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New dolphineers get to work


It is afternoon of the first day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Cove, Southern Weyr

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A saber's curl along the coast of the Azov Sea, the cove is a clash of green and black; where deeply forested jungles encroach upon the curving expanse of this tiny cove, found only past the rocky barrier that serves as demarcation between cove and beach. Lacking the softly ground sand of the beach, the cove is made up of dark, volcanic pebbles, making it trickier to navigate than the beach itself. Yet, what a surprise is given if one braves the less comfortable path that curves around a long-forgotten cinder cone to find the quiet tranquility of seclusion. Brilliant against the black pebbled beach, greenery is only enhanced by the purest of turquoise waters, warmed by a deep volcanic vent and churned by hidden currents that further feeds into the relative calm of the sea itself. A small school of rainbow fish and yellowfish swims around here.

Picking up after one of the biggest storms in living memory is a process. A long, long process. There are procedures, of course, and priorities. Many of which have kept Southern's dolphineers and their acquatic friends very, very busy indeed. But after a seven and some change has past and most of the search and rescue efforts are dying down, folks can come back closer to home and focus on less urgent matters. Like what to do about all items that went down with the ship that practically careened into the docks. Odesse is one of a few crafters currently huddled on the beach, facing out towards the water. "So it's all spread out, huh? Nothin' like a treasure hunt to end a day, right?" There's a wink and a friendly elbow to whoever happens to be standing nearest her.

Coming up the beach, is the newly transfered Bronrick, he is looking about for someone. His gaze does turn to the water through with the sunken ship and all, there is an excited grin as he hefts his bag on his shoulder more moving through the thick throng of people. He isn't tall by anymeans so it is hard for him to find who is looking for at the moment.

Luckily for newcomers, there aren't too many folks on the beach, let along clusters of them standing in swim gear and they seem to be scattering towards the water, regardless of it being a little bit chilly. There's work to be done! Odesse is at the back of the group and the approach of a latecomer doesn't go completely un-noticed. The woman grins and makes a motion that's half wave, half hurry up gesture. "Yer gonna miss all the excitement if ye keep up like that! I bet we find some rum…." Cause what ship from Black Rock wouldn't be carrying rum?

Bronrick grins and nods dropping his gear saying "Are you Journeyman Odesse? I was told to report to you when I made it up here." But hey if there is work to be done he will just go head and start striping out of his clothes adding "I am Bronrick, just transferred here after being down at Ista for a while.." HE looks over at the wreck and says "How much do you think would be in there, and is it first come first serve?"

Odesse looks frankly surprised at the fact that she's actually been the one assigned for 'orientation' of a new transfer. and she wasn't even told about it! But surprises she can take in stride and give a big affirmative nod. "Aye. I'm Odie. We'll be working with Opo, Tirr 'n Jesi over there." She waves to a trio of dolphins that are not so patiently waiting, but that's mostly because they found other ways of entertaining themselves (namely tossing some clumps of seaweed between them in a game of catch). "I think we'll be fetchin' stuff for days. That ship that went down was sittin' pretty low in the water. 'N plus, who knows what all else might wash up after the storms as well."

Bronrick eyes the dolphins and grins "sounds like we won't be to bored then" He is quickly into his swim suit and moving towards the water "How are they? the dolphins that is. The ones I was just working with at Ista were a pretty fun group but hard to get to focus if there was fish in the area." He moves a little fast until he makes it to the water, because sand is hot!!! Looking back a the sunstreaked blonde with a chuckle says "You never answered my question if we are getting to keep it though!"

"It's never borin' too long down here," Odesse responds with a wink before heading into the water herself. No subtle wading for her. Nobody has the time for that! "Keep 'em busy 'n they're good. But if things get borin', well… they just wanna find somethin' else to do." There's a bit of a head nod towards the seaweed flinging trio although when they notice folks coming towards them, that gets their attention. "Work? We work now?" Odie nods in confirmation. "We work! We're goin' for the western side over there. 'N maybe… it depends on how much is recovered. 'N how grateful the seacraft and the Weyr might be!"

Bronrick laughs, it is a merry tennor sound, as he swims over to the trio saying "Hello there" Be fore following Odesse out to thee spot. "Sounds like a plan. Anything else I should know abut southern? where to swim where not to swim?" He gives her a wink "Where not to lounge in the sun?"

