Hannah, Lendai


Some kinky conversation between goldriding companions.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Archive Library, Southern Weyr

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Archive Library

Where once books reigned supreme, this open space is now dominated by a stalwart skybroom reaching to the sky through a broken ceiling. What was once evidence of collapse is now ornately carved with engraved ivy, matched by a clever contraption of stone that allows the gap to be closed in inclement weather. A small garden occupies the space around the tree-trunk, all manicured bushes and flowering shrubbery enclosed by a grated gutter. The walls are lined with bookcases, while a spiral staircase leans on the western wall to wind upwards to the second level. Tucked in the corners and scattered in the main areas are tables and chairs, cafe-style, and comfortably worn overstuffed armchairs. It is the perfect place for individuals to gather, to enjoy the offerings of the food-cart or a spirited conversation.

Thank Faranth that the heat index outside does not have the temperature soaring past the one hundred mark. Even still, summer is a cruel mistress in Southern as the heat combined with the humidity is almost unbearable. Which quite possibly explains the barely-there pale pink tank top that leaves a hint of stomach exposed and the short white shorts that Hannah's sporting this afternoon, tucked away in the Library as it were. She's curled up on one chair, legs draped over the arm of the chair with a cool drink held in one hand. Haphazardly on the cafe-style table are hides and work spread out. Her hair, piled high atop her head in a messy bun, is mostly out of the way, though the pale strands cling to nape and cheek. "Is it autumn yet?" she mutters to no one in particular. A golden chain with a golden, gem-eyed dragon puddles in the hollow of her throat, exposed when she tilts her head back to stare, blankly, at the tree.

Days like today make Lendai pleased as a peach that her hair is now sheered so short. No hot locks giving her sweaty neck! Still, the overwhelming heat is a bit much, even for the warm-loving Weyrwoman. Her arms are full of quite a few hides, all being returned to the archives. They are placed onto a table, leaving them for whatever drudge or candidate has the duty to put things back into place. She's about to continue on her way, but a familiar flash of face catches her attention. "Hannah!" It doesn't take but a moment to move over to the younger women's side, a chair being dragged along with her. "Oh my, look at the amount of skin you are showing!" Scandalized? Nah. Lendai is grinning, herself sporting a wispy summer dress colored yellow that isn't nearly as revealing as it could be. ALAS. Sitting down and eyeing Hannah's drink, the goldrider is silent a moment. But only a moment. "Sooo." Ahem. "Was that all planned?"

Hannah's hair has not yet reached it's once former glory, but at least it's long enough now to pile on top of her head. She takes what she can get! Languidly, the junior weyrwoman sloooooowly lifts her head, cheeks flushed and eyes glassy from the heat. The tall glass is frosty and emits a slightly fruity odor reminiscent of peaches and redfruit. "Lendai, if I wear more clothing, I will melt." Lazily, she swings her feet from off the arm of the chair to sit more fully while giving an older rider a good glare for his disdain at the amount of thigh she flashed. "They're lucky I'm not in here in a bikini!" Hannah sips her drink before pushing it towards Lendai, brows raising first then lowering in confusion. She looks back to the older rider, then back to Lendai. "Was what planned?"

"A bikini, you say? Are you rethinking my proposal for the super revealing ones with gems in your butt?" Lendai appears partially serious in this venture. "It is a bit… much, isn't it? The heat, that is." Her face is fanned with a free hand as she settles her rump further into the chair. Lendai reaches her hand out to scoop up the offered drink, a quick sip taken before her eyes rest on Hannah's face. "K'ane. Showing up like that at Igen. Suddenly… wanting things from me. I know you are in cahoots with him, young lady." Another drink is taken, before the glass is placed back on the table. Yay sharing! "You abandoned me with me!"

Hannah doesn't have cooties, promise. Or well. Who knows. "I don't think I could go that far. The heat is pretty ridiculous. I think Thread's caused a shift in the weather…" The junior shrugs, however, not really versed in the world of the Starcrafters. "Maybe the Starcraft can tell us why this weyr is suddenly punishing us by putting us in the deep fryer." Anyway, her icy cold drink is snatched back up to sip on. Emerald green eyes widen in surprise at Lendai's question, sincerity writ across her features. She even sputters a bit. "No… I was as surprised as you were. Honestly it was rather awkward and Lendai! No offering me up to be a broodmare again. That was embarrassing!" Pushing the glass back to Lendai, but not before dabbing her fingers into the chilly water, she kicks her feet up and dabs her fingers to her chest. "I learned my lesson on that. That was all… K'ane. I think he's secretly a girl," brows raise, humor ignited, "Or at least has girlish tendencies towards babies. The man's fathered what… ten by now?" Four. But who's counting?

