Mayte, A'lory, Sadaiya, Linny, Threvobek, Ivy, and E'bert (Cameo by K'vvan)


Two conversations in the Living Caverns at one time.


It is evening of the twenty-fifth day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Living Caverns

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Living Caverns

Dim light from hanging glow-globes cannot fully camouflage the ravages of time and neglect on Igen's busy living caverns, though hints of its former glory peek through in the decorative cuts to the cave's natural limestone and the high quality of dusty, tatty-ended tapestries. Here and there, skybroom tables — stained dark by wood finish and a decade of grime — sit in loose groups, flanked by wicker chairs with pointy, broken rattan that pokes out to invariably find unprotected skin. The seemingly randomly placed furniture, however, at closer inspection, forms a sort of cross-shape of negative space. At the northernmost walls and nooks of the caverns, a long buffet table with tarnished lazy susans hosts an array of finger-foods and pitchers for the interested, refilled occasionally by drudges that shuffle in from the curtained entrance to the south, beyond which lies the kitchens. To the east is a large arch leading outside and, across from that, to the west, a set of rattling doors that open to reveal the tunnels and stairs of the inner caverns themselves.

Bathed and swathed in a clean clothes looking much like a pillow case, Threvobek is eating all he can fit in his mouth without aspirating. He's somewhere on the periphery of the living caverns, on foot until just recently when it was decided he would like to put his feet up obtrusively. Someone halfway adept is strumming a guitar a ways off but as he's a bad singer, please, no requests.

Every sour note, every crack of the voice has Sadaiya tightening the smile plastered on her face until her lips look pale. Nevertheless, she remains attentive of the untalented musician with that rictus of feigned enjoyment securely in place, and her foot taps restlessly with the beat.

Mayte is still wearing her flight jacket, though sans helmet, as she moves into the Living Caverns. Harried and tired, she's on tip toes, bouncing up and down, her eyes sweeping back and forth to find someone. Still, she's moving towards the food tables, and upon arrival, gets a large plate, heaped with vegetables, cheese, and some meats. Once a fork is acquired and a glass of water, Mayte is back to searching… and then dark eyes light up as she spot Sadaiya. Quick feet move her to the Weyrwoman where she sits, unceremoniously, and offers sympathy: "Sucks, huh? Like a glass of bad wine." It's Mayte's way of saying she feels ya. A look of disgusted astonishment at Threvobek and Mayte calls with aspiration: "Just don't choke, okay?"

You might think after three turns in Igen Ivy would look less grumpy about the cold, yet here she is…looking grumpy, bundled in shearling-lined leathers with her goggles pushed up on her head and rumpling her hair and her flight helmet clutched in one hand. She heads for the klah and stays there, filling the mug and cradling it in her hands but not yet venturing back out into the crowd…there are a lot of knots with gold in 'em out there.

Threvobek's well stocked table is mostly composed of affiliated lower caverns people crowding out a poor dragonrider like bindweed. As needed, a foot heavy with leather worms onto a chair rung across from him. Let the slightly jostling leg twitch commence. When he locates Mayte the young man's mouth has no room for a reply so grins like an innocent hyena, cheeks packed. Then goes back to his proverbial gazelle—actually it's boiled fish. The on-the-spot musician is OK by him. Eating > folk music.

When it comes to winding down after a hard day, Linny doesn't mess around; she comes prepared. With a black glove over that left hand of hers, her right hand carries an open bottle of whiskey as she saunters in, immediately heading in the direction of the cool kids table. Or at least heading over towards Sadaiya, unceremoniously helping herself to a seat next to the woman, and anyone with an empty glass near her might get a little of that whiskey poured into it. Passing the happiness around. All while not saying a word. It's been a long day, and she's just waiting for the whiskey to kick in.

Sadaiya flaps her hands at Mayte's assessment, shushing with a surprisingly small amount of spittle given its intensity. "He's an apprentice and wanted to try playing in public," she murmurs, though her mouth now quivers, full of ill-hidden giggles. Linny's arrival gets her notice. As does the glove. Sadaiya points at said hand, then points at her eyes, then points directly at Linny's chest before holding up a single finger. It might mean something to her. Who even knows what.

