Talya, K'vvan, Maikah


There ain’t no man getting what he wants at The Tipsy Kitten tonight!

Drinking, Propositioning, Swearing (the good stuff!)~


It is late night of the seventh day of the eleventh month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


The Tipsy Kitten, Southern Weyr

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"Are you trying to suggest what I think you're trying to suggest?"



The Tipsy Kitten

Here there be drunkards: a marble bar and the gorgeous array of colored bottles behind it would be enough to draw them in, but more yet lures those to enjoy the recreation the Kitten has to offer. Windows allow light to naturally illuminate the first floor of the tavern in the daytime, while green-tinted glows shine after nightfall. A door behind the bar leads to the tiny kitchen, while a stairway leads above to the rooms available for rent. Among the hubbub and the ruckus, a calamity of tables scatter through the open space, plenty enough for dragonpoker tournaments on restday eve.

Evening shift at the Tipsy Kitten… This usually entails a lot of drinking, a lot of forced smiles, and a lot of restraining from punching people or breaking hands. Talya can do that now (or well, dislocating fingers). That warm night seems to have brought out a lot of the Weyr, celebrating something or another. After all the loss at the Weyr it seems to have been missed and they are certainly working on spreading some cheer… drunken cheer. A busy night and the worst bartender in Southern Weyr just has to be on duty, filling glasses and mixing drinks she manages to figure out. The easiest part is pulling pints, passing them to the crowd that seems to form at the bar awaiting their drinks before dispersing. "Hey, a little help here!" Talya calls back to another gal, taking orders at a nearby table. The crowd is getting fussy, waiting on the poor young woman who is taking too long. One person can only do so much.

K'vvan's as prickly as a cat when he enters the kitten. If he had fur his hackles would be up and his tail a huge brush. (THIS: https://thelittersitter.files.wordpress.com/2014/03/angry-cat.jpg) He weaves his way through the crowd without actually touching anyone (because he's that good) and makes it to the bar. That girl that Talya is trying to call over, "HEY. VANI SENT ME." It's a lie, but K'vvan's 99.9% sure it'll get him service. Vani won't mind, right?

Hark! What stench through yonder swinging door breaks! It is Maikah, and he really doesn't smell that bad but if you can fit in a paraphrase it has to be done! The odor that lingers around the herdsman is odd however even as the be-singleted man scopes out the scene from the doorway. With a shrug devoid of any fucks he mosies on in and arranges his rangy self upon one of the barstools at the bar. "Beer." He sighs longingly at whom ever is closest, his voice full of exhaustion and his expression piteous. Have mercy on this poor herder boy… for it is lambing season, and he's up to his elbows in it. (Vani would probably care even less if the kittie wasn' lost in 404 land :( But no, Vani NO CUR <3 )

That girl probably does a better job than Talya, but right now she's focusing on all the customers in front of her and doesn't seem to care about a backed up bar. Which makes Talya just a little aggravated. The people had to wait their turn. "And what does Vani want?" she asks K'vvan as her eyes meet the man, a brow lifted in question. Was that supposed to impress her or was that a secret code for something? This bartended did not know it, though she knows the greenrider. "That guy right behind you was here first. You wanted five shots?" She's taking out said glasses and lining them up. Six shots. And for making his way in front of the others, she makes certain to fill them up slowly. Five get pushed out, one gets thrown back into her own mouth. And then she goes and pulls a beer for that herder guy that came up, because she /will/ pity another hard worker.

APPARENTLY Vani's friends aren't working tonight. Alas. K'vvan had to try it in an effort to get his ass away from the stinky (yes you Maikah) patrons of the bar where there is a good chance he's going to get rubbed up against. The thought actually makes him physically gag a bit. "Hurry it up woman. I need three bottles of pink wine." Even as the words are leaving his mouth K'vvan is regretting that 'woman' part. But. Damage done. Time to live with the consequences.

Maikah slowly drags his pitiful attempts at puupy-dog eyes away from the bar for a moment to regard that other guy. "Pink wine?" He mouths in quiet puzzlement. But the exact moment that beer (it had better be cold!) slides it's way towards him, he returns his attention to more important matters. BEER! His pale eyes light up even as he brings the tankard up to his lips and begins to swallow that life-giving elixir. Gulpgulpguuuuulpgulp. And then the mug returns to the bar-top. "It appears to be empty." He's gunna try his poor ole me routine on Talya cos she got him a beer to begin with. This herder needs a couple more beers in him before rubbing up against anything. "Chicks did the sweet stuff, if you're trying to impress this Vani-girl." He's feeling generous, he's gunna help a brother out.