Lendai gives a sly smile, eyelashes flashing with pure innocence. "For a dragonrider, and an oldtimer at that, you are far too easily embarassed. It's okay, I like it, makes you even cuter!" The senior leans forward, grabbing at Hannah's cheeks lightly and pinching. Oooooohsocute! "You and him would make an adorable baby, though. He's got those dark, brooding looks, and you're all pale and light. It'd be an interesting contrast in a child." Since that is all children are, right? Interesting things to be created and foisted away. A sigh leaves Lendai now, her arms covering her torso as if cold. "Four that we know of, Faranth knows how many else might be out there." Here is where the goldrider's expression goes from mirthful to serious. "Perhaps five soon enough, with what I agreed to do with him."

"Len-mph-dai!" Hannah's muffled exclaimation is what the senior weyrwoman gets in response to the cheek pinching. "It was private - you and K'ane and that talk. I don't need to be involved in the, ah, discussions." A tinge of pink stains her cheeks, masked by the sudden grasp of her drink to drain at least a quarter of it. "Him and I will never be making babies," the junior points out, choking on the water. "Anyway, you and he obviously make lovely — wait you agreed?" Is that surprise that flashes across the woman's features? Setting the glass slowly down, she levels the intensity of her attention to Lendai, emerald eyes sharpening on her senior. "I never would have thought you'd agree, but I think having someone — something — would be good for you. I always have, Lendai." The last is gently said, hands reaching out to grasp her friend's. "You need some happiness."

"This is stupid, Hannah. You know it as well as I do. It's not like you and Th'seus. K'ane doesn't love me, he doesn't even like me. At most, he thinks I have a rocking rack." Lendai gestures to her boobs, giving them an appreciative nod. They are quite awesome. "It was… he just… he says these things! Telling me I'm pretty and that he wants to do things for me and I don't even like children! I hate babies. They smell and poop and cry and throw up on everything! I gave Aikari away minutes after I squeezed her adorable little self out of me." The mommy-hormones never really did kick in. "I mean, I'm not you. You have all this… mothering… gentleness… crap about you. Shells, I bet you'd have been a nanny if your gold didn't scoop you up." Lendai scoffs, putting her head in her hands. "I told him yes, Hannah. And it was stupid and wrong and I'm freaking out and Talicanitath is beyond pissed off at me, she hasn't spoken to me since." There is some hyperventilating going on over here.

"Oh Lendai," Hannah's heart goes out to her senior weyrwoman which causes her to push the glass aside and drop all pretense of humor. "You are beautiful, Lendai. You are warm, funny, and you care so very, very deeply for the people and things that matter to you. It doesn't have to be love to be enjoyed." She presses the top of Lendai's head lightly, letting her fingers slip through to stroke the short, dark tresses. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to do and if you don't want a baby…" A crooked smile follows, admission coming quietly. "I was far too shy and awkward before I Impressed to have worked as a nanny. The children never would have listened to me." The junior leans down to look Lendai in the eye. "You don't have to be obligated to raise a child. We're dragonriders. That isn't always a part of the equation. You love Aikari, but that doesn't mean you have to want to raise her from an infant. You don't have that luxury, anyway. Nor would I. Or Bailey." Nibbling her bottom lip, brows drop in thoughtful mien before she quietly, softly asks, "Do you want this?"

Lendai shuffles her chair closer to Hannah's, enjoying the comfort and support her friend is providing. She reluctantly raises her head, shoulders shrugging. "I've almost forty, Hannah," is said with a rather droll tone. "I've had my fair share of 'enjoyment'," Her fingers make parentheses at that word. "in my turns. I'd simply like a glimpse into something more, is all. I'm a dragonrider, yeah, but maybe a drop of love and affection isn't too much to ask for." Again, those shoulders shrug. "You have a quiet authority, Hannah. It's not so much the loud, in your face like mine, or the dark, cold authority of Bailey." Like a parent saying their child's full name in that sends chills down their backs. "Do not sell yourself short." AHAHA. Get it? Short. Cause Hannah is SO SHORT. Woooo. "I don't know. I hated being pregnant. I love Aikari, but I don't love Aikari. Like yeah, she's my kid… but… whatever? It's not like she's my dragon!" Dragon »> offspring. Dragon's offspring »> offspring. A snort from the Weyrwoman, she's shaking her hand. "Of course I wouldn't waste my time raising a child! I'm not some Holder. I've got Thread to fry!" She bristles at the thought. "I'd probably shove that kid over at Igen anyway. Though I still must place the fear of Faranth into their nannies…"

"In the grand scheme of things, forty is hardly old," Hannah gently nudges, touching Lendai's shoulder as the other woman finally looks up. "Asking for life to provide you with love and kindness is not asking for a too much. Not at all." Her expression is rife with concern, worry furrowing her brow and adding sorrow to the depths of green eyes. Now that Lendai's head isn't in her hands, the junior takes the woman's hands, giving them a squeeze, giving a chagrined smile for her senior's words on authority. "Thank you," she murmurs, but turns back to Lendai. "If you don't want to be pregnant and you don't have the depth of affection for Aikari, then why would you have another?" Nibbling her bottom lip, the goldrider looks hard at Lendai before letting her gaze fall to the floor. "Is it for K'ane?" Perplexed this question comes, with a look given Lendai from 'neath the pale fringe of lashes.

