Linden, Linny, D'ren


Linden babbles a lot.

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Island Getaway

The inner weyr is small compared to the massive cave outside. Glows set into alcoves along the wall can be uncovered to provide enough light to read and sketch without strain, or covered to drop the room into near total darkness. The room is taken up mostly with a large wooden bed with a new rush-filled mattress. It is covered in warm blankets, with more blankets tucked neatly away in to a clothes press at the foot of the bed. A desk is against the opposite wall, spread with hides. Wooden book shelves have been built, and are draped with cloth leaves depicting the current season. A table with two chairs, a dresser, and a small brazier complete the furniture of the room.

Rest days are the best days. Especially when Linny only has one child to look after and she gets to lounge around in a weyr that's not hers. Linny's on her belly on the floor of D'ren's weyr with Linden sitting up in front of her, arms waving wildly in excitement. "This block is blue. Buh-looooo. Say it, baby. Buh-loooooo." To which Linden just has a: "A-bah!" And so Lin moves onto the next one. "Green. Gruh-eeeeen. Green!" But at this block, the infant's arms start to wave even more so, eyes wide as he stares at the block, letting out a shriek. "Ag-bah!" "Huh. You must like green. Here you go." And as soon as she hands over the block, it instantly goes into Linden's mouth, who starts gumming at it.

Aikuonath, freshly fed, washed and oiled lands on the ledge outside, crouching to allow D'ren to dismount. The bronzerider also looks freshly fed and washed (but not oiled) as he pats his strapless dragon's shoulder and walks into his inner weyr. "Why hello there," he greets, standing in the doorway and smiling at his little family.

"Linden, look who it is. It's daddy! Can you say that? Dadda? Dadda!" "Mmmph-bah!" Linden says around the block in his mouth, though there is no denying that his face lights up at seeing his father, his free hand moving around in what could be considered a wave to D'ren. Linny, too, looks pleased at seeing her weyrmate, though she says laying on the ground with their son. "How as your day?"

D'ren beams at his son's recognition. He'll treasure this until the boy grows into adolescence and starts hiding his emotions; when it's 'not cool' to like your parents and all that. D'ren walks in and flops onto the ground beside his son, pulling him into his lap and smiling at Linny. "Just fine. Relaxing," he answers, offering her a kiss hello. "Yours?"

"About the same. Trying to teach our son to be smart." Which sounds silly, but it's the truth, as evident by the massive amounts of blocks on the ground in so many different shapes and sizes. Linny stays on her stomach, building a little tower out of the square blocks idly. "Look Li-Li, look! Boom!" A finger pushes over the blocks and the little boy starts /laughing/. Those adorably cute belly laughs infants are so known for. Of course, Linny can't help but laugh herself, tossing an amused look up to D'ren.

D'ren laughs along with them, gently removing the block from Linden's mouth. "It's very important to do that," he says, only half teasing. "Linden, who is that?" he asks, pointing at Linny. "Who's that?"

"Ah-gah!" Linden announces, but it's not in reference to his father's question. Oh no. It's about wanting that block back that was taken away from him, his forehead wrinkling up in deep concentration as he tries to reach for a new one. Which Linny willingly supplies. "Rrrrr-ed, Linden. Listen to Momma. Rrrrr-ed!" This time, the boy has nothing to say in return. Just a simple whine to show his mother that he /really/ wants the block, and so she hands it over. "Well, we'll just hope he inherits your amazing looks, if he can't be smart," Lin teases, winking at the bronzerider.

D'ren laughs, shaking his head. "He'll be smart," he says, kissing the infant's head. "He's right on track developmentally. He's doing just fine. Aren't you, son?" he asks, grinning as he always does when he gets to use that word. He turns Linden slightly so he can smile down at him lovingly.

With that red block in his mouth, Linden stares up at his father, lips curling into a smile around the block in his mouth. Slowly, it's pulled out of his mouth. "A-da! A-da-da-da!" the little infant squeals, getting his hands going in their up and down excitement motion, flicking a look between Linny and D'ren. "Da-da-da-da-da-!" he chants, getting louder and louder with each syllable. The goldrider perks up slightly, forehead wrinkling up as she looks at D'ren. "It…sounds like he's saying…" Oh man. Yet /another/ kid saying Dadda first. Poor Momma.

D'ren laughs, grinning as he tickles Linden's belly. "Dada!" he encourages, even as he gives Linny an apologetic look. "Now say Momma. Mama," he encourages, turning the little boy to look at his mother.

