Erissa, Terrian


(Backdated Before the Blackmail) Terrian takes Erissa out on a date. (Mature Content Warning)


It is late night of the sixteenth day of the ninth month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Small Restaurant, Central Bazaar, Lake Shore

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Small Restaurant

No bar is this small place. Nestled right on the outskirts of the bazaar, this eatery is well and truely off the beaten path. Housing only three tables and lacking a bar, the intimacy of the room is clear to any who step inside of it’s humble wooden doors. Walls are hung with thick tapestries that show loving care, and age. The tables are covered with neat table clothes, and in the middle are arranged neat bundles of the sparse Igen flowers.



Bound upon firelizard leg, the note arrives when Erissa is most likely to be home, in the evening when shadows first begin to fall across Igen. Outwardly there is nothing to show that the note is anything special, as the envelope is a simple kind which is sold in the bazaar for almost nothing. Inside however, is a different matter altogether.

The finest parchment which Igen can supply lies neatly folded within. The script upon the front says simply,

Bluerider Erissa

Inside, with that same neat and perfectionistic script, is the invitation.

As per our agreement I formally invite you to join me for dinner on the upcoming restday. I will look for you when the sun crests the horizon. You might wear a dress.

Guardsman Terrian

Drawn inside is a map of the bazaar with one small corner circled.

The firelizard alights upon a table and will wait, a little impatiently, for the human it is meant for to untie the message.

Erissa frowns at first when her abode is invaded by a strange firelizard and glances at Danorath as if he can provide an explanation. The blue only rumbles lightly and shifts his huge head a bit to set curious facets on the miniature creature.

“What is this?” she ponders aloud as she approaches cautiously and spies the envelope attached to the messenger. Carefully retrieving it she even goes so far as to attempt a light scritch to the firelizards’s belly before taking a step back, giving the little one leave to go if it wants.

Curiosity turns to delighted amusement as she reads what is written inside, a slow grin sliding across her lips.

Well, well, well. The guard was finally making his claim. And with unexpected flourish, too. The parchment’s quality and neat penmanship are duly noted. Looking closer at the map she tilts her head, envisioning her aerial view of the bazaar from the ledge outside her weyr. The circled location isn’t known to her, though admittedly she hasn’t explored the whole thing yet. She had been expecting the Living Caverns or even the Dustbowl Cantina so the idea of going somewhere new put an added spin on things.

She might even wear a dress.


So it is that later that same evening finds the bluerider pausing at a particular corner within the Bazaar’s to check the map one last time. It had been a hot day flying sweeps. But then again, every day in Igen is hot so it doesn’t really matter. Even now, in the latter part of the day the heat that thickened the air was smothering. She’d unwillingly ditched the black riding jacket she normally wore, and even the favored matching trousers and boots, all for the sake of not sweating to death while finding out what Terrian had in store. He had suggested it so nicely, after all.

Instead she’d decided to try out a new sundress she’d had commissioned with material she’d gotten from the Bazaar. It had thin straps that delicately crossed over slender shoulders and a daring, scooped neckline. The material was the color of rich cream with a mesh overlay embroidered in a whimsical gold pattern that not only gave it added texture and dimension but moved in an interesting way when she walked, both hiding and highlighting pleasant curves and lean frame alternately. It fell to just past her knees, below which plain brown sandals wound about her ankles as a practical addition. Overall much cooler, even if she did itch for her jacket.

The glows the bazaar sets out for the evening are just being uncovered as the sunset begins in earnest. When Erissa turns that last corner she’ll be met with a quiet and clean corner of the market. There, leaning against the rough stone wall is Terrian. A dark black leather jacket has replaced his typical brown, and not a single hint of mud or dust clings to the nicely pressed set of trousers he wears. Smart boots have been shined just for this evening- clearly, just as she has, the guard has taken some time to prepare. The belt across his hips is wide, and the only part of his apparel which shoes wear, the dark brass of the buckle catching the light of the glows. At his feet lays a tan and brown canine with its head down upon its front paws, bushy tail stirring the dust behind as she waits patiently.

When Terrian catches sight of the rider he pushes himself to fully standing. Eyes start at the woman’s feet and move up as a slow smile spreads across his face. He hadn’t been totally sure she would even show up tonight. “Up Novak, let’s be meetin’ the lady.” His slow drawl has the dog on its feet in seconds, falling in right next to his hip as he walks towards the rider. Dark brown eyes seek the woman’s as that smile only grows larger. “Lookin’ prettier than ever blondie.” He doesn’t introduce the dog, and instead offers her an arm to take if she so chooses.

Curious as ever about all parts of the unique environment the Bazaar presents Erissa makes a slow perusal of the place, her gaze caught by movement as the final piece of confirmation falls into place.

The canine by his side is a surprise, though.

That slow anti-gravity examination is reward enough for her decision to go with more feminine attire than riding gear, a coy little smile teasing her lips as she gives him a slight nod of acknowledgement.

“Not bad yourself, guard,” she notes with a sliding glance of her own. Tucking her arm around his she looks at their surroundings once more before turning her gaze back to him. “Not what I was expecting,” she comments, not clarifying whether she means him or the location. Either way though, the little smile she wears indicates it’s a good thing. Then, showing she didn’t miss his companion, “Will your friend be joining us?”

“Aye, Novak will be comin’ with. Don’t be worryin’,” The small grin on his face lessens what could be an insult, “she ain’t goin’ to be bitin’ no one. She’s workin.” What kind of ‘work’ a canine might do in a nice restaurant is left utterly unspoken. Terrian’s tone simply sets it as a fact of life, and other than swinging her head around occasionally to look at the woman on the far side of her person, the canine does in fact seem to be ‘working’. Her posture is loose, and her attention everywhere.

Into the small eatery Terrian will guide Erissa. It seems to be known that the guard would be coming with a date, because rather than wait for someone to direct them he’ll lead them straight to a circular corner table. Allowing her arm to drop he’ll move to pull out that chair for her and wait, with a single eyebrow upraised, to see if the sometimes snapish rider will allow the courtsey. One can never tell; especially with how erratically she acts.