"It feels rather old." Lendai mutters, pouting a moment at the injustice of time and her waning youth. The question posed from Hannah causes the goldrider to pause and consider. Her lower lip worried between her teeth as her nose wrinkles, then her forehead, then both at the same time. Finally, a breath of air is released and Lendai kicks her feet at the ground. "'cause K'ane wants it, I guess? I told you, he caught me offguard with all the nice, sweetness. Usually he's just full of piss and vinegar." A weak chuckle from the woman. "Last time I would've slept with him as well, if'n Bailey's brute of a gold didn't start saying how I was a pity fuck and Talicanitath got wind of it." Her own hand reaches up and runs through her own locks, shaking free a tangle or two. "It's so lame. I'm so lame. Willing to get knocked up because a guy was nice to me." A groan rips through Lendai, shaking her head with dark humor. "It's like I'm fifteen all over again, this is ridiculous!"

"Lendai," Hannah sternly says, "You are only as old as you feel and claim. If you claim to be old, then you will be. Claim youth, because you've got a long way to go before you're in your dotage." This last is a tease, gently given. As for the rest, the junior chews her bottom lip. "Khalyssrielth…" Who wants to say anything bad about someone else's lifemate? Even Hannah doesn't lack that kind of tact. "… is difficult. But dragons can hardly understand the complexities of human relationships. Not to mention navigate them thoroughly enough to make judgments. Do not let Khalyssrielth dictate what you do or don't do. She has sex once every two turns." Pale brows raise, lips press together. "If you want a child, then it's the right decision. You are sexy and beautiful and wonderful and a lot of fun to be around. Having a child or not having a child won't change that. If you do have a child," this is where Hannah's slightly deviously crafty nature comes to play, "and keep it here, then he'll have reason to come visit you." And Lendai can draw the dots from there.

Lendai laughs outright at Hannah's words of Khalyssrielth, the Weyrwoman shaking her head and wiping a laughter-driven tear from her eye. "Yes, well, I have a nasty habit of letting Talicanitath's emotions meld with mine own, causing me to lash out when I generally know better. That may have been one of those times." Or at least that is the excuse she is using. Lendai sits up a little straighter, before allowing herself the comfort of proping her feet up on the table, uncaring if she is giving anyone across from her a view of her panties (PSSST. THEY ARE PINK!). A choke of sorts is caught in the woman's throat, and she's spluttering at Hannah. "Please!" Indignity! It suddenly reigns supreme. "The last thing I need is word spreading that Southern Weyr's Senior Weyrwoman needs to trap a man with a child just to keep him around. Shards and shells, I don't need to be a laughingstock!" A grumble, a pout. "It's simply been far too long for me. Some of the Holders are starting to look desireable, and I cut myself off of Holders a long, long time ago." Eyes narrow a bit, one eyebrow arching as the younger of the two women suddenly gets all of Lendai's attention once more. "You are overly concerned with my love life, you know. I should be getting some kind of juicy details about yours."

"Lendai," Hannah says, exasperated, "I wouldn't tell anyone. It's not like that's what people would think, anyway. They would think that you and K'ane had hot love all the time and suddenly a baby happened. Unless you walked around with your 'Kane visits me to impregnant me' schedule, no one would know." When Lendai props her feet up, so does Hannah lean back and kick her own feet up. She has no panties to reveal, but she does show off a healthy amount of leg. "Holders in this time are…." Special. Hannah leaves it at THAT. "I'm not overly concerned, Lendai, but I was concerned because you're my friend. And you brought this to me. I was helping you." Oh juicy details. They are locked away beneath Hannah's benevolent expression, and innocent blinking, "Juicy details?" Asked, innocently.

