I'dre, Xanthee, Ja'un


Igen River Hold is holding a gather and some weyrlings decide to check it out.


It is afternoon of the twenty-fifth day of the sixth month of the fifteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Igen River Hold

OOC Date 12 Nov 2018 05:00



"Gathers are so much more fun now we can drink again."


Igen River Hold

Sitting on the cusp of a striking juxtaposition of sand and greenery, Igen River Hold hugs both rugged cliff and gentle slope of riverbank. Small fishing craft with brightly-hued hulls and sails can be seen to coast easily along the currents here, as well as larger boats built for transport and the occasional journey downriver to the ocean. Crafthalls for both boat-builders and fisher folk make up most of what can be seen from Igen River itself, the ramps and piers extending past the thin strip of tidal swamp to be found at this point along the water's edge. A smallish sprawl of industry, this hold - but a bustling one, with a colorful and thriving community of river-bound Seacrafters and holders who find such a lifestyle to their liking.

Evening has just begun here at Igen River Hold and now that the sun is no longer blistering and high in the sky, the festivities are really getting into swing! Temperatures still soar, even out here, but the worst of it is staved off by the breeze coming off the waters; just enough that spending time outdoors isn't entirely miserable if you're dressed appropriately. I'dre is dressed just as such, in casual but smart-fitting clothing that he'd lucked out in scoring from the Bazaar. His riding leathers are no doubt stowed away on Mhiruth's straps, which have also been carefully stashed aside. Currently the blue has settled as close to the water as possible and still permit him to be out of the way, content beyond content to sunbath and gaze into the river's depths. Freed from the ever-watchful eyes of the accompanying assistant Weyrlingmasters, I'dre aimlessly wandered off, a bit awed by the colourful and thriving community of the river Hold made all the more colourful by the decor. Eventually his path veers towards one of the riverbank docks, where many of the brightly-hued hulls and sails of the boats moored there catching his immediate attention, though he keeps his distance and out of the way of most of the milling throngs of folk passing through.

Having arrived earlier, Xanthee has made her rounds of the stalls, attired in a flirty summer dress of emerald green, she meanders through the throngs of people, a glass of chilled white wine in her hands, sipping idly as she wanders. Liowyth has staked out a pleasant area just outside the hold where she is soaking up the last of the day's rays, emerald hide gleaming with a fresh oiling as she dozes. The greenling's path takes her down by the water and the docks where she spies a certain blueling off on his own. She ponders briefly just letting him be, but there's a part of her that is just too inquisitive for her own good. So she makes her way down to join him, a friendly wave and a lift of her glass in his direction. "Gathers are so much more fun now we can drink again. Hope I'm not bothering you. Just saw you standing here all alone and thought I'd say Hi. So…Hi!"

Finally, Ja'un takes the time to venture from the Weyr proper and make his way down to Igen River Hold. A gather is always a fun place to be! Both riding leathers and riding straps have been removed and tucked away into a bag that Loranduth is currently curled around. The young bronze is mostly enraptured by the movement of wagons and wheels, big faceted eyes intent upon them. «I will be here.» This lets Ja'un meander about and pick up some 'essentials'. Essentials being a very fine bottle of Benden hold wine, clothes for the warm months that he remembered disliking when he first got to Igen. A flirty summer dress of /course/ captures Ja'uns attention, a fellow rider that has slinked from the main event to visit another rider. So Ja'un follows and waits before butting in.

"Yeah, but we're still held to moderation!" I'dre points out dryly, but his mood seems to be good and so are his spirits. He'd spotted Xanthee approaching and he gives her an obvious appraising look for the dress she's wearing. "Not bad." he remarks, clearly teasing, along with a rare carefree grin. Out here, even he can briefly forget the weight looming on his shoulders. "Figured I'd check this place out before getting into the drinks. Need to be… good, about that." He's never made it a secret, his old habits of spending many of a night on benders of drinking, gambling and seeking various night-life entertainment. "Enjoying yourself?" Spotting Ja'un drifting closer as well, he'll offer the other a welcoming nod in greeting, though his attention does not stray long from Xanthee.

Blushing subtly as she giggles, Xanthee gives I'dre a playful twirl, sending her skirts to swaying about her knees, "Not bad? I was hoping for a bit better than that since Mal's coming over to see our new weyr tonight." Her emerald eyes dance mischieveously as she takes another sip of her wine before sagely nodding. "Good that you are aware of that. I'm not indulging. Only my first glass so far. I'm sure after all this time, my tolerance is tanked. Gonna have to work my way back up. And I am enjoying myself, immensely! I think I needed this, we all do. Just cut loose for a second and breathe!" Closing her eyes, she takes a heaving breath before exhaling with a happy sigh. Looking back to see who is coming up behind them, Xan greets Ja'un with a warm smile, "What were you doing? Sneaking up on us?" Wow! Xanthee's talking about a mile a minute, her exhuberance almost bubbling out of her.