There are introductions to be had and the dolphins are far from shy. They'll all be in a rush to get their names in first. a jumbled mess of "OpoJesiTirr" Possibly a good thing Odie ran by the names earlier. "Don't swim near Black Rock. Even when it's not completely flooded." Her sunny smile is completely gone at this. "Yer more likely to get a crossbow bolt to the leg than anythin' good from out of there. Fuckin' pirates." But as for where to lounge, she shrugs and eyes up the new journeyman. "Ye look like one that can figure it out. The black sands here are pretty nice, when it ain't full summer." When it is, they might just bake you.

Bronrick grins and greets each dolphin by name "I am Bronrick, looks like we will be working together." He moves closer to the dolphins reaching out to pet there melons and snouts if they let him. "Black rock bad got it.. I ran into a few up by Ista while I was mapping and exploring, not a fun run in." He too looks annoyed but that happy face comes back when she talks about baking in the sun "Well I won't want that, because the last thing I need is to make my self looked like tan leather. So who wants to give me a ride so we can get this work done and play?"

Opo's the biggest (or maybe it's Jesi, they haven't really been staying still long enough to make it easy to put name to bottle nosed faces) and volunteers to be Bronrick's partner for the day. Odesse is already clinging on to Tirr's dorsal. "What, don't think it'd be the best way to get more of the old seacrafters to take ye serious? Feelin' like the more wrinkles ye got is the only way to get some of 'em to listen." Any more small talk for the moment will probably be interrupted by the need to do things like swim to their designated search zone. Once there though, Odie's got some more questions. "Ye do much salvagin' up in Ista?"

Bronrick enjoys the ride, he maybe a journeyman but he is whooping like aday one apprentice he goes on his ride along. Once to the work zone he nods "Abit helped out on a lot, I mostly do exploration." He will add about the wrinkles "Yeah but best of luck trying to get a good time when you look like an old shoe." So he is a little vain.

Odesse ahhs when the other dolphineer reveals his area of focus. "Ye'll probably be workin' with Lynx then. The riders mappin' the interior 'n the coast 'n we get the rest. I've been workin' on cartography. Mostly figurin' out shippin' channels." And hazards that might come with them. Always changing, but also exploring comes with that as well. As for his last, she just snorts. "That's what the rum is fer. To make folks ferget if ye might look like a shoe." And then back to business, and to the dolphins. "Op, Tirr, ye been out here earlier? Where should we dive first?"

A smaller boat might have been seen by the dolphins docking an hour or so ago, delivering a few supplies and a couple of people to the weyr. In particular would be one brunette who quickly went to the water to check on a dolphin that had followed the boat in, "Okay, Nilima. I need to check in and then I'll be back and we can explore and meet people, hmm?" With a quick agreement, the dolphin remains near the boat, and Thessa hurries off to check in with whomever she needs to do so, dropping off a couple of things in her new room before changing into her suit and throwing a sundress to cover it before heading down to the beach.

No doubt, Nilima heard the others, and leads Thessa about to the cove, calling out to the pod a cheerful greeting while her human partner remains on the beach, a hand to shade her eyes as she takes in who's here, "Noooo…" The word is drawn out, spoken to herself upon seeing someone there.

Bronrick nods and then is all bussiness himself waiting for the dolphins to give there report he does look over at newest dolphin says to Odesse, "I thought it was only these three?" He has to raise his hand to shield his eyes from the rays of light as he looks at the dolphin. Does the new commer look familiar? maybe a little but again back to business as he has to turn his attention back to the dolphins and there chattering.

"These three? Nah, we got loads of dolphins…" Odesse is just going to shrug it off since she does know there are several pods around and she's worked with most of them at least once or twice. However, the dolphins know something is up and that report is going to have to wait as they rush to give there greetings to Nilima. "Huh." It really is a day for the unexpected for Odie and she turns towards Bronrick. The call of despair (or whatever else the Noooo…. might have been) from the beach is too far away for her to really pay attention to. "There wasn't someone followin' after ye, was there?"

The new dolphin swims about, playing with the pod that approach her. Such singing that comes then, excited clicks and clatters as Nilima speaks with the others, no doubt introducing herself and her partner upon the beach and the journey they had from Ista. There's a jump out of the water made before she dives again, heading to the beach to call out to her partner, "Come, Thessa. Come!" Leaving her things on the beach, then pulling off her sundress, she steps into the lapping waves to dive shallowly into the water as Nilima swims by, catching hold of her fin to pull her over to the other humans. Lifting a hand, she offers a wave to Ode and Bron, "AFternoon."

OH that girl… Bronrick grins at Thessa and laughs "I swear you ARE following me!" is said to Thessa. Though the treads water he looks like he might want to sink away more if he could. He waits for the new comer to make her introductions, while still trying to look at the waters below him to see if he can find a good starting point for the salvage operation to begin.