Perhaps Lendai is already walking around with her 'Kane visits me to impregnant me' schedule. Maybe that's why she's suddenly flushed, standing up, moving over towards those hides she dropped off earlier and ruffling through them until some piece is found. Folded. And tucked into her bra. NO ONE SAW NOTHING. Taking her seat again, Lendai simply acts as is none of that has happened. "The Nowtimer 'rawr, me man, you woman! Rawr!' was old at first, but I'm finding it more and more charming as time goes on. The Holders aren't so bad. And so long as they can shut their traps and just look pretty for the five bloody minutes I need them…" Which spits in the face of her earlier argument of not wanting sex for fun anymore, though she cares not at the moment. "That's right, juicy details. Like… like how big is he? Are we talking fingerroot length or…" Lendai looks right, looks left, and leans in. "Cucumber."

Hannah's brows arch as Lendai makes herself around the table for that scrap of hide, especially as it disappears into her bosom. Her lips press together to try and stop herself from laughing. "Holders should be good for something," her bland agreement quivers with an energy quite like mirth. "No one says they're good for relationships though. Never understanding a dragon rider's life." Ain't that the truth, though Lendai gets a look for liking the misogyny. "A… Faranth Lendai!!" Hannah's hands come up to press to her mouth as laughter spills out. "I can't tell you that." But the look? That look? Th'seus ain't got no mike-and-ike down there.

"They're good at letting us scoop up their sons and daughters and throw them at dragon babies!" Lendai says with glee. "It'd help if the Lord Holders weren't so… snooty. I'd take a roll in the hay with them more often." Even the married ones. For this is a women who has no respect of the bounds of matrimony. The Weyrwoman grins, waggling her eyebrows. "Oh, come now, Hannah! You can tell me that! It's not much. I swear I won't tell anyone. Would using fruit help? Is he as wide as a redfruit or are we talking grapes? We could head to the kitchens! I think they were cooking sausages! You can point out the size closest!" This is a great idea, Lendai totally thinks so at least. "Is it just the motion of the ocean or does the man have a good sized wave?"

Hannah flushes, starting with a pale pink to a deep red as Lendai goes on. And on. And on. "Lendai, Lendai." She tries to grasp for her friend's arms to stop the crazy train. "The man is perfect, okay? Perfect for me and that's all I'm telling." A deep breath comes between the moments of embarrassment. "And I think Th'seus would slay me where I stood if I revealed such … private things. How about let's talk about…" About, about, about. "Cucumber? Really, Lendai? Cucumber??" Yeah, the junior got stuck on that! Releasing her friend, the woman grasps for her drink, guzzling hard on the water. GUZZLING.

Lendai purses her lips, making something of a duckface for a moment, sans the sexy eyes that usually go with it. Her face is relaxed, and her shoulders are shrugging oh-so-nonchalantly. "Fine, fine. Don't tell me. I'll find out for myself. Next time I see Th'seus, I'm going to walk up to him and just grab his junk, give it a squeeze, and declare him the vegetable I think it measures to." She'll do it too. There's a deadly serious look in her face the bespeaks her sincerity. "I could've said a green bean, y'know. I was being nice!" Lendai snickers at Hannah's reactions all the same. "Is it the vegetable theme that's throwing you off? We can try something else. Is he hung like a runner? Or a canine? Surely not a feline, they've got itty bitty little winkies." To emphasize her point, she takes her thumb and forefinger and makes the space between the two digits get smaller and smaller. "What about stamina? Are we talking looooong romps in the sheets, or wham-bam-done-with-you-ma'am?"

Lendai's deadly serious comment provokes the feral side of Hannah, causing the junior to narrow her eyes and still, staring at her senior. "You'll do no such thing." The hint of midnight sepulcher darkness weaves through husky tones, a warning that while senior she may be, she trods perilously close to the edge of what friendship gives another woman talking about grabbing her weyrmate's junk. The tension is eased by Lendai's laughter, and the junior stands. Slowly. No more water, woe! The glass is set on the table as Hannah leans in close to Lendai, that hint of feral otherness still so close to the surface. "I think I'll go refresh my memory. Last time, when I counted, I think it was seven times before he got tired." Cheerily, breathily, the junior straightens up and waves her hand. "I lost count." And that's all that Lendai's gonna get FOR NOW. Is that Hannah? Sauntering off? Oh yes. Dhiammarath's influence is as strong within her as Talicanitath is to Lendai and Khalyssrielth is in Bailey. She looks over her shoulder, a little coyly, a little playful, and wiggles her fingers. "Kiss, kiss."

There is first shock on Lendai's face, and then laughter, all rounded off with a tablespoon of jealousy. "Yeah, well, you go do that!" She says as her junior saunters off. "Maybe I'll go and find K'ane! AND WE'LL DO IT EIGHT OR NINE TIMES!" Lendai's yelling now, because that's not horrifying or anything. In truth, the Senior doesn't go and find K'ane, instead, much later, there is talk of the goldrider in the kitchens. Scouring through the cucumbers… though no one is quite sure why.

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