D'ren Dorrono (NPCed by Nathanael)


D'ren delivers Nathanael's note to Dorrono, and the pair talk.


It is midmorning of the twenty-second day of the twelfth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.



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Nerat Docks

Midmorning sunlight streams across the ocean, calm for this time of day even in the midst of winter. The weather a perfect balance between Igen chill and Southern heat, it is a day to be outside and active. Thus it is at Nerat, where Master Seacrafter Dorrono works upon his ship. Minor repairs only today, making sure the hull is cleaned and the sails ready for an evening run. All around the long stone dock people work. Tall and sea worn Dorrono talks with those around him, an easy smile on his careworn face. Occasionally his eyes flick seaward, as if looking for something in the distance, but always they return to the matters at hand. Often the man will laugh, his accent mixing with others around him to create quite a peaceful scene of comradeship.

High above Nerat a gleaming, golden hued bronze appears. Sweeping his wings, the dragon finds a good spot to land and circles to do so, a short distance from the docks, well clear of ships and sails and fragile things. Crouching, the bronze lets his rider dismount and D'ren approaches, riding leathers scuffed and worn, but Ista Wingrider knot worn proudly on his shoulder. The first person he gets close to he stops to speak with, and then moves forward with some more certainty.

For much of Nerat a dragonrider in the sky is something of note, but with the past turns spent so close to the Southern weyr, Dorrono has become more then desensitized to the great beasts. While others turn to stare at the large bronze, he continues his conversation, only breaking it off when one of the men near him mentions the rider. Looking up the older man's eyes seek out the knot of the rider. Ista. Without the familiarity of the colours the newly made captain drops his eyes back to the conversation at hand after a brief nod to the rider.

"Dorrono?" D'ren calls as he approaches the group at the docks. "Was told he was over here…" Emerald eyes sweep the group with an easy, relaxed smile.

Dorrono's eyebrow arches upwards as he straightens again, eyes sweeping across the rider before him. "That'd be me. How can I be of service rider?" There's questions in his light blue eyes. Though a smile lingers upon that careworn face, it is dulled slightly with unease.

D'ren reaches into an inner pocket to remove a note, handing it over. "I have a message from your son Nathanael, in Southern Weyr."

"Southern?" Dorrono reaches out for the note, brows now pulled together. "He should be no more than a day away from here." But practical soul is he, he reaches out to take that note from the rider and flip it open. Nathanael's handwriting is far, far from harper smooth, and it is evident that some serious effort went into writing it. It isn't long, just a few lines, and it leaves the seacrafter shaking his head. To those around him, "Be excusin' me. Mind walkin' with me rider?" And he gestures upwards on the dock towards the hold proper.

"Not at all," is D'ren's easy reply, unbuttoning his jacket as he moves forward to follow the man. "Name's D'ren. My boy, Linden, was Searched for that clutch too."

Dorrono's steps are those of a man more use to the sea than the shore, but they move quickly enough up the dock. There, at the end of the stone length, rather then continue upwards he turns to the side, walking down the sandy beach and away from others. "That be what Thanael is writtin'. Tis an honor t' be sure rider. Somethin' Thanael been dreamin' 'bout since that goldrider was lettin' him touch her last clutch. Shards, since that friend've his was searched 'bout two turns ago."

D'ren nods with a relaxed smile, walking with ease on the sand, weight shifting naturally with the shifting sands beneath his feet. "It's a dream lots of boys have…"

"Aye." Silence for a few steps before the man draws to a stop, looking outwards at the ocean. "Thanael'll do well. Tho' I was hopin' he'd be followin' onto the sea. Got the head for it."

D'ren casts his gaze to the sea as well. He smiles. "Sometimes the dragons think differently," he says with a soft chuckle. He breathes in deep of the salty air. "I was Dolphincraft."

"Aye, for those of us what ain't knowin' the inside of their minds, there ain't no tellin' what they be thinkin'." Dorrono shakes his head, and smiles just slightly. "I'll admit to bein' relived. For all he was gettin' bullied, Nathanael was lovin' Southern. Sure ain't gonna be the same without his smile."

D'ren chuckles. "Even for those of us who do, we don't know everything. I never know why Aikuonath Searches someone. He just…does it." The bronzerider shrugs, then exhales. "Well, he and my son seem to have hit it off, and Linden isn't one to let other kids be picked on. I hear you about not being the same though. It's just been Linden and I these past few turns. Weyr feels empty without him."

"I doubt he'll be havin' problems with the candidates." Dorrono's voice is full of certanty about that- no one messes with those the dragons pick. It's stupid. "He'll not be comin' back. Southern be where Thanael's heart is, and my place be here." Real fondness there, there's no doubt that Dorrono loves his son. "Gld to be hearin' he's makin' friends. For all his cheer, Thanael's always been jus' a bit outside've things."

D'ren nods, staring at the sea with a distracted look. He's silent for a long moment, letting that sink in. Is Southern where Linden's heart is? He doesn't know. He sighs a bit, rubbing a hand over his head, and then smiles to the Seacrafter. "If you've got a letter you want to send back to him, I'll be that way in a few days. I visit once a seven at least, delivering things for Ista."

"He's sayin' the Wingleader and weyrwoman took him before he was able to gather his kit. Would you be mindin' takin' it down to him once the boat arrives? Sure as shells he ain't goin' to be mentionin' he ain't got much on him." Dorrono glances down at that brief letter in his hands again, then folds it to tuck into a pocket. It might never leave that pocket.

D'ren shakes his head, "Wouldn't mind at all. When should it get here? I'll stop by and get it before heading down to Southern."

"Be a peace in my mind knowin' he's got more than just them britches he would've been wearin' on the boat comin' North." Dorrono pulls in a deep breath, then exhales it with a slight sigh. "You be worried 'bout your boy impressing?"

D'ren chuckles, nodding his head. "Sure." Then he's quiet a moment. "Yes and no? I know what a rider's life is, but…at the same time." He smiles. "I know what a rider's life is. I've confidence in the dragons. If there's one there for him it'll be the right one. If there isn't…he gets to come home. Either way I'm happy.

A slight smile for D'ren. "I doubt Thanael'll be comin' here after." Turning away from the sea Dorrono begins to make his way back towards the docks. "Not the life I'd be chooin' for my boy, but ain't nothin' shameful. I'm appriciative of you lettin' me know. Will you be goin' down when the hatchin' be happenin?"

D'ren turns to follow the man back towards the docks. "Yeah, I will be. Want me to stop by and get you?"

"I'd be appreciative if you'd be thinkin' of me. 'lessen I'm out on the sea itself, I'd be greatful t' be bein' there." Because what father wouldn't want to be there? Upon reaching the dock Dorrono extends a hand to the rider.

D'ren nods with a smile. "I'll try to find you," he promises, reaching out to clasp the man's hand. "Was a pleasure to meet you. Best of luck to both our boys."

The hand clasp is tight, bespeaking Dorrono's gratefulness for the man's tidings and the promise. "Fair skies D'ren." The clasp falls and Dorrono walks back up the dock, the air of a man still thinking deeply around him.

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