Sinking will happen, of the controlled variety! Seeing as they do have to make several dives in order to try to reclaim some stuff if they happen to find anything. Odesse raises and eyebrow as she looks between one newcomer and the next. "So ye know each other, then?" She'll be captain obvious today. "Heya. I'm Odie. Ye gonna help try 'n salvage?" She's going to take it as a yes seeing as the other woman already swam on out there. The water is also a bit murkier than usual considering the string of bad weather, but there's still some decent visibility. They at least won't be going into the complete unknown, especially not with four dolphins to help. Now that everyone is gathered, Tirr does remember the reason why they're all swimming out here. "Found crates. Big crates. Some broken. We'll show!" And with a deep gulp of air, the blonde will grab on to his dorsal to help make the speedy descent down to where the supposed crates are.

Bronrick probably teased Thessa about being late as usual, there seems to be some kind of rivalary there. But now is not the time for that, so he will piggy back with Opi who will follow tiff down to see the crates, he is looking about as he decends as this is his favorite part. The world always looks new and strange to someone under water, he follows after Odesse and her dolphin friend wondering just how far down this is.

While the dolphins might be good at finding things, recovery of larger items tends to require the use of hands. Good thing the dolphineers are here. Being the first down there, Odesse will flash a few hand signals to her peers. Enough to get the message across that the crate is large enough and seemingly stable enough that trying to haul it out in one piece seems reasonable. It's quick work to sling some rope around the crate so that it's secure enough for the dolphins to help tug back to shore with the help of the swimmers as well. Once back above water, Odie takes a big gulp of air. "Whew… I hope this ain't shardin' linens… Or tea cups."

Breaking the surface of the water, the mixed eye man nods panting as they start to pull it along, "or someones bed, I heard people were trying to take all sorts of things on ships." Because there was talk of rum and that is what has his mind focused on. "Is there a pub or tavern around?" He can swim and talk at the same time hauling that large box up with the help of his fellow journeymen.

Odesse snorts at the suggestion of bed. "It ain't that big of a box. Maybe more folks need to be ready to live out of a kitbag 'n they'd have fewer problems." Like Odie. The girl usually has no shoes, little shirt and no problems. As for the mention of pub, she nods. "Yeah.. ye'd be lookin' fer the kitten. Or the vintner's got some booths as well. Basically, toss a stick in any direction 'n ye might find some booze." There's a former bartender turned rider that's been known to stash some bottles in the beach as well, although usually she claims them before anybody else can.

Bronrick nods and grins "I agree, give me a hammock and a nice ocean breeze and life is pretty easy". when talk of the abundance of booze is mentioned he grins and says to the blonde "sounds like this is paradise.. what is the catch?" Because he isn't as wide eyed as most people, even the pretties days at sea can turn ugly if you aren't aware after all.

"Volcanoes 'n hurricanes 'n dead bodies galore?" So Odesse might be exaggerating just a bit, but she'll try to not let the grin completely overtake her face. It doesn't take long before they're to the point where the dolphins can't help any further without risking beaching, which they wouldn't want to risk that. Looks like the humans gotta take it from here, with a bit more dragging and shoving involved until it's far enough out of the water it might be able to be safely opened. "Ye want to do the honors or should I?" she does hold out the hilt of her knife in case Bronrick wants to go first. Although it's probably not a privelege. More of a safety measure. Who knows what might be in the crate?

Bronrick shakes his head saying "No way, your in charge, besides if anything jumps out at you I can slam the lid down." HE may or maynot be teasing but he is standing to hold the box a little steady with her. "Also, really volcanos?" He looks pretty skeptical at that last one because well he is still new and doesn't know all that southern has to try to kill you with.

Odesse gives a don't look at me shrug. "That's what they said. It was inland. But apparently an unauthorized settlement was built right up on it 'n then we had to go lookin' fer who was smugglin' folks in 'n stuff." The 'n stuff she just gives an all encompassing wave as if that's perfectly clear just how much happened in those few months. She also rolls her eyes as he so galantly allows her to go first, but go she does, cracking it open deftly. Her nose wrinkles as the crate opens and she gets a whiff and a glance at what's inside. "Uggh. Looks like we found the linens." All salt soaked and ruined after days at sea. "Being in charge… I'm nominatin' ye to dig through 'n make sure they aren't just wrappin' something else up or something."

The look on the mixed eyed mans face is priceless when he realizes his attempt to get out of being tied to any paperwork backfires and he now has to rifle through this mess. Bronrick cringes from the smell but sighs as he reaches his hands into the stench of linens "Would it have been to much to ask if they cleaned them first?"