Not used to being around canines, Erissa’s gaze lingers on Novak a little longer after the introduction and the animal’s attentive demeanor strikes a bit of humor for being familiar.

“Reminds me of Dano,” she muses on her duty-minded blue.

Then they’re entering the eatery and approaching a table, Terrian’s lack of hesitation telling Erissa a lot about how often the guard frequents the establishment. His excessively good manners continue to impress, not being something she’s used to receiving and also providing a healthy distraction from things like the throbbing headache that almost never left anymore. At least now, after having drank some of her special tea, it would hover in the distance for a while, along with other annoying ailments. In fact, she was actually feeling in exceptionally high spirits at the moment, much thanks to the efforts of a certain dark-haired guard.

“Do you bring all your dates here?” she teases while sliding into the offered chair with an easy, fluid motion.

Novak’s ear flicks up at the woman’s voice, then proceeds to ignore her like she has been trained to do. Slipping under the table all but the fluff of her tail disappears under the table. No canine here!

As Erissa sits Terrian pushes the chair in, then moves to the other side to settle in the only other chair at the table. Without needing to be called a waitress brings a bottle of wine and after opening it, leaves it at the table for Terrian to deal with. “Nah. Just the ones what owe me from losin’ a bet.” As he speaks the wine gets poured into the glass in front of her then set aside again. “Figure I ought to make it as painless as possible.” The slight smile that breaks ucross his face is more than rel. “How is Danorath doin’?”

Touche. A smirk slips across Erissa’s lips at his rejoinder. Sitting straight-backed she gives her chin a little toss, swaying the few loose tendrils that have escaped the neat coif that holds most of her hair back from her face.

“Don’t get used to it,” she says in that same teasing tone just as the waitress appears. Watching the server in silence she waits until they’re alone again before reaching out for her glass, pale brows arching slightly. “You’re definition of ‘painless’ is commendable,” she notes, giving the rich colored liquid a swirl. As to her blue, she hesitates a moment, expression softening. The dim lighting might be blamed for the extra hint of shadows that limn pretty features, though in truth the slightly darker hue beneath her eyes and angular sharpness from thinned cheeks to chin has nothing to do with this evening’s activities. “He’s fine. In fact, he’s dying to go back to that oasis again.”

"Wouldn't be dreamin' of it," Terrian murmurs quietly to her comment if not getting use to it. The wine glass in his own hand his lifted, allowing the liquid within to fracture the light and send spirals of it down onto the table cloth. His eyes miss little as he looks upon that completion. "I'm sure you can be findin' your way back simple enough. I hear some of the Zingari shelter there oft these days, so you might be havin' company. Though mayhap when you are less tired aye?" A veiled hint about her weakness before, or shadowed comment about the bags, Teri doesn't elaborate, instead moving smoothly on. "I'll be admittin' some surprise to be seein' you Blondie." An eyebrow rises upwards, has she forgiven him yet? "Let alone with you dressin' like the pretty lass you be."

A few sips of the wine only add to the guard’s growing tab of ‘brownie points’, the vintage proving to be one of excellent taste. On finding her way back to the oasis she doesn’t comment - it being obvious enough. Danorath had the place memorized from the first sight they had of it. His caution as to who might also be there, however, is duly noted and she nods once in acknowledgment. Of course then he has to go and make a subtle jab, one that she doesn’t miss, and one finger leaves the side of the wine glass to point in his direction. Still feeling generous, she leaves it at a silent warning.

Slender shoulders rise and fall at his admission; her shrug all the more obvious for the thin straps of her sundress.

“Why wouldn’t I?” she tosses back with a smile. “It’s a free meal.”

As for dressing up? She tries to skip that one.

A small grin spreads onto Terrian’s lips at that finger. Warning recieved. “Nay Bondie, ain’t free. I won the pleasure of your company fair and square.” Okay, so it wasn’t really fair, Erissa couldn’t know how bad the desert would get mid summer and Terrian did. But it was close enough. “Just be thinkin’ you paid your way already.”

Lifting his eyes upwards the guard looks past Erissa to the small back door where the kitchen would be as the door swings open and the waitress who had brought the wine enters again. This time she carries a tray. It takes only a few steps for it to arrive at their table and without a word the woman begins to divest her tray of what it holds. Before both of them is placed a plate where on fish (where would they get that from in the desert?) greens and some kind of citris over to the side. The flowers from the middle of the table are swept up and in their place is left a bowl of already cut fruit, presumably for desert. “Anything else Teri?” The waitress asks, sparing only a glance for Erissa.

“Looks like Mama Anadle has been workin’ her magic again, unless Bondie was lookin’ for something else?” His eyes don’t linger on the pretty waitress for even as second as he casts an upraised eyebrow at Erissa.

Surprise continues to pile up as the waitress delivers her wares. Dark blue hues flick from the various items to Terrian and back, only briefly touching on the waitress. Not having much of an appetite lately the full spread of edibles now put before Erissa is daunting, but no less impressive. When Terrian turns the questioning on her, the bluerider gives a little shake of her head.

“Nope. This looks pretty good,” she replies, a slight grin marking the understatement for what it is.

The waitress give Erissa a weighing look, but without another word turns and leaves again. Terrian’s eyes follow her for a few moments before shoulders hitch and return to their normal relaxed posture. He’ll wait till she picks up her fork to actually begin eating himself.

This part of a date is always the most awkward. What topics of conversation are safe, and which would send the bluerider scattering? Terrian’s manners are utterly impeccable, perhaps he’s trying to impress, so he does not speak while he begins to eat. Only when his mouth is empty does he ask, “How was your day?” There, simple enough right?

Erissa picks up her fork and pokes at the fish, pleased when the tender meat falls apart easily. Very nice. Her appetite might be lagging but her curiosity is in full swing so she quarters off a bite-size portion and lifts it, the sample just passing her lips when Terrian asks his question.