"Da-da-da-da!" Linden now says to his mother, his arms continuing to flail, so much so that hopefully he avoids bashing D'ren's face with that red block. Linny shakes her head at her weyrmate, pushing herself to stand up. "Dadda is just easier to say," she replies breezily, though she walks away from the father-son pair, going to the bed to remake it. Looking for something to do to keep herself busy.

D'ren shakes his head, leaning his head back to avoid getting hit by the block. "He's just saying random things, sweetheart," he assures her. "He doesn't know what he's saying. He's saying it to you, now."

"I know," replies Linny, though her tone is most definitely defensive as she beats the living daylights out of a pillow to fluff it up. Meanwhile, Linden offers his father the red block so that he can crawl off of his lap in order to get an orange block to put in his mouth. Maybe the colors taste differently. "A-da-bah," he says, pointing to the space in between them. Build, Dada. Build.

D'ren looks worriedly at Linny, watching her for a moment before Linden pulls his attention away. Subdued and quiet, D'ren starts to build a little tower of blocks straight up for the little boy.

But the tower building doesn't last for long until Linden can't wait any longer and he reaches out to knock the blocks down, letting out a loud squeal of sheer delight. "Bah-mah!" Chubby legs kick as he attempts to reach out and grab the block so that /he/ can try and put the blocks on top of each other, the concentration obvious on his face. Meanwhile, finished mauling the pillows, Linny starts folding blankets, and when she finds one of her son's favorites, she sits down on the edge of the bed, fingertips softly moving over top of the fabric.

D'ren laughs along with Linden, letting him try his hand at building as he turns to watch Linny. "You okay, honey?" he asks her gently. "What's wrong?"

"Huh? Yeah. No, yeah, I'm fine. I'm…." Linny trails off, the corners of her lips pulling down in a frown as she looks down at the blanket. And when she looks over at D'ren, well, does she /really/ need to tell him what's bothering her? It should be fairly obvious, given the completely devastated look on her face.

D'ren leaves Linden to play, standing up to walk over and sit beside her. He wraps his arm around her waist. "It doesn't mean anything," he says softly. "Doesn't mean he loves you less. It's just the sounds that are easier for him to make."

"Roslin preferred you for the longest time," Linny reminds him, and she doesn't need to remind him that she's not even his biological daughter. When he sits down beside her, brown eyes drop back down to Linden's blanket, clutching it against her chest like it's her security blanket, like she could make Linden love her more by doing so. "I just feel so…." An exhale is released between her lips, letting a shake of her head finish that thought. "I'm fine. I'll /be/ fine."

D'ren shakes his head, "You're not," he says quietly of her unspoken word. "It's no big deal, Lin, okay?" he asks, offering her an encouraging smile. "They both adore you. You can't doubt that."

Linny gives him a weak smile, though she starts to lean more into his embrace, seeking comfort that only he seems to be able to provide her. "I spend so much time with them, and I think they've just used to me. So much so that when you walk in—well, you saw the way Linden looked at you. I don't get that. I get a smile, but the smile you got?" The goldrider sighs again, shaking her head dejectedly.

D'ren kisses her temple softly. "I'm sure that's it," he assures her softly. "It's not that they love you any less. They're accustomed to you. And really, which is more important? Them knowing that you'll always be there? Or them grinning when their father walks in whom they haven't seen all day because he wasn't around?"

"I know, I know. And I know I'm being silly, but…just for /once/ I'd love to see their faces light up when they see me like they do when they see you." Linny's quiet for a moment, peeking over to check on Linden, who continues to use all of his concentration to build a block tower. "Well. It's official. You're a Dada," she then says, patting his knee as she grins softly up at him.

D'ren shakes his head, "Nah, that was just random babbling," he assures her, smiling widely. "I'll bet he says Mama first."

"Mmmm," Linny muses, not feeling any sort of need to give a verbal reply to his words. Her hand remains on his knee, rubbing it. "What do you want to do tonight?" she questions him then, as if they have so many options. Linden grows bored of his blocks by then, having no other stimulation like his mother and father to make it more interesting, and so his arms and legs work together to move him around on the floor quickly, scooting over to where Roslin's toys are at. Because her toys are more fun.

D'ren watches Linden go, grinning. "Hang out here with the two of you," he answers her with a smile, leaning over to give her a kiss.

