Linny, R'lar


You're never too old to be daddy's little girl. Linny knows this all too well.


It is sunrise of the twenty-eighth day of the tenth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Public Baths, Igen Weyr

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Public Baths

Stout walls have been erected around several naturally formed pools, serving to provide a semblance of privacy and protection from the harsh wind and sand. Above the pools, well cleaned walkways criss-cross beneath tiled arches and descend with a stairway or two leading down to each pool to provide one means of slip-free access through the area. Surrounding the pools there are benches, receptacles to put used clothing and towels in, and areas to get sweetsand and towels from - if you didn't bring your own.

In typical Linny fashion, she's up and at 'em early in the morning, with a run already in and breakfast already had. Now all that's left is to get ready for the day, which is why, undressed, she's heading towards the bathing pool to lower herself slowly into it. Not too many people are in there with her, not that she ever was worried about who sees her naked body, but she wastes no time in submerging herself, and when she resurfaces, the goldrider starts working on her hair, lathering it up with soapsand. Her thick, long locks take awhile to clean, so that's why they are getting attention first thing.

R'lar is seated on a bench with a towel wrapped around his lower half, holding a parchment of hide in one hand and a writing utensil in the other. He, too, has been up for a while and when he goldrider walks into the chamber, he offers a quick glance in her direction then returns his gaze to the hide. Leaning back against the wall, he looks thoughtful and slightly frustrated. "Oh this is bad. Bad." he mumbles to himself. "How is anyone supposed to know what this means!" He's talking in hopes that someone will inquire about his problem.

Whether Linny saw her father upon entering is unknown. Perhaps she's so used to him being around where ever she is that she simply doesn't notice anymore. The goldrider glances over at him as fingers work hard at scrubbing her hair, eyes narrowing at him while forehead wrinkles up. "What's wrong?" she calls out to him, a little drolly, perhaps knowing this little song and dance of him fishing for someone to ask him about something or other.

Yeah, Linny knows him too well. Scribbling down a few words on the hide, R'lar pauses for a moment to read them before crossing them off. The same action is repeated and he suddenly grins from ear to ear. "I have it! This is perfect!" OK, there might be a little too much excitement in his voice as he scribes some words on the parchment. "Linny. I am writing down some of my past life events for you to read after I'm dead." Such a cheery topic to begin the day… Now cue the hinting of his midlife crisis: "There's lots of stuff that you don't know about my youth and I'm writing it all down for you." He stops talking to scribble more words and then looks all proud. "But, this isn't just any ordinary memoir because it's going to be written in verse!" Beam.

"I'm sure there's lots of stuff about your youth that I don't want to know about," comments Linny, turning all of her focus back on scrubbing her hair. The front part properly lathered up, she starts working on the back, fingernails digging and scrubbing. "Why…why are you writing it down? Why don't you just tell me? And honestly, at this point, I find it hard to believe there's any part of your life I don't know about." Cue the eye roll. Considering they've spent a lot of time over the past few Turns talking about the past, it's a valid point. But then, Lin gets distracted as a man, seemingly about her age, walks in, lips curling up in a coy grin for him.

Maybe poor R'lar has already reached his midlife crisis. Maybe he's cracked up and nobody knows him well enough to notice the sudden neurotic urgency to let all the skeletons out of the closet. Well, if anyone would notice it would be Linny. "Hey, you don't know everything about my past." he starts to say when the younger man snags his attention. An eyebrow is raised when he notices Linny's expression and he clears his throat. "I mean, after I'm gone, you'll want to…" Yeah, she's not paying attention to him so Ry whispers very loudly to her, "Linny! Are you naked?"

Linny's eyes snap back to her father, a little glare hidden in those dark eyes of hers as they widen angrily. "No. I decided it would be fun to take a bath with my clothes on today." Stupid questions get stupid answers. But knowing the trick he just pulled, she gives the undressing man a quick sweep over with accessing eyes, before they turn back to R'lar. "I just don't understand the need to write that shit down. Just tell me. I'll remember. I mean, what do you expect, for me to read your life story to my kids as a bedtime story?" Not that her kids are even young enough for bedtime stories anymore. Maybe there will be future babies she can read to.

What! Naked in the baths? Unacceptable! R'lar sets down the parchment and writing utensil before standing up to his full 6'4 height. "Don't you want something tangible to have when I'm not here? You can flip through these hides and picture me in my glory days!" Because that's what she's going to do with them. He's already made up his mind, no matter how fantastical the idea might be. Stepping over to the towel rack, he grabs one that is medium sized and tosses it on the bench that is closest to Linny. "Not everyone takes the time to write stuff like this down, y'know." A side glare is given to the young man that Linny sized up. Hrmph.