Normally it would most likely be a simple question. But not today. Not for Erissa.

Unable to answer right away she frowns, scrunching her nose and giving her head a little shake in an apparently negative response. The fork is even waggled back and forth in the air a bit to add to the impression. Swallowing, she takes a moment to wash it down with a sip of the wine, then tilts her head to shoot a guarded smile at her dinner companion.

“Shards, that is really good fish!” she exclaims. Terrian might have impeccable manners but Erissa does not. Though, on occasions such as this, she does try.

Terrian has been working for the dishonest long enough to know a deflection when he sees one used on him. A quiet eyebrow uplifts. But he doesn't know the woman well enough to call her out on it. Instead he takes a slow bite, watching her eat. "Aye. Mama Anadle is one of the best cooks in the bazaar. Distant relative to the Steen clan. Has dealin's with a rider to be gettin delicacies what most don't have." A quiet explanation of the fish before her. A pause, a chance for Erissa to comment.

Or Not.

Quiet companionship usually suits Erissa just fine, not being the sociable type. But tonight she’s feeling especially gracious so when Terrian mentions some of the denizens of the bazaar she nods and pauses in attempting to collect another bite of fish.

“The Steen’s, yes. I know one of them. Maryam. She took me shopping once. Helped me pick out some material - this dress was made from one of them, in fact. She has a really good eye. I thought it turned out rather nice.” So saying, she glances down and off to one shoulder where the delicate material does a fine job of complimenting her lightly tanned skin. As dark blue hues turn back to Terrian she smiles, a quick roll of the fork gesturing at the table’s layout. “I’d say this Mama Anadle is a good one to know as well if this is where her talents lie.”

“Mmm,” The sound is general agreement, as Terrian has already lifted more food to his face. As he eats dark brown eyes trace down that tanned shoulder before moving back up to her face. After clearing his throat he leans back, just a little bit. “Aye. Always best to be knowin’ them what can put together a good plate.”

Peaking out from the table Novak’s tail begins to wag, just gently back and forth. Moving silently as only canines are able to do, she has decided that really she has been good. It wouldn’t be so bad to just sniff the stranger, right? Lifting her nose she presses the wetness against one of those bare legs. Hi Erissa.

“Ooooo!” Erissa jumps in her seat, the fork slipping from her fingers and falling to the plate with a clatter. Leaning back she twists to one side to bring her legs out from under the table. “Oh it’s your… your Novak,” she blurts with relief. Fingers flutter near her collar a moment, then rise to slip a few wayward strands of palest blond behind an ear. Bending forward a bit she reaches down to offer the canine her palm.

“Novak.” Terrian leans over the edge of the table, moving aside the cloth so he can see the canine curled under the table. Her ears lay flat as she looks up at him, then shifts her nose back to Erissa. Clearly, sniffing the woman’s hand and saying hi is really all she wants to do. “No. You’re workin’. I’ll be lettin’ you introduce yourself after you’re done.” With a huff of air Novak’s head sinks down onto her paws again, the picture of dejected canine.

A slight smile has etched itself onto Terrian’s face when he straightens up and lets the edge of the table cloth drop back into place. “She still ain’t more than a baby, and learnin’ what boundries she can be bendin’. You one for canines?”

Erissa smiles watching Terrian interact with his pet and straightens herself in her seat again. Reaching for her glass she lifts the wine to her lips and watches the guard over the rim, the dim lighting reflecting off the rich liquid as much as dark blue hues.

“A baby, huh? She must be gonna get big.” Lowering the glass slightly, she holds it loosely between both hands, bracing her elbows on the edge of the table. “I don’t mind them, I guess,” she replies. “Not been around them much. They tend to avoid dragons.” Curiosity tilts her head slightly. “Where’d you get her?”

Terrian’s eye glance down to the once again hidden canine. “She wouldn’t hurt a fly… less she knows you ain’t got good intent. Or I’m tellin’ her to.” An eyebrow gets raised there as Terrian finds that idea rather funny, but not enough to laugh out loud. “She’s about the size I’m thinkin’ she’ll be gettin’ now.” His drawl is thoughtful as he turns his full thoughts the idea. “About them dragons, aye, you’re right on that. She ain’t happy when I’m takin’ her to the weyr. Somethin’ about the smell, though she ain’t as skittery as most, seein’ as she had that weekend where N’cal was carin’ for her when she was just a pup for sure.” Under the table Novak seems to sense she is no longer in trouble for her misdeed and turns her head just slightly to lay it upon Terrian’s foot. “Gift, from Rhiex when I joined up. Figured she might be makin’ a good guard dog, and I’ve had the trainin’ of pups before.”

Erissa swirls the wine a bit before setting it down and reaching for her fork again. That fish was too good to waste even if she isn’t all that hungry! Listening as she cuts and lifts more samples she nods with understanding as Terrian finishes speaking.

“Sounds like a good match then. Maybe you’ll start something. I’ve not seen a guard with a guard canine before.”

“She’s a good one, even if she ain’t quite up to the guardin’ bit. Sure I could be findin’ her a proper family, mayhap among the traders; be tryin’ again with one of her pups.” Terrian looks speculatively down at the table, as if he might be able to see the hidden canine below.

After a moment of silent thought Terrian pulls his eyes back upwards to focus on the blue rider. “Ain’t nearly as smart as your Danorath.” Hopefully Erissa doesn’t take offense at the comparison between Novak and Dano.

Erissa seems surprised at what he shares, pale brows rising slightly as she pauses in her progress through the tasty fish.

“You’re not that attached to her then?” she asks. As to comparing the canine to her bonded mate, one of the great protectors of Pern, she only chuckles assuming he’s making a joke. Lifting her fork she points it at the guard, grinning. “You can’t suck up to him anymore. He isn’t here.”

