Odesse, Rielle


Wingleader and dolphineer meet in the Healer Complex as a thunderstorm rolls through the Weyr.


It is sunset of the thirteenth day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Healer Complex, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 12 May 2018 06:00


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"They poof up like whoa!"


Healer Complex

Done lovely in lavender, this room, soothing to the eye as it is soothing to the soul. Fragrant herbs often waft aromatherapy from the far four corners of this cozy commons, adding yet another dimension of relaxation for those menders of the weyr who so frequently need it. There is a large hearth set against a wall, with an assortment of mismatched, overstuffed chairs in front of it; a buffet against the wall across from the entrance to the infirmary is kept stocked with foodstuffs. Tables and benches assume the rest of the space, the combination of brightly-lit quiet ambience of the room making it ideal for studying.

It's one thing to spend all day completely sounded by water, but Odesse is not looking very happy about the deluge she's found herself in as one of those Southern summer storms suddenly opens up right as she was reaching the craft complex. The woman frankly looks a bit like a half-drowned feline as she sprints towards the safety of the nearest overhang. Once water isn't constantly splattering her face, she gives a few good shakes of her head to try and get the wet hair out of her face before finally settling to use a hand to free the strands from her eyes with a loud "Uuuuughhhh…"

Cozy, dry, pleasantly fragrant and stocked with food - the Healer's Complex is certainly a good place to escape the deluge, though no less hot than anywhere else in the Weyr. Not by much, anyway. It's also more comfortable than the infirmary, which is why Rielle is here rather than there to accomplish her current task. She's quietly but sternly lecturing one of her youngest wing riders at the moment, turning the young man away with a small jar of something or other and looking like she might be trying to hide extreme amusement. The wingrider looks quite red in the face, though due to emotion or something else isn't clear. The groan from across the way draws the brown rider's attention, and then she can't help but chuckle, though there's sympathy there, too. "At least you find yourself in a fortunate spot, Journeyman," she notes, plucking a towel from a nearby shelf and crossing to offer it to the blonde woman.

Odesse will gladly accept said towel, although at least she's still mostly in swim gear so her clothes should dry quick enough. But she might want to look a bit presentable if she's actually planning on stepping foot into the infirmary any time soon and so toweling off begins. "Thank ye." And because Odie's are curious things, she can't help but notice the very red face on the departing wingrider which gets her looking curiously back at the wingleader. "I thought normally folks would try to go to the healers 'n avoid gettin' their 'leaders involved in their 'unorthodox' problems." Finger quotes and all.

"Usually, but when the wingleader was a Healer and tries to stay sharp on it, sometimes they feel more comfortable coming to me instead of to the infirmary," Rielle answers with a little grin. "Not that I'll take on just anything they come with, but for a bad case of sunburn, the treatment is basic." She shrugs, then lifts her hands to adjust the tightness of her runner tail. "Rielle, brown Obhaeroth's. Serval wingleader," she introduces herself afterward, extending her hand to the other woman. "Anything other than the raining bringing you this way, Journeyman?"

"Oooooohhh… So all that red weren't all 'cause he was embarrassed about whatever problem brought him out? Gotcha!" Odesse gives a knowing nod as she had probably been assuming that bright redness was just cause of personal problems and not just Rukbat's rays getting the best of someone. As for greetings, she'll extend her hand quickly once she figures out where to juggle that towel to. "Pleasure. I'm Odie." And she'll just give a bit of a shrug for why she's here. "Just a bit of a supply run. Don't wanna be usin' rusty needles or somethin'. Need some of those, more of the fine thread. Some teas and herbs."

Rielle chuckles again, shaking her head. "There was probably a bit of that as well," she concedes, "considering he didn't listen the first time I lectured the wing about how to avoid it." She accepts Odesse's informality easily, finding it preferable at the moment. The reply the blonde woman gives, however, has the brownrider studying her again a bit more closely. "Something to be kept in the Seacraft Complex, or divided among vessels?"

True fact, dolphins can't salute. Maybe that's one of the many reasons why informality sits so naturally on Odesse. Right now, the blonde is at least attempting to keep her snickering at the misfortune of the poor rider lowkey, but no use in hiding it all the way, especially since the's out in the rain again and not there to overhear. "Nah. This will be for keepin' near the bell. Got a little chest on the platform for if an emergency comes in 'n its needed, no wastin' time runnin' back 'n forth."

It would be adorable to see them try, though! Regardless of the reasoning, Rielle isn't about to get hung up on such a thing, not when there's snickering to be shared. "That makes sense," the brownrider says, nodding. "The Seacraft has many facets of other Crafts to it, Healing included. I've always admired that." A gently-arched brow lifts curiously. "Do you ever have to treat the dolphins, or do they handle themselves well enough?"