"Moderation is /fine/. Anymore than that and our dragons might start stumbling." Ja'un doesn't wait too much longer before butting in. And why would someone's attention stray from Xanthee. It is a /very/ flirty dress. "OH." That wasn't a conversation Ja'un thought he was going to listen to and his cheeks start to subtly flame. CHANGE THE SUBJECT PLEASE. "Oh, sneaking yes. Its easier without a Bronze stomping around with you. I got to buy some new clothes finally. For the hot. And things for my weyr."

I'dre smirks, "Moderation!" He quotes again, as his mouth broadens to something wry and mischievous of his own. Meaning he could have complimented Xanthee without restraint, but he is trying to be on good behaviour and, well… she's taken. Rogue that he can be, he doesn't mess (too much) with unavailable prey partners. "Mhm." he muses, sounding only vaguely interested in the rest of what she rambles on about until he's trying to do the unthinkable: attempting to steal her wine glass away! "If your tolerance is that far gone, you won't be needing the rest of this! Or you won't be flying home at all to meet with your dear Mal." Some teasing sarcasm there, but it's light hearted rather than scathing. He pauses long enough to blink at Ja'un, slightly baffled for the younger man's blushing before shrugging it off. "You guys sound like you've settled in all comfy and cozy." Yet I'dre's made zero mention of his new abode.

Xanthee is so glad her flirty dress is such a hit from the attention it's affording her. When she sees Ja'un's cheeks flame subtly, she gives him a bit of a knowing look, and maybe a flutter of a wink, but being tactful enough not to say anything. "Hmmmm, new clothes are fun, but I just shelled out almost all my marks for a new bed for my weyr. I got some things from the Stores, but I wanted one thing that was new. I'm fairly rattling around in there, the silence after the Barracks is just unreal." I'dre's good behaviour is given a warm smile, before she squeaks as her glass is snatched away from her. With a dimissive wave of her hand, she concedes, "You may be right. I should just buy a bottle here to bring back with me. Much more responsible." Seems there's nothing spoiling Xan's mood this evening. "Yes, settling in very well. Love that I can just walk right out of my weyr and BAM! There's the lake! Where are you guys living now?"

"Oh, I've settled into a weyr over the Bazaar. The noise can be a bit much, but its easily ignored when you close the shutters up." Ja'un's blondeish eyebrows lift high when I'dre just snatchs poor Xanthee's glass and his head shakes slow. "Thats what I did. The trader out of Benden brought a very /very/ good vintage with him. I got two bottles for a decent price. Its easier to haggle when you know the goods." The neck of both of those bottles are sticking out of the satchel hanging over his shoulder and against his hip. "I can give you one actually, a nice homewarming present."

That one squeak of protest is enough for I'dre to claim victory, as he'll promptly knock back the rest of the contents of that glass. If Xanthee truly is put out by the loss, he'd probably buy her another one, but as his joking about was taken in stride… "That wasn't half bad!" he remarks in passing about the wine itself. Gesturing to the clothes he wears, he smiles crookedly. "From the Bazaar too. Rather impressed with myself for not burning through what few marks I have…" Weyrlinghood does not pay well and what cannot be purchased, the Weyr does provide to a degree. "Benden, huh?" His attention focuses to Ja'un, eyes narrowing slightly as if to really study him. "Either you've got connections kid or you're a real smooth talker!" Which is I'dre-speak for him being moderately bemused for the bronze weyrling's luck. Xanthee's question is marked by a shrug and a pointed look out towards the ships again. "I'm over the north bowl. Nothing fancy."

"Hmmmm, I was quite enjoying it," Xanthee replies teasingly as she sideyes I'dre with a mock scowl. All in good fun though, as she quickly reagains her usual sunny disposition. Her interest is caught by Ja'un and his two bottles of Benden wine, ooooh'ing softly. "I would never say no to a bottle of Bendan wine, but if you could just point me towards the merchant, I could maybe try my hand at haggling myself," she says with a suggestive waggling of her brows. "So all over the place huh?" she remarks about everyone's weyrs' placement. "I'm definitely having a weyrwarming party, I was thinking beach bar-b-q, swimwear required. Maybe a bonfire." She shrugs with a giggle before going much further, "You know, something small, intimate."

That wine was drunk too quickly and Xanthee is joined by Ja'un for a mock scowl towards I'dre. Maybe a faux scowl, maybe. "Maybe I'll just meet you and we'll share a bottle between the three of us. Or you could go find Findroh. Yes. Yes." Ja'un's eyes skate sideways as SOMEBODY mutters at him. "He has the very fancy wagon, Loranduth says. You shouldn't miss him. Oh. I was a Vintner apprentice, I've met a few people, I know that turn's wine was /good/ but wasn't always consistent."

I'dre just wiggles that glass between his fingers with a knowing smirk flashed back to Xanthee and Ja'un before he sets it aside; it'll be collected shortly enough by one of the drudges milling about for such things. He scoffs next, giving Xan a side-eyed look. "You? Barter?" He sounds disbelieving that she'd ever stand a chance. "Guess so. Kind of bound to happen?" Never was it on his mind where the others would end up. His brows lift, a vague smile curving his lips that show some interest despite his contrary remarks. "That sort've party won't go down well near the lake shore. You planning to host this outside the Weyr then? Because that'll kinda axe the whole 'small, intimate' part a bit." Again, he gives Ja'un a once over look before smiling vaguely. "That'd explain it then. Had no idea you were a Vintner."