Hey man, Mayte's knot only has a little bit of gold in it. She looks up as Linny sits down too and nods, even as a piece of cheese is disappearing into Mayte's mouth. Omnom. Threvobek's rictus is seen and 'eww'ed at, then Mayte swallows and gives Sadie a long look, "Weyrwoman, we need to talk about something." There's a cautious look over Mayte's shoulder and then the youngest of them makes up her mind: "You've heard about…" Weyrwomanus Interruptus. Sadaiya's assessment of the poor Harper gets a caustic wave of the hand, and then her strange physical mesage to Linny has Mayte's weirded-out look coming on. "Well. Even better that you're all here, right." Portentious.

The problem with not paying ttention to where one is walking is that one walks into rooms at the wrong time. With that air of not paying attention K'vvan is now in the same room as three people he isn't allowed to talk to. Ignore his detachment, he's going to just walk really close to their group.

Portents be damned; it's time to feed the empty belly wrapping itself around an already too-skinny bronzer's backbone. And so A'lory comes lazily strolling in, flight jacket missing, rumpled as ever — where's that food. The small groups clustered about are eyed askance, then dismissed for the nonce, until his plate's been filled with the deliciousness of roast wherry and various vegetables — oh, and bread. A proper sandwich must be made. That done, he turns on his heel to assess the chatter, and the groups, with thinly veiled curiosity.

Even the very wee-ist hint of gold is enough to keep Ivy next to the drinks table for the time being, and there's some straight-up bling going on with some of the other knots. The klah is downed like she's been living on that and cigarettes…except no cigarettes…but on the next refill she surreptitiously holds the warm mug to her cold cheek. The fumbling Harper, well, better to ignore if possible.

Threvobek whispers to a prep cook beside him, betting he'll sit with these prominent riders without invitation or appropriate business. Enjoying it as a self-dare too much to even bother collecting on the bet, unusually, Rev wipes his mouthly adequately and stands. Slinking up to the goldriders, charm barometer high. "Glad not to be living in a cothold. I feel safer already. Weyrwomen," respectfully smarmy. "Are you feeling better, miss Linny?"

The sign language from Sadaiya gets a wrinkled brow and a scrunched face out of Linny as she looks from the woman, down to her own chest, then back to the Weyrwoman. "Quick lookin' at my tits." At least that's what the little finger show meant to her, though her gloved hand stays firmly in her lap- out of sight. But she does put the whiskey bottle down on the table, nudging it in Sadaiya's direction and then chin-nodding at Mayte. Get in on this. Cooties be damned. Dark eyes lift to Threvobek, and it's impossible for her lips not to curve into a smirk. "Much, thank you."

Wait, tits? K'vvan jerks himself back to reality and sends his gaze curling around the group. Eyes focus. Sadiaya….. Linny…. Mayte. "Well s*t." And that greenrider is turning right back around and heading back towards the doorway and OUT. Because seriously, who needs more punishment work? Really. Common guys, K'vv isn't THAT stupid.

Mayte is looking jumpy, there's no doubt. She looks over her shoulder again for anyone listening, and catches sight of a once familiar figure - but Mayte's expression doesn't lighten. Instead, the worry-lines deepen and she watches distrustfully how close K'vvan's trajectory will bring, and then after he's passed, Mayte leans in closer and hisses, "We have a big problem." She even ignores K'vvan's departure, too focused on getting her message across and not getting poisoned for it or something. "You've heard about the…" Yeah. THANKS, Threvobek, "The cotholds," Mayte says with a sigh.

The 'one sec' finger is flipped out for a much more meaningful one, though Sadaiya's accompanying grin takes the edge off. Finally (thank Faranth), the young apprentice creaks out his last notes, and the Weyrwoman applauds, nudging left and right with her elbows. "It seems to be my day for little talks," she interjects, then raises an eyebrow at Linny. "I do hope you are feeling better soon. And… yes, Mayte, though I've meant to have a longer discussion about it, as well as your, ah, how to say… initiative, as useful as it was."
Oh, and to add: K'vvan's little cameo breaks her professional facade and makes Sadaiya snort FAR, far too loudly for politeness.