"I'm sorry I've made your life so boring," replies Linny, giving him an exaggerated pout after the kiss, complete with sad, puppy dog eyes. "You could be out there doing about anything you wanted, any/one/ you wanted, and instead I've got you stuck here with me and your kid. Tied you down."

D'ren laughs, shaking his head and looking very amused. "Linny," he says, giving her a little shove, "Stop it. You know damn well that this is what I want. If I wasn't tied down I'd probably be in the Brat Caves tonight, playing with someone /else's/ kid." She knows it's true. "This is so much more meaningful."

"I suppose." Even though she /does/ know that he speaks the truth, there. Linny suddenly gets caught up in the significance of the moment, them, being there with /their/ son, and soon, she's leaning in to place a deeper, more meaningful kiss on D'ren's lips. Linden, meanwhile, has found Roslin's little table and chair set that she has 'tea parties' at. Hands reach up to grab at the chair in order to pull himself up into a standing position, but unfortunately for him, he's just heavy enough that instead of using the chair, the chair uses him. It topples backwards under his grasp, sending him back down to the ground with a little bit of force, and not only that, but it lands on him, bonking him on his head. There is noise and clatter, sure, but after that, there's silence for about two seconds. And then? Oh boy. And then Linden starts downright /screaming/.

D'ren kisses Linny for a moment, but he hates having his eyes off of their son and so it's not a second longer before his eyes are opening and he's turning his head slightly to look where their child has gone. As Linden pulls at the chair D'ren is already standing, but he's not fast enough to prevent the accident from occurring. The bronzerider takes two long steps to their son and pulls the chair off of him, carelessly casting it aside as he lifts the child into his arms and cradles him. "Oh, shh, Linden," he whispers, a father's fear in his eyes.

It takes Linny's brain a moment to catch up: first, dazed that D'ren would break such a kiss, and then, trying to figure out just where D'ren is moving to so purposefully, and finally, when Linden's screams are heard, that's finally enough for her to move into motion, running over to where the bronzerider stands holding their son. There's not much she can do at the moment, but put her hand in the small of D'ren's back and curl an arm around Linden, even if he's already being held by his father, worried eyes glancing over him to see any obvious signs of trauma.

D'ren runs strong fingers gently over the baby's head, "Little bump," he says softly, "but it feels fine. Coral," he says, looking around for the gold. A moment's silent communication passes between them before she grabs the water skin on the table and vanishes ::between::. "Shhh, Linden," D'ren murmurs, "it's okay, son, it's okay. He's fine. He's fine," he repeats, though for his benefit or Linny's is hard to tell.

Linny certainly needs reassuring right now, since /she's/ crying as she watches helplessly, feeling totally and utterly useless in this situation. Not because D'ren is the one comforting their son and not her, but because, well, what /can/ she do to stop him from crying after something like that happens? So she keeps doing what she's doing, crying as she softly shushes him to try and soothe him, rubbing his back gently.

D'ren looks over at Linny with a frown. "Lin," he says, voice firming. "Stop it. If he sees you distressed it'll only make it worse. He's fine." He smiles at their son, giving him a gentle back pat. "Isn't that right, son? You're just fine. It hurts a little but you're okay."

And now Linny can't do anything right, it seems. "I'm sorry I can't seem to do anything right." See? She gives Linden a soft kiss on the side of his head, where he /wasn't/ hurt, but D'ren get a teary eyed glare before she walks away, stalking her way over to where her riding leathers are, angrily shrugging her jacket on.

D'ren just shakes his head as Linny has her little fit, fingers gently touching Linden's head once again and checking for possible fractures or other trauma. "You're just fine," he soothes his son, making no move to stop Linny.

Is this Linny's best shining moment? Of course not. Leaving when their son just hurt himself certainly doesn't make the goldrider look good, but after the earlier 'dada' incident, and now this? Well, there's only so much she can take. Maybe it's just that time of the month for her or something causing her to be so emotional and irrational. But whatever the case, Linny finishes putting on her gear, and then without another look back, she strides out to the ledge and Kaelidyth, quickly putting her straps on so that the two can leave. Where are they going? Faranth only knows.

D'ren frowns after his weyrmate. No, this does not look good, but D'ren doesn't go after her. Neither does Aikuonath, the bronze simply watching as queen and rider leave. Waiting until the gold pair is gone, D'ren then walks the crying Linden onto the ledge, taking up a position between Aikuonath's forelegs as they so often do, watching the bowl with his son until the baby begins to calm.

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