know the sweep schedules, there's a rider involved for some reason, and that is a very disturbing thought." Why set up one's own Weyr for such a thing? Movement a bit past Sienna catches his eye, and the bluerider sits up. "Terrian! Good to see you! Hello, Novak!" he adds for the canine, his voice going a little silly in the way that some people will when dealing with an animal, and then he glances between the guard and Sienna. "Have you two met before?"

Sienna sits up at the call of another, the greenrider dressed in a tanktop with her pants rolled up past her knees. Shading her eyes, she squints a bit and then beams at the sight of the canine. "I don't think so, no." In the water, Kehemath's head lifts and she extends a low warble towards…Novak.

Novak whines slightly, looking up at Terrian. "Oh, you mutt. Aye, you can be sayin' hi." Permission given the short furred canine dances forward to jump right up and put her front paws on N'cal's chest. FRIEND. Terrian reserves a smile for his overeager companion before turning his attention to the woman. "Terrian, of the guard. This's Novak, guard-canine-in-trainin'… sometimes better than others."

N'cal is handily distracted for a moment, laughingly dealing with trying to keep an eager canine from scratching his bare chest and thoroughly scratching her neck and head and ears while Terrian and Sienna meet one another. Iolarth watches the new arrivals as well, tilting his head curiously at Kehemath when she warbles at the canine, of all things.

Sienna smiles warmly at the canine, and then extends that same smile to the guard. "Well met, Terrain. I'm Sienna, Kehemath's." Who is very interested in Novak, as she edges towards the shore inch by inch, tail swaying in the water.

"Down Novak," Terrian will say after the canine has taken her time greeting the familiar rider, as he reaches out to take Sienna's hand in a firm grip. With a SIGH Novak drops back onto all fours… and promptly goes to see if the woman will also give scratches, that is, till she sees the dragon moving closer. Her tail is abruptly tucked between her legs as she creeps backwards away from the water, giving a low whine up at Terrian. Dropping down to one knee Terrian scratches between her ears. "Apologies ma'am, she ain't never quite been comfortable with dragons."

Iolarth gives a little snort at Kehemath and a bit of a warble. Don't scare the puppy? « Like you, somewhat, » the blue observes, amused. « If not quite as brave. » N'cal has escaped unscathed, grinning and giving a final ruffle to Novak's ears as the canine moves off to investigate Sienna. "I…watched her for a time while Terrian was recovering after the Bazaar purge," N'cal explains, brushing a bit of dirt from his chest. "What brings you out here, Terrian?"

Kehemath stops moving the instant the tail goes down, the lanky green lowering herself down as well in the shallows, and her whine echoes the canine's. "No apologies necessary," Sienna reassures him, after the handshake. "She's always been taken with canines, but she knows she can be a bit…intimidating to them." Whine. The green dragon looks at the canine, her thoughts gently reaching out towards the creature, as she exhales to share her scent. To the blue, the green wuffles, but does not speak. Typical. "You were injured?" Sienna asks with a worried look for the guard.

The whine from the dragon perks up Novak's ears, though she doesn't untuck her tail just yet, nor seek to move away from Terrian's side. Looking upwards, he'll answer Sienna first. "Aye, knife to the side, but your weyr healers have the touch and it's been healed well enough." Though the scar still marks his side. Shifting his gaze to N'cal, "Was lookin' to mayhap be taking a swim before headin' back. We've been gettin' reports of some strange thefts along the roads, and I wanted to see if my friends in the caravans might be knowin' somethin'."

It is typical, and Iolarth doesn't mind - also typical. Still, the blue gives another amused rumble, sending a teasing slosh of water toward Kehemath's tail before going back to being lazy. N'cal nods at Terrian, shifting to sit cross-legged. "If they're reaching the guard as well as the wingleadership, it's getting worse," he says with a shake of his head. "If you learn anything, could I trouble you for it? Maybe we can put our heads together and figure a thing or two out. And," he says, looking at Sienna now as another idea occurs to him, "perhaps we might be able sweep with our mentees in tow a time or two, just for another set of eyes - if you all are agreeable."

Kehemath holds her place, head down, making herself small (relatively speaking) as she watches the canine. "I'm glad you healed up fine," Sienna says honestly to Terrian, with a little smile. "Yes…" she answers N'cal, "as long as they're safe. Don't land with them, if you find anything. Send them back to the weyr for backup."