"Good. Y'know, I nearly recommended the tonic we give the flagging runnerbeasts. And if you think that's a slight, weyrwoman, it isn't because it works." On beasts. More human trials still required. He has his hand on the Weyrwoman's chair, smirking at the prep cook and committing his face to memory in case he needs to collect future wagers. The stableworker's sanguine attitude soars over Mayte's apprehension, but he has the Weyrbred sense to extract himself from certain situations however much he'd like not to. Lo, Threvobek glances longingly at a glass of Linny's whiskey then roosts by Ivy with a smiling 'how do you do'.

A'lory has apparently decided that silence is a golden commodity, and chooses a seat in which to sprawl and work his way through that exceedingly thick sandwich, one slow bite at a time. Instantly, however, the man has company: Tsingano and Imriel join him, both trying to take a bite or two for themselves, only to be rebuffed with gentle firm sweeps of his free hand. The little conclave of gold earns a quick frown, then a shrug. Soon or late, he'll know what's toward.

E'bert makes his way in, and to where the food is set out. A plate is filled, and the brown rider turns to see where he can sit. Ivy is spotted and that's where he decides to sit, nest to his wingmate. Like A'lory, E'bert knows there are times when just being quiet is the best thing. Leeezarrd hops to the table, and grabs a chunk of roasted wherry, then he's gone up to some roost near the ceiling to eat his pilfered prize.

There's enough whiskey love to go around, and so when Threvobek's look is noticed, Linny pushes it towards him with the back of her hand, nodding slightly in encouragement. Getcha some. The goldrider's lips press together in a frown after Mayte's words, slowly shaking her head. "That'll be fun explaining, huh?" Eyebrows arch to Sadaiya, reaching up her right hand to scratch at her forehead, and then, hopefully Threvobek got himself some of that whiskey, because Linny is reaching for the bottle for a few solid gulps.

Ivy is approach'd, not just that but greeted, and hastily lowers her klah mug to a location that's, well, not on her face. Whiskeyless, alas, she offers a wide-eyed look and a graceless little jerk of her chin in greeting to Threvobek. "Evening." Green Ella, excited by the sandwich poachers, squeeps and flits over to beg for sammy as well. Ivy looks deeply embarassed by this and puts one hand out in…warding? Apology? A ridiculously inept attempt to snag her wayward firelizard? but she's too far away to do anything, and the hand stays extended uselessly. Though with E'bert taking a seat, maybe she'll make it over to the table eventually.

A few inattentive claps are all Mayte's going to contribute to the apprentice, instead figuring to say, "This is the problem: the thieves are coming right after the sweepriders leave." Sure, this is probably all in her report, but it's so easy to miss lines, and Mayte's far too excited to not repeat herself. She focuses on Linny briefly, but tells Sadaiya, "I was thinking about it for a while, and it occurred to me: how do they know when sweep riders will leave?" A finger stabs, accidently some soft cheese on her plate: "How do they know the riders won't be back?" Mayte picks the cheese off her finger and licks the bit of remnant sticky cheese to get rid of it.

Threvobek's quick fingers did catch a cache of whiskey, small glass lifted to Linny in quiet tribute. The contents are gone in one hearty swallow. Licking his teeth clean, Rev studies E'bert and Ivy with greater focus, offering after watching the firelizard antics, "tiny feed bags, that's what they need." Or muzzles. "I don't think I've met either of you officially. Call me Rev, of the stables." With not quite the same ring as Robin of Loxley.

With a bow as jangly as his playing, the apprentice scuffles his stuff together and disappears to Parts Unknown, redfaced and sweating. Sadaiya, however, has long forgotten the lad, all her attention focused in front of her, the arms crossed over her chest adding DEEP GRAVITAS (though, for Threvobek, there's the faintest hint of a smile). "All good points. Perhaps I should check to see if we've any sweep schedules missing, or have some more nosings-around done in the bazaar. So are you thinking we should post a permanent rider presence out there? We've some older beasts here and there that could take the role, or we could dispatch a guard unit?" Chewing her lip, she frowns, then casts her eyes towards Linny. "Any ideas? I mean, with Tuli gone South now, I need someone to bounce this stuff off of. Might as well be you." She half-coughs out a short laugh, shrugging slightly. "At this rate, we might never let you go home."

