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After threadfall, K'vvan gets smashed and Ada accidentally tries to kill him.


It is evening of the tenth day of the sixth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Deadman Trench

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Deadman's Trench

Often a stopping point for more adventurous trader caravans - and sometimes a hideout for renegades and criminals along the road - Deadman's Trench is a narrow canyon oasis on the cusp of the savannah and desert. Erosion and time have driven a deep scar into the sandstone bluffs here. Thin, gravelly trails and roads just wide enough for wagons are the only points of entry or exit, switching back and forth along the rusty walls before finally giving way to the flat, sandy floor of the canyon. Small trees and bushes flourish along a trickling creek, and many a creature that refuses to face the scorching desert just beyond calls this stony hideaway home. A worthwhile retreat to be sought…should a soul be daring enough to brave the potential dangers of this easily missed locale.

K'vvan was probably at the Oasis in, dropped there by a helpful wingmate after Nadeeth was too far sedated in the infirmary to care that her lifemate is gone. For his part, K'vvan has done his best to get into a state where the feeling of her ribbons tearing in his mind is not front and center. And by the look of his swaying footsteps and bloodshot eyes, he has done quite a good job of it. Most likely he was cut off and set loose, that helpful wingmate no where to be seen as the Arroyo wingsecond stumbles his way around in a fog.

Ada is neither drunk, nor stumbling, she is, however, walking at a nice, sedate pace with her entourage of firelizards whirling and diving around her head, flapping around her hair and, in general, cavorting like the toddlers they seem to be. It's with a quirk of a brow that she spots her wingsecond. "K'vvan," she greets, as she approaches speaking range with the bloodshot eyed rider. Oh, she's heard that Nadeeth isn't entirely healthy, that's why she actually used his name instead of whatever else seh could think of.

K'ane knows about Nadeeth's threadscore, of course — he was there when it happened, after all, worked with the dragonhealer on first-aid after. And maybe he goes looking for K'vvan. Stranger things have happened, right? But maybe he's just OUT FOR HIS RUN since it seems like the man is always running. (He's running now.)

Teyaschianniarina isn't, you know, actually K'vvan's babysitter — but her wing is the one full of dragonhealers, so while she isn't one herself, she has a front-row seat to all the worst parts of a Fall. She also isn't K'ane's babysitter — which is why she's mounted on Ryglinath and circling in from above. Well, 'mounted.' She is draped in a boneless sprawl between his wings, as best as one can boneless sprawl when there are 'ridges to account for, and the wind of Ryggles' passage ruffles everyone's hair as they pass overhead. They'll land, sure. In a minute. Probably.

Stumble, stumble, stumble. K'vvan's foot catches on a pebble, and his stumble turns into a full body sprawl onto the dirt. "s*it." slips off his tongue as he lands on the hard ground. He isn't drunk enough to stay passed out there long however, and pushes himself upwards to his feet again, it taking a few moments to get his less-than-responding arms to actually respond properly and get him to those unsteady body parts.

Ada tilts her head and quirks a brow, a somewhat wicked thought going through her head, as is evident by the little smirk-like smile creeping through her features. Oh, she's not one to normally be evil and do things she shouldn't, but… She looks around, seeing what she wants to see, while continuing in stride in K'vvan's direction. It's almost like she's just going to pass her wingsecond by, but at the very last moment, she moves to take a step towards him. If all goes as she plans (and it may not), she'll have body checked (semi-gently) K'vvan, and be seeing how far he goes… he's drunk , it won't hurt…

Teyaschianniarina isn't landing. They are dipping low, though, pulling some Independence Day fighter plane shit along the walls of the canyon; either Teya is bored (or possibly a little drunk) or this is, somehow, agility maneuver practice and Ryglinath has totally signed off on it. They're skimming kind of close to the top — that is, ground-level-ish while there's a little pushy-shovey going on, and Teya nudges Ryggles closer to investigate.

K'ane is too far away. You know that dream that you have where you see something horrible happening and try to run towards it, but the harder you try to run the slower you actually move? That's K'ane's reality right this second.

K'vvan's eyes meet Ada's for just that split second before her body makes contact with his. He doesn't even register the fact that she is someone he knows and hates. Instead, his instinctive twitch comes into play. When Ada's shoulder check comes into play it compounds with the twitch sending K'vvan stumbling away, his feet losing their traction as he moves dangerously close to the edge off the ridge of the canyon.

Ada squeaks slightly as she sees just how perilously close she's sent K'vvan. A curse is muttered as the young woman scrambles towards the going down rider and makes every attempt to grab him to prevent him from going down. The question though, is, does she catch him? And does that stop him from going over, or does it just take her with him…

Oh, well, shitballs. Teya's eyes go wide-wide at K'vvan's tumble, and regardless of whether he's actually plunged over the edge yet or not, well. She and Ryggles are right there, and they've been months in the dragonhealers' and queens' wing. It's totally instinct and not at all — okay, no, Teya is totally buzzed but Ryglinath is apparently game, as they swoop-backwing into place to catch K'vvan across Ryglinath's back should his fall actually occur.

K'vvan isn't sober enough to realize how close to the edge he comes, and thus doesn't pull himself up short even at that weird shouting going on over there comes out all garbled. Instead he'll fall over that edge and land right on Ryglinath's back instead of plunging downwards to the canon and possible injury. This registers on his attention. "Where the f*ck did the dragon come from!?"

Can we say faceplant into dirt? Ada sure can, now that she's done it in an attempt to 'rescue' K'vvan, nevermind that she's the reason he needed rescuing. Covered in dirt and looking up she see's the wingsecond rescued and a look of relief is etched through her features. Now let's hope he's too drunk to remember who pushed him…

In the distance, K'ane's face crumples as K'vv goes over the edge, and he falters to his knees. It's still in slow-mo, every tendon outlined in stark relief, the agony of his expression carved as if from granite: nooooooooooooooooooooooo~

There is a certain amount of dignified majesty in Ryglinath's rise over the edge of the ridge, all gold-shine wings beating slow and steady, copper-brown hide showing off its best opaline accents thanks to a thorough post-fall cleaning and oiling. It's a majesty that's completely thrown off balance by his passengers, though: Teya's all scrambly grabby hands, attaching to K'vvan's belt and hauling him closer to her so she can try to buckle him in; failing that she just kind of starfishes at him and hopes he's with it enough to hold on back and not push away. "From there," she informs, also, "you're drunk," and, "think Ada ran into you," as they start circling the other riders' positions. "Don't throw up on me."

K'vvan all sorts of grabby-hands all over the place, clinging as only the drunk can to like, not fall off the dragon's back. His control over his stomach though… perhaps Teya shouldn't have said anything about throwing up. As Ryglinath begins his circling K'vvan loses control of his drink stuffed stomach and spews all over Teya's lap.

Ada gets to her feet and watches the dragon and his rider, with K'vvan in tow. She also manages to see K'vvan get sick all over poor Teya. Eww… Well, at least it's not her.

"No no no no no, ugh, you are worse than the baby," Teya informs K'vvan, still buzzed enough herself that she doesn't, you know. Land and immediately shove him off. Ryglinath rumbles his discontent, but he's a stable ride as they make their way back to the Weyr. Ada isn't forgotten, though: Teya manages a vague salute as they pass, then re-firms her grip on K'vvan.

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