Ha'ze, Xanthee


Xanthee asks her newly discovered father to join her near the lake for a chat.


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Lake Shore, Igen Weyr

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Lake Shore

Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

Meeting someone by the lack is zero issue at all considering it is literally a few steps from his weyr's doorway. Ha'ze and Kaisylaith have set themselves up in style. Kaisylaith is basking in the fading sunlight with his tail curled in the cooler water. Ha'ze is on a chair a little bit from the water with the Perneese-equivalent of a beer cooler by his side with wonderful bottles of ale sitting nearby. They're waiting for someone to arrive but they are doing it IN STYLE.

Sweeping in from the general direction of Central Bowl, Xanthee is a woman with a purpose. Head held high, shoulders thrown back, she is wearing a simple outfit of leather pants, a billowy green tunic, and overtop she is wearing a much battered but beloved riding jacket over her shoulders, falling open in front. As she spies Ha'ze and Kaisylaith, she takes one more deep breath to steel herself as she walks up to the pair. But it isn't the man she's interested in right now. She strides right past him to the bronze's head, where she pauses and offers him a deep bow. "I am so sorry Kaisylaith. The way I reacted when I found out it was reprehensible, and I am sorry if I caused you any distress. I would never dream of doing so consciously. Please forgive me." Her voice gets a little choked up as her mind is running over with fuzzy images of another dragon, brown though, and a small tear escapes the corner of her down cast eye.

Both Ha'ze and Kaisylaith rouse themselves from sleepy-ness slowly and Xanthee's sudden speech catches them both off guard. Two pairs of eyes stare at the girl and in Ha'ze's case he blinks a few times. Silence reigns at the end of it until Ha'ze says dryly, "That's some apology there lass. Elle come and talk to you then?" The actual words she's said will be addressed at a point in the near future.

Xanthee shoots a look at Ha'ze and reaches up to wipe away at the wayward tear, a creased brow as she narrows her eyes in his direction, "If you mean Elonoora, she did. And my apology is not because she made me or anything. I felt truly bad, and it brought up all kind of memories of mom's Iyrith. And I owed it to his memory to make things right." Her chin juts out in indignation as she stares at him cooly from behind her dark lashes for a long moment before addressing the rider, "You could have told me I had sisters you know. It's always been just me, and now…well… it changes things."

"Ah, well." Shifting Ha'ze pulls out a handkerchief from a back pocket. Crying females are not something he will ~ever~ be comfortable with. Thus, the handkerchief gets held out to Xanthee. "Kai forgives you, of course, especially if you actually believe you're my kid now." If dragons could look happy Kaisylaith will totally look happy as he scoots forward to slightly headbutt the girl. (Considering it's a big head it's probably enough to rock her unless she's absolutely set on her feet.) "As for sisters…" Ha'ze shrugs. "You weren't in any mood to believe me. Asked Jaze first - she's my eldest in Telgar, but she said absolutely no. Not because of you, but last time they had a new sibling out of nowhere the mother was lying her ass off." So THAT is a mess for another day. "You have a few others. Uzara is Vosji's kid in Ista." The other names of the children have yet to be decided but assume that Ha'ze lists them here.

Taking the offered hankerchief, Xanthee dabs at her eyes to get rid of the rest of her emotional tears. "Thanks. And I do believe now. It just took me a moment to wrap my head around it all." Then she is being headbutted and she wobbles a bit backwards but manages to keep her footing as she puts a hand out on the bronze's head to steady herself and with a smile, says, "Thank you." softly to the bronze. As she listens to him list off her siblings, her eyes grow wide, "Vosji? The Weyrlingmaster? Really?" She'd only really met the woman once over some dirty laundry but she didn't seem like the type to take up with Ha'ze.