"You take that half, Maki, and I'll take this one," Talya tells the other girl when she finally makes her way back from the tablet. Whether she actually does do what Talya said, it is unknown. Talya is going to just ignore that part of the bar so she can zero in on the customers in front of her instead. She stops serving completely, hands on the bar as she stares at K'vvan. There's a twitch in her jaw, clenching as it is. "You're going to have to wait your turn, rider," she says stiffly. "See this guy? I gave him an empty pint. I need to fix that." She lifts that pint from in front of Maikah and gives her head a sad little shake. "My bad." And as she moves to fill it, still facing the men, she gives each one a look before settling on the Herder. "Damn, man, did you get run over by herdbeasts?" she finally asks him, wrinkling her nose a bit at the smell but not saying anything bad against it. She probably has smelled worse here.

"Fuck you." That's a general statement for BOTH Maikah and Talya. Some guy crowds up on K'vvan's other side and he has to turn to not touch him. So at least he doesn't have more time for bile than that.

Maikah has had his arms in places that don't really bear thinking about for a VERY VERY long time, so when he gets sweared at, he's just going to lift an arm and sniff, because…"I know I didn't say anything." Also he is tired, and thinking is a bit too hard. But he can answer questions, which he will do now: "I wish! At least it would be over already." He sounds far, far too cheerful about the prospect, or he's really anticipating that replacement beer. "It's lambing season. And the ewe's are a bit off." He uses his typical understatement to down-play the sheer chaos that has ensued since the winter rains stopped. "I'm all good on the fucking thanks." He'd toast, but he was served an empty tankard.

Talya's eyes narrow as she gives K'vvan one of her best frosty glares. "If you think that's going to get your fancy wine faster, then you're mistaken. Don't go fucking around with my customers either," she says in regards to him cursing at poor Maikah here. And then she tries to smile… because this rider is also supposed to be a customer. "Maki, got some pink wine?" she calls back to her coworker, not even looking her way. She finally sets the full pint back down in front of the Herder. "Off? Is that what you say when they're sick and not … lambing? Or something?" Tal is actually going to try small talk here. Even as she's serving on the side… serving another shot. For who? For her. She lifts it up as in a quick toast to the men and then tosses it back. "I think there's no pink wine, do you want something else?" she finally turns to K'vvan, shrugging her shoulders. Whether there was wine or not, she wasn't checking. And Maki didn't respond with it.

Serious muttering from K'vvan now. Something about how such and such never happened when Bailey was around running the place. But it's a bitter thought. Instead of speaking any louder he looks at the woman. "Take it one alcoholic to another - serving it and drinking it are a fucking bad combination. Good luck on your sheep fucking." Yes, K'vvan will get one last shot in at the herder too before turning around. He'll just have to go tell Vani what he needs and put up with the consequences of her questions. Argh. #happynewyear

Maikah returns the toast, cos his momma raised him right. The greenrider and his words rolling off his back like so much Southern rain. "Don't knock it til you try it." He calls out, lifting his mug to toast the prickly prick, a no hard feelings grin on his face. And then he's back to important matters. MORE BEER. "Something like that. More breech lambs this turn." For reasons he should probably figure out. "Figure it's just par for course." Cos there's been a whole heap of shit luck at Southern recently. "And I've got eight hours before I need to worry about…" He waves his hands, at some stage he has figured out girls don't like hearing about his adventures with sheep anatomy.

Talya is going to take yet ANOTHER drink now that K'vvan said that, just to spite him even if he cannot see it. "It's the perfect combination last I checked, who the fuck wants to be sober in this crowd." She says it more to herself. When the rider goes away, she makes sure to make a face after him and then turns her full attention onto Maikah to make sure he is satisfied. "They all dead? Poor lambs. Poor ewes still, having to push them out. Living or dead." Or breech. That sounds painful. Tal gives a shudder and then gets another order for liquor, a mixed drink, and she tries to play a little bit of catch up even while listening to the one seated in front of her spot. "Eight hours til you have to worry about what? Going back to work? I hear that birthing doesn't wait on anyone but I guess that's what other Herders are for." She serves a hard shot of firewhiskey, places it in front of the Herder. "On me." Or rather the bar, and it's the cheap stuff.

