Vashae, N'cal


N'cal happens across Vashae in the Archives. Original intentions don't last very long at all.


It is the evening on the twenty-eighth day of the third month of the first Turn of the 12th Pass.


Archives, Igen Weyr

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A grand room, lost to more pressing concerns, the Archives hold many treasures well past their prime, from instruments to examples of older flying gear and agenothree tanks. Faded and disused Records lean tiredly against their shelves, their bindings peeling and creating layers of dust on surfaces long left without maintenance. The floors are dirty, various footprints creating crisscrossing paths between rickety wooden chairs and drunkenly off-kilter tables. Columns rise upward to the ceiling, hung with glow-baskets scarcely tended and fast losing their strength. The hum of activity is duller, here in this forgotten space — few visit in search of historical facts.

Rukbat dipping slowly toward horizon only further heralds evening’s approach, though it is not quite here yet. To some it means completing tasks that can't be left unfinished before nightfall. For others, it means time to get headed to evening duties. But for one particular of Arroyo's blueriders, it simply means that she has only a few more candlemarks before attempting to read hides in the Archives becomes nigh impossible. Ever Healer-minded, even after a few Turns as a dragonrider, Vashae currently peruses hides pertaining to how the Infirmary was run, in the last Pass, and how injuries and such were taken care of, and in what order. What few records she can find of such scenarios. A nearby pile suggests that previously she'd been reading about how the wings of the Weyr did during Falls, among other related things. From the looks of things, most other readers left some time ago, to pursue other necessary activities.

Getting things done before nightfall? That would be something N'cal is attempting; he was doing just fine before going back to his weyr. For whatever reason, the noise filtering up from the Bazaar is proving to be more of a distraction than a wash of ignorable white noise this evening, and so the Arroyo wingsecond comes striding easily down the corridor toward the much quieter Archives, hides tucked under one arm and fresh mug of klah in hand as he concentrates on finding his way to a table in the secluded room. He expects to find the place empty…but is rather glad that isn't the case, seeing who makes this not so. Slowing his steps to a saunter, he comes around to Vashae's table. "Hello," he drawls, just before stifling a yawn on his sleeve. His burden set to the side, away from the piles that are hers, he draws a chair around near her and drops into it with a muffled thump, smiling warmly at her. "What are you up to?"

Something she was reading causes a frown to cross Vashae's face before the sound of boots fully reaches her ears. When looking up from the hide reveals the perpetrator to be a certain other bluerider, a smile wipes away the frown. "Hello to you too," she says with that same smile. "Just…investigating some things from the last Pass." A common enough pastime for plenty of people, these days, it seems…and granted one that she herself doesn't necessarily have to be doing. But well, this is Vashae we're talking about! "What about you?" Her own klah is long gone, which only further hints that she's been at this for a while. But what do wild Vashaes do when they have some free time? Other than relentlessly tease certain other people? She moves her 'finished' pile so it's out of both of their ways, and smiles again, inclining her head at his pile of hides. "Wing stuff?"

N'cal's eyes flick over what Vashae has in front of her, noting the Healer basis of them and giving a thoughtful hum. "I do that too, sometimes," he murmurs, tilting his head to read something in a bit less sideways manner. "With old Starcraft records. What are you looking for?" He pulls from his mug for a moment, setting it back down and pushing it a bit in Vashae's direction - an offer, if she feels inclined. To her question, he nods. "Yes. Just trying to review drills for the rest of the seven and setup for the next Fall." Then he's stifling another yawn on his arm, and he chuckles. "Though maybe I should save it for the morning. Faranth, it's not even that late yet; I don't know what this is all about. Except possibly that it was a busy day." Folding his arms on the table, he then rests his chin on them, which makes him look a little boyish as he now looks somewhat upward to regard Vashae with a smirk. "How was yours?"

An impish smile echoes in Vashae's eyes at his offer of klah, however nonverbal it was, and she'll take a sip of it with a quiet thank-you. "Just wondering how we're doing in comparison, really." She answers with a wry twist of lips. "Sometimes the numbers help, if we had a really bad Fall…as terrible as that is to say." Even though the people they're about, and who penned those words, are now long, long gone. The hides are pushed aside lightly, and his klah is slid impishly back at him. How can klah be slid impishly? It's all in the eyes of the one doing the sliding. His yawn earns a grin from the woman, and she reaches over to ruffle his hair lightly. "You're yawning, I think the answer there is a 'yes'," she teases, mirthful eyes softening at that boyish smirk. "Mine was…mostly productive," she chuckles, "once I got Jovianth to hush so I could focus." The blue almost NEVER shuts up, after all!

