N'yulo, R'zel, Jiagairanth, Verokanth


Jiagairanth searches for them bones, them bones, them dry bones; Verokanth is confused. R'zel and N'yulo look on and discuss these events with interest — and concern on R'zel's part.



It is the seventh day of Winter and 50 degrees. Partly cloudy, the storm seems to be mostly gone with only the occasional short falls of rain painting the ground.


River Clearing, Southern Weyr

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River Clearing

Just north of the river delta, the jungle's grip loosens enough to expose the sand-enriched soil and lichen-kissed rocks as the river battles through the rapids before dumping into the gentler delta. Cacophony of sound is made through the roar of the rapids, the spray of white water as it rains upon the nearby shores, and the shrieking of birds and wild firelizards that call from the nearby jungles. Treacherous to cross, most would follow the bank to either the river's delta or the calmer river bank, but a few courageous souls find the lure of the rapids too tempting to not cross as the far bank holds the promise of accomplishment.

The overnight rain has mostly stopped by mid-morning, but there's still an annoying and chilly drizzle falling. With an early and rather wet drill out of the way, R'zel and Verokanth are onto the next thing. At the moment, the bronze is sitting in the clearing, watching patiently as his rider ambles along the river bank, casting a critical eye on the mud, the water level in the river, and the various paths that converge here.

Meanwhile, Jiagairanth sleuths along the river, curvetting a bit here and there as she casts an eye back at her bondmate, who simply follows along with every evidence of deep boredom — and patience. «This way.» The crossroads are up here, apparently. Whatever that might be. "Ai'ight, fine, this way." N'yulo agreees in wry amusement, casting a glance up at the circling of his group of firelizards.

Verokanth gives a welcoming croon as he notices the young green's approach. Alerted by his own dragon, R'zel pauses too, turning to look along the river to see who's coming. The green's of a size that suggests she and her rider are senior weyrlings, and that's enough to make a wingsecond curious about the pair. When N'yulo comes into view too, R'zel, grinning, calls, "Morning! Looks like she's taking you for a walk!" Verokanth simply offers gentle « Greetings! » to the younger dragon.

N'yulo glances up from his study of the riverbank as he's hailed. Oh, look, a cheerful morning person; inwardly, he writhes against the unfairness of it all, and tenders his greeting with all the crisp politeness one might expect of a weyrling greeting his senior. "Sir." He swings his head towards Jiagairanth, who is eyeing the adult dragon consdieringly, possibly debating whether to answer a 'mere male' or not. But, at N'yulo's mental, urgent prompting, she does finally tender a greeting as though conferring a great favor. «Morning.»

R'zel watches the two dragons for a moment, and no doubt he's told when the green responds. That's when he turns back to N'yulo, waiting for the younger man to approach. "She's growing well, by the look of it. How are things going?" Verokanth's reply holds a curling waft of minty curiosity. « You are walking. Are you and your rider able to fly together yet? »

Jiagairanth puts her nose to the ground, sniffing delicately here, and there, andperhaps a little more than usual around the very edge f the bank before dipping her nose into the river itself. Her tailtip does a little tic-toc wag as she lifts her head and curves her neck around to eye Verokanth for a long moment, as though astonished that he would ask. «Of course we can fly together. How else would we get up to our weyr?» N'yulo, meanwhile, is rolling his eyes skyward in the search for patience with his dragon's inherently impudent personality. "She likes to look for things. Bones, and stuff. Easier to see on the ground." A roundabout way of apologizing for the short shrift she gives most folk. And perhaps an explanation for how they're doing, sorta.

"They all have their idiosyncracies," R'zel says, with a fond glance at his own lifemate. "Vero at that age would have wanted to be…" he glances round, then points at a high outcrop of rock. "On top of that. Or on that fallen tree trunk. Or anywhere else he could look down on people. Or he'd have found something to crawl under instead, but he'd given that up by the time we were flying." A half-grown bronze has trouble fitting underneath things. There's a discontented rumble from Verokanth, and R'zel turns to say in an apologetic tone. "Sorry, old man. I know you don't like me talking about you like that." Then back to N'yulo. "So, you're flying now." That's not a question; he knows how far the class has progressed. "Enjoying it?"