Maikah lifts his mug again, this time in thanks. "Cheers!" He sees that whiskey, but he'll leave it for now, because beer. "Nah, they're not dead. Just need a bit of a tug to head in the right direction." Talya is very lucky Maikah isn't one of those who talks with his hands, that’s for sure! However there is a glimmer of mischief in his pale blue eyes, and just the hint of a smile hidden in his beard. "A man has to rest every now and again." It is only prudent to allow herders to swap in and out for some R&R. "Damn, it's empty again." The tankard is held out even as he reaches for the shot. "I'm Maikah." He'd name his craft and rank, but it's kind of obvious right?

"I guess that's good for the herd. No dead babies." Talya will toast to that. She probably should slow down on knocking back the drinks, honestly, but every time she mistakes an order or serves too much it goes into her stomach, at least when she's not being directly observed. With such a busy night it is hard. The bar seems to be clearing up at least, and she's stuck there instead of waiting on tables that night. Lucky for Maikah now. "There ain't going to be much resting if you're here, but it sounds like beer is what is truly needed after long grueling hours of work. Not sleep." Who needs sleep? She grabs the tankard with a grin. "I think there's gotta be a hole in the bottom." She's back to filling it, this time bringing it back faster now that she doesn't have a demanding rider to annoy. "Talya," she offers. "Your personal server for tonight. And the best one." Though her actions speak louder than words, and those that hear it definitely give her a look at that announcement.

Maikah is in the midst of knocking back his on the house shot, so it takes him a moment… and a couple of attempts to clear his throat before he speaks, his naturally deep voice a little huskier thanks to the effects of the alcohol. "There's rest…and then there is rest." He tilts his head and quirks a brow before swivelling that seat to check out his dwindling prospects. "Bed is the next part of the plan." Although be may be more ambitious than his day would allow, not that he'd admit as much in word or expression. He swivels back once the problem with his tankard is rectified to toast her once again. "I don't know if I'm fancy enough to rate a personal server." But he's not going to complain as his third beer looks set to have the same problem as his first two. "There's definitely a hole in here somewhere." He agrees, his moustache salted with beer-foam, cos he's a smooth operator yo!

Talya lifts a brow right back at him at that statement. "It looks to me like you're doing well resting up. Keep drinking this fast and you'll sleep like a newborn baby." You know, since he's been around them… the lamb variety that is. Her own thoughts seem to find it funny, or maybe it was the shots, and she chuckles at herself even as she tries to pour a few more pints out for a group of riders that have come by. They don't linger thankfully, and seem to be polite enough that she doesn't have a problem with them. "Riders are overrated, they don't understand that it's the little people… crafters and drudges and whatnot that really make up the Weyr. I'm sure you've deserved a personal server throughout the turns. And I ain't really in the mood to serve the rest of the bar right now. Maki! Is my shift done yet?" She looks at the other woman, who shakes her head. Tal's face falls, but she's already making a motion for others to go to the other woman. "That damn tankard. Here." She is already pulling a new pint, completely new container. Maybe it will hold. She sets it down in front of the man, even if he didn't ask for it. "So when does the lambing end for a Herder? Is it like a dragon hatching, all done in one go?"

Maikah snorts, even as his lips crack slightly into one of his rare grins. "Not even close. It starts late winter, finishes early summer. Because sheep are like people and don't get horny all at once." That snort is followed by a cough, because he does know better, even if those beers are saying he does not. "Do you know what else helps a man sleep…?" Fortunately for all, there is a loud boisterous group who are unimpressed by the current service and jostle Maikah slightly as they attempt to capture Talya's attention by GETTING ALL UP IN HER FACE. It certainly gives Maikah pause enough to think, and discover that ALL the glasses in the 'Kitten have that same hole defect! FOR SHAME! "Bit hard to do my job if Thread eats all the sheep. Takes all sorts I reckon." There is a firm, foamy nod for that.