N'cal gives a shake of his head - as much of one as he can manage in such a position - in understanding for Vashae's initial answer. "Reassurance can come from the most unlikely places," he murmurs. Then he's getting his hair ruffled, and his eyes drift shut almost inadvertently. "Mmmm… Well, you could just keep doing that and make me fall asleep right here," he observes drowsily, "though I'm not sure my neck would thank you for it…" He grins, catching her hand with one slipped free from under his chin and lacing his fingers into hers as he sits up again. Mostly. "I imagine he's gotten you in trouble a time or two," the wingsecond speculates, his other hand dropping to the pouch at his belt in idle search for something.

Vashae smiles in ironic agreement, but it's not long before her smile turns into a grin at his reaction to the hair-ruffling. "Well, if that's the case, perhaps you do need to simply go on up and get some sleep." It's half-tease, half-serious, which is about as serious as she manages, except during drills and other Very Serious Moments(tm). His hand capturing hers is simply smiled at, content to give his a light squeeze after their fingers have twined. "Oh, he's better than he was during Weyrlinghood…but sometimes, oh sometimes…" There are Stories hiding at the tail of those words, but stories she doesn't go into detail with quite yet. "What about Iolarth? Has he ever gotten you into trouble?" She's perfectly content to just sit here this way with him, eyes dancing in amusement. Although if he yawns one more time…

No. No, he's not going to yawn again; he's stubbornly refusing as one threatens to come upon him as if on cue. N'cal palms the small object he's just procured from his pouch and then uses that hand to grab his klah mug again, effectively preventing the onset of that yawn with a generous pull at the warm liquid within. "Oh, I'm not so sure I'm ready," he counters with dismissive lightness. "Particularly if you're going to tempt me with a good story. Iolarth…" He trails off into a chuckle as he releases Vashae's hand, only to halfway capture it again as the fingers of both hands work to start fastening something around her wrist - doubtless the thing he'd fished from his pouch. "I stopped counting the number of extra punishments I got during weyrlinghood because of him 'round about our second seven together. And they just kept accumulating after we graduated - at a much slower rate, of course. He knows when to shut up…but he does so love to hear the sound of his own voice, too." By the time he's done speaking, he's done fastening - a bracelet of flattened silver links, every other one set with a tiny, almost luminous stone of blue or green, evoking a certain sight in a cave seen not too long ago. He grins as he notes that it does, in fact, fit rather closely - something he'd been aiming for. "There now. I hope you like it," he says without any explanation whatsoever, though he's watching rather intently for her reaction. Nerves and such - even if they aren't evident.

Oh she can tell a yawn is incoming, and might be amused at his efforts to suppress it. "Maybe I should tempt you with a good story at your weyr," she teases lightheartedly, "so if you fall asleep, you can stay asleep." That may or may not have been a serious suggestion, deep down. When he releases her hand, she's surprised; but she's even more surprised when he's fastening something around her wrist. She listens to him attentively, however, chuckling at the thought of Iolarth's antics. "Whereas Jovianth rarely seems to notice when shutting up's a good idea," she says with a fond chuckle. Anything more she might have said is effectively cut off by sight of the bracelet. The little luminous stones certainly do remind her of that cave, and likely shows so in the smile that 'cross her lips. "It's lovely, N'cal, thank you."

N'cal's shoulders may relax the barest fraction in relief. Did he really expect she wouldn't like it? Maybe not truly, but that may have been beside the point. He makes a mental note to thank Sienna again, gathering Vashae's hand in both of his and pressing a kiss to her palm. "You are quite welcome," he replies, and then he's regarding her with a somewhat mischievous tilt to his smile, his gaze thoughtful over the suggestion she makes serious, or not. "You'd be welcome to," he says, a hint of heat flickering carefully in the depths of blue-green eyes, "though it'd only be fair to warn you I might be tempted to not let you leave." Letting that sit in silence for a moment, he chuckles in turn. "Is it a running commentary on just any old thing, or are there plans and plots tucked into all of his chatter?" he asks quietly about Jovianth. A subject change, yes…but more as a safety zone than anything else.