Indeed it would, but flipper to forehead just isn't logistically possible! Odesse does straight up a bit when topics are turning to craft related stuff. Work is one thing she will take seriously. That and drinking. "Yeah. Kinda self defense to learn basic first aid if yer gonna be out on a ship. Rough winds can pop up with little warnin' 'n if yer in the wrong place at the wrong time, get yer hands caught up in the nets, or accidents when guttin' fish or bonkin' a head on a mast…" The list of potential mishaps she could come with are possibly endless. "But we do treat the dolphins. It's part of the Charter! They're usually alright, but if they get a gash that need stitches, ye need some thumbs." She wiggles her own digits appropriately.

Rielle nods and winces along with all of that, including the need to stitch up dolphins. "Certainly true. Smart though they are, that's one thing there's just no help for. You know…" The brownrider folds her arms upon her chest, leaning a hip against a nearby table. "If you need supplies run out to anywhere the Seacraft is - the complex, bells, even ships if it's manageable - that's one of the missions of my wing. When no Thread is falling, we're in service to the Crafters, whether that be for supplies or trips to wherever anyone is needed. You only need say the word."

Odesse grins just a bit bigger at that. "It's a great offer, but best just for us to take supplies with us before we go. Seein' as dragons can't between into the water, most the ocean might as well look the same." Although if they could give sea floor coordinates, life would be so much easier for the dolphineers, if not for the riders who would then be in soaked leathers and needing to hold their breath. "Plus, hard to send a note via firelizard when yer in the water." Soggy notes are no good either.

"Of course. But you never know when you might need them in a hurry," Rielle points out, dropping a hand to idly brush over the table beside the hip she leans on. "We might not be able to do much over the open ocean, but we do have celestial references at night if need be. We can drop things into the water, with flotation attached as necessary. If there are land references in sight, we can also use those, and there might not be much use for soggy notes, but firelizard images can give a lot of information, too." Again, slender shoulder rise and fall in a shrug. "There are options, at least."

Odesse nods along as well. "We've been workin' with Lynx 'n Ocelot the last couple turns. Gettin' a better system of dolphin bells installed along the shore. Trainin' up the seaholds on what to do when they hear it. 'N gettin' the 'holds to train their lizards to fetch help from the Weyr at that point, instead of dolphins havin' to swim from the wreck all the way here, then swim back to the wreck. They should have most of the more difficult spots with references now. But the flotation thing…" That idea makes her eyes light up a bit. "Hadn't been thinkin' about that before."

There's a flicker of something that remains inscrutable at mention of the other two wings, though it's there and gone, and Rielle is soon focused on the matter of flotation, nodding eagerly. "Depending on how large what you need is, some tar-sealed, bladder-lined barrels filled with air and sealed, then lashed to whatever needs to float would suffice, I should think. Bladders along for smaller things. Sort of the same concept as the floats children sometimes use to help them learn to swim, just adapted." At that moment, a rather flustered little blue firelizard swoops in, chittering softly at the brownrider. Rielle lets him land on her arm and reads the little note he bears, sighing in a rather long-suffering manner as she shoves it in her pocket. She lets the firelizard stay, gently rubbing his head. "Guess I'll be expecting my rider back in a moment. He thinks he might be…allergic to what I just gave him." Which is possible, but she clearly thinks it's probably not true.

You can't maintain a carefree, easy going attitude by paying attention to every inscrutable look that crosses everybody's face, so Odesse is just going to keep on nodding like she didn't see it. "Yeah, yeah. There's also this one fish down here that seems to have extra big bladders or somethin'. They poof up like whoa!" Here is where Odie does her best impression of a puffer fish. "'N the dolphins like to toss 'em around." When Rielle reveals the reason for the note, the journeywoman just rolls her eyes. "Sounds like he just needs to learn to slather some numbweed on it 'n call it a night." Numbweed, the closest thing you'll ever get to a panacea. "Anyways… guess I'll go fetch what I came for. Hopefully can wheedle out a rain coat too." Cause surely the healers wouldn't want her to catch a cold or something in the rain. But she'll give a wave and make her way towards the infirmary, no intention of staying around to eavesdrop on the rider/leader conversation. "Have a good night!"

There's no way Rielle is going to be able to avoid laughing at both Odesse's impression and the mental image of the dolphins batting around some poor, puffed-up fish. Her comment on the returning wingrider, however, earns a rueful snort. "That's pretty much what it amounts to. He just hasn't figured it out yet." And maybe Rielle wants to mess with him a bit as a consequence. Really, it's a wonder some of them make it out of weyrlinghood in a mere Turn. "Check the stores for a spare slicker?" the brownrider suggests and Odesse turns away. "You as well, Odie." With that, she settles casually into a chair, elbow propped upon the back and her chin resting upon her fist as she awaits the returns of her hapless wingrider. Probably snickering to herself now and then because picturing dolphins playing ball with a pufferfish is just far too amusing.

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