Chelsa, Divale


Chelsa 'steals' Divale away for a brief moment and works on chipping away at the brownrider's 'armor'. She's moderately successful…



Vineyard, Benden Coverage Area

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"You seem like it's in your heart to tend to something and encourage the growth of life, even if you don't get much of a chance to do it …"

A vineyard somewhere…

And where else but Benden? Only the best of the best!

At last, spring comes to the Northern continent. And on the first warm day they have an afternoon free, Chelsa snags Divale to go to a Benden vineyard. Of course, it's still chilly out and nothing much is growing yet. They snag a bottle of wine and a couple of cups, and Chelsa pulls Divale to walk with her in between the rows of old vines that are just beginning to green up. No one else is around, so they have a chance to talk. "We'll have to come here again when the weather's warmer. But seriously, I've been dreaming about this place all winter. And I wanted to bring you with me." She shoots a mischievous smile over at Divale.

Divale may have attempted to put up some form of protest to being dragged away from Igen, but eventually relented with the promise that they would no linger too long or that if Lukoith were to receive summons to return, she'd have to go back. Such is the price to pay, when one holds rank! The vineyards do serve to intrigue her, however. Chelsa chose well, as she's always held some interest in all forms of plant life. "Why would you dream of vineyards?" she muses in her usual dry manner to the greenrider. That mischievous smile isn't lost on her either and she'll smirk in return.

Chelsa is well aware that time without responsibility can be brief, so she takes advantage of it when the opportunity presents itself. "Let's see… last summer, or maybe the summer before that… this vinter guy talked me into meeting up with him here. The weather was fantastic, and he walked me all around the place, showing me all the hidden spots. Even sent me home with several bottles of really delicious wine. He was probably hoping for getting something a bit more from me, but… he had a weird eyebrow." And that's reason enough for Chelsa why she wouldn't sleep with him. "Just the one, you know?" She gives Divale a pointed look to demonstrate, putting her finger crookedly over her eyes and wiggling it like a crawler. "But all winter I've been wanting to come back with someone I actually enjoyed spending time with. Have you been to this spot before?"

"A weird eyebrow is reason to overlook a partner?" Divale does snicker a little under her breath, however, when Chelsa goes on to demonstrate. "That would be annoying!" she quietly agrees. Glancing about the row of vines, a small if vague smile curves her lips. "This place must have left an impression on you if you waited so long and consider me good company." It's half jokingly said, but some truth in there as well. She shakes her head. "I've not been to Benden before this."

"You didn't see the eyebrow," Chelsa says, giving Divale a pointed look, before beginning to giggle. "I've been busy, I suppose. I've thought more than a few times about bringing you, but for various reasons it didn't work out." She won't go into great detail on that. "There's an herb garden up ahead used by the locals. Some of the greens there might be sprouting up too."

"And some of those reasons are?" Divale is ever curious and does not waste an opportunity to try and pry more information from Chelsa. There is a curious tilt of her head to the mention of a herb garden and it should be of no surprise that the brownrider chuckles dryly. "Is that where we are eventually headed?" If she's excited, she's hiding it very, very well.

Chelsa slides a coy, amused glance over to the other woman. "Maybe you were busy. Maybe you were occupied with some goldrider or other on the Sands." She's teasing a bit, not remembering exactly when those times were. "Oh, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?"

Divale smirks but it's edging towards a smug manner. "It's not my fault that Lukoith has proven himself a capable sire and claimed two junior golds in his younger Turns! And that, as a side effect, I was to be with said goldriders." Not that she is complaining! She would never admit it, but she was sad to see Ione leave and while Lukoith tries, he will never claim Zsaviranth again so long as she remains Senior (and even then is questionable). "I'll take that as a 'yes'!" she teases Chelsa, as they continue on their stroll through the vineyard.

Chelsa really had only been teasing, so she reacts with a laugh to the other woman's answer. "I do wonder if he'll be lucky enough to catch the next time Kuramaeth rises. She tends to favor blues so far, though a bronze did catch once." As they walk, they reach the end of the row of vines and come upon a stone patio with several benches, and plant beds in the outer circle around. The perennials are beginning to green out, though it may be a bit before the gardeners come out to plant and tend the new year's growth.

"I tend not to wager on Lukoith winning flights. So we will have to see, hmm? He will always chase her, regardless." Divale has no shame in admitting that. She has long since come to terms with the fact that the brown is young and hot blooded when it comes to the fairer sex. Chelsa shouldn't be surprised either that the moment those plant beds come into view, that the brownrider zeros in on one with slow, measured steps. Carefully, she will touch her fingers to a few of the young greenery.

Chelsa smiles like she's hiding some kind of secret. "We'll have to see then, won't we?" She watches Divale stop and look at the new plants, observing the woman more than the green sprouts. "Do you have an area where you grow anything? Or do you just gather from areas where you know things grow wild?"