Terrian takes a very thoughtful bite of his food. Chew. Swallow, and then another bite. Whatever thoughts might be crossing Terrian’s mind are hid behind the slightest of wrinkles across his brow that show he is thinking. “She’s good. Best canine I’ve trained yet. But I’d rather she be doin’ what is best for her if she ain’t up to the guardin’ bit.”

Terrian sets aside that fork to lift his glass of wine and bring it to his lips. “Ain’t never sucked up to Danorath. He just got a whole pile of good sense.”

Erissa nods at his reasoning on canine breeding but doesn’t comment further. Instead she pauses in pushing around a bit of greens to cast a doubtful look at the guard. “Oh?” she counters. “And all that brown-nosing at the oasis wasn’t just a foolish attempt to get him to side with you?”

“Would it have done me any good?” Terrian lifts an eyebrow up, even as a slight smirk crosses his face. The wine is sipped at again as he leans back in his chair to await the bluerider’s answer.

“Of course not!” the bluerider asserts confidently, tilting her head with a smug little smirk. “He’s always on my side.” Giving some of the greens a nudge she lets a quiet moment pass before adding in a lower tone, “If anything you only convinced him not to intervene when you finally got a good dousing.”

Because he was the only one who got doused. Uh huh.

Terrian’s eyebrow remains lifted up for a moment. Then slowly, just as slowly as the ex-caravaneer talks, a laugh begins to roll out. It’s a solid throaty chuckle. “Aye, I’m sure it was just like that. Probably for the best though, I can only be imagin’ what bein’ saved by your blue beast would be doin’ to my clothin’.”

Erissa grins without looking up though truly the food isn’t what holds her attention. With the fish mostly gone she isn’t so keen on eating her vegetables (sorry Ma!) so sets her fork down to go for the rest of her wine instead. Leaning back in her seat she relaxes with the glass in one hand.

“It wouldn’t have made much of a difference since you took your shirt off anyway,” she points out, dropping a brief flirtatious glance over what can be seen of his torso. Low cast light limns the neat tuck of white-blond locks in both palest hue and deep shadows combined as Erissa tilts her head and draws a speculative expression across fine features. “That’s twice now you’ve done that around me,” she says, sounding amused, “Is it going to be a reoccurring theme?”

Terrian casts a brief glance over those greens. They’re Healthy Erissa. But he’s not about to shove anything down anyone’s throat, so he just munches on his thoughtfully. Another low chuckle for her inquiry as to his shirtlessness. “Are you lookin’ to be seein more? What with the temperature risin, I’m sure I could be arrangin’ that.”

Still riding strong on a high of good will Erissa’s grin widens at the chuckled sign of his humor. Completely failing in feigning a look of serious consideration she hikes one slender shoulder.

“Far be it from me to deny you an opportunity like that,” she muses, the picture of self-sacrifice.

“Then mayhap we ought to be arrangin’ that,” Terrian rises from his table, setting a napkin aside. He moves around the table and offers an arm to the bule rider, a single eyebrow arched upwards in invitation for the woman to take his arm and see what else Terrian has planned for the night.

Seeing Terrian standing Novak jumps to her feet, popping right into his side between the guard and the woman he is inviting to stand next to him. Hi humans. Going somewhere?

Now it’s Erissa’s turn to chuckle as Terrian takes up the challenge and actually rises from the table to offer her his arm. She hadn’t really expected him to do so, let alone immediately, but memories of all that bared muscle from the Dustbowl Cantina and oasis are a sharp incentive to roll with the potential if he’s so willing. Away we go!

Rising with an exaggerated flourish, the bluerider slips her arm through his and lifts a bright smile that’s only slightly marred by the haunted shadows of the ailments that have been plaguing her. The worse of their effects are currently smothered by the helpful tea she gets from a certain trader, lingering yet far off on the horizon, and allowing a heightened enjoyment of the moment at hand.

“That you’re so accommodating is highly commendable,” she teases with a sidelong lift of pale brow. “Keep it up and I might get spoiled.”


Central Bazaar
All roads in the weyr ultimately lead here, to this center of commerce. Canvas awnings jut out over time worn, sandy cobblestone, sheltering customers and wares alike from the majority of Igen's elements, and funnel scents both mouthwatering and vomit inducing through the thin streets. Almost all store fronts are open air, delineated by sandstone arches with intricately carved facades. The insides of these stone-shingled buildings act as an amplifier for the salesmens' bawled enticements, and are held up by the chipped swirls of marble pillars.

“Mayhap that’s for the best- all ladies need a little bit’ve spoilin’.” Terrian takes her challenge in stride, tucking her arm firmly into his. No payment is left on the table, perhaps, like everything else this evening, it has already been arranged before hand. Novak falls into step on the far side of Terrian with what can only be described as a heavy dog sigh. Being ignored AGAIN.

“I’m thinkin’ it ain’t hot enough yet to be takin off, how good are your dacin’ shoes?” He sends a sidelong glance at the woman on his arm, a sly grin spreading across his face.

Erissa chalks his first reply up to blowing smoke but is still amused by the attempt. Men never really think that, after all.

Poor Novak. The canine isn’t getting any attention from Erissa either, the bluerider more focused on her human companion than her hairy one. Ok, the shorter hairy one.

“Dancing??” Erissa blurts on a laugh of surprise. “Seriously? Now I know you’re brave if you want to try dancing with me. Totally two left feet - right here.”

Maybe Novak is use to being ignored by now, because after one last canine sigh she falls into her place right at Terrian’s heel. Really, she is doing very well.

Erissa’s comment about having two left feet just puts a broad grin on Terrian’s face. “Just means you ain’t ever been with the right partner.” It’s a boast, perhaps a foolish one depending on how bad Erissa really is. “You just be followin’ me now blondie, and we’ll be testin’ that.” Taking a firm hold of that arm Terrian will guide the woman back out into the open bazaar.

