Kodi, Tommin


Just a couple folks avoiding the Gather crowds somewhere quiet, and under guard.


It is evening of the tenth day of the first month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


The Harper's Solarium, Southern Weyr

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"Is that… art? Or did someone forget to finish?"


The Harper's Solarium

The sunlight never shines so bright except when to showcase the displays of art and hand-wrought delicacies that man can bring to bear: here, then, it shines the brightest, through sweetly cunning skylights slanted through the roof high above, producing a quality and quantity of light that is an unnatural marvel given just how cozy this room is well-within the boundaries of the craft complex. It is a long stretch of a room, capable of handling several exhibitions simultaneously, and often filled with people admiring the pieces displayed — and Harpers hovering to guard these treasures from sticky fingers. To the south, a discreet doorway exits into the craft shops; to the north, the bold blue of the Harper's Wing beckons.

It is the seventieth day of Summer and 105 degrees. The night is clear and humid.

The hot and humid days of Southern's summer pass by, one by one; swell enough to have a gather and the Solarium is calm and almost empty, people out enjoying the tail-end of a Gatherday with drink and dancing. Looking a little worse for wear, Tommin comes in with a little flush to his cheeks and the hum of a dance tune under his breath. He wanders through the gallery, not stopping for any particular art until he's reached the far end, and then more carefully, he starts to wind his way back, still humming something without rhythm or care for a Harper's delicate ear.

Kodi is one of the few in this quiet space rather than the hum of the gather, her arms crossed as she studies one of the new additions. So new, the oil paint is still quite wet and fragile, jealously guarded by a nearby Harper. When Tommin passes first in one direction, then the other, Kodi finally tears her study away from the canvas and toward the apprentice, recognition soon clearing her frown. "I hope you're not planning on switching crafts," she tells the young man, turning her back on the Harper guard.

So far, no one else has deigned to call Tommin on his tuneless tunings, but Kodi's comment as he passes by has him pause in surprise. "Me? Oh! No, no, couldn't carry a tune in a bucket." Wingleader of Obvious Wing. Tommin realizes this and flushes a little darker red, but he grins. "Though I've been asked to stop humming at people's bedside. They said it was ruining my manner." It's a joke and Tommin huffs a laugh at it. The art before them catches Tommin's eye and he huffs again: "This is new. Wasn't here the last time I came through. What do you think of it?"

The joke gets a small smile out of Kodi as she regards Tommin with undo intensity. Which is how she looks at everything, really. Just ask the Harper over there. "You could recite poetry instead. No tunes involved." A pause as she looks at the painting again. "Though that has its own risks." She's quiet for several seconds, then shrugs. "Doesn't really matter what I think of it. It's done." She waits long enough to see the expression on the Harper, then turns back to Tommin. "Taking a break from the festivities? Or were you chased away from the infirmary?"

Tommin pauses, as if the idea of poetry had never occurred to him; his face is a rictus of hope, hope that has that Harper guard shuddering a little. Kodi's evaluation of the art gets a snort, one that sounds like a really stifled full-out belly laugh, and at least Tommin's been raised well enough to cover his mouth when there's risk of spittle flying. The thwarted laugh becomes a coughing fit that disturbs the ambiance of the room for a little and Tommin has to wipe tears out of his eyes after calming so he can tell Kodi, "Kinda both - I started out having a restday, and then some kids were eating some of this foam," and a shrug because who eats mysterious foam? "and then I got back in time for some dancing, and I didn't even step on anyone's feet!" The exciting times. "Yourself? I mean, not away from the infirmary, because I didn't see you there…" the flush of Tommin's cheeks is probably more than just the dancing.

"Also a rest day," Kodi answer simply, following Tommin's gush of information. She glances up at the young man, then back to the painting for one last perusal before she turns to head to the next item on display, which is hopefully an instrument still on its way to being whole, and not just someone's idea of art. What a waste of wood. "I was supposed to go to the gather. Not really my thing, though," she shares, giving the blonde kid a small, crooked grin. "No chance of foam in here. I hope," she adds, with a look toward the Harper who's now studying the new painting a little too closely. He should know better. "I just wanted to see what's new since this time last Turn. What about you? What brings you to this… display?" She just keeps moving on, not terribly intrigued by the half-made gitar.