Wait, what? In the midst of discussion about those thefts, there's a third firelizard attempting to eat his meal for him? Tsingano will object to that. A'lory, however, has more interest in the goings-on than he might have shown: "Perhaps some mix of all three?" He suggests, softly, scratching his chin thoughtfully as he offers Threvobek a little smirk for his sally. After all, it is a thought, to muzzle the little beasts.

E'bert sighs as the brown swoops down and steals another chunk of his food, "E'bert, brown Karkath's," he says absently to Threvobek. His plate is pushed to the middle of the table in resignation, "She may as well join Lee. Stupid 'lizard," kind of sounds like 'stupid dragon'. A hand absently scratches at his chest, and soon he's standing, "Think I'm gonna go get something for this itch," and off he goes.

"Ivy," says Ivy to Rev by way of introduction, finally dropping her free hand and stepping over to the table to retrieve her wayward firelizard, who is making awful ratchety noises at Tsingano's objections to her lovely self. The green rewards her person with several emphatic 'love bites' to her hand, and the brownrider winces. "Muzzles sound perfect. I'm so sorry." The last is an apology to A'lory for the threat to his sandwich.

Another swig of whiskey for good luck, and Linny is setting the bottle back down on the table before wiping her mouth with the back of her right hand. It's almost like her left hand doesn't exist. She's silent for a moment before saying to Sadaiya, "Send me the reports. Tell me what we know. I can pull an all-nighter studying up and figure out something to tell them for the time being while we figure our shit out." There's a snort of laughter, though, for the Weyrwoman's last comment, a more genuine grin taking over her face. "I don't have a home. You keep me for however short or long you need me. I don't have anywhere to be or anywhere to go." That's just the simple and sad truth of Linny's life of wandering.

"But wouldn't W'rin have said if he had Sweep schedules missing?" Mayte posits meaningfully, "I mean, don't we check those pretty regularly?" Mayte looks over at Linny for a moment and then, "And they're stealing stuff, too." The youngest goldrider's nearly desperate to make her point, "So what are they doing with it? Selling it?" Cheese-free hands spread wide open. "I wanna see what happens if the sweep times suddenly change." Crafty Mayte sounds crafty for a moment, but she can still be derailed enough to nod at Linny: "Okay, I'll get them to you." And then: "Well, we need you here." Staunch.

"So long." Threvobek calls to E'bert's back, watching the brownrider go as his arms fold on the table. "He either means he's getting ointment or a wench." Those are the only itch abaters he knows of to date. "Ivy. Got it." Threvrobek sits more comfortably forward. "Hey, you're a rider," keen, isn't he, "you notice anything strange when you're on sweeps?"

Pursing her lips thoughtfully, Sadaiya stares at the pair of fellow Golden Girls. "It's a good point, on all accounts. I'll make up the fake schedules. Shards, I still have the ones W'rin tried to pawn off on Veresch to pawn off on me to keep me grounded." The rolling of her dark eyes is almost audible, and both hands spread wide in a gesture of frustration. "I'll have the Wingleaders pin them up places and shuffle the word quietly through their ranks, maybe stick some in/on their desks for good measure. And Linny? You have a home here, if you want it. Faranth knows I need you, and aside from that I just don't want to see someone so lovely be without a family, even one as dysfunctional as ours here at Igen. Would you be willing? To stay here? I mean you're already doing the work of ten people." The gesturing hands now clasp in front of Sadaiya's HEAVING BOSOM, and she practically eyeshimmers in entreaty.

whatever shall we do.

Watch raptly.

Linny's quickly throwing both hands up in the air, casting a significant look to everyone around before that left hand goes to her lap while the right one stays up. "Perhaps discussing plans in the middle of the living caverns isn't the best strategy." The goldrider shifts her expression as she looks to Mayte, "Not that your ideas aren't good ideas, but you never know who is behind what's going on, and we don't need to be giving them a heads up as to what we'll be doing." When it comes to Sadaiya, well, how could Linny say no to all of that? There's a coy little grin as she throws her good arm around her, giving her a little squeeze. "You can keep me."

