Hannah, Renalde


Southern's Senior and Headman have an understanding of sorts.


It is afternoon of the tenth day of the second month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Ice Fields - Dinning Hall

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Dinning Hall

A space where people come and eat. There are tables and chairs, and it is server-style: there isn't a buffet in sight. Come in, sit down, order some food. There's a menu in the corner announcing what is to be had daily.. there's a lot of fish soups and caribou roast. And tubers. Lots of tubers.

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The afternoon has been eclipsed by the cold, the temperature risen to above freezing at least, which allows Hannah to shed the fat, fluffy coats with ease upon arrival to the Hold. She's dressed in dark green, a dress that's long-sleeved and rises to a high neck that leaves a small opening in modest view of the creamy skin of her chest. A dark stone hangs around her neck; the bodice of the dress is snug, but not scandalously tight. Her hair is simply adorned, wound into a loose knot at the base of her neck. Her knot is affixed proudly to her shoulder as she makes her way with quiet grace through the Hold's interior. She finds herself in the Dining Hall, and pauses to take in what type of place this is. Reserve clings to her, an aura that gives her a far more careful mien than before. Adventurous spirit is quelled in the face of duty; something she struggles with.

Getting around the hold which is primarily iced over, and half requires the navigation of narrow stairs and hallways, has proven to be a difficulty for Renalde. It chafes at his pride, but he quiets it from showing without. The quiet click of his crutches announces his presence where once there was none. Dressed as smartly as ever with one particular exception. Rather then the almost formal pants he wears the weavers have found a compromise which will hide the cast upon his leg. "Senior Weyrwoman Hannah." His voice reaches out when he sees the Southern senior within his domain. "I was unaware you were joining us today."

Hearing the click-clack of crutches has Hannah turning around, the woman's countenance neutral, but kind. The feral glint held within green eyes still lurks, and that sense of otherness is a subtle essence that's hard to pinpoint. "Renalde," she greets, smile genuine in its gentleness, "I'm sorry I didn't send notice. It was a spur of the moment decision." Surprise flickers, concern flares. "What happened?"

Renalde wears proper as a cloak, and it is only slightly wrinkled by the crutches and bum leg. His steps bring him to the woman, and he gestures towards one of the tables. "Why don't you have a seat? Our fare perhaps may be simple, but it warms the soul in this cold place." Renalde will even lead the way and settles on a long bench, allowing his leg to stretch out before him. "An accident, no more. Some curious candidates wished to explore the inside of the glacier, and I have been served a reminder that my twenties were long ago."

Grateful for the seat, Hannah sinks into it as it will bring her and Renalde closer to an easy height. Not that Southern's Senior isn't used to staring up at most of the world. The furrow of her brow eases slightly with his explanation. "These are dangerous times," she comments darkly, though she offers a smile, comfortable in Renalde's formality. Especially now as the changes wrought have brought this aloof distance of careful approach to Hannah's interactions. "Hopefully you mend quickly. Simple fare has never turned me away," she comments with a slight smile. "Something comforting exists in the simple things of life."

"There is little danger on the ice for the wary." Renalde's tone is a counterpoint to the darkness in Hannah's comment. Even without Hannah's rather large knot Renalde alone would have brought service quickly. Renalde orders for the both of them, tea, as well as a small meal. As they wait Renalde weighs this new senior sitting before him, as his hands fold together. "Responsibility has settled upon you, my dear." A calm observation as he waits to see what this change has writ upon the woman before him.

"No, you are right." Hannah tears her thoughts away from the events that have happened at the weyr, as thus far the mountains have not been tainted by the desires of a killer's heart. She waits through the ordering of tea and the meal, her manners are gracious and expression neutrally kind. "Responsibility is something that cannot," a pause given here, before amending, "should not be ignored. I take my duty seriously." This comes with a faint smile, green eyes settling on Renalde. "I would give the weyr everything I have." Weighty words, there. She pauses and almost reconsiders her words upon a hesitation, but doesn't amend. "How have you found the responsibility of the Ice Fields? It's coming along nicely. I love the fountain. I told one of the Candidates that it yearns for fishes." A touch of the whimsical might still lurk within the trappings of duty and formality. It dissipates as quickly as it surfaces.