Slowly Novak's short fur is falling again, as he relaxes further. She'll even look upwards at Terrian, everything's okay. Terrian gives the dog one last scratch and pulls himself to his feet. A nod for N'cal, "I didn't think the weyr knew. My sergeant just shrugged it off as Igen being Igen." There's a slight roll of his eyes for that example of Igen's guard at it's best. "Figured I'd have to be dumpin' an entire investigation on his desk before he'd be allowin' me to be speakin' to the weyr proper.

Slowly Novak's short fur is falling again, as she relaxes further. She'll even look upwards at Terrian, everything's okay. Terrian gives the dog one last scratch and pulls himself to his feet. A nod for N'cal, "I didn't think the weyr knew. My sergeant just shrugged it off as Igen being Igen." There's a slight roll of his eyes for that example of Igen's guard at it's best. "Figured I'd have to be dumpin' an entire investigation on his desk before he'd be allowin' me to be speakin' to the weyr proper."

"Of course," N'cal answers Sienna with a nod before glancing back up at Terrian. "Oh, we know. People outside think we're shirking sweeps somehow - that's how much we know. The guard and the riders ought to be working on this together if you ask me, but that's for our superiors to decide. We might make a little noise to them about doing so, however," the bluerider suggests, smirking slyly.

Sienna nods, "They should be. Why wouldn't they? It's the same goal…a common purpose, one on the ground and one in the sky. One can be less conspicuous, too." Hard for a rider to pretend they're not a rider.

Terrian quirks a smile at Sienna. "Most've the guards are bought in some way by the bazaar folk. Or the caravans, or are too drunk to be noticin' there be a problem. Takes direct orders for most've 'em to stir their rumps, and with us loosin' a good bit to that new Southern hold…" Terrian shrugs his shoulders in a what-can-we-do kind of movement. "Those what care be doin' their best."

"Some of the guard could stand a seven or two under the weyrlingstaff," N'cal almost mutters, smirking wryly at Sienna. "Or W'rin and Cha'el bellowing at them for a few minutes. No offense," he tacks on quickly for Terrian's benefit. "At any rate, if you and I can share information, Terrian, that should be a good starting point. And hopefully a good example for anything arising in the future."

Sienna nods at Terrian. "All the more reason for the riders to work with the guards who /are/ working." To N'cal, Sienna snorts a laugh. "I think W'rin and Cha'el bellowing would be faster," he says, grin crooked. Either that or she doesn't want to take on wayward guards.

"Ain't sure your Weyrsecond is real happy with us still, what with that greenrider of his ending up in the cell that month back." Terrian reaches down to scratch at Novak's head again. "But aye, how about I be meetin' you in the cantina tomorrow? We can be tradin' what we know and I'll be seein' if my friends in the caravan's know anythin' new."

N'cal rolls his eyes a bit. "If the Weyrsecond can't see past something that was done necessarily - after this long…" He trails off a moment and shuts his mouth before saying something that might be misconstrued. "And as much as I hate to say it, it was necessary." N'cal's tone brooks no argument on the matter, having decided his position quite soon after learning of the incident with K'vvan. "But yes, tomorrow evening will do." Iolarth rises from the water and trots down the shore to flap and shake water from himself, and N'cal sighs, sitting forward. "I suppose we'll be off in a little bit." He chuckles a bit, resigned. "Should've known he wouldn't stay put for more than a 'mark."

Sienna chuckles a little bit. "Well. K'vvan deserved it. Cha'el should know that." She glances between the two men, smiling and nodding. "Glad you're going to meet and chat," she offers, since she doesn't have anything else to offer.

Novak's ears fall flat again the second the blue rises from the water, letting out a quiet whine again. Terrian pats once more. "If your lifemates are goin' to be gettin' out, I'd best be takin' her away. Mayhap I can be lookin' at socalizin' one of her pups to the dragons and not have them be as skittery." The comment is made a bit offhandedly, almost to himself. A slight shake of his head. "Till tomorrow N'cal. Sienna. Common Novak. Let's be goin."

N'cal chuckles as he watches Novak shy from Iolarth's movement, and the blue huffs, parking himself for a moment at that distance he's moved away in order to wait for either canine and master to leave, or his rider to come to him. He just doesn't get why anything or anyone could be afraid of him! "Tomorrow, Terrian," N'cal says with a small wave, and then he rises, brushing himself off and snatching up his towel with a smile down at Sienna. "I suppose I'll be leaving you to that quiet you were looking for. Until next time, Sienna." He sketches another fingertip salute, then moves off down the strand to meet his lifemate.

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