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M'noq pulls wingleader on A'hali to try to pry more from the large man.


It is morning of the nineteenth day of the fifth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.



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There are other ways to save a life besides being a healer, you know.



Terraced over the rolling mountains of Southern's wilds, crops fight against the encroaching jungle that must be held at bay by diligent farmers. Guards are stationed at intervals across the hills, where the trees growth is thick enough to allow the lurking predator to hide. It's not Thread that threatens the luscious crops that cling to the side of the mountain, it's the felines and wherries larger than life that would partake of the feast that awaits the courageous. Each terrace lays claim to a large swathe of arable land; the fields themselves cover a vast portion of the hilly slopes. To cross the fields, from one end to the other, without runner or wagon, would take several candlemarks.

It's early morning, just about dawn. Drizzle has been falling on and off over the night, but it's holding off right now, which makes now a great time for PT. Leaving lucky Ravaith asleep, M'noq sets off in a jog from his ship weyr in a round-about path towards the jungle. The course brings him by A'hali and Vani's ship weyr, where he… what, knocks? Probably just wakes up the resident brown dragon, calling, "Ohanaveth, tell yours to come out. It's time for a morning run."

Know who isn't going to be super happy about this development? VAni. Vani isn't going to be happy. Unless she's already gone. IT takes a few moments before A'hali appears, having been summoned by his lifemate. He's dressed like a lumberjack, plaid shirt and all. Coming out he brinks against the brighter (if drippy) light. "Sir?" It's asked with more than a little hint of confusion. A'hali doesn't generally run for his PT.

"Morning run. Let's go," M'noq says, and takes off, expecting the other brownrider to follow. He sets a pretty easy pace, to begin with, so it shouldn't be so difficult to keep up with, even for someone not used to running. He already knew Vani wouldn't be so happy about him pulling Hal out of their warm bed, but he needs some time to talk to the quiet man. "A'hali. You happy in Lynx? Think you've found things we do that you enjoy?"

It's good that he goes easy. A'hali isn't a runner at all. He does a good job walking, but the running has the bigger man sweating within no time. "It's different." A'hali takes the time to put it together, for honesty sake. Then for clarity, "I found what you wanted?" That's the question M'noq was asking, right?

M'noq is a bit surprised at that. "You did? What did you find out?" He's assuming something at Black Rock, but that could be a wide variety of things. "You willing to talk to me about your friends, then? If it makes you feel better, I'm not looking to cause problems for any of the locals. Just track down who's behind these ships and what they're moving."

"Phre and family, hired out seven ago." Because Black Rock has BIG FAMILIES when they exist at all. A'hali slows down even more, lumbering runnin is a pain M'noq. :( "Few others. Wrote their names down." Back at the shipweyr though, THAT WAY. "People talk more if you are friendly." It's kinda-sorta-mostly a dig at the way M'noq was dressed when he was in Black Rock.

M'noq slows down, recognizing when A'hali is struggling. They can walk for a bit. "I don't need to know who as much as where they're going and what they're carrying." If he recognizes the dig, he doesn't comment on it. "Your friends there… do they know you're a rider?" He noticed how A'hali was dressed himself… and what they were calling him. "If they all like you because they think you're like them, they'll be unhappy if they catch you after a 'fall."

"They told not to share. Only a few jobs." A'hali gives a reasoning for why he can't tell M'noq exactly why the people were hired. It's suspicious. "Phre told his wife." Who is pregnant and thus needed to know that they'd have SOME income soon as the job was done. "I don't say. They don't ask. Buy drinks - almost like normal." A'hali has never felt completely comfortable as A'hali, at heart he's still very much Halkarie.

"Well, is there someone I could buy a drink and get a little more information?" M'noq asks. "Someone you trust, who isn't going to go tell the guy who hired him that we're on his tail? Seriously, the folks in Black Rock have nothing to worry about. I'm not going after any of the 'little fish'." He isn't even sure if pushing Hal at this point will do any good or not.

A'hali shakes his head. "They are scared." Those little fish that M'noq is talking about. "Shipping down recently. Don't want to lose more jobs." Even if they aren't the most legit jobs, the people of BR are going to take what they can get. Life on the island is hard. "Can keep listening though."

M'noq does have a bit of sympathy for the little fish, which is why he's trying to do things his own way, rather than go nowhere with A'hali's way. "All right. Let me know if you hear anything. No need to alarm anyone at this point." He is quiet for a moment, musing on shipping and goods brought in from the North. "How are you getting along with the others in the wing?"

Different strokes maybe? Tho speaking of strokes with M'noq takes on a WHOLE DIFFERENT MEANING. ;) A'hali nods his head. "If Phre comes back." A'hali will ask the man straight up. But it's been a seven and he hasn't been home… HAPPIER thoughts. A'hali smiles slightly at M'noq's question. "Good. Asked about Vani a lot." Because it's a common point of reference. But there is one question A'hali's been wanting to ask… "N'lim….?" Leaving it open ended.

M'noq gives A'hali a quick frown. "Your friend Phre is still away? It's shit like that, that makes me worry. Shells, A'hali. Try to look at the big picture. There's more to worry about sometimes than just a handful of marks." But that is something Hal is going to have to decide for himself. "Vani's definitely missed," he says, turning back to a bit lighter topics. "I'm sure she's doing a lot for the weyrlings, though." A glance over as the Lynx wingsecond is mentioned. "You getting on with N'lim okay? I know he can be… what's the word… a massive pain in the ass?"

Hal pulls on a completely different set of life experiences for M'noq. He can empathize with those at Black Rock just struggling to make a living out of whatever scraps they can get at. "When I know more, I will tell you." So he's willing to bend on that at least. Right now the problem is that people are too scared to talk, even to someone as friendly as Hal. "He… He is not very good." Hal isn't quite sure if he should criticize the wingsecond, but it comes out anyway.

M'noq muses at A'hali's last statement. "Well, it depends what you expect him to be good at. He enjoys paperwork and generally doesn't complain when I hand him more. His organizational systems… okay, they're questionable. Also, he uses that kind of thing to have power of other people, which I don't love." Another glance at the big man. "What makes you bring him up? You need to file a complaint against him or something?"

"Not… very sociable." Aka he's an ass and even Hal is having a hard time liking him. And it takes A LOT for A'hali to not particularly like someone. The large man shakes his head at the complaint comment though. "You asked." About the getting along and everything like that.

M'noq gives a soft laugh. "All right, fine. I guess I did. I don't think he's really that terrible. I mean, not impossible to work with, anyway. He keeps the sweeps schedule up to date, at least, and he's good enough in threadfall." Again, he muses. "I wouldn't mind having a second wingsecond, though. Maybe someone with more people skills. As it is, if someone has an issue they wouldn't talk to me about, no way they'd go to N'lim about it."

A'hali isn't about to stick his oar in there, but M'noq is literally walking next to the person anyone would tell almost anything to. (Almost). Because Hal just sits and listens. Then keeps his trap shut unless it's important.

M'noq takes note of A'hali's silence, looking over at him again. "You know, if I were to ask someone to wingsecond for Lynx, it would have to be someone who passed information along to me if it was important. Not the dumb gossip. Just what affects the wing. There are other ways to save a life besides being a healer, you know." He's just going to drop those pebbles in the pond and see what ripples happen next.

A'hali hears ALL of that loud and clear. Ambition was never a strong suit for the peace-loving Hal, but N'lim does bug him. Maybe he and Vani can have a conversation about this. "Yes, sir." That gets said and the rest of this PT will just happen more-or-less in silence. What else is there to say right now?

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