There are plenty of people around at this time of night, the bazaar still very much in full swing by the light of the glows various stall keepers set out. There, off in one corner the entertainers of the bazaar have set themselves up. Music is already playing and so that is exactly where Terrian leads the bluerider. At the edge Terrian puts his attention to the dog at his side and points. “Stay Novak.” A SIGH from the dog as she goes to lay where she will not be underfoot.

Erissa is quiet as they walk comfortably side by side, blond head turning slowly at the various sounds and colorful sites of the bazaar. As they near the sounds of music she sighs.

“I love the bazaar,” she admits. “It’s why I wanted a weyr above it. Sometimes Dano and I sit on the ledge and just watch the comings and goings.” When Terrian pauses she shifts her weight from one hip to the other, lightly tanned features scrunching with reluctant amusement. “Last chance to bail, guard.”

“Ain’t no place like it. ‘n while some gathers might get crazy, ain’t nothin’ like what the Bazaar can be dishin’ out.” There is genuine fondness in Terrian’s voice as he pauses a moment to look over Erissa’s shoulder at the activity in the main square. Bringing his eyes back from the bazaar he allows them to focus on Erissa’s face. Letting go of her arm he instead captures her hand and pulls her step by step forward onto the floor. “Can’t be knowin’ if its bad till I’m tryin it.” Depending on her willingness, Terrian will pull her close, sliding one hand along her waist.

Erissa couldn’t agree more to his assessment of the Bazaar so she says nothing. As they move forward to the dancing area she is graceful, at least, thanks to ten turns of living the physically demanding life of a rider. Lean muscle is toned in pleasing feminine proportions, the light sundress accentuating curves and the sun-kissed complexion of her skin. Her hand fits neatly within his, long fingers folding around his. When he pulls her close she lifts her chin and smiles.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Aye, I’m takin’ my life in my hands.” Terrian’s voice holds a well of amusement for her continued warnings.

The music is already playing, the kind which is best for dancing. Not too slow, but not too fast. Just right for Terrian to carefully guide Erissa though the steps. He is graceful enough, and certainly shows a particular amount of skill at the dance. Perhaps he was trained somewhere. He even manages to keep Erissa from stepping on his toes even once. His hold around her tightens, hand sliding down to the middle of her lower back.

Grateful for the slower pace, Erissa does a fairly good job of keeping in sync with Terrian. At least it isn’t one of those fast ones usually done at Gather’s where one partner throws and tosses the other in the air. That would result in a visit to the infirmary for sure.

Terrian makes it easier by holding her close, his larger frame simply guiding hers where she needs to go without giving her much room for error. The few times she manages to still make a mistake she ducks her chin into his shoulder and laughs.

“Not bad, not bad,” she teases, as if she’s the one keeping him in line.

Senses buzz and curl in her stomach as he pulls her even closer, her free hand sliding up and over his shoulder, coming to rest just behind his neck. Tilting her head slightly she raises dark blue hues to the rich brown of his, softened expression sincere as she speaks in an undertone meant just for him.

“This is nice. Thank you.” Gazes hold for a moment’s pause. Then, “I should lose more often.”

The entertainers keeps the pace slow- perhaps recognizing that tonight is not a night for high spirited pieces. Rather, it is for quiet reflection and peace.

“Travel enough and you pick up a few things.” Terrian’s gaze has softened, just a tad as he watches Erissa relax into his hold. A few more swaying steps are taken, spinning gently around the area roped off for dancing. Even her mistakes are met with that slight smile, as he resists the urge to kiss her forehead when it comes so close to his lips. “As I was sayin’, every woman deserves some spoilin’.”

As the song slowly twines its way to its conclusion Terrian releases his hold on Erissa’s back and steps backwards. One hand remains on hers as he lifts their hands together to spin her just once before pulling her close again. Hopefully nothing bad happens. You know. Because.

Erissa laughs aloud, the sound cheerful and light as she spins outward to arm’s length and back again. The dizzying whirl of scenery does toggle her sense of balance slightly, the tenuous hold that senses keep on reality already threatening to unravel the more time goes by.

The rider’s return isn’t nearly as graceful as she collides rather than glides back into his chest, chuckling as her grip on his hand tightens and her other curls into a bit of his shirt.

“Now that was pushing it!” she declares, giving her chin a jerk to shift stray strands of near white from her view that have worked their way loose from all the activity.

Terrian chuckles as his hands fall again to encircle her waist. She’s gathered in close to him as their swaying slows and then comes to a stop right in the middle of the dance floor. The entertainers do not start another song right away- pausing to chatter and take a drink before moving on to their next set. For just a moment Terrian considers the rider curled against his chest. “You’re a mystery Blondie.”

Erissa straightens once gravity properly asserts itself again and releases his shirt to run a swift brush of fingers past her temple and tuck some of those loose strands behind an ear. Lifting her chin she crooks a little grin at her dancing partner.

“Good! I would hate to be too predictable.”

“You ain’t in no danger of that sweets.” Terrian holds the woman close for just another second, but then releases her to step away. One hand curls into hers and he’ll gently lead her from the middle of the dancing square and back into the busyness of the bazaar itself. “How you feelin?” He glances back over his shoulder, checking to make sure that she is well.

Beaming bright enough to make the sun jealous, Erissa lets the guard lead her from the dancing area back into the bazaar and leans her shoulder into his as they walk, slipping her free hand around the elbow of his arm that’s already holding her other hand.

“Wonderful!” she answers, adding with the tint of amusement to her tone, “I should’ve let you win a lot sooner.” Right. Because that little breakdown she had in the desert was all intentional.


Lake Shore
Sprawled out beyond the Weyr proper's hustling activity and ambling roads, the cool, blue paradise of the Weyr lake promises escape from the oppressive hammer of Igen summer's cruel climes; the asymmetrical, sandy white shores hook delicately around the deceptively still waters running deep and sure, greedy peninsulas reaching white fingers stretching in crooked lines towards its center. A sturdy shack, weather-beaten and brown as cured leather, resides in isolated splendor upon one such finger, screened shelving offering a variety of brushes and fragrant oils housed in colorful tureens. Out beyond a small and dusty paddock ringed by a white fence, a long rocky pier stabs out into the lake, providing a panoramic view of the Weyr itself, while the southern shores provide varied shrubs and grassed for the massed herds in their pens.