"Yes! Me…Barter. You don't grow up a stone's throw from the Bazaar without learning a thing or two about saving a mark you know." Xanthee retorts with an indignant sniff. "I'm no expert mind you, but I manage." Listening to Ja'un's description of the Vintner's wagon, she nods in the affirmative. "I'll head over there on my way out. Can't stay out too late if we want to function for…wait for it…more drills in the morning." I'dre's comments on her party are met with a considered hum, "Now I'm not so sure. We'll see. Maybe I'll wait, we have graduation to Seniors soon. That always comes with a party right?"

"We didn't really run into each other until candidacy, and even then." Ja'un remarks back to I'dre, a sidelong headshake towards Xanthee. "The Bazaar is a bit different from a Gather, but I think you'll do well. Less people looking to snatch your coinpurse." Because the Bazaar is certainly something of a no-mans-land at times. "I certainly don't feel very senior yet, especially with how many drills we have been doing. Maybe just a gathering at the lake shore regardless? Doesn't need to be a 'party'."

"Uh huh." I'dre's back to smirking and giving Xanthee a look like he still doesn't quite believe her… or is mulling over some thought; maybe that wine has mellowed him out? Because he's scoffing again, but his amusement is lacking the usual barbs. "In that case, you and I should play cards sometimes. I'd like to see what "thing or two" you might know." Because bartering and gambling are two and the same, right? He grimaces at Xan's joke on more drills, but he huffs for Ja'un's lack of enthusiasm on a party. "It'd better! I'm going to want to celebrate anyhow and if we're not due to have Threadfall the next day or the one after… why hold back?" He's going to go all out ? or toe the line as far as any rules or restrictions might bind him.

"Sure. I don't know many games, so you'd probably have to teach me," Xanthee replies innocently enough, although with a spark of possible mischief in her emerald eyes, or it could just be the fading light. Sighing heavily in response to Ja'un's last she just shakes her head, "We need a party, all of us. We've made it this far, and as soon as we learn to between, we get to fight actual Thread. That's something to celebrate." She nods in I'dre's direction, "He's got the right of it. We need to cut loose. Everyone knows how hard they've been working us. It won't kill ya to let your hair down you know."

"We do need a party. We really do. Especially now that we're all separated again and really only see all of us during drills. And that isn't fun." Some drills are fun, Ja'un. Reminds a certain bronze. "Celebrate and dread, Loranduth is certainly chomping to get at it. We'll probably need a celebration AFTER Thread as well." Maybe the young man is feeling particularly generous today, because one of the two bottles gets pulled from his satchel and offered out towards Xanthee. "Here, for the two of you to enjoy your new home with."

A spark is all I'dre needs to run with and he grins wryly, while scrubbing a thumb along the curve of his jaw as he considers. "Y'know, I think I know just the card game to start you with! Some other time and soon." It sounds like a done deal and a promise! He nods in hearty agreement, both for her and Ja'un. "That's more like it! And damn right, we should celebrate after Threadfall! Most riders do!" He won't go on about how it's a method to cope with the constant fight and risk they face. This is a Gather and a festive atmosphere, after all! Smirking again, he casts another look out towards the moored boats, but something else catches his eye. A young man stands some distance away and from the cut of his clothing he looks to either be a Trader or Merchant of sorts, but around I'dre's age. There's no mistaking it's the blue weyrling he's observing either. "Heh." A slight bemused sound, as I'dre adopts a rather roguish smirk as he glances back to Xan and Ja'un. "Catch up with you two some other time!" Then he's striding off, confident to the point of arrogance as he joins up with the young stranger who greets him with a broad grin before they both disappear in the milling crowds.

"Wow! Thanks Ja'un. We'll be sure to toast your generosity." Xanthee replies as she takes the bottle from the bronzeling, pondering what kind of gift she should get him for his own weyrwarming. To I'dre, her smirk deepens even as she nods her head, "Sounds like fun. Can't wait." Talk of celebrating their first Fall sobers Xanthee slightly but she nods along in agreement with the others. When I'dre takes his leave, she offers a little wave and a sing-song, "Remember…Moderation!" before turning back to Ja'un with a teasing waggle of her brows, "I talked with Khali the other day…." she trails off, wandering back towards the gather proper to maybe look at some more stalls.

"We'll be in good company celebrating then." Ja'un is confused enough at I'dre's sudden distraction and disappearance. Does he know the man? Either way Xanthee knows just the sort of things to yank him back to the present and to put his attention on her again. "Its just one bottle of wine, and you are a close friend. And /that/ sounds a bit..mysterious." Ja'un won't wander off like I'dre, instead turning to join Xanthee on her walk back towards stalls and *WAGONS*.

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