Renalde's ice blue eyes consider the small woman before him, examining every inch as she speaks. "There is balance to be found, and I am not one to advise you in where the balance between duty, responsibility and care for oneself resides." For Renalde can understand, perhaps as well as many the drive of duty which overwhelms all else. Her comments on the ice fields bring a smile to his lips- one of unrestrained pride in the undertaking. "The Ice Fields are coming along well. For all many grumble about the cold, a home has been established here in the bitter South, which few of us wish to leave. I am afraid, however, that fish will not be residing in our fountains, for there are precious few which would survive the shifts in temperature. But you are correct," he pauses, as pale eyes move past the woman to settle onto the connecting door. "It does have something within missing."

"I'm sure that it will take a few iterations before I get it right," Hannah's humor is faint, ruffling the aloof reserve. "Cha'el is already giving advice for what he feels is best." Again, faint emotion resides for the meddling of her Weyrleader, although it fades quickly. "I think the wildness of this remote climate appeals to adventurous souls," she says, husky tone amused. "I'm glad, however, that there are those who want to call this place home. Ice and snow hold a special place in my heart for my origins were of High Reaches Weyr." So long, long ago. Dropping her eyes to the table, briefly, she nods slowly. "I suppose that's true. Perhaps something else, then? It seems so barren of life otherwise. Shiny stones? Perhaps something encourage people to throw tokens for wishes?"

"It is more than simple wildness." Renalde's lips part in a very faint smile as he turns his mind to the hold. "For we have brought order where there was none, and continue to create that which was not there before. That is what sets this place apart- we are not held to the bones left by those before us, but can build perfection from very little." The we is not used lightly, as a formality of one who is here for a small space of time, for the hold has captured the icy heart of the Southern headman, and perhaps brought back some of the balance he alludes to. When the food arrives Renalde falls silent, returning his thoughts to the woman before him. "How fares the weyr? I have been informed that I will not be traveling between until they are satisfied that it would not cause further injury, and thus I must settle for Ardstelle's letters."

"Truth," Hannah's response to Renalde's explanation is simple, yet sincere. "You speak truth. Building upon a fresh foundation has a very decidedly enticing appeal." As their food arrives, Southern's Senior Weyrwoman brings her dish closer and delicately lifts up her utensil and prepares to eat. "The weyr is as well as can be expected with the death of Ty'ai." Some pain flashes across her features as the goldrider looks away, not forgetting that the incident happened as Dhiammarath tracked her progress across the skies. "No leads, and nothing new to report. It's as mysterious as Ja'kai's death. Only, much more overt. I would like to know very dearly who is killing my riders." She presses her lips together, thoughtful. "Defense is Cha'el's priority now, so." Lifting green eyes to regard Renalde, she tilts her head to the side. "Ardstelle is surprisingly adequate. Not nearly as efficient nor as well as you — you are missed — but, when you return, she won't have left everything a shambles."
Brows tick upwards, "Except for perhaps the food. Rich as always. By turn's end, we'll have all gained a good fifty pounds."

"It is well that the candidates shelter here, for all of their varied complaints about the cold. There is little need for them to concern themselves with such goings on before they face the hatching." Leaving their careful intertwine of fingers, Renalde's elegant hands reach around the mug and bring it to his lips. Her comments bring a stillness to the Headman, and he considers them carefully. "The weyr has been my responsibility for close to three years now. I have done well by it." He pauses to look at the weyrwoman, "Ardstelle is adequate, though perhaps not for the long run. I know she wishes to return to her kitchens and vendetta to make sure that waistlines continue to grow in size." A hint of the ice which has only recently begun to thaw flickers in Renalde's eyes. "But I must admit, this hold has grasped my heart in a way which I had long thought was not possible. It is with great reluctance that I would leave it."