"Who? The dolphins?" Odesse glances over her shoulder towards the sea where their aquatic friends are probably poking around to find whatever other goodies they might be able to discover for Odie and Bronrick to haul up next (and the smellier the better cause they'll think it's hilarious!). "Don't think ye'll be able to talk 'em into ever doing yer laundry. 'N the tide would be even worse at it! Anything good in there?" She's currently standing on her tip-toes trying to peer in the crate from a relatively safe distance. Nosy folks are going to be nosy, but her nosy nose doesn't want to smell the stench of linens that have been submerged for days. Look at the little fish that just happens to flop out the box as well!

Bronrick shakes his head and holds up a very stained linen cloth saying "No who ever packed this". He does toss out another fish towards the water before a puzzled look gets on his face he leans back out and looks at the side of the box. He won't voice his concern yet as he walks back over to the water to wash off the stench saying "I didn't find anything in there, but does that box seem off to you?"

Odesse probably knew that he actually meant the packers and not nature or beings without hands to do laundry, but she grins as she stands there, looking and not touching the gross stuff for the moment. The question about the box has her tilting her head to the side and then further and further until she's practically a right angle. "What do ye mean? It's just a box, right?" Hopefully curiousity won't kill this cat, cause she's going to peer in closer…

Bronrick shrugs and motions with his elbow at the box because he is scrubbing rapidly trying to get the smell and gross off. "Maybe I am just to short for it.. But that box seems like it isn't made right." He does take this time again to check out the area looking around for any more scavengers if they are bringing up other strange boxes "Maybe you should have a look for yourself."

It's a good thing that Odesse has practiced her side eye until it's nearly perfected as she's giving Bronrick a serious case of it at the moment, and she wouldn't want to risk straining an eye muscle or something. "Ain't like I'm that much taller…" OR any taller. But she did grow up with her elbows in fish guts more often than she could count. Gross is just another part of the job and she's good at holding her breath, so the woman is going in. She's fairly thorough about her searching, her top half nearly disappearing into the crate as she digs around at the bottom. All those soggy linens hastily pushed aside. There's a quite "Huh…" And some scratching until there's a creeeeak and she stands up, exclaiming "Aaah-ha!!!!" IT's a eureka moment as she proudly holds up a bag of… something. Whatever. It's a bag and it's hidden.

Bronrick was paying attention he swears, sadly it was to the nice view that Odesse just provided giving the woman a good once over which causes him to smile. But when she comes up with the exclaiming he jumps back hand going up to protect his face out of instinct. He quickly ties to play that off as running fingers through his hair, his mis-matched eyes still scan over the woman because well why fight nature settling on the bag of what ever that is. "Where was that in?"

Good thing face protecting is instinct for the man, since along with the exclaiming, Odesse was kind of wildly waving it about, but luckily no faces were smashed today. The look over isn't completely unnoticed, but she just rolls her eyes and thrusts out the mystery bag towards him. More important things! "It was in the bottom! Feels like rocks…" She gives it a little bit of a jiggle before carefully peeking inside. "Farnath's tits!" Complete ignore the anatomical errors with that. Odie certainly is.

Bronrick is no dragon expert there so who knows about dragon anatomy?? But he does try to peek in to the bag too asking "What ya find?" he moves closer to see what has been found. "Anything we can sell to get some good booze?"

Odesse isn't entirely selfish, so she'll hold the bag so the other dolphineer can get a peek at the glittering red stones within the bag. "Who in their shardin' right mind would be storing these in with a box of linens?" Certainly nobody up to any good! Alas for booze hopes, she'll fasten the bag up right. "I think we gotta pay a visit to the guards." And report it all thoroughly. Curse responsibility, but she can be an optimist. "Maybe we'll still get a finder's fee!"

Bronrick is a storm of emotions, first there is surprise, then joy, then saddness as the joy is dashed on the cliffs of responsibility. He sighs and nods "Yer probably right. Better make sure that was all." He quickly goes back and double checks the box, but comes up empty as he again smells like the gross linens. He turns to Odesse and asks "You know a trust worthy guard personally or are we just finding the first one with a sword we see?"

Odesse just rolls her eyes and beckons for Bronrick to follow after her. "They got an office, ye know? With the brig 'n stuff? Also where they keep all the evidence…" She'll jingle the little bag a more in her hand. It's not a huge bag, but definitely worth quite a few marks and more than either of these crafters would make in several months, if not a turn or two. "How's yer handwritin'? Cause there's gonna be some forms…" It's like she's done this a time or two, but off they'll go! To dutiful turn in possibly stolen goods and also to make all the necessary reports. And then drink

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