Mister 'I may not know art' gives the gitar a disturbed look as he follows Kodi along. "Yeah, but here we gotta keep the kiddies from putting their hands on the art. I heard about one kid who put his hands through a painting of some old Weyrleaders." He's not boasting. "I like it in here 'cuz it's quiet. Though not when it's busy." Pausing in step a moment, Tommin puts some thought in that and the overinformation comes: "Last time I was here, it was really crowded and I got hurt." When he feels they're safely past anyone who might get offended about the gitar, Tommin whispers, "Is that… art? Or did someone forget to finish?"

The next item up for judgment is a sculpture. Of something. It's made out of clay, and there's been some attempts at adding colour, but… but. Kodi stares at it, eyes narrowed as her head tilts slightly. She then gives Tommin a quick look, frown deepening. "Hurt?" she asks, though distracted by the question as she glances back at the gitar. "It had better be a work in progress. I have half a mind to start asking. Except I won't. For reasons." She crosses her arms again and goes back to the sculpture. Or is it a carving? "This is the side of Harpers I really don't understand." A beat later, "How'd you get hurt?"

The sculpture… thing has Tommin giving it a try: his head twists to one side and he ponders, "Is it a pile of dragon poop? Is that what the colour is for?" He hushes quickly when a weaver venturing by harrumphs. "I mean," he continues more softly, "It's not actually that, because we'd smell it, but… Maybe it's the embodiment of?" Which is really stretching it for this young lad. A quick look over his shoulder in case anyone is listening and Tommin feels free to say, "I got pushed, and fell wrong on my shoulder." The little smile is half-honest and Tommin opens his mouth to say more but closes it quickly, turning to look at the next… installation: it looks like a wooden, carved butt. "Um."

Kodi takes a deep breath as she leaves the sculpture behind and looks at the carving instead. "I'm feeling better about that painting all the time," she murmurs dryly, then looks up at Tommin. "Dislocated or something? Broken? You're okay now?" They're rather level questions. Fact gathering rather than true concern. But she waits for his replies, regardless, the butt carving already forgotten.

Tommin makes a totally manly giggling noise. "It's got its charms," he defends of the butt carving, "somewhere…" One hand reaches up to pat his collarbone: "Broken collarbone. I was in a sling for months to get it to heal, but still got out faster than they said I would." Because at this age, Tommin will take any advantage or prowess, like the world is a competition. "I'm all good now. Been doing my exercises and everything," and Tommin feels good enough to try showing off his gangly muscle, chuckling as he pokes at it. "It's there, I promise." His arm drops and Tommin peers curiously at Kodi. "How're you doing? No visits to the Dragonhealer yard, right? Or do you go on my day off?"

With her questions answered, Kodi's expression clears to something neutral again, though she does not give the carving another look, instead turning her back on the display's backside. At Tommin's declaration that he's been doing his exercises, Kodi arches a brow and looks pointedly at the skinny arm the teen is showing off, though she says nothing directly. "We've been lucky. One of the benefits to being lifemated to a green. Always at the bottom of the pile running clean-up duty." She takes a deep breath and glances toward the exit. "Speaking of, there's apparently some clean up to be done elsewhere," relayed by Risielth, going by the vague look to Kodi's dark eyes. The focus is right back when she turns back to Tommin, though. "I hope the rest of your day is foam-free. Clear skies, Healer." She taps off a hazy salute, then turns on her heel and walks out of the room. She murmurs something to the Harper along the way, which wipes the pensive look from his face as he goes back to guard duty.

Hey, man, there's muscle there. Somewhere. Tommin grins and shrugs bony shoulders. As Kodi mentions she's departing, Tommin nods eagerly and then cracks a slight smile about the foam. But that 'clear skies, Healer'? That has Tommin breaking into a broad smile and he's standing there, looking at wood-butt for a moment longer before he strolls out, passing by a huge canvas dominated by a red stripe flanked by two blue stripes. What in the actual shit is that about?

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