"Yup." On Vosji being the mother of another one of his children. "Oh, and you have a brother too." The name and place are provided here - but again, the player hasn't figured that name out either. Say he's… thirteen or so. With a twin sister. Yes, making this up as we go~ Kaisylaith arches his head to allow her hand to fall in JUST the right spot. Yesss, right there…

Xanthee looks a little shocked to hear about all these family members that she had no idea about. "I guess I should apologize to you too. I loathe to say it, and will probably deny it, but I really didn't understand the full magnitude of what I was looking for. And I guess, I'd kinda like to get to know you too." She says cautiously but before he could respond, adds pointedly, "But I am going to Stand again if asked, and there's nothing you can say to convince me otherwise, so if that makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason, maybe it's best we don't go any further than just knowing the other is out there." the bronze's antics on getting her hand to just the right spot makes her giggle as she obliges him with some scritches.

Ha'ze listens to the woman and then sighs. Leaning forward he rests his forearms on his thighs so he's slightly closer to her without invading her space. The pose speaks of sincerity too. "Lass, Why do you think you want to be a rider? I figure you already know the ultimate consequence."

When he mentions the ultimate consequence of being a rider, Xanthee narrows her eyes at him, and answers icily "Quite personally, yes. I know it's dangerous, I know it's not all glory. It's not a want, it's a feeling, in my blood. It feels right for me. It feels like what I'm meant to do." Her hand remains in place, happily scritching along the bronze's jaw. "I know it means that I may die before I see 35 Turns, like my mother, but if I can do my part to help protect Pern, like she did, then it's worth it."

"There are other ways to keep Pern safe." Ha'ze isn't giving up QUITE YET on this being-a-rider thing. Instead, "Do you know what a gift it is to be able to bare children? Most riders do not get that luxury, especially now. It's a major sacrifice."

"Why are you bringing up having kids?" Xanthee is looking rather confused at that, "There's plenty kids in the Lower Caverns right now who are rider born, so it still happens. What's your point.." And she stops herself before she can slip out another 'old man', so instead she just trails off.

"And how many of them have both rider parents still? Or even know their parents?" It's a pointed comment right to Xanthee's heart. "Would you be willing to forego children or push what you went through onto another generation?" It's a specific hard question that Ha'ze has probably offered up to many of his daughters.

Xanthee looks as if she took a hit to the gut when he regretably makes a very valid point and that she gives a long moment of thought to. "I think…" she starts hesitantly, "with everything I went through, I can honestly say, I wouldn't have changed anything. Even having you as a father." Way harsh there Xan, "It's made me who I am, and because of that I'm going into this with my eyes open. And if my dragon eventually is clutched, then I am going to be there to Impress them." Her chin juts out in final resolution as she looks over at the bronzerider, "So you need to decide whether you can live with that."

Ha'ze shakes his head slowly then leans back again. "Then there isn't anything I can do. You're more than old enough to make your decisions. How is this," Ha'ze trades a glance with Kaisylaith, "when you impress, I will be one of your teachers. If I cannot dissuade you perhaps I can help train you."

"Really?" Xanthee's eyes blink at him in suprise. "I think I would really like that actually…" She says cautiously and then trailing off as if she can't decide something, "So what do I call you anyway?"

"The healers have hinted that Kaisylaith may not ever be cleared for full threadfall." There is doubt but also a hint of… hope? in Ha'ze's tone. It's complicated. "Most call me Pa, but you're welcome to just use Ha'ze. Not like I've done much fathering."

Reaching out tentatively, Xanthee will go to put her hand on his shoulder tentatively, "I don't blame you, for not being there, just thought you should know that." She says and then turns back to the bronze, "Well, the upside to that is many more years of being a crotchety old rider." She says with a giggle, obviously teasing.

Ha'ze reaches up and covers Xanthee's hand with his own. It's a comforting gesture. Ha'ze may not have known Xanthee very long but Kai's affection is more than enough to infect Ha'ze. "I have my own life Xanthee. Dying is not on my to-do list though." Kaisylaith will try to take up the affection after this though, because Xanthee is a child he hasn't had a chance to be all loving towards. It might cut the conversation short.

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