Madox, Varden


Madox and Varden talk crafts in the garden.


It is sunrise of the twenty-eighth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Central Garden, Southern Weyr

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Central Garden

You stand within the pale of the Gardens. You are surrounded on every side by glorious flower bushes, elegantly trimmed trees, and verdant shrubbery. Low hedges define a half dozen meandering paths, and beneath the bushes lie beds of shade-loving herbaceous greenery. In the broad central plaza there stands a rough-timbered building. It is square and unadorned, and yet beautiful in the simplicity and function of its form. Its tile roof sweeps down to pointed gables. Around the building there stand a handful of sasaki trees; their twisted boughs are a tribute to gardencraft and prudently applied pruning shears. Beneath your feet lie smooth, well-fitted paving stones. The gardens lie in amongst the skybrooms of Gar, and paths lead off to the north and south between the trees. To the southwest the reflection of light upon water can be seen, and to the due west that same light is reflected from greenhouse glass. StarCraft Hall looms to the east, the way in opening northeast from here.

It's a well known fact that trying to teach anything in a normal classroom on a lovely summer morning is practically impossible and so Madox decided he wasn't even going to try. The sky is clear and there's a light breeze making this day not anywhere near as hot as the past couple of weeks had been. The avians are chirping pleasantly and the smell of the flowers in full bloom is hard to resist being outside. The sound of a gitar playing a well familiar duty song and little voices singing along can be heard as well, at least until class is dismissed. Then there's a flood as the children all promptly dash off to whatever else it is they'd rather being doing, leaving the journeyman sitting alone on a blanket with his gitar for the moment. Sure, he should probably pick up those hides at some point, but they're not going anywhere at the moment.

There are some advantages to shift work; Varden's morning is free to do as he wishes. He finds himself out in the central garden this particular morning, the chorus of children's voices drawing him over. He stays a polite distance away, to observe but not interfere. When the song is finished and the kids scatter, Varden moves forward to pick up one of the hides, lifting it to have a look at the contents. "Takes me back. Funny how some things never change," the healer observes, with good humour.

Especially are advantages to shift work when you're the one developing the shift schedule! Madox was off in his own little world for a minute, but the older man's words quickly jolt him back to reality and up the journeyman springs. "You don't have to, Weyrhealer. I've got those…" Although clearly he doesn't have those since Varden beat him to it. He does manage to reclaim at least a few of the ones from the further side of the class area.

"Not at all," If Varden is amused by Madox's scramble to collect the hides, he conceals it beneath his usual neutral expression. As the hides nearest him are unclaimed, he dips again to scoop those up, shuffling them into a neat pile to offer to Madox. "A pleasant place for classes. Do they pay better attention out here, do you think?" I mean, he has just seen the kids all run off, but the question is still posed.

"They definitely don't pay less attention out here…" Madox does have a very quick filing system for those hides, so with Varden picking up some, he'll take the time to sort the pile that he has real quick. Easy since there was only multiple copies of the same two hides. "Plus, if they do get too unruly, I can usually come up with some sort of 'game' to have them running around and trying to remember something from the lesson." It'd be a shame to his craft if Madox couldn't actually be creative when the need arose. "Thinking about new locations for some of your apprentice lessons?"

Varden's straight face continues as Madox talks. when his hands are free of the hides, it lets him slip them into his trouser pockets, body language relaxed. "Alas, mine are usually a little older. Though they can be as prone to distraction sometimes." Ah, teenagers. His expression does finally crack, the corners of his eyes wrinkling as he considers that with the tiniest of smiles. "Well - the content of my lessons can be less - welcome in public places. Somehow people don't like to hear about the various symptoms of the many diseases they could catch." Ah! He's being funny. His eyes have a sparkle in them as he looks at Madox, even if he's not outright grinning.

Madox begins to turn just a smidge green as the master healer reminds him of all those possible symptoms. He does have an active enough imagination to just fill in the most awful of the possibilities himself, especially having been born and raised in Fort and spending enough time around the healers there to be able to fill in the gaps of his own experiences. "Ahh, right." Look at these hides! The harper sure is looking at them. "But well, surely there are some lessons suited for a garden or such! There's the medicinal gardens just over there…" That really is the healers' rightful domain after all. Random passerbys shouldn't complain about overhearing medicine talk in a place where medicine comes from, right?