As Divale is a walking secret, she will not pry into Chelsa's. Her focus has largely gone to those few, tiny frail sprigs of new growth and for a moment there is a change the brownrider. A glimpse, perhaps, of a tender side? It's there and gone in an instant in the time it takes her to look up at the other woman. "I do not have the time to grow a garden in Igen's less than favorable climate," she points out, only to vaguely smile. "I gather." Or she has connections, for her more exotic items and less… legal ones.

Chelsa hums at that, as she turns and walks along the edge of the planting bed. "It's unfortunate that Igen doesn't have a better climate, but all you really need is a connection to someone who will give you a spot for a garden. Of course, with being able to instantly travel anywhere, you could have a garden in Southern or Benden or wherever." Perhaps they will never be able to live in a little house and gaze out the window at a lush garden, but having one isn't impossible.

"But where would I find the time? Plants, even in favorable conditions, take considerable maintenance. Unless I am to grow common herbs…" Divale seems dryly amused by that notion, for whatever reason and she will slowly part with the garden bed and drift to another without so much as a hinted warning. "I tend to what is left in Lemos," she admits quietly on exhaled breath and glances aside to her. It's not something she will repeat. "For a few short days come summer. And nothing more."

Chelsa comes up behind Divale and puts a hand to the small of her back. "You seem like it's in your heart to tend to something and encourage the growth of life, even if you don't get much of a chance to do it. And… maybe your other duties distract you from that." It isn't anything they had talked about, but just a feeling the greenrider has. "Am I wrong?"

Divale is silent long after Chelsa's comment, though she will remain close to her side and not draw away from her hand. Brows furrow and she looks pensive for a spell. "I am not sure that's the right of it," she eventually mutters. "There are things I encourage, but not so much for the growth of life. Perhaps for purpose…" She looks down at her hands for a moment, as if seeing something Chelsa cannot. "You are not wrong. But neither are you wholly right." Lifting her gaze, she will smile faintly, bemused. "Good try, though."

The greenrider gives Divale an impish grin and slips her hand around to nudge the other woman in the side. "Come on. You're so interested in plants and all the things they do. You're a healer of sorts, aren't you? And Lukoith has I-don't-even-know-how-many babies out there. Does he even know?"

"After a fashion… yes, I suppose I am a Healer 'of sorts'. That doesn't mean my interest in plants are wholly for the better." Divale smirks as she holds Chelsa's gaze for a moment, only to scoff when she's nudged in the side. "What does Lukoith's offspring have anything to do with it? My interest in plants does not automatically mean I am a nurturing type…"

Chelsa curls around Divale a bit more closely, her smile thoughtful and mischievous. "Oh, I didn't say you were nurturing. I wouldn't even say Lukoith's best feature is being nurturing, either. But you both have a certain spark. You're interested in something more… essential. I sense it from you in bed, too."

Divale frowns again, not in annoyance but in thought. Something Chelsa has said has caused her to slip back into quiet pause. Her expression yields little, so carefully held neutral but it will be a long few minutes before she speaks up again. "Was there anything more you wished to show me?" It completely dodges the previous topic of their conversation… or does it? She glances to her, but there are no answers in her gaze either.

Chelsa meets Divale's gaze for a moment, a mirror offering back no visible reaction to the other woman's neutral expression. "Divale…." she finally says, and catches up the woman's hand, holding it in both of hers. "I can show you places and things, and we can have adventures. But all I'm showing you now is I'm watching you." She opens up Divale's hand and places it against her sternum, holding it close to her heart.

With her hand resting flat against Chelsa's chest, Divale's gaze lowers between them. Silence again, while she mulls over thoughts left unspoken and struggles against inner demons no words could ever describe. Eventually she will draw her hand away, but she makes no move to approach her. It could be read as coldness and perhaps it is in one sense, though this time there is a flicker of trust. Just enough to keep things from ending on a very bad, awkward note. "You won't like what you see." Bemused as her tone is, there is a warning hidden in that vague smile of hers.

Chelsa releases Divale's hand when the woman draws it back, willing to give her whatever space she needs. Perhaps she is content with just tapping on the brownrider's armor for now, because she clasps her hands behind her back and gives her that light, familiar smile in response to the brownrider's coldness. "Let me be the judge of that. You think I'd still be here with you if I didn't like what I've seen so far?" But she strolls slowly past Divale, to continue looking at the row of beds. "So, do you want to sit down and have some wine?"

"I have chased away one who had said something in a similar vein," Divale points out with a dark smirk but she will follow alongside Chelsa when the greenrider strolls past. It's certainly anything but a happy adventure out in shared company but anyone who has spent enough time with Divale know that this is expected. "Though in fairness, I suppose you have known me longer." Glancing towards the benches, she will give a small indifferent shrug. "I won't say no to a drink." Which means: yes.

"Don't judge me by things other people have done," Chelsa says quietly and catches Divale's arm and leads her over to the benches. They have a bottle of wine and cups and a tin of chees and other snacks. She pours them each a cup and then clicks hers lightly against the other woman's in toast. "Should we talk about easier things? Work? The weather? Shoe shopping?"