Do they ever. Fortunately, N'yulo is far enough away to not be awakened at godawful hours by the too-cheerful Jedamaeth. Morning people, ugh. Instead, he's subject to the rush of the river as it rolls endlessly by, and the creepy sensation of being stared at buy that massive tunnelsnake skeleton, the which he has not been allowed to remove from the weyr. "Yeah, we're flyin'." Doesn't he sound overly enthusiastic. "Left up to her, we'd fly everywhere. Gotta remind her we got legs for a reason." Jiagairanth snorts her low opinion of mere legs. «One cannot properly survey one's domain on foot.» Right, whatever. N'yulo is, on the whole, an exceedingly patient man, as evidenced by the wry expression he turns on R'zel. See what he has to live with? "Huh. Yeah she goes up there sometimes. So she can survey everything." And rain down judgement upon any poor unfortunate that comes into her line of sight.

R'zel smiles at that. "She probably thinks she's got wings for a reason - I don't think I've ever known one that didn't want to fly more than they were supposed to at first. How's she finding the drills?" Verokanth is patient too. « It is good to be high. One can see so much better. But why did you walk here, if you could fly?"

R'zel smiles at that. "She probably thinks she's got wings for a reason - I don't think I've ever known one that didn't want to fly more than they were supposed to at first. How's she finding the drills?" Verokanth is patient too. « It is good to be high. One can see so much better. But why did you walk here, if you could fly?" » The bronze gets to his feet and stretches his neck, looking down at the young green.

"Yes," N'yulo affirms with dry amusement. "In order to display her superiority over all us mere mortals." He casts his gaze over the green, watching the way she studies her surroundings with narrowed eyes, tail still a-flick with the impatience of one whose mission has been interrupted. «You cannot find things from up there.» Squint. Does he not know how to decorate a weyr? The green seems to think not, from the tone of her mindvoice, or the supercilious tilt of her head. "Jiagairanth. Tone it down — he does outrank you, dear."

The minty aroma grows stronger as Verokanth enquires, « What things could you need from here? » He's a contented sort of soul, is Verokanth, and without acquisitive tendencies - at least on his own behalf. Food is a different matter. « If you are looking for wherries, there are better places. » "Oh, dear." R'zel's still sounding amused. "Like that, is it? You do need to end up in charge, you know." The tone in which it's said suggests that's not intended as a rebuke. He pauses for a moment, then recasts his question. "So how does she do in drills and so on? Does she fit in, or go her own way?"

Jiagairanth takes her rebuke with something akin to ill-grace, curling up and eyeing her rider for one long, baleful moment before she relents and sweetens her tone. «I will know when I find it.» She's sulking in the deeper recesses of her mind, though; when she's older! runs the vague threat she'll likely forget tomorrow. N'yulo nods his understanding. "Yeah, I know it.Dragon'll go wrong if you do." Good thing N'yulo was old enough to know how to handle tempermental babies before he Impressed, or things might have gotten… interesting. "Oh, those she likes. Wants to practice til she can't move. She likes battle, does my Jiagairanth." His smile is no less wry than before, but there might even be a hint of admiration this time.

"Well, that's encouraging," is R'zel's verdict, and he runs an appraising eye over the green. "She's got lovely colouring. Looks as if she'll be fast, too." Yes, this wingsecond is eyeing up the talent - and at this stage in the weyrling class's training, he won't be the only one to do so. Verokanth is starting to lose patience with the green's attitude. « You are looking for something but you don't know what it is? »

N'yulo chuckles softly. "She is pretty fast." And also annoying in her tendency to withhold information when it suits her. Her stare upon the bronze is pure, unadulterated innocence, now; as clean as morning sunshine over the ocean. N'yulo wouldn't buy her act at all, only he's a little distracted by R'zel's line of questioning. «Exactly.»