"Can't you just force 'em all to get it on at the same time? Make all the babies pop out at once?" Talya does seem to want to talk with her hands, and she pushes both of them together like forcing two little sheep together. She's definitely focused on her hands, which look nothing like sheep or their sheepy parts that make babies, cupped together and joining and unjoining and joining again. At Maikah's question, she lifts her eyes from her hands and then to him, still making the motions, brow raised. As if that answers that. She snorts, more to the sudden onslaught of people. "Hold on, hold on, one at a time! Beer? Wine? Shots?" She points to each person that is demanding her attention. "Wait your damn turn or you don't get shit— I mean, what'd it be sir? You have a tab?" Maki gets a fake smile and so does the customer. "I guess they do help with that. Doesn't mean they have to be arrogant pricks," she adds once the crowd disappates (as well as the riders if there were any in the lot).

"But then we'd have to eat all the lamb all at once… It's better this way." And Maikah pats his flat belly with a certain satisfaction. That glimmer lingers even as he catches Talya's eyes with his own, a brow rising - but no verbal proposition following. Once the other patrons, and Maki have been mollified after all. "Takes all sorts." He reiterates, even as his smile lingers for the commentary after. "Not everyone is an arrogant prick though." Take this guy! Who is once more holding up a mug that is sadly empty of any foamy beer goodness.

Finished with the crowd, she grabs a rag and cleans off the bar in front of them free of spilled whatever she's been serving, then shoving it to one side. She leans her elbows on the dry surface, closing some of the distance towards the Herder. "Are you trying to suggest what I think you're trying to suggest?" she asks with a raised brow back yet again at him. And then something seems to catch her attention, not something in the bar but a thought that occurs to her. "Do you… do you /eat/ your lambs? All those that you bring into the world? Aren't you attached to them in any way." Her hands fold and she puts her hand into them, leaning a bit more forward. "All that work bringing them into the world, and it sounds rather smells like hard work." Sniff sniff. When she leans back it's to grab the empty pint from him with a sigh. "Just /where/ is all that beer going to." She'll pour him another, even if she is starting to suspect the man's stamina.

Maikah holds up his hands! He's harmless! "Not so's you'd notice…." He is a man well versed in the paitence of waiting for things to come to him. "But I wouldn't say no." And one who will lay it all out there. "There's a little bath house…" Because he is aware that his current cologne isn't particularly appealing. As for the eating? He's a practical man. "Southern doesn't really need an abundance of wool. And while we geld as many as we can, there's still plenty of wiley rams about. Horny buggars that they are." He means both meanings of that word. "It's hard work brewin' too. But it comes with it's own rewards." Such as BEER, which he is still as happy to recieve as he was the first time she served him. "I'll find it eventually I'm sure." There is a wink, even as his mouth and the beer meet once more.

Talya seems to truly be considering his proposition, hand to her mouth and eyeing him up and down (or at least what she could see of him). "Whatever it is that you may or may not be suggesting may or may not have my interest… but it all depends on the tip left behind as a personal server." She tabs the bar and glances back to Maki, who is definitely keeping an eye on Tal whenever she stops pooring drinks. The girl needed a break! She goes back to wiping at a spot that has already been cleaned up to look like she is working hard. "As someone that likes the taste of them, I guess I can't complain. But I'd rather not be all close and personal with my dinner." Personal preferences in not knowing her food before she eats them, especially cute babies. She turns away from him with a smirk, filling another beer and passing it on to someone behind the man, leaning forward as she does so closer to Maikah. "At the rate you're going, I hope you don't find it coming back up the way it went down." At least not until he heads out of the bar where it'll be someone else's business.

Maikah opens his eyes wide and guileless. "Are you saying my personality and charm isn't enough to get someone to come… scrub my back. I'm just a poor journeyman after all. But you can meet my dogs if you like?" While the herder isn't cut like the majority of riders and certain other folks, he does have the lean build of someone who works hard (with a little softness, cos he also drinks hard). "It takes all sorts." This was his point a moment or two earlier. "Least this way I can make sure it's humane. Some people I wouldn't let look after a pet rock." Grumblegrumblegrumble…OOOH BEER! "I've barely quenched my thirst!" He protests. "I need much more beer before I start spewing!" That may even be a boast!