“Tell me Blondie, you don’t seem like the type what ‘lets’ people be winnin’ anythin’. That a rider trait, or something what is just unique to you?” As they stroll Terrian resists the urge to fall into his normal pace- a ground eating stride which would carry him across the bazaar swiftly without giving the appearance of a run. Instead he keeps his pace just slightly shorter than normal, matching her stretch perfectly so that she can continue to lean against him. Every once in a while, as they wind their way through the crowd he’ll slide his gaze sideways to look down at the woman on his arm.

Erissa shrugs, affecting a self-sacrificing demeanor. “All men need their egos stroked once in a while.” Blue hues slide askance to note his reaction to that, her own humor bubbling beneath the surface.

Terrian’s low drawl is on high with his quiet reply to her answer, “Oh aye.” So close is Erissa that she might feel the chuckle which doesn’t actually curl out from his lips. Comfortable silence falls between the pair. Novak,” he calls out to the dog, “heel.” (I almost forgot the dog! Poor thing…) Dinner done, dancing done, Terrian points the pair’s direction away from the bazaar. The noises and sounds fade as they walk, the only sound now the crunching of stone under their feet. It’s fairly obvious from the path that he puts them on that they’re heading for the take.

Out here, away from the walls which block the wind, it is slightly cooler. Looking down at the dog on his heel, “Release.” As if just given THE BEST TREAT EVER, Novak shoots off from her spot by his heel and is running towards the water. She’s careful to stay in sight, but for now, is just a dark blob off in the distance.

When the dance melts into a nice evening stroll Erissa is glad of her choice of attire, the cooler air more easily felt on the bared skin of neck, arms, and shoulders. It heightens the fine tingling that webs over her nerves and flows through her veins. When Terrian addresses the canine she drops her gaze to watch, amused by the easy communication between the two.

“She sure obeys your commands well. Did you train her to do that?”

“First command she learned after ‘stay’” and sit and you know, those other ones. Terrian allows his gaze to follow the dog before coming back to Erissa. “Ain’t quite got her to stop chasin’ the little creatures yet. Hoping mayhap in time.” Till then though… Novak has TOTALLY found a little creature to chase after, actually disappearing into the gloom. Terrian doesn’t seem worried as he steers their walk towards the pier in the lake. Sitting there would be even cooler.

Erissa grins in approval at Novak’s feistiness but as the canine disappears the whole topic is absorbed into the fog of distraction that keeps Erissa’s focus on Terrian instead. Keeping ahold of the guard’s arm as they walk the bluerider sighs softly when the lake comes into view.

“I like it here,” she muses randomly.

“Always seemed a bit out of place, though figure without the lake, there ain’t no weyr.” Philosophic musings from Terrian for the win tonight? Perhaps. He leads the way right onto the pier and to the edge. This time though, there is no attempt at water sports. Just quiet contemplation of the way the moons sparkle off the water, even as the ripples distort their images. “Cooler though. When it’s gettin’ hot.”

The further they get from the bazaar the more darkness envelopes them, leaving only the light of moon and stars to guide their steps. It’s an advantageous thing for Erissa as the increased shadows hide the signs of thinning gauntness and lack of sleep while giving her fine features a softer, smooth tone and limning her hair in silver highlights.

A soft breath of humor escapes as a chuckle to his comment on the lake. “I thought the same thing when I first came here. Then I discovered there was another lake not far away and an oasis as well, thanks to you. The desert is full of surprises, it seems.”

When they reach the end of the pier she leans slightly to look over into the water, gripping his arm a bit tighter, then turning a look toward him to ask with a grin, “Shall we sit for a bit or did you have something else up your sleeve?”

“The desert holds herself close.” Terrian is just all sorts of full of wise nonsense apparently. “Sit,” a simple word of agreement, and loosening himself from her hold will offer her a hand in sitting down- unless she shrugs it off of course, at which point he’ll just shrug and sit down.

Leaning backwards he places his palms on the rough wood, leaving it open for her to continue to lean against him if she should so choose. His gaze moves skywards, watching the play of wispy clouds as they dart around the star filled sky and across the faces of the paired moons. He doesn’t speak again, just listening to the soft rustles of the lake and desert.

Erissa quirks a sidelong grin at Terrian, musing, “You say the oddest things sometimes.” Philosopher, she is not, especially with the far-off rumblings of an encroaching headache on the horizon.

The offered hand is taken briefly, ensuring a safe seating on the edge of the pier. Dangling her legs over the side the bluerider crosses her ankles and sways her feet slightly, seated close enough that thighs and hips are pressed to his. She doesn’t lean into him though, hands neatly resting in her lap. Though the company is pleasant the quiet is a little unsettling for Erissa, leaving too much room for ominous thoughts that try to drag her high spirits down with foreboding. Evading reminders of what she knows will eventually come she turns a little grin over one shoulder and fills the silence with a random comment.

“Last time I sat out here I got doused and the rider who’s dragon did it told me the lake water has some pretty nasty stuff in it.”

Talk about your romantic filler!

Terrian isn’t one who feels the need to fill the space with conversation. So cuddly has the woman been tonight that wher reluctance to relax against him causes a bit of an upraised eyebrow. His legs hang just above the water, and he’ll look upwards at the sky again, pondering his own thoughts for long moments.

Her off the cuff remark brings a faint smile to his lips before it disappears again. Quietly, his drawl on high, the man will inquire, “Blondie, there be somethin’ eatin’ at your mind?”

“What? Huh?” Squaring her shoulders, Erissa huffs a forced chuckle, scrunching her nose as she shakes her head. “No. Of course not.” If the man was a rider she might accuse him of using the dragons to read her mind, but since he isn’t she defensively deflects. “I’m just enjoying the evening. Aren’t you?”