"Yes," Hannah nods her head slowly, "And it eases Bailey's mind given that a loss of a Candidate would hurt us in ways we don't want to consider." Again, pressing her lips together she hazards a little smile for the Headman, "And being removed from the drama, their hearts will be sheltered from the grimness that settles about the weyr." She dips into the repast, regarding Renalde as he speaks. "You've done more than just 'done well by it', Renalde." Faint her words may be, but they are firm and confident in what she says. "I know exactly how important you were to Lendai, and how important you will be to me," she continues, "So I look forward to the day you come back to us." She does offer a gentle smile for the words of love he speaks for this bitter, icy cold section of Southern. "Having said that, if you wanted to stay on here at the Hold…" Hannah dips her head, "… I also would understand and would support you." In her eyes, Renalde's success has been a great asset.

"It is not a decision which ought to be made brashly, nor one which will be made without due consideration of what is best for the most." Renalde's tone is calm and even, bespeaking the thought which the deliberate headman will put into consideration. But… the door is open and the idea proffered of having Renalde remain in the north. "I will be returning for the hatching, as I would not lightly miss it. At that time the decision will be made." A deadline has be set as Renalde finally lifts the thick soup to his own lips and eats. There is no return smile, just a simple statement of fact. "The weyr will not go without. If I should stay I will see to it that Ardstelle receives the assistance she requires until a new headman or woman is selected." He settles his spoon into the bowl as his eyes seek out that of the Senior Weyrwoman.

"Hatchings are joyous occasions, they should bring life back into the weyr," Hannah comments, lightly. Although, more seriously she adds, "No major decisions such as that should be made brashly," in a quiet, tone. "If you stay, then Ardstelle will definitely need help. I think we will hire a new Headwoman or Headman as the woman enjoys her kitchens too much." Faint smile there. "I can't complain as I love her desserts, but I just try to avoid eating too many of them." The soup partaken of, she keeps her attention on the Headman and adds with a little bit of yearning, "I am excited to explore this area that we're building." Because, Hannah is still drawn to adventure and new places.

"Due to the the debauchery which most weyr celebrations bring I rarely find enjoyment in them. However, hatchings bring much joy that one can be forgiven for such lapses in judgement." Talk of the small dragons does finally bring a real smile to Renalde's lips. Who can be sad when tiny dragons are being born? Hannah's final statement brings warmth to that smile, as Renalde chuckles lightly. "Perhaps you and young Nathanael can tempt others out. I believe that boy has found every nook and cranny to explore which this place has to offer. You might take your feet towards the glacier. For all the price which it took from me I do believe you will find the sight worth it."

Not commenting on nor denying the debauchery that occurs during some weyr celebrations, especially having indulged in such heated flirtation driven by the distraction of Dhiammarath's proddiness, Hannah merely holds her tongue. She's come to learn, in her turns here in this new Pern, what battles to pick. "The hatching feast is usually worth it even after seeing all the dragons shell and Impress." A hatching feast not usually dissolving into debauchery. "Nathanael is a sweet boy," the Senior comments, "Full of an adventurer's spirit. I have a few folks a little too interested in where or where I shouldn't go. If I can slip away to get there, I shall." She ducks her head and continues to consume her dinner. "I saw some of the glacier, and it was magnificent."

"My dear," Amusement does bubble up into Renalde's tone, as he holds Hannah under his gaze. "I believe your days of slipping away are quite over. I suggest you find a friend to go with you who can chase away the others who seek to hold you in protective cloth and will stand afar of to provide the illusion of solitude. I would attend with you, but I believe I would prove to be little assistance without full use of my leg." Somewhere in this conversation Renalde has actually finished the food and drink settled before him. "But I do hope you can see the treasures Southern holds." With that last Renalde levers himself carefully back to his feet and reaches for those crutches. "Enjoy your time with us, and fair winds when you return to the weyr." Duty draws the injured man back away from the dining hall as the click of his crutches echos through the stone.

"You are quite right," Hannah responds to Renalde's amusement with a little laugh and self-depreciating smile. "Maybe I should find a companion to take with me, that will keep the others at bay so I can enjoy a bit of solitude and adventure." She muses on this suggestion, eyes sparkling, as she comes to the end of her repast as well. "Thank you, Renalde. Do get well soon and let me know how the Candidates are doing? I feel so far removed from them right now…" Her voice trails off, but while her food is done, she lingers over her tea. Thoughts swirling as she hunts through the options to come up with a suitable player who will not be over-protective. And that's how the day closes on this little meeting: with cheer and a full belly.

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