Divale smirks and doesn't say a thing, allowing herself to be steered by Chelsa's grip on her arm. She will return the toast, taking a moment to savor the wine and a few bites of cheese before she even turns her attention back to her. There is a low, brief chuckle. "Sometimes not talking is the better course," she murmurs. "And merely enjoying each others company. Conversation shouldn't be forced or decided. Don't you agree?"

"I understand," Chelsa says, giving Divale a shallow smile. "That's your way of saying 'Shut up already, Chels!' But can I show you a better way of not forcing conversation?" Without pausing to ask permission, she leans in and lightly presses her lips against Divale's.

Divale is ready to bluntly protest Chelsa’s retort, but is silenced instead. Returning the kiss that remains light and anything but chaste, she will draw back and smirk up at the green rider. “That is one way…” she agrees. Quieter: “I enjoy your company Chelsa. I am just not good at idle chatter.” Her warnings stand true. It’s not easy to care for or love her.

Chelsa leans into the kiss as responds, brushing away any earlier concerns. When the kiss ends, she gives a look up at the woman through lowered lashes. "I enjoy your company too. Does it bother you that I give you so much idle chatter?" It isn't a question she would normally ask, but perhaps they are finally getting beyond the surface of their relationship.

"No." Her answer is hesitant only in the space of time it takes Divale to briefly mull over the explanation. "It distracts me," she murmurs, holding up a lone finger for Chelsa to wait for her to finish. "In a good way." Now that finger taps the side of her head, hinting at so much in such a simple gesture. "You can talk all you want. There just may be little in regard to my answering but I do listen." Because it's in her nature.

Chelsa smiles and gives a firm nod. "All right, then. If you don't mind me talking, I don't mind you not talking. Just as long as every once in a while you hum or nod or kiss me when you need me to be quiet." Her expression grows more serious then when she looks at the other woman. "I'm always here to listen to you too. I try to guess when you need something, but I don't always guess right."

Divale chuckles dryly, "I won't be completely silent but you'll know if you've gone too far." Or that she's grown tired of the conversation. Which isn't the case so far here (yet), but her gaze does return to Chelsa in silent, guarded stare. "I would worry if you always guessed correctly. It would mean I am giving away tells and I hate when that happens! Much more fun to keep them guessing." Bemusement aside, she smiles faintly. "I know." About her listening.

Chelsa laughs then. "I should have expected you'd always want to be mysterious. Well, I don't mind a bit of mystery either. She doesn't seem to mind if Divale is looking at her in a guarded fashion, as long as they can continue in this way for a bit. "But tell me, what would I have to do to go too far? Because if you dangle that out there, I'm going to have to find out, one way or another."

Divale tilts her head, eyes narrowing for a moment in thought while never quite looking away. "Don't do anything that would betray me," she murmurs and in a tone that sounds neutral enough but is threaded through with just enough of a threat. She's serious, even if it doesn't quite come off as it. "You know enough of my true past. Don't meddle in the few things I prefer to do alone or keep to myself… Little else will push me too far."

Chelsa arches a brow, staring at Divale, unused to being threatened, veiled or not. She considers her answer for a moment before saying, "Divale, my sweet. There is very little that would make me act against you or tell someone else anything you were doing or had done. If it was the only way to stop you from hurting yourself, yes, perhaps. Or if someone else would be badly hurt, or the Weyr's mission was in jeopardy. But I don't believe you'd do those things… at least, not intentionally. Yes, I might risk you hating me to save your life. But I wouldn't go to someone else first, before talking to you."

For all the reassurance, Divale does not look the least bit sold but neither does she argue with Chelsa. Just a low, gruff spoken: "We'll see." She will believe it when she sees it or, in this case, the other shoe never drops — as it has for her so many times before. Lifting her glass, she'll nurse the rest of her wine in silence. Only once it's empty, does she glance sidelong to her. "… If we are not staying long here, would you join me in my weyr back in Igen?"

Chelsa laughs, not seeming particularly worried about Divale's lack of confidence. It may just be something she will have to prove to the woman every day. She does allow for a companionable silence to fall as they finish their wine. "I'm happy to head back with you, whenever you're ready," Chelsa says, her smile like a shared secret.

"I wouldn't mind another tour of the gardens and vineyard," Divale admits and in a way that is too quick and somewhat out of character. What is she up too? That will be revealed after they pack up and start to walk again. Just before they're due to head back, she will insist on going to one particular garden bed and, using Chelsa as a 'lookout', snare one of the budding plants. Clever, quick and no one is the wiser for it. Divale's reasoning? To prove that not all will survive in Igen, no matter if it's nurtured by a helping hand. There's probably a hidden significance there but she won't elaborate. By the time they return to the Weyr, she'll have Chelsa's company for the night and plenty of distraction… and not all of it having to do with replanting what was taken.

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