At Threvobek's assessment of E'bert's…needs, Ivy cracks a smile. "Ointment. He got hit pretty badly in the last Threadfall. I very much doubt it's a wench." Mug still clutched in one hand, and green Ella settled bad-temperedly on her shoulder, Ivy brushes her fingers across her knot and nods, adding the information she left out of her initial introduction. "Brown Udath's." Keen indeed. She arches narrow eyebrows at is followup question. "What sort of strange?"

"A'lory," The lanky gent offers, shrugging off Ivy's apology. "The little darlin's can be pesky." Hard stare toward a certain — suddenly decorus — pair stationed to either side of himself with a little smirk for their shared annoyance. Threvobek is given a long, long look. Really, now. "That's certainly not a question I'd expect." Squint.

And as if a gust of wind had blown out of Mayte, the girl relaxes. "Thanks, Sadaiya," she says quietly, slowly bringing another bit of redruit to her lips. She pauses and nods at Linny, but stays strangely silent. Still, there's a little warble of worry in her tone as she whispers: "Could it… be a… someone? Like what the cotholders are saying?" Dread of dreads, to someone so newly Impressed. Mayte trying to hide her worry must seem like a strange battle that finally ends with a flat expression for a moment. Mayte has decided otherwise. The fruit goes in to get chewed on, and her eyes cross a moment before Mayte returns, and she tries to smile.

Threvobek rolls the tiny glass once containing Good Whiskey back and forth over the calluses under every finger. "Hard earned I'm sure." Of E'bert's war wounds. "Say nothing bad about the healing powers of wenches though." The stuff healers teach in the back of the books, absent from the general index. Brows knit together some and they fall slightly too. "Leveled cotholds, suspicious caravans," Rev rattles off what comes to mind then gambles: "lone riders?" He's prepared for a backlash.

Squeal! "Oh! Yay!" And, thus girly-shrieked, Sadaiya throws her arms right back around Linny's torso in blithe glee. "Oop! Yes, ah, you're probably… prooobably right, with the, ah, caverns and the, ah, people." Clearing her throat, she straightens, casting glances around. "Though I can vouch for pretty much anyone within earshot, and I don't THINK the firelizards are listening. They tend to be more… obvious about it when they are." Tapping her lips with a finger, she frowns slightly, then nods towards Mayte. "We really should send someone in to investigate further. Couple guards, stick you-know-esch in for good measure. People that aren't quite as notorious as all of us. Though I have a few people in mind…" She tips her head towards A'lory. "You did well, Mayte. Just… next time, you have GOT to look OUT for yourself. You could've been hurt! Or worse! What if they would've seen Rhiscorath and taken umbrage to her. Caution, darling!"

"Little darlings," Ivy echoes A'lory's words dryly, rubbing at the sprinkle of half-moon shaped red marks that her own little darling has inflicted on her hand. She wouldn't dream of saying anything at all on the healing powers of wenches, only blushing rather obviously at Rev's words before trying to parse what he's asking in terms of 'strange things' and then cutting a look over to A'lory, deferring to him as someone older/wiser/taller/bronzerider-ier.

"You can vouch for people all you want. If this job has taught me anything, it's that no matter how well you think you know someone, you really have no idea who they really are." But now that she's all official, Linny's sitting up straighter, pushing that whiskey bottle off to the side. It's Sober Time. "Send me the reports tonight. Let's schedule a meeting for the morning, first thing. Us, W'rin, Cha'el. Between the five of us, we can come up with some sort of a plan going forward, but it needs to stay a secret. We can't have things leaking out, especially if that's what got us into this problem in the first place."

If Sadaiya's line of thought had Mayte relaxing, Linny's words have her looking relieved. She nods and breathes out a long breath, then grins, slightly more wobbly than usual but much less than when she came in. Another nod to Linny, and Mayte pushes her plate away. The bottle Linny's abstaining from gets a quick glance, but there's no wish for a drink tonight. To Sadie, Mayte tries to look apologetic: "I did bring Guard Terrian with me. He was tall and large, and I stayed behind him." Kind of. "And Rhiscorath didn't follow us right there - she stayed behind, mostly, but close enough if we needed her. And," a faint wry grin, "She can hide like a grain of sand on the beach if she feels like it." Still, the weyrling looks a bit apologetic, "But I'll be safer." No promises of 'next time' but no promises against, either.