"You know, most parents give their kids memories to remember them when they're older. Like, the time in Telgar when we got kicked out of the bar?" Because that guy pinched her ass, and they both went after him swinging. "Or the time we watched the sunset in Benden and stayed up talking all night until the sun rose?" Both good, but very different, memories that Linny has with her father. "I mean, I'm not going to stop you writing it. I'm just saying most parents make memories, not write them down." The towel is eyed suspiciously before eyes flick up to R'lar, but Linny makes no move to get out of the water just yet. She's still washing her hair. And still very naked.

R'lar makes his way back to the bench and sits down again, this time concentrating on something underneath his fingernail. The writing utensil is grabbed and he uses the pointy end to dig out the crud underneath it. "Yes, but memories fade and I know how much you like my poetry." She does? "And writing this stuff down is just a brilliant way to archive my legendary antics." Right. Once the fingernail is cleaned, he lifts his leg and rests his right ankle on his left knee. The writing utensil is put to good use again after he inspects some toenails. "Oh yeah, I remember Telgar." he says with a smirk. "I think I got a bloody nose that night."

"I just don't know how great your life story will sound within your poetry, but…" Linny shrugs her shoulders, washing off soapy hands in the water as she smiles over at him. "I can't wait to read it." Now comes the time for her to dunk herself under the water, resurfacing only for a quick breath before she's back under there again to get all of the soap out. It takes some time, but finally, hair clean, the goldrider starts on washing her body. "I think I gave someone a bloody nose that night." A smirk for that quickly goes away as she takes in him cleaning his toenails. "Faranth, dad. No wonder you don't have a girlfriend. That's disgusting."

Leaning forward to get a better look at his big toe, R'lar lets out a nostalgic laugh. "I lost count of the number of bar fights I got into over the Turns." And they were usually over Lzi. His right foot returns to the ground and he eyes the writing utensil before wiping it clean on his towel. Then the girlfriend comment is made. "What? You don't think I'm a catch? Hey, at least I'm clean!" She can't argue with that. He has the cleanest finger and toenails around. Ha.

"Yes, but at least that guy deserved for you to fight him, unlike the dozens of other guys who didn't deserve you throwing a swing at them for simply looking at me." Linny levels a look on her father, disappointment mixed with amusement of his antics. She can only speak for the bar fights he's gotten into while traveling with her. But speaking of a catch, the goldrider glances over to the man she was ogling earlier, who now has turned the tables on her since she's washing her body and putting it on display. But she can't gloat and flaunt too much, what with R'lar in there. She'll have to be sneaky about it. "What are you going to do if I get placed here permanently? Are you going to keep traveling?"

Both hands are run through his dark, shoulder length hair as he considers what Linny is telling him. His hands then make their way to his beard and he smoothes the hair on his chin. "Now I only swung at the men who decided to watch you as you bathed." Ry says loud enough for the guy oogling over Linny to hear. Arms are then crossed in front of him and he then looks down at his chest hair for a brief moment, deciding against grooming since Linny might just start yelling. So, he drops his arms to his side and looks around the large chamber in case someone entered without him noticing. "Let's not forget I turned down girls all the time when I was at Ista. Now they just look at me like I'm…old. Or something."

Luckily for R'lar, unluckily for Linny, the man who she was posing for quickly finishes up his bath, dresses, and leaves, which has the goldrider once again glaring over at her father. "How am I expected to meet a good man when you are constantly chasing away potential men?" It's a question, but it's more yelled than anything else. "Do you want me to be alone and miserable for the rest of my life?" No really, that's a question she wants answered. Unfortunately for him, her bad mood caused by him makes her lash out at him at his last comment. "That's because you are old, dad. Not to mention that we're pretty much always together, so they probably think I'm your girlfriend so they stay away."

R'lar isn't old…he's just seasoned. Mature. Experienced! But, there are days when he feels like a fossil and his age is the root problem of this potential midlife crisis of his. And when Linny snaps at him, he spits and sputters at first before rebutting with, "Oh c'mon! That guy was too skinny and looked like the Holdless…" Then he considers her next comment — does he want her alone? Yup. Does he want her miserable? Well, no. But, he doesn't actually say that. Instead, he looks miffed. "Well, you can flirt and flaunt all you want. Just make sure I'm not here to see it so the lad doesn't get his neck snapped." Then he pretends to look all hurt. "The older the violin the sweeter the music…" is mumbled under his breath.