R'zel listens for a moment to what his dragon is telling him. "She's looking for something but she doesn't know what?" He's amused, but Verokanth can live and let live. « And that makes you happy? » It's fine with him, and apparently he doesn't find it pointless. « And you are also walking. Walking will make your legs stronger. Strong legs give good take-offs. » Perhaps that much reasoning from a dragon suggests it's something he's heard often, but he approves!

N'yulo raises his shoulders. What can you do. "She's like that. Likes to see what she can see. And likely, it will be another skull of some sort." He's starting to collect an entire museum of the things: mostly various tunnel snakes, and perhaps a small cow or two. His weyr looks like a Nature museum, these days. Meanwhile, the green is now shifting at a bit of the bank, having nosed out something particularly shiny. «Hmm». She agrees absently with Verokanth, and her tail has stopped its restless twitching in the face of potentially finding a treasure to take home.

It's perhaps fortunate that R'zel can't divine Jiaraiganth's taste in interior decor from her rider's thoughts - what he's said is quite surprising enough! "She looks for skulls? That's… different." It also suggests unpleasant possibilities. Frowning, he enquires, "Old ones, or fresh? What does she want them for?" Verokanth is intrigued now. « What have you found? Is it the Thing you wanted? »

It could very well be, if N'yulo weren't so used to the ins and outs of his dragon's mind, by now. He merely offers Rzel one of those languid little shrugs of his, dismissing any concern for the oddity of it all. "Old ones," He confirms, pointing to the one she's uncevering for an example. "And she usually just wants them for decoration. Every now and then she will… suggest we put plants in them." He eyes R'zel with mild curiosity. "That upsets you. Why?" He's now a little concerned about that poor, poor bronzerider. «I must find out.» Jiagairanth shushes the older dragon absently, digging faster to uncover more of the interesting thing.

R'zel shrugs. "It doesn't upset me. I was just having visions of her insisting you took rotting carcasses home. Which would be rather unpleasant, to say nothing of insanitary. But long-buried ones? If you don't mind filling your weyr with old bones, that's not a problem." He grins. "I suppose it's one way of getting plant pots. And dragons are well acquainted with bones. Perhaps they're a form of decoration she can relate to." Verokanth pads closer to Jiagairanth, to see better what she's doing, but doesn't interrupt her digging.

"Oh," N'yulo shrugs affably, tucking his hands into his pocket as he watche shis dragon digging into and uncovering her new acquisition: some old wherry done gone and lost his head. Literally. "She's got a couple fresh ones — I cleaned 'em up 'fore I brought 'em up to the weyr." He's no stranger to butchering and whatnot, being a farmboy. "I got my skills, sir." He grins sideways to R'zel.

R'zel's curious now. "Decorating with skulls hadn't really occurred to me as a thing to do. Do you boil the meat off them, or something?" Verokanth edges closer to Jiagairanth. « What have you found? Is it a treasure? » He cranes his neck to get a better look at her prize. « It looks too old to eat. I prefer them with meat on. »

"Yeah, hadn't occured to me either, but we used to do it back home if Dad needed t'make somethin' with bones. Like spears or whatever. Figured it'd work for her purposes." N'yulo begins to rock back and forth, squinting to get a better look at the now-unearthed prize. At least he isn't going to be hours in the cleaning of this particular skull. «It is treasure.» Jiagairanth is satisfied with her find, sinking claws into the eye sockets to secure it against rolling away. "Suppose we'd better get that up to the weyr and placed."

"Right," R'zel says, taking a step back as a prelude to disengaging. "We should be moving, too, or Ocelot won't get their run tomorrow." What a tragedy that would be! "Clear skies!" He turns back to Verokanth, and they're soon on their way, scouting out the route of Ocelot's run tomorrow. Lucky Ocelot!

Mhm, whatever. N'yulo is sure Ocelot would be all too happy to NOT have their morning run. But he'll just politely salute the retreating bronzerider and go about the business of getting his dragons new acquisition up to their weyr, where he will likely spend many an hour getting it ready for display.

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