"Not sure if I've spent enough time with you yet to judge your personality… but you learn a lot 'bout a person with how they treat others /and/ how they tip." Talya taps the bar gently with her fingers. "Are dogs a euphemism for something?" Because she really has to ask, in case it went over her head. She gives him a weird look, as if her brain is already trying to decide what /dogs/ (plural) can really mean there. "I mean, I ain't really that kind of girl," she adds. Just in case he thought she was into some kinky stuff too. She poors herself a beer this time, keeping it to one side and taking a drink. Too much hard liquor, and her mouth was getting dry with all this talking that is going on. "That is definitely a good trait to have," she says in regards to the non-spewing business. "Wish it could be said towards others." She clunks the beer aside when someone does exactly that by the entrance, giving her coworker a quick "Not it" which means she has to tend to the bar while someone else goes to clean up (and help shove that person out the door).

Maikah is a simple farm boy really, so her question about his dogs does get a curious eyebrow raise. "Actual dogs, trained 'em myself. I reckon they're much more interested in each other than what I do." JUST IN CASE. "Their pups would be half-grown now, else I'd take you to see those." But they have all found homes and are doing just fine. The bartop is frowned at. "I'm not going to pay you for it…" His lip curls for a brief moment. "I'm looking for fun. But I don't have to have it. I can tip you, or I can tip you. Not both." Now that glimmer of mischief fades into something a little more serious, and then he shrugs and goes back to his beer, this one seeming to last that little bit longer.

"Well that's good to know," Talya says, in regards to them being actual dogs and not, you know… something else. Pleasant company and booze always makes for a good evening, even if she is working. But even with all the liquor that has been warming her belly and making the night seem less painful, her face suddenly drops all amusement and turns to scowling. "Tips are appreciated for good service. I didn't mean you /pay/ me for sex." Her voice dropped rather low, making sure her voice doesn't carry to the other patrons in case /they/ get an idea into their heads. She grabs her own tankard and downs the rest of it, slamming it down into a tub with the rest of the dirty non-breakables. "And personally I'd rather know a guy before going out and having fun with them." She moves away to fume a little in peace, having lost the fun of teasing and chatting. But being a bartender means that she is trapped in that spot where she tends to the other customers, her eyes drifting to Maikah to see when he needs another beer.

It is a hopelessly confused and lost expression that follows Talya over there. From that guy with all the hole-y mugs. He was doing so well! And then somehow, for mysterious reasons he went and put his foot in it. And it is pretty clear that Maikah isn't sure of what his exact transgression was. But still there is beer, and he understands beer! But his own good time has been interrupted, so he's going to contemplate his beer for a little.

Talya seems to get back into the groove of serving, mopping up spills, and taking away dirty glasses. There's no more stopping to chat with the customers. She offers no more than a half strained smile or a growl for them to be patient when they get too pushy. Thankfully there are no troublemakers in those coming and going, and when finally there is yet another lull she pours herself a glass of water (yes, actual water and nothing more) and stomps back over towards Maikah, one of the few that are sticking around at the bar itself. "Looks like that hole was finally plugged," she says in an attempt to try chatting again, looking down at the unfinished beer. "Going to want any more after that one?" She sips at her water carefully, trying to counteract whatever damage the liquor is doing to her system.

That sad little expression that followed her about for a little returns, as she returns and starts speaking to him again. "Uh…" He is so lost right now! "I think I'm done." Awww. "Should get to bed." And mope manfully! "It was nice meeting you Talya." There is a nod as he contemplates that last swallow, but despite his change of mood he is not the type of man to waste beer. "And I'm sorry, if I said the wrong thing." It really wasn't his intention, and he seems sincere as he attempts to catch her eyes with his own. Of course this may be a bit of distraction for the 2 mark piece he's leaving on the bar-top where she indicated.

Talya presses her lips together into a thin line, holding back on commenting regarding on him being done. She glances at his beer mug and then back to him, having no problem keeping eye contact with him. She sighs at his apology, her free hand raising to rub at her neck. "Maybe I just misunderstood," she says in an attempt to fix the mood even as he was leaving. "And it was nice meeting you too Maikah. Hope you manage to get some /good/ rest." Or bath, depending on where he was heading next. She wasn't going to be following that example any time soon, being stuck behind the bar instead of the other side. "Good luck with the little lambs, too." If she noticed the mark piece, she wasn't going to grab it any time soon. Perhaps feeling guilty about it (not likely) or just letting it sit there until the man leaves.

Well she won't have to wait too long! The herder isn't the type to linger (even if his smell kinda does~). There is a half-hearted wave thrown over his shoulder and then he is gone… most likely never to return again (or at least til he gets thirsty again).

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