"Oh, trust me. I do plenty of things that you don't see to avoid all of this," she says, raising a hand to swirl around in his general direction. In her case, she is the old violin playing that sweet music, but Linny certainly doesn't want to inform R'lar of her little affair happening at Igen, because he still definitely have something to say about it and no doubt he'll try to ruin it. "You drive me crazy." Just so he knows. A leg is lifted and rested on the leg so she can wash it, keeping angry, dark eyes off of her father. "You talk about leaving me that poem to remember you by when you're gone, and that's probably all I'll have. A poem to read while I sit in my weyr, alone, since no one was ever good enough for me." Bitter? Very.

"See! Then this memoir will be exactly what you need when I'm finally dead." R'lar says with a smirk. A hand reaches over and grabs the newly cleaned writing utensil and parchment again. "All right, where was I? Oh yes." Ry goes quiet for a moment as he writes a few more words so Linny can simmer down in silence. He knows not to push her too far, else she will reeeally start to get nasty and he doesn't like that. And when Ry thinks he's been quiet long enough, he looks up over the hide and at the goldrider. "You must be dying to hear a stanza of my epic poem." His feeble attempt to make her smile.

Unfortunately, he's pushed her to the angry point of silence, which is almost worst than when she yells and screams. Another dunk under the water, and then Linny's pulling herself out of the water, grabbing that towel he placed on the bench for her and wrapping it around her petite frame. "Actually, I need to be heading out. Meeting," she replies in a clipped tone, never looking in his direction. Another towel is grabbed to start drying her hair as she sits down at the bench where she has her clothes, scrubbing furiously at hair to get it dry enough to leave. It seems she's in a hurry now.

R'lar clears his throat and lifts the hide so it is directly in front of him. And in a tone of voice that a Harper would be proud of, he begins to recite: "In Ista Weyr where I was born / There was a fair maid dwellin' / Made me cry well-a-day / Her name was Brenna Ellyn." The hide is then rolled up and the writing utensil stuck in the tube of it. "And that's all you get until it's done. Always have to leave 'em wanting more, right?" Ry looks all proud-like…until he notices how ticked off Linny is. He then follows suit and starts to get dressed. The silence is deafening. "And I have drills." So he will not be following that fiery goldrider outside of this room. "Linny don't be mad…" He can't stand it.

Linny says nothing, staying completely silent until his last plea to her, which gets all of her pissed off attention on him. At least she's gotten dressed in that time, so when she rips him a new one, he can see how angry she is instead of having to look away. "What do you want me to say, R'lar?" Yes, he gets his real name when she's upset. "I love you. You know I love you more than anything, but it drives me crazy that I can't even look at a man without you flipping out on him. I've spent all of my time with you since jumping forward. I didn't see my kids or tell anyone that I was here so that you and I could do all of the father-daughter things we didn't get to do while I was growing up, so that we could spend time together. And yet you still don't want to share me." Frustrated arms go up in the air. "I don't know what to do to make you happy. Oh, no wait, I do. Be completely alone and miserable for the rest of my life, or at least as long as you're alive. Well, if you keep it up, you might just get your wish. Now if you'll excuse me." Linny, having gathered up all of her things, goes to brush past him in order to leave and head to that 'meeting' of hers.

With his breeches now on, Ry sits down on the bench to pull on his boots. Towel his draped around his neck and he remains shirtless as he gets his lower half properly suited up. When that is accomplished, he reaches into his trous pocket and pulls out a thin strip of leather to tie his locks into a loose runnertail while standing up. And when Linny lets him have it, he just stands there and takes it. Because, well, she's right. He needs to get a life outside of what he knew at Ista. He needs a distraction. But he can't let her go when he attempts to brush past him, so he reaches out and gently grabs her arm to stop her. "I know we've had this same conversation about a thousand times, but I…well. Old habits die hard." he admits of his overbearing personality. "I will try harder, Linny. I'm just…I don't know." Sigh. "I will give you space." With that said, he lets her go and reaches around to collect his shirt. Rather than dig himself into a deeper hole, he makes his way toward the exit in silence, with his shirt in hand and rolled up parchment in his back pocket.

His words certainly soften her angry mood, but she can't let him off the hook so easily. After all, that will send the wrong message, and then they'll end up having this same conversation for about the five hundredth time. And so Linny just nods at him, and leaves the baths. But instead of feeling victorious for putting her father in his place, she feels like a horrible person for hurting his feelings. Maybe that evening, when they have their traditional of a glass of whiskey before bed, she'll let him know about her guilt and apologize, but until then, he'll let him hurt like she does.

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