"Sounds brilliant to me," enthuses Sadaiya, warmly. "Oooh. Terrian, yeah. He is… I mean, I'm not DEAD, but if Tan… well, you know." She coughs delicately, her cheeks ever so slightly flushed. "Hey, pass some of that whiskey, would you? I need a better excuse for probably blushing. He's a stout fellow, in other words. And, off the record? You did SO well. Don't let W'rin hear that I said that, though. He'd have, like, five kinds of wher-fits. Blah blah blah, we gotta put the goldriders on pedestals underglass, blah blah blah, I can't hear over my big stupid muscles." Her hand opens and closes like a flapping mouth as she talks in a high pitched, scathing voice.

Attributes the Weyrwoman's abrupt squee to the flowing whiskey at the goldriders' station. Shame there's no trickle -this- way. Dot dot dot. Rev's head pivots their way for a second, skimming over the heads of the crowded caverns. More have since trickled in to stave off the evening chill. It certainly isn't the boiled fish drawing them in. Threvobek sighs through his nostrils at the local growing cacophony, like a breeding beach of sea lions. He tries to compete with the din, "hold those thoughts for another day, eh? Nicely met, the both of yas." Rev gathers the bulk of his robe, lost that damn belt, and checks for a third helping after wishing the goldriders a fond evening.

"Here. You guys finish this up for me, huh?" Linny hands over the bottle of whiskey to whoever may want more from it before she pushes herself up to stand, brushing her dress smooth once she's upright. "I'm going to go start researching and getting things in order for the morning. Make sure you pass along the message to W'rin and Cha'el. Council Chambers. Bright and early. I'll make sure there's klah." And maybe some things to spike the klah with to really make sure everyone's awake. With that, she's giving everyone a general salute as a goodbye, and then the petite woman is striding off quickly in the direction of the archives. It's gonna be a long night to complete a long day.

Ivy squints after the departing…whatever he is, he didn't say…before finishing off her klah and realizing that she's not much into the beach of sea lions effect either. Stifling a sudden onslaught of yawn, "I had evening sweeps, I'm for bed." She drops her mug off for washing like a good little brownrider and heads out to the bowl.

Mayte tips her head consideringly at Sadaiya's analysis of the Guard: "Really?" There's a wrinkled nose involved too, but she shrugs, "He's not bad. S'good on his feet, though. In fact…" But Mayte's voice has gotten away on her and it falls to silent. And then the off-the-record comment gets Mayte glowing with pride. Threvobek's farewelling gets a wave and look at his back from Mayte but she's more interested in where Linny moves off to. "I'm glad this is happening," she mutters to Sadaiya, "Those cotholders." Mayte falls silent for a moment and then pops a slice of meat to chew on. Then she looks up at Sadaiya a litte… cutely, of all things: "Is W'rin really pissed?"

A parting wave for one and all wandering souls and Sadaiya's turning back to Mayte, pulling the whiskey between them. "You allowed to drink yet or am I just not going to tell if you have one?" she asks slyly, filling a couple tumblers with but a finger of the liquid. "Eh, he's always pissed. If he's SPECIFICALLY mad, he'll let you know. Dealing with W'rin…" she trails off, absently worrying her hands around the glass back and forth. "It's a lot of yelling and screaming and hand waving sometimes. You really have to pick and choose what you tell him unless you really like being cussed out."

Mayte grins almost toothily at Sadaiya, "Oh, I can drink. Working on my tolerance for it," and as the older woman pours a second glass, Mayte eyes the second almost greedily. About W'rin, Mayte shrugs, "Yeah, he's… pretty specific when he wants to be." The tactics in dealing with Angry-W'rin has Mayte's attention: "I've been shouted at," Mayte says mildly but after consideration, adds, "Though W'rin's bigger'n the rest."

"Then I shall leave the bottle with you, my dear, and make good use of it, for apparently, Linny, as our newest sister, has certain expectations of our livers," With a slight grunt, Sadaiya pushes herself to her feet, then grabs her glass and downs the rest in one motion. "Ahh. Gotta get on some of that Stuff we talked about. I'll keep you apprised. Again… well done. Very well done."

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