Were Vashae to know Sienna's hand in helping N'cal with finding something, she would certainly thank the greenrider as well! But as she doesn't, she'll just save her thanks for N'cal, instead. The kiss to her palm earns the slightest tinge of a blush from the brunette, even as his words that soon follow earn another smile from her. Whether she was teasing or not, that he answered thusly… "If we're giving fair warnings…" The woman's chuckle is lower in tone, this time. "Then it's only fair to warn you that that would be fine with me." If he was tempted to not let her leave. Where the heat in his eyes might hide, the emotion doesn't quite do the same in the expressive golden-brown eyes of hers he likes so well. When the conversation again turns to her lifemate, a small smile tugs at her lips, and she fixes the hair she ruffled not so long ago. "On his most talkative days -" Yes, there are days when the blue talks even more than most days, "- it's both." The ball is in his court; Vashae will just be right here. With those eyes.

Hmm? What? Did she just answer his last question? Because that will likely take some time to get past the fact that N'cal is still processing the words that came before. And those eyes certainly aren't helping him think! For a moment he's glued right in place, matching her look for look, and what he'd been cautious in expressing before isn't so hidden now, blue-green gaze alight as his pulse takes up a quicker tempo. "That's…very good to know," he gets out finally in answer to her ‘warning’, his tone a good deal darker than usual. Then she's playing with his hair again, and his reaction is altogether different - something akin to a bit of a growl low in his throat. "You're making it very hard to behave," he warns as he catches her hand again, though he's crooking a very roguish grin at her at the same time. "Though perhaps that's the intent, hm?" It’s his turn to play with her hair, fingers sifting slowly through the length of it and teasing at her neck as he drifts closer. What he intends to do is obvious, but getting there gradually lets him watch and gauge. Certainty is something he can never have enough of.

Vashae's smile is a quite mischievous in nature when he growls, and her laugh is low. His warning is grinned at, and she tilts her head to the side slightly. "I am the picture of good and bad behavior," she replies teasingly in a tone that promises there are stories there, too, accompanied by a playful wink, giving the hand that captured hers a squeeze. Again with the eyes! The woman probably knows they're one of her most effective weapons. Those same eyes haven't left his yet, even as another smile curls her lips for his hand playing with her hair, eyes sliding slightly closed at the feeling. When his hand moves to her neck, she understands his intentions very well indeed, and a smile crosses her lips once more. Where he's taking his time getting there, Vashae's eyes return to his, and should be answering any lingering question he has about kissing her. This bluerider's all fine with taking things his pace.

Her eyes are indeed very effective weapons, and ones that the wingsecond willingly surrendered to long ago. "Of that, I have no doubt," comes at a rasped whisper, and then N'cal is done with words for the moment as he makes good on his proximity - a kiss deep and languid and very much not laced with the caution he's been exercising for so long. It doesn't take much for the rest of the world to simply cease to be; only Vashae matters, here and now…but, gradually, so does leaving the Archives - not the best place to be when intentions are spiraling onward to things quite beyond what they're doing at the moment. "I think…there are most definitely things that can wait until morning," he surmises quietly, lips teasing slowly along her jaw to her ear. "Come back with me." Completely disregarded are the things he came in with, though he'll likely remember them at the last second and save them from being lost in the shuffle here. They're not important - not right now. But finding her eyes again in anticipation of her answer is.

If all she's needed to do all along was use her eyes - well, the woman definitely needs to make use of them more often. Vashae returns the kiss freely, almost impetuously, only all too happy to let the rest of the world melt away for the man in front of her right now. She smiles again when their kiss breaks, and more when he speaks. A quiet hum escapes her, and when he does move to find her eyes, they'll be dancing with the answer about to fall off of her lips. "Of course I will." Her hand finds his again, and gives it a squeeze, even as her smile echoes into her eyes. That answer cements that there are things that can wait until morning, and it won't be much longer before the pair of blueriders slip out and to his weyr, where intentions can spiral more freely than in a place so public.

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