“If you’re sayin’ so.” Terrian isn’t on duty. His natural inclination to attempt to find out more is heavily stiffled by that simple fact. So her evasion and obvious lie is going to just have to be put up on a shelf and ignored for a bit.

He leans and bumps shoulders against hers. “Part’ve me figured I’d be endin’ up in this water tonight. You got any plans along those lines?”

In frustrating contradiction, Erissa is both relieved and a little annoyed when Terrian lets the matter drop so easily. In no mood to sort through that confusing concoction she lets the distraction of his shoulder bump and question focus her thoughts.

“Depends on if you’re gonna go all possessive macho man on me again,” she replies with a rise of pale brow that tacks a question mark on the end.

“Macho man? Ain’t never been accused of that one before. Mayhap I ain’t the one who was bein ‘macho’” He’ll glance sidelong at the woman, gauging her reaction. Hopefully his jab at the end isn’t going to wind him in the water. The moonlight does well at hiding a majority of the ailments the woman is feeling.. except her eyes. Those shadows are only worsened by the darkness. He ponders this quietly. “Tired?” He asks quietly.

Erissa huffs again only louder, apparently full of a lot of air tonight. Lips form an ‘o’ of affront that might leave him a little concerned for his safety if it wasn’t followed by a playful but solid jab to his ribs instead.

“You really know how to sweet-talk a woman,” she tosses back.

Then his demeanor turns more serious, his observation making pale lashes immediately drop and her head turn outward to the lake. A stray breeze plucks at the shorter strands of her uneven layers, the rest of her tousled mass still neatly bound, and shadows a tickling veil across her profile.

“Mayhap,” she teases quietly, purposely imitating his speech.

Terrian keeps his sideline gaze upon the woman, just watching. Her playful retort is not at all believed but once again, he is hardly in a position to push further. The woman would just have to stay a mystery, with her secrets locked inside.

Till he figures them out- of course.

Sitting up straighter Terrian turns towards the woman, reaching out a hand to smooth that lock back into place, and then dropping it down to the smoothness of her cheek. “Bondie, be lookin at me.” Though phrased as a directive, there is no command in the statement, delivered in Terrian’s low and slow drawl. He’ll not force her to look at him, but wait patiently, hoping that perhaps she will.

A caught breath hovers on Erissa’s lips at the touch of Terrian’s hand, the sweet gesture making internal flutters stir their wings and quicken the beat of her pulse. The unique arrangement of the guard’s words amuse her and she does as asked, chin lining up with her shoulder. Pale lashes feather a downward gaze as she turns but then slowly rise to meet the rich brown of his with a significant intensity of focus.


His rough thumb smooths across her cheek, just washing her for a moment. He’ll meet her gaze for a moment, then lean in just slightly. Inches his lips are away from hers when he pauses again. “I’m thinkin’ of kissin’ you. Are you gonna be pushin’ me in the lake for the pleasure?” A rough whisper, and he’ll wait for he answer before moving a single breath closer.

The closer Terrian gets the more Erissa’s pale lashes lower, anticipation hiking the quiet moment into a bubble that encompasses nothing but the two of them in their own little universe. When he stops and asks a question her lips pull a wry tilt, her return whisper an amused threat belied by the expectant set of her pose.

“Only if you keep talking.”

Lips only a breath away, Terrian chuckles, "Mayhap I'll be stoppin,” and before Erissa can follow through on that threat Terrian leans in that last space. His hand drops from her chin to smooth across the small wisps of hair which escape from their careful captivity along her neck, holding her firmly but gently. For as long as she’ll allow him to stay he will, moving not to pull her any closer, allowing the kiss to both destroy the distance between them as well as keep it firmly in place.

Erissa can’t help it; unconsciously she holds her breath those last few seconds until contact is made. The moment his lips touch hers she lifts her chin minutely, changing the angle to deepen the kiss. Sensations explode, firing off intel for the rest of her awareness: soft, warm, tentative, exploring. The cheerful high that she’d been riding all evening blossoms into something else entirely and, though it’s effects had started to wane with time there’s enough true attraction behind it to swell the newly burgeoning emotions into taking control entirely.

One hand rises blindly to set palm against his chest, fingers curling ever so slightly into the material of his shirt as she twists encouragingly to better face him. She’ll not be the one to stop, if that is his intent. Even several long moments later when the demands of physics make the need for air imperative she only seeks to break the meld of lips reluctantly, sprinkling smaller kisses until breath is caught and ardor can reign supreme again.

Terrian rides that kiss as long as Erissa allows it. When she reaches for him he’ll snake an arm around her waist and pull her as close as this space will allow, keeping her close even when finally the kiss must end. Her ador strikes something deep within that causes his resolve for this kiss to be it to weaken considerably. A mental battle- he sees the woman’s exhaustion. But what would be the harm?

As soon as breath is regained he is pressing in again, still holding back just enough to make it clear, without being spoken, that she is free to break any moment she wishes. Though he’d rather she didn’t.

The hand on Terrian’s chest slides upward to the side of his neck, long fingers curling slightly around the strong curve at the nape and tickling the edges of his short hair. Exhaustion evaporates as emotions light up as if struck by rock and flint, passion pouring a fire into her veins. Molding her lips to his she presses onward with the kiss, getting a feel for his responses and wanting more the longer it continues. Soon the need to add to the sensations already careening through her throws ‘taste’ into the mix and kisses narrow their focus as her tongue slips along the curve of his lip. Asking. Inviting. Wanting.

Poor Erissa,,tonight will not be her night for passion. For even as Terrian gives up on his gentlemanly intentions, lips parting to sweeping that kiss to the point of no return, someone else invites herself to the party. Long and wet, and having no part in this exchange between guard and rider comes a third tongue, which licks the back of Erissa's neck we're Terrian's hand rests once.

That sensation causes Teri to pull back abruptly, the space between them a hot mess of what isn't going to happen if Novak gets her way. He shakes his head, just a bit to clear the passion that blinded him momentarily. "Sharding canine!" The rough growl accompanies a glare at the animal, who slinks back, innocence all over her face.