A harper's imagination - a blessing or a curse? "Oh yes," Varden says, looking over at the familiar medicinal gardens. "They spend plenty of time there. Some more than others." Not ALL healer apprentices are cut out for the patient-tending side of things, after all. "Still, might as well train them indoors, get them used to their lives stuck in the infirmary." There he goes, joking again in his dry way. "Well. I don't suppose you teach any of the older children? I do like to hear of any potential cropping up among the Weyr's youth." All the better for Varden to claim as his and start training.

Why not both? Blessing and curse! Madox laughs a little at the mention of lives stuck in doors. "It could be worse than the infirmary, I suppose? Have you seen the old records room at Fort? I'm surprised any harpers make it out of archival training with both their eyes and hands still in working order!" But there aren't copious amounts of bodily fluid to deal with, so… maybe it's just a tie. "I don't miss that bit at all. And I'm just filling in this morning. I actually normally do teach the older classes, and the candidates when we have them. I've been arranging some outings to visit the different crafts to try and peak some interest, but unless you got something mighty interesting up your sleeves, you might have a hard time outselling the dolphineers."

"That I have," Varden says, the distant haze to his eyes implying he's thinking back to the times he has spent there. "It's quite the repository of information. I'm glad I've never had to spend an extended amount of time there, though." There's his sympathy for those archivists who do have to pore over hide after hide in the semi-darkness. "Ah, yes." Dolphins. Judging by the way Varden's brows come together slightly, he doesn't understand the appeal of the water-dwellers. "Unfortunately, the pride of healing people can never quite compare to swimming in warm oceons. I shall have to think of something rather interesting to show them, won't I?" The glint in his eyes suggests that the Weyrhealer has many things he finds interesting, though how appropriate they are…well.

"Plus, the dolphins are pretty entertaining as well. As opposed to sick folks…" Madox is just being really honest here, but shrugs. "Farnath knows I make the absolute worst patient." Yes, he's totally one of those harpers freaking out over the slightest sniffle maybe being the end of the world. At least his world. Especially after that winter spent in High Reaches. "Maybe we'll schedule a trip to the infirmary after we make the excursion to the tanners, hmm? Some of the kids seem to just get fascinated on whatever they saw most recently…" And also whatever their friends say they're going to do. Figuring your future life goals out at twelve is hard!

It's nothing Varden isn't already aware of. "Not as bad as healers do," he'll reply to Madox's self-deprecating comment, with a little wink for good measure. This is a man who knows all about that. "Hm." Madox's suggestion meets a moment of pondering from the Weyrhealer, eyes narrowing. "Yes. The smells might be slightly more pleasant in the infirmary compared to those that linger around our good tanners." He's not demeaning them by any means - all crafters have their place after all - but tanning does make heavy use of a particular liquid.

Madox will shrug at healers making bad patients. Varden is the resident expert on all things healer after all, so he'll cede the point and move on to the actual work conversation. "All crafts do have their place, and at a Weyr, there are so many of the children that just assume they're going to be riders…" The harper shakes his head a bit. "But that's not something to plan on, since nobody can guarantee an Impression. The tanners do also put on a good show of their final products, but the lime is not for everybody."

Varden is well-used to that general hope of the Weyr's younger population. Not that he's counted how many apprentices he's lost to hatching eggs over the Turns. "Yes, unfortunately our end results are a little harder to demonstrate in such a way." He's not bitter; just stating it as it is! A glance is flicked towards the sun as it continues towards its peak. "Hm. I believe a cool drink may be in my near future. I don't think I enjoy the outdoors quite as much as your youngsters do."

"First aid classes can be fun though, and useful!" Madox can just be full of suggestions as he goes about the rest of his tidying up from the class. Pretty much everything is packed up now. "I'll make some arrangements with your senior journeyman about scheduling a class visit sometime, Weyrhealer. I should run before my next class arrives to find themselves without a harper!" Oh, the horror! And possibly the shenanigans preteens might get up to if left unsupervised, but the journeyman is on his way to wherever that next lesson will be.

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