Evka, Saetyroith, Ginger, Shokravanth, Katrya, Vinodestroth, Talya, Turahaimajusuth


New Weyrlings are still learning how to care for their lifemates.


It is noon of the fourth day of the sixth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Weyrling Barracks

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Weyrling Barracks

Natural entropy lies restrained by sheer force of will within the chaotic spiral of Southern's weyrling-barracks. The large entry hollows out into an immense common area at the front of the barracks, where sustenance can be procured for both sides of the lifebond: tables are typically set out with at least the trimmings for sandwiches, and often carcasses lie in the hollowed pit for fresh weyrlings to carve chunks of meat for their new lifemates. Beyond, the couches are set within a U-shape around a long pool, spring-fed, large enough to bathe growing dragons.
Heavy tapestries line the stone walls towards the rear of the barracks, while space is at a premium towards the front: shelves and pegs hold leathers and tools, books and useful trinkets of the dragonriding trade. The narrow-point of the U branches into two hallways: one for the candidate barracks, and one for the weyrlingmaster's office.

Ten days after the hatching and this still seems so unreal…Evka sits, watching as Saetyroith falls asleep after a heavy feeding, his loam and sun soaked scape heady with the smell of churned earth, wine and the distant scent of cooking curry. She'd been so homesick before….and now, now the homesickness abates, because she has her very own piece of it in living flesh. She can barely take her eyes off him at this point, scared that if she does, she might wake and the entire thing will have been one amazingly crazy dream. But it hasn't happened yet, so it must be real. «I am no figment of your imagination my love.» Evka sighs. "I know.." It still seems strange, hearing another entity in her mind, and responding to it aloud. SO weird.

Vinodestroth is doing what baby dragons do best when not sleeping: devouring massive amounts of meat. Katrya's cross-legged on the floor, trying to regulate his pace by giving him one chunk at a time. He doesn't seem to be buying it. "Look, I realize you don't remember, but we tried that a few days ago and you got so sick to your stomach I had to get help to carry you back to your couch." Pause, rolling of eyes on the teen's part. "Oh, don't talk to me about 'correlation versus causation', Vin." Radio signal crackles with disgruntled chagrin as he daintily takes another piece from her, chewing pointedly. Katrya looks like she's about ready to pull out her hair. "I think it's far more likely that you just ate too fast than have stomach ulcers."

Talya is sitting beside the spring-fed pool, catching up on feeding herself since her own lifemate had finally been sated. Fed a tremendous amount of meat and then scrubbed for a long time in the pool. After a good scrubbing, Turahaimajusuth is actually still in the pool itself with his head resting on the outside, enjoying a good long soak. His head is barely grazing Tal's thigh, keeping a contact with the young woman even as she focuses on getting food into her own stomach. So far she's loved to indulge in her lifemate, even if it meant keeping his outbursts quiet so as not to upset his clutchmates. Talya glances occasionally to her brown in the water, nibbling on a sandwich, before looking out to the rest of the barracks. It's a hodgepodge of different activities, but her ears catch what Katrya had said, "What did you guys try that time?"

Ginger is also seated on the ground doing the one-chunk-at-a-time thing. Shokrovanth isn't entirely convinced of the necessity, it seems. "Yes, and when you don't eat it all at once, I will let you eat it straight from the bowl. But you do. Control, is the thing!" She's caught Katrya's words, however, and turns to look whilst holding out another chunk of meat. "He talks to you about what? So much for, 'dragons don't understand abstract concepts'." Then she hastily glances round to see if P'quil, the deliverer of that particular little gem, is within earshot. Fortunately, he isn't. Shovrokanth merely grumbles, « It would taste better from the bowl. »

Conversation begins to happen around Evka and slowly, she's pulled from her silent reveries. She blinks and the room clears, though is blurry through the haze of Saetyroith's scape. "Hmm? What's up?" She asks the room at large, in case someone had addressed her. She hadn't been paying attention. «They speak of eating…» "You just did that…" She responds, hoping that hadn't meant the brown wants more. «Aye, but they haven't had enough.» Saetyroith is apparently well satisfied on the hunger front, which is a giant relief to Evka.