Cold, wet slobber to the back of the neck is //definitely a mood breaker! Erissa yelps against Terrian’s lips, pushing forward into him, and sucks in a sharp breath as the guard rears back. Darting a hand to rub at her neck she cringes slender shoulders inward.

Bad canine! Bad!

Emotions riding on a steep edge Erissa hovers between anger at the interruption and the stilted passion that had been ignited. High and low. Unpredictable and uncontrollable, thanks to forces beyond her doing. Leaning close to Terrian she ignores the four-legged felon and brushes a kiss against his cheek, warm breath spilling along his strong jaw as she whispers.

“Let’s go somewhere more private.”

Oh Erissa, a temptress. Terrian has to exert extra control not to fall right back under the spell of passion which was broken by the lick of the canine’s tongue. He fights to keep his focus on Novak, even as the woman leans in again, only helping to rev him back up. The canine sits back there with that innocent look on her face- me? I didn’t do anything; can we play now please?

But no. The moonlight casts her face into sharp relief, and those dark shadows under her eyes come clearly back into focus. The woman’s thinness, and the fact she hadn’t eaten much tonight. Altogether it puts his resolve back in its place.

Leaning forward he’ll brush a kiss along Erissa’s lips, just a brush, and lacking the overwhelming passion of the last. Before she might make it more he’ll pull back again, a slight smile upon his lips. His low drawl is husky, and filled with emotion that he’s not going to act on this night. “No blondie, I think it’s high time you’re findin’ sleep. This,” and he reaches up to smooth back errant hairs, his gaze not flinching from hers if she’ll look up at him, “can be waitin’ for another night. And I’ve Novak to be gettin’ home.” Unless she wants a feline on looker.


If the question was put to her Erissa would probably not mind a canine onlooker, not with the level of passion coursing through her veins. Since it isn’t, however, she only pouts prettily at his retreat and slides both palms over his chest, fingers spread to savor as much of the broad muscle beneath his shirt as possible. Dark blue hues are deeply shadowed beneath the errant sweep of moon-frosted bangs as she dips her chin just enough to allow for meeting his gaze through the coy feathering of lowered lashes. His sweet gesture draws a heavy sigh of resignation.

“I don’t sleep anyway,” she grumbles, smoothing her palms outward, “So would rather be having fun with you than lying awake…” Palms move inward again. “…bored…” Palms slide upward toward his collar. “… and alone.”

Almost grown puppy watches the two, close enough still that if she was to pant too hard that she’d be breathing right into them with warm wet breath. Can they stop what they’re doing please? It’s time to play. Now. K. Thanks. A rather mournful expression stands out upon that muzzle as Novak’s tail beats upon the wood planks. Waiting.

Terrian runs a work roughed thumb over those red lips, defying his own desire to sink back into the kiss. “Why ain’t you sleepin’? Pretty thing like you should be gettin’ hours of sleep to be keepin that pretty in check.” Maybe a bit of conversation will distract him from the fact that his body is totally telling him that he’s stupid for not going with what the woman is offering.

So not fair.


So not fair. Indeed.

Erissa slides her hands up on either side of his neck, fingers sifting into and playing with the edges of his hair. Teeth catch the edge of that passing thumb for a light nibble. Mrowr!

Sleep? Really? The man wants to talk about sleep.

Slender shoulders shrug dismissively, the lone straps of her sundress creating shadows over shadows as the starlight lends her light tan a smooth, darker hue. Why had she brought that up?? It wasn’t a topic she wanted to discuss, the anguish of what she knew was coming enough to avoid it until she had no choice.

“I’m just lucky,” she says with a coy little grin. “It comes naturally.”

The man wants to talk about anything that doesn’t involve breaking his promise to keep things simple tonight. So he’ll grab onto that comment, and turn it into a soft jab, just enough of one to maybe help keep his head on straight. Nevermind actually like, moving away. He’s working on that self control right now. It’ll take a moment.

“Natural, huh, so riders ain’t needin’ sleep like the rest of us sods what have to be walkin? Wonder what that blue brute’ve yours might be sayin’ if he heard you speakin’ like that.”

Pish-posh! Self-control is for those not lucky enough to have a gorgeous blond bluerider fawning all over them! At least, that’s what Erissa would claim if she knew what restraints were motivating the guard.

“Nope,” she replies, teasing as those fingers continue their sensual tickling with the edges of his hair and lips still hover close enough to his that the breath she whispers on mingles with his. “I can stay awake all night with the right motivation.” What that motivation is left in no doubt by the gaze that drops down his torso and raises back as far as his mouth.

As for Danorath? She conveniently leaves the blue and his strong opinions out of it.

“Blondie,” Wry amusement thickens Terrian’s already deep voice, and he’s giving in just a bit. The hand that cups her jaw pulls the last centimeter for their lips to touch again, restarting that kiss which Novak had interrupted earlier. Every second it lasts Terrian pulls the woman closer, leaving no room between the pair of them. Resolve hasn’t quite crumbled, but it sits on the precipice and is about to get pushed over the edge.

Novak, seeing the humans rengaging in something that does not involve playing with her huffs quietly, and flops down on the pier. She’s WATCHING. And WAITING. But only for a second, because she jumps back to her feet with renewed determination. All they need is a TOY. She must go Find. One.

Erissa isn’t on that edge. She’s already well and over it. When his kiss deepens and he pulls her close she arches her back and leans into it, slender frame aligning with his and generous curves pressing to his chest. One arm snakes fully around his neck while the other drops to slide her hand over his ribs, wantonly exploring. Passion uncoils, lashing demands across skin and bones.

She’ll have much more than just his lips if she has her way.

Terrian breaks the kiss, but only to move his lips to her neck, kissing a line up to her earlobe. There he’ll pull back, but just enough to whisper, “Your weyr be closer.” A hand snakes down