N'ky, Teyaschianniarina


Teya drags N'ky along on a mission to find her missing Dog. They find him… and then SURPRISE.


It is evening of the fifteenth day of the seventh month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen Weyr Midden

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Ugh! Why did you ever want to come here? Igen's midden is a miserable and smelly affair, loose piles of shifting garbage tossed haphazardly along the caldera wall. Few things on two legs linger here, for obvious reasons. It is the domain of the four- and six-legged: tunnelsnakes are common here, as are the colony of feral felines who subsist on hunting them.

Teyaschianniarina may be slightly abusing her position as temporary wingleader, to be fair — that's just supposed to be for during Fall, anyway. But she's so earnest when she asks things of her wingriders, she really is. "Dog," she carols out, nose wrinkled against the middens-smell, "Dooo-oooooog — I should have named him something other than Dog, shouldn't I?" The question itself is directed at poor, shanghaied N'ky, pressganged into helping her locate her wayward canine. "He's usually super well behaved, I don't know what's gotten into him — oh! No," whatever she spotted bleats, and she sighs, "that's the goat, nevermind."

While the smell of the midden doesn't seem to bother him, N'ky still doesn't look all that happy at being dragged along to its edge. He's twitchy as he looks out over the stinking mess, chewing on his bottom lip and hooking, then unhooking, his thumbs through his beltloops. "W-we used to e-entice them back with food, wh-whenever any of ours took off." He squints out across the way, then scrubs his hand through his hair. "Um… i-is that him?" It's something with four legs that the greenrider points to - whether it's a canine or not isn't immediately obvious.

Teyaschianniarina ho-hums a sigh, then looks like she probably regrets that, because mm, eau de middens. "He's been disappearing, then showing back up stinking of the middens — usually only a few hours, but sometimes a couple of days, and, oh," the possible-canine turns and HISSES and then bolts off, and Teya withdraws a strategic distance. Thank Faranth Pern doesn't have opossums and raccoons, just colonies of feral cats. "No. No, I don't think that was a — wait, there!" Her there is thanks to a flash of blond-brindle fur and stubby tail, appearing-disappearing further in. "Shardit, Dog!"

"P-probably a bitch in heat out there? S-somewhere? Maybe." N'ky crosses his arms over his chest, looking anxiously up at the sky, at the moons in particular, then his attention is drawn back down to seek out the 'there!' source. "I-is that him? C-can you whistle for him?" If she can't, he can - and he does without waiting for her answer. Fingers to his lips, he whistles in the way a shepherd might - a trill of notes that probably means something to a canine trained to understand them.

The trilling whistle doesn't produce Dog, but it does get a response: his familiar basso bark sounds out, drawing attention to his location. "That should have worked, also, thank you — you know dogs?" It's off-hand, but interested; she's concentrating on not tripping over anything as she makes her way toward the sound. Speaking of sounds, she makes a very surprised one as she crests a little refuse-hill.

N'ky nods as he picks his way along behind Teya, placing his big feet with all the care of someone who just knows he's going to fall - and who absolutely does not want to. "Yeah," he answers distractedly, his lanky arms flailing as something he steps on gives way beneath his boot. "My f-family runs a herding property, up in the 'Reaches m-mountains. I grew up with h-herding ovines and woollies, p-practically born into the s-saddle." He's a little way behind her when she makes the noise, and he looks anxiously up at the brownrider as he catches up to her. "Wh-what?"

Teyaschianniarina catches N'ky's arm as he comes up alongside her, to help his balance and to keep him from continuing forward and, well, a little bit just because she's excited. Totally Mature (interim) Wingleader, here. "You were right," she tells him, grinning broad and lopsided up at him, "look. Puppies." As well as two adult dogs: her well-groomed, blunt-faced Dog, sitting and thumping his stub of a tail, and a skinnier little thing with one crooked ear, and six fat round fuzzy grubwor- puppies in various states of 'root around for food' and 'sleep,' all adorable.

"Aaw." There's no arm-clutching in return, but N'ky does have a soppy sort of smile for the wriggly little litter. "Fat puppies." Who doesn't like to look at puppies? "A-are you going to, um… leave him here with them? O-or round them all up?" Then, looking at where they're lying, he pulls a face - "They're a-all gonna need baths. Scrubby b-baths."

"Um." Great job thinking on her feet, here; Teya frowns at the puppy-pile, and their skinny-momma, and their proud-poppa. "I think leave them here for right now, until I can come back with food for her, and, um, something to put them all in. Because yeah they are going to need all the baths." She lets go of his arm, and takes a few steps forward only to be stopped by a warning half-growl from skinny-mum. "Yeah, food first — so uh," she glances back at him, back and up, "you want a puppy, when they're old enough?"

"M-maybe lots of food for her." The growl isn't exactly a welcoming sound, after all. It makes N'ky wince. "You're maybe gonna hafta work on her, m-more than just food." He bites thoughtfully on his lip, looking from mum to dad to babies, then back. He returns Teya's look with a crooked half-smile - which promptly fades when she asks him. "Oh. Um." The greenrider runs his hand through his curls, shaking his head gently. "I like them, b-but…. b-but Cailluneth's already a lot to handle," especially lately, with her bellowing up at the full moon each night, "a-and p-plus my kid, a-and Button, too… I-I can't." He's also not comfortable saying no, as the increased stutter suggests.

Teyaschianniarina says, "That's okay!" Teya accepts as cheerfully as she offered, "I just wanted to give you first pick if you did, 'cause of finding them with me. You can ask," there's a pause for a minute, her clearly-thinking kind of pause as she shuffles through mental files and comes up — incomplete. "I don't think I actually know her name — your little girl's mom? You can ask if she wants one, maybe." Because kids love puppies, right? "How are you and Cailly," hey, her own lifemate is saddled with Ryggles, everyone gets terrible nicknames here, "feeling about the," she gestures, broad and in-specific, "everything?""

"April. Blue Darcielth's, a-at Telgar. I'll ask her." N'ky doesn't seem so confident that'll go down especially well, though. He winces at the nickname appointed his dragon, and gives a gentle shrug of his shoulders. "Cailluneth likes it. She's m-missing her, I guess you could say p-pack? She m-makes them feel that way, here." He taps his temple. Right in there. "I'm… I-I'm finding it ok. It's d-different. Still trying to th-think of here as home - and it's so h-hot. I've never lived outside of High Reaches."

"April," Teya commits to memory, "and your little girl is Kypri, which is adorable by the way." This time when she gestures, it's a familiar one, instructing him to turn around and head back. She does the same, but not without a, "You and I are having a talk, buddy, when you come home. And a bath." She hasn't lost the thread of the conversation, though, and picks it back up as they work their way back out of the middens. "Hopefully she can make bonds just as strong, here, especially in the wing — you guys have got potential, you're good in Mirage." Dragonhealers are always appreciated, especially during a Pass, after all. "It gets in under your skin, Igen. If you let it. Even if you don't want it to, sometimes! Even with the heat," oh, the heat, "'cause yeah, I am totally with you on that one — I'd been in High Reaches my whole life, too, until we came here."

They didn't turn around to return a moment too soon, either, as somewhere, from some weyr up high, a dragon has started bellowing at the top of her lungs - a wolfhowl to the moon. N'ky winces, eyes screwed tight shut as he contacts his dragon. "We're j-just a green pair, Teya. We've r-reached our potential by b-being useful." That's the High Reaches' conservative mindset for you. He falls in alongside her, shortening his long-legged pace to match hers, though also trying to hurry them up a little since that bellowing hasn't stopped yet, and the source of it to anyone looking is very obviously Cailluneth. "I know the s-sand gets just about everywhere you d-don't want it, but Igen… it's g-got some growing on me to do still. I d-don't know about High Reaches in your time, but th-this is a far cry from my home, in e-every way possible."

"It's about as different as a place could have been," Teya answers, with a wry half-grin up at the moon as Cailluneth starts baying. "But it needs us. All," she waits until they're on level(er) ground for that, and for knocking her elbow against N'ky's for emphasis, "of us. The Weyrsecond before me, he was a greenrider. Then I was, for a while, and — we can do more than this place thinks we can, you know? We're making it good. Gosh, she's got a voice on her, doesn't she?"

"I led my weyrling group. O-once. S-someone got badly injured." N'ky bites down on his lip as he looks down at Teya, shaking his head. "W-we're good at what we're d-doing. We're h-helping that way, by healing." The corner of his mouth twitches into a part-smile, which turns wry when Teya mentions his dragon's noisiness. "She likes the moons. Wh-when they're full, especially." And Belior, up above, is presenting itself in all its lunar glory. "A-and it's worse when she's… I-I mean she's… she'll be p-proddy, soon. Th-this is just the warm-up." He shakes his head, running his fingers through his wild curls. "She'll q-quiet down more when I'm with her."

"My twin brother's a dragonhealer trainee, too. Probably close to making full, but I'm not sure exactly how that — works. And a greenrider, too. I'yn," in case N'ky hasn't made the connection — they don't look super twin-y, after all. "You guys can do stuff that we," it's unclear if she means just herself and Ryglinath, or riders of bigger dragons in general, "can't, always." They clear the middens, and she breathes a sigh of relief before offering a crooked half-smile. "I don't envy you, but I'm glad being around her helps. I'll let you go," she offers with a little bit of a laugh, "and see you for sweeps. Thank you for letting me volunteer you for this," wave toward midden-heap.

N'ky smiles shyly at the compliment of what he - they - are capable of, dipping his head politely to Teya. "I've n-not met I'yn properly. J-just through training, drills… th-that sort of thing." He looks over his shoulder at the midden they've escaped from, pulling a face at it. "We p-probably stink. I'm going to g-get Cailluneth to join me in the l-lake - you're w-welcome to come too, unless you're g-going to the baths instead?" There's a tremble in the incessant moon-bellowing, the sound growing closer before it stops. "She's waiting for me. I'd b-better go before she starts again. S-see you later?" He gives the brownrider an awkward pat on her shoulder, before setting off at a lanky long-legged trot towards the bowl.

"He's kind of a workaholic," and in that respect their resemblance is uncanny, "so I'm not surprised. We'll have to fix that soon, though. I'm off to collect Rickety, then hit the baths, so — until sweeps." Teya returns the awkward-pat with a farewell salute, then sets off in the opposite direction on easy, beat-cop strides that make up for her lack of height.

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