"Letting him eat by himself," Katrya replies to the ex-Guard drolly. "See? Shokrovanth isn't allowed to eat from the bowl, either." So there! While she's looking that direction, her eyes are drawn to the water-logged Tura. Now that's been one to share a room with. « While his predilections may be intense, do you think ours are any less so? Triviality of obsessions aside. » Vinodestroth mentally nudges, static-filled mindscape lurching with bright strands of color streaking as he does. "He seems to like picking through my mind," is the bashful reply to Ginger. « You started earlier. It's only sensible we're still eating. You say it as if it's an indulgence and not a necessity, Saetyroith. »

Turahaimajusuth does love his bath time, but as the conversation starts to focus on feeding his eyes slowly peek open. Talya immediately puts a hand down on his head, rubbing tenderly at eyeridges as if that will distract him. But too late. «If they are still eating, shouldn't I be eating too? You can bring me some right here.» Talya rolls her eyes at his words. She replies to him, though she is looking more towards the others as if they were at fault, "You've had enough to feed all your brothers combined. Let them have their share for now. I've got to stop you at some point or else there wouldn't be food for everyone else. I am surprised Tura hasn't been sick yet." The last is said to her classmates. Thankfully Tura doesn't want to move out his soak. "I have no idea what the boundary is between keeping him sated and happy and just.. spoiling him rotten."

Ginger makes a point of giving Shokravanth several more individual chunks before she relents a little. "All right, there's not much left now. You can eat the rest from the bowl-" Here she places her hands over said bowl to give herself time to finish the sentence. "If you do it slowly, one chunk at a time, and chew every one? Deal?" Apparently it's a deal. She removes the hands slowly, and Shokrovanth manages to restrain himself for at least three chunks before the next one goes straight down without being chewed. Ginger raises a finger and gives a silent warning - she's beginning to get the hang of that bit, at least - and his pace slows again. « I am allowed, » he asserts, displaying twinkling blue stars to all who will listen. Ginger tells Talya, "I'm still going on what they told us to give. Seems all right - the dragons won't starve, and it's better not to give too much. You'll know if he's really hungry, and we'll probably all know if he's over-full."

Evka chuckles, both at the outward conversation, and the one she can hear in her head. Saetyroith hasn't really got down the 'lets not listen in on everyone' part yet. «I may have started earlier, but I also ate less.» Sharp, freshly cut cinnamon cuts into Evka's olfactory senses, sensing a bit of tension in her brown. Inwardly she groans, so much for getting him to sleep now. In fact, the brown raises his head, eyes whirling a curious blue. "It's still very strange for me when Sae does that, picks through my thoughts. It's like having someone try and organize them for you…..it's unsettling." Not that she'd give it up for all the world, from the point of their impression, Evka has known that Saetyroith is what she was missing from life, that everything that has happened to her to that point was leading to him, even giving up her son.

Katrya gives Turahaimajusuth a dubious look, "I'm not sure there is an option where you don't spoil that one and have him not smother our brains with smoke and brimstone." Her eyes grow wider and wider as Ginger hands over the bowl of meat to her dragon, groaning as the voice in her mind chimes, « Oh, now, that's not fair at all. It's only reasonable if I just… » Vinodestroth's head snakes forward, snatching from Katrya's meat supply bowl before she can stop him. "Fine. Fine! Later, when your stomach is distended and you're whining, remember: I tried." Fortian-accented voice is carried on a wide signal band, cutting through the white noise, « There will be no whinging as as perfectly capable of handling this on my own. It's not Ginger's fault you don't believe I… » A whole chunk of meat is swallowed whole, cutting him off mid-thought and causing him to mentally pull inwards. His rider gives a knowing, loving sigh, finding the place on his eyeridge and rubbing it just so while she confiscates the bowl with the other arm. "Tell me about it, Re—ah, Evka. I don't think I was quite aware of how much I did think, less than two sevendays ago. Now…"

"I'm trying," Talya says with a groan to Katrya. She's probably gotten more angry looks in the past sevenday than in her entire candidacy, considering that she tried to keep to herself for the most part. Not Turahaimajusuth though… The brown is finally stirring and looking to his brothers indulging themselves freely, a jealous rise of energy flooding his lifemate's mind as well as his brothers no doubt. "You like to be fed and pampered, remember?" Tal reminds me, trying to calm him down. She wolfs down the rest of her sandwich, as if it may help calm the rising hunger in her lifemate. Not that he was really hungry, just wanting more food now. Pulling on a curled headknob gently, she gets him to look away and get some caresses. "I think I have the opposite problem, it's all him, him, him for me. Though I've never felt so judged in my life when he does pick at my thoughts. A good reminder I still need to figure out how to dress properly, according to him."

"The thing that throws me is the pictures he gives me from his mind." Ginger's keeping half an eye on Shokravath as she talks. "It's like being in the middle of nowhere - I mean, nothing around but stars and bright cloudy things. Really pretty, but kind of - no!" Ginger lunges forward and snatches the bowl, which admittedly only has three or four chunks left in it. "One at a time, I said! Can't take my eyes off you for a moment, can I?" She rolls her eyes. "They make kid brothers seem sane and obliging." Shokravanth's Fortian tenor protests, loud enough for the room to hear, « Three at once is better! And you said I could eat it from the bowl! » The stars turn into a sullen pink nebula. If dragons could sigh, he would. « Control, yes. Control is important. I can do it! » She lays the bowl down and he daintily picks out one chunk and chews it lots of times under her intent gaze.

Evka sighs. "Aye, it can feel a bit judgemental at times, can't it?" Evka reaches over to pet at Saetyroith's eyeridges, and the brown lays his head in her lap, thrumming happily away. "Something to get used to I guess." She smiles warmly at her fellow weyrlings and watches Talya as she attempts to keep Tura from one of his rages. It makes her glad that Saetyroith is more prone to overindulgant happiness than sourness. As for Talya needing to learn how to dress well… "I could probably help you pick out some things Tura would like, if you want Talya." She's about to say something else when Saetyroith wuffles from her lap. «My hide itches.» She sighs. "Didn't we just bathe and oil you this very morning?" She looks at the brown with consternation. If he could shrug, it's what he'd be doing right now. «My hide itches.» Is repeated matter of factly. Sighing, Evka levies a loving look at her lifemate. And as Tura currently has the bathing pool occupied, they'll have to go elsewhere. "I need to bathe and oil this one again. Someone save me some lunch ok?" And with that, the Zingari woman is up and ushering her brown out to one of the few places they are as of yet allowed to go.

A pitying glance is spared for Talya, "Not blaming you for anything, of course. Or him. They're just babies, after all. It'll be months before they're even big enough to fly. It's hard to remember, though, because they do understand so much." Whirling eyes and mindscape alike shift to mildly warm tones. "It's a compliment, you lump." Wuffle from Vino as he noms another piece of meat from her hand, still disgruntled. "Vinodestroth… it's like a void, a crackling void, and bands of light. Sometimes, I see patterns, but it's hard to discern right now. I think I just need to get better at reading him." Last chunk of meat is downed and there's a beat before he reaches out to Tura, his prime bathing spot already eliminated in likelihood by Evka and hers, « Do you think you could be a chap and switch places? Plenty of meat out here for you, plenty of water in there for me. You see, I've got this damnable meat juice on my hide that I'd very much like to be rid of. It makes me feel unclean; you, of all dragons, should understand? » Winning dragonic smile, but, like, mentally.

"I don't mind Tura's mind one bit… at least when he's calm and it's just me and him," Talya admits with a little pleased sigh. "It's a bit hazy, a fog but just crowding around a warm little fire, always a good warm fire. Just haven't really wanted to stray too far into it." She gives her head a shake out of those thoughts, because he's anything but a warm little fire right now, still trying to crane his neck around to see the feeding going on. She grins over at Ginger's dilemma, pleased that others have trouble with their lifemates from time to time, and not just her baby brown. "Oh, he is a baby, not hard to remember that." It's almost like she's both replying to Katrya and also pointedly looking down at her lifemate. She finally no longer has to wrestle his attention away, when his brother comes calling. Tura stills, then gives a great big huff. «The meat can easily be brought over to me as well, and I'd have the best of both worlds. Why should I leave my bath, when it's so good for my hide?» All thought of eating is put off as he languidly stretches out in the water, dropping his head heavily back, this time into Talya's lap.

"And don't ask me how he knew about stars before he'd even left the Hatching Cavern," Ginger continues, eyes fixed still on Shokravanth as the young brown manages to eat another single chunk, then slurps the rest of the bowl all at once. "That one ties my head in knots. No, chew it!" Shokravanth chews in a desultory fashion, swallows, and nudges the bowl with his muzzle, lamenting, « There is no more. » Ginger has a distraction from that: "How about some oil? You like being oiled." But, no. « I would rather bathe. Turahaimajusuth, I am going to bathe with you. » Whether there's room or not, apparently: he lumbers over to the pool and just wades in, causing ripples to spread across the pool and drops of water to splash in all directions. Ginger is close behind - at least as far as the water's edge.

« And you've been in there quite long enough to be clean. Come, now, wouldn't you like to get some of that heavily scented oil that you seem to enjoy rubbed into your hide? What is it, lavender? » Vinodestroth maturer tones have been lost; a younger voice, now, clipped with an underlayer of tss-tss static anxiety. « It's on my hide and I need to get it off. » Katrya's cleaning up from dragon lunch slows as she senses the agitation building in her lifemate. "We can see if Saetyroith will share?" she offers hopefully, abandoning the bowl to return to his side. This suggestion causes another signal wave of distress, rising to a fever pitch as Shokravanth takes what's remaining in the bath. He bolts away from his rider, as much as his awkward legs can, to pace anxiously on the edge of the pool. Zap-zap-zap, like static electricity, roils from him, « I need to get in there. Please please please. » Katrya intercepts him, standing in the way of his continued pacing. « No, it has to be that one! » he snaps back to her loudly, nigh-distraught.

Talya snorts at Ginger's comment about stars. "They just know somehow. Like Tura telling me my robe was just all bad— I bet it had to do with the fact that Reve— er, Evka was there in her splendor. Oh no, I know you chose me cause I was hopeless, love," is said quickly when those agitated eyes snap up to the woman's face. She gives his head a tender hug. "I'll ask her about fashion advice, of course." But there was still the trouble of his brothers now, ruining his bath time. The static is met with a roiling fog, tense with a hint of something magical flowing through it. Not yet brimstone and flames. «There is no room! What are you doing?!» This sent in a hiss of sparks to Shokravanth. Then he has to deal with Vinodestroth! «I'll still get my oiling whenever I get out of these waters. Do not rush me! There are many more, go find your own bath!» He tries hard to continue to take up as much room as possible, but when another brown dragonet actually enters the water he has to stand up hurridly. There's an angry slosh of water and Talya, suddenly finding herself soaked through, leaps to her feet. "Tura! Alright, I think you have been in there long enough. Out!"

« It has to be this one! » Vinodestroth insists, wheeling his head around to face Tura. Oh geez. Mental chaos now accompanied now by the rising high-pitched squeal of electrical feedback. "He's getting out, he's getting out! It'll be okay to wait a second, shh, shh." Katrya grabs his head and forces it to turn towards her, staring into his red, whirling eyes. Desperately, "See? Turahaimajusuth is getting out. Then we can make sure you get all clean. It's okay, Vin, it's okay." He's still buzzing, but at least the sound seems to be lessening to a background whir.

Talya's clothes may be the savior today, as Turahaimajusuth whirls around to angrily face his own lifemate to tell her just what he thinks of her demanding him to get out, only to spy the mess he's made of her clothing. «Now you need to change as well! See what these lumbering fools have done, just because they are impatient?» Oh, there's the sulphur eruption that everyone loves so much, spilling forth like a rising miasma into the minds of his brown brothers. "How about I change, and then we go outside to get oiled so you cans how off to everyone there?" This compromise seems to be considered. He shoots Shokravanth and Vinodestroth a glare, red eyes whirling fast at them. «I hope your hide wrinkles.» And then he carefully picks his way out of the crowded waters, following a suddenly weary Talya. The young woman shoots an apologetic look to her friends. She's going to go without so much as another word, trying to placate her own lifemate on her way to change and then out to oil.

Ginger repays Talya's apologetic look with a resigned, sympathetic headshake. Meanwhile, Shokravanth settles into the water, spreads his wings and emits a rather pointed orange nebula to those who can see his mindspace, but when it comes to bath space, he's fortunately not possessive. « Vinodestroth, come and bathe with me! There is plenty of room for more than one if that one doesn't want it all to himself. It will be good! » Ginger looks at her lifemate in surprise: apparently she's heard the same thing, and murmurs, "Being diplomatic, love? Nice try."

Katrya is too focused on trying to stop Vinodestroth from have a total meltdown to catch the look from Talya, wave of blue-green relief sweeping over the room from the dragon when Turahaimajusuth yields his position in the bath and he scrambles in, immediately ducking his head under the water. Air bubbles raise to the surface and the stress radiating from him quickly abates, with a passionate, static-backed « Thank you. » to Shok. Kat stumbles a bit, weight from her mind suddenly released. "Man. Come on, Vin, let me scrub your nose clean for you." The dragon's relatively small head pops from under the water to settle on the edge of the bath where his rider can clean it properly.

Shokravanth observes the bubbles that his brother is making. « I like those! I want some of those! » He submerges himself too, and more bubbles find their way to the surface. Ginger sits on the edge of the pool. "Is your face clean? Let's see? Amazing! It actually is." Shokravanth ducks again. « This is the best way to get clean! Make some more! » "So strange," Ginger reflects. "They're babies, and one moment they want to play like little kids, and the next they're showing you amazing pictures or saying quite grown-up things."

Katrya quickly takes care of Vin's meat-face issue and he's back in the water, floating placidly, as his upset had never happened. "Absolutely bizarre. I don't know how to reconcile it." Her boots are shed and pant legs rolled up to dip her toes in the water. Bubble, bubble is obligingly provided. « I don't know if it's actually that effective, but I have to admit, it is rather fun, isn't it? » The teen watches them fondly. "They look like they'll be busy for a minute." Thank Faranth. "Do you want to see what we can find for lunch?"

"He's going to need more oil as soon as he's out of there," Ginger calculates. "So this'd probably be a good time to go." Mention of going is enough to have Shokravanth surging from the water, however, eyes whirling in alarm. "We're only going across the room, silly! You've eaten, it's my turn now. You stay there and soak - you can see where I am." Mollified, he settles back into the water. She grins at Katrya. "Never thought I'd miss going to the living caverns. Shall we?" They make their way over to the food that's been brought in for them, with two pairs of faceted eyes following every step.

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