M'noq, Va'os


Va'os hunts down M'noq to talk and extend an idea that ends up politely declined…

Backdated, happens a little after Leadership Headaches


It is sunset of the first day of the tenth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Boardwalk, Southern Weyr

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Ancient-cut stone stretches broad, smoothed by the wind and the weather and the rain to create a boisterous center of commerce. Wood overlays stone in places, patterned and pretty, to attract the eye of those traversing the strip to particular vendors. Though not the size of the tremendous markets of the North, the boardwalk's offerings show the knowledge of ageless crafters: Smith contraptions, Herder-certified animals, Starcraft maps and Weaver textiles are only some of the things that may be purchased, among the spicy scents of beach food and the contrast of bright shells and dark stones from the shoreline.

Spring really is Southern's most pleasant season, unless you really like rain or being cooked in your riding leathers. M'noq heads down to the Boardwalk to stroll, while Ravaith sprawls out on the beach to nap and relax in the late afternoon sun. The brownrider walks past a few of the crafter booths, glancing over at them idly without spending much time actually shopping. Maybe it's just a good time to get out and about.

This is the time of season that one should enjoy it as much as possible! Which Va’os is trying to do, when duties don’t otherwise keep him indoors or too occupied to really notice. Tsiroth is in a better mood and, feeling sociable, the bronze lumbers his way to the beach and promptly stretches out on the sand not far from Ravaith. Not really there to browse, Va’os is on the hunt for something… or someone rather. “Huh. Thanks, bud!” he mutters to himself once Tsiroth as shared having found Ravaith. Scanning the crowds, it won’t take him long to find the brownrider. “Hey, M’noq!” Formalities? What are formalities? He’ll half-jog the last few steps it takes to join him and while there’s a grin there, it’s a touch uneasy. “Just the rider I was looking for.” Too late to run, M’noq! “Y’got a moment to talk?”

Ravaith gives Tsiroth a rumble of greeting, after lifting a heavy eyelid to give him a wary look. Apparently he is a big, brown landmark now. Probably not for the first time. When M'noq hears his name called, he turns, spotting the Weyrleader coming towards him. Should he run? Hide behind a couple of gossipy women who are haggling with an irritated merchant? As he takes half a moment to decide, it's already too late. "Hey, Va'os," he calls back. "Of course, I'm all yours. Want to walk somewhere quieter?" They could head down the beach, where they're less likely to be overheard.

Tsiroth will rumble back, while also sharing a bit of a ‘tune’ that the bronze heard at some point today. Some lively little ear worm, to show that he’s no threat (today)! He’s content to make his own temporary shallow wallow in the sand and stay there. Ravaith can sleep in peace! M’noq should know by now that running once spotted will only make Va’os give chase! He has no shame and would care less of the gossip spread of a Wingleader being hunted down across the boardwalk by his Weyrleader! “Yeah, was just gonna ask that. Quieter is better…” Which is probably not going to put the brownrider at ease, will it? “Lead the way!” Va’os will be content to just follow along at this point to whichever path M’noq sets. It’s not until they’re well enough away that he speaks up again but cautiously keeps his voice lowered. “You’ve probably heard about the decision we made concerning Laeiva? That in her mental state, as it is… we cannot charge her as someone who is sane. Can’t keep her here either.” For obvious reasons. “So she’s to head north. Where there are folks trained to handle her… condition.”

So, the Weyrleader and the wingleader take a stroll down the beach at sunset, talking in quiet tones. Stories of this romantic scene will be spread far and wide by morning, by the gossip ladies. They can't hear what the two men are saying, though, so they just make that part up. Of course, M'noq doesn't realize this at this moment, listening to Va'os talk. "Yes, I remember hearing the plan. I assume you have somewhere in mind that has agreed to take her in?" He's a little wary of the whole idea, though he doesn't argue a point on the complex matter.

Isn’t that the whole point of gossip? The MYSTERY! What were they saying? Is there another bromance in the works? What will D’wane say!? Sadly, it’s nothing nearly as light hearted or fun. Va’os is just going to unload a HEAP of tough conversation right on M’noq’s head. “Well, yeah… Kind of? It’s in the works. Since we have to be certain she’s isolated. Technically she’s not a free woman.” It’s causing a lot of headaches and careful planning, in other words! Glancing around to be sure they’re still ‘alone’, Va’os goes on to add: “We’ve got one problem though. Transporting her? We can’t do it by dragon. Mind healer said in her state, Between is likely to set her off … if we even get to that point. So she has to go by land and by sea. Which means she needs to be guarded and we can get the ground covered easy enough but… having riders on ‘watch’ from above?” Does M’noq see where he’s headed with this?

M'noq sighs, a little troubled by this idea. "Lynx riders aren't guards. We're explorers. Spies when we must be. We're your social contact to holders and wildlings in remote places. Why not have men on the ship who are trained guards? Or if you don't think you can manage a voyage by ship, put off her going north. Keep her somewhere remote here, where she can be watched. If you need someone to fly her straight somewhere…." He pauses, reluctance obvious in his voice. "We might be able to help you. We are experienced in that kind of long-distance, skip-relay travel. But I won't put my riders at risk doing something they're not trained for."

“Wasn’t suggesting you actually guard her,” Va’os corrects with a grimace. He’s not exactly thrilled by this idea either! “We’re going to have capable men on the ground and on the ship, but we’d feel secure with having a rider as escort… at least off of Southern territory. Problem is, is that I’d prefer having a rider who is seasoned enough and who is trustworthy to undertake a task like that. I’m aware that Lynx really isn’t… that. But D’wane mentioned your name specifically, so.” Here they are! And because Va’os is Va’os and has no shame when it comes to personal space, he’ll clasp a hand to M’noq’s shoulder; so long as the brownrider doesn’t evade him. “Listen… Rank aside, you can turn this down. Suggest something or someone else… I’m open to ideas here. I just want her gone, before something else happens! But if we’re gonna do it? It’s got to be done right.”

M'noq shakes his head, his expression serious. "No doubt that's because D'wane thinks I don't have enough to do." And M'noq really does have a lot to do, not to mention he has a pile of problems he's trying to juggle on top of that. But more heads on this idea might bring about better ideas. "She needs to be somewhere that someone can watch her, and she isn't able to wander off. Not the least of which reason, she's a danger to herself." He mulls this over more. "They ruled out sedating her and taking her ::between:: like that?" M'noq is inclined to find the most expedient solution at this point. "How does this sound: put her on board a ship right here and send her off. No traveling overland. She be flown here just fine. Then I'll consider a Lynx rider to pick her up when the ship comes into port… where is it you're sailing her to? And where is the place she'll be kept?"

Va’os almost laughs until he realizes M’noq is being serious and has to promptly cough that back. “We’re all a little swamped,” he mutters instead before moving on. His expression falls grim again as he nods, “Exactly. Last thing we want is her getting lost or giving them the slip…” He supresses a shudder at the idea. This has all been difficult enough! And he’s not wanting another row with Mayte about what to do with the woman if this method fails. “Yeah, they ruled it out. Forget the exact reasons but I know that it was nixed. I’d have gone for it, otherwise. Simple and quick but…” His shoulders shrug in a helpless gesture. What can be done? “We’re still working out where but if I had to wager a few marks… I’d say it’d be Fort. Closest to the Hall, eh? But if she’s put aboard a ship, it won’t be us dealing with her on the other end. That’s Fort Weyr’s call, then. Unless they ask that a Southern rider be present at the port. Won’t meddle in another Weyr’s territory anymore than we already are. It’s… a very complex and complicated situation.” And from the sounds of it, a HUGE headache for him, given his usual ‘flyby the seat of one’s pants’ behaviour. Won’t work that way, this time! He sighs, scrubbing at his face and looking outright exhausted. “Thanks, M’noq but I think I may need to scrap this and start again.”

M'noq just shrugs at this, having given two different suggestions and having them shot down. "Well, you've heard how I'd deal with it. I'm not comfortable with me or my riders playing guard duty. If you want us there for the handoff at Fort, we can be. I think for the most part, if she's on a ship, she won't be able to get away from there. Put all-hours guards on her, and eventually you'll get to where you're going." Another shrug. "I guess you can track me down if you want to bounce around a few more ideas. I'll think on it, too." Truthfully, it's a problem that his mind is going to be working on for a while, until he decides on what he feels is the best option… whether or not that's advice Va'os will take.

“We’d not be tailing her, once she’s on the ship,” Va’os repeats with a crooked smirk. “And not necessary either. The escort would just be for her stint in Southern’s territory. Guard coverage is already… well, covered.” There’s a grim chuckle there and a low sigh. “Yeah, if you come up with anything more I’m all ears! Can’t say it’ll work but at this point?” He’s up for any suggestions! Coming to a slow stop, he’ll reach to clasp M’noq on the arm again in a parting gesture. “Clear skies, man. And thanks for at least entertaining the idea! I’ll catch you in the morning, when we debrief.” Typical meetings; at least that is the same old routine! Stepping back, he’ll grin in his usual carefree manner and tip off a quick salute. “Enjoy your evening!” He’s off now to go track down a certain Weyrsecond to regroup… and probably over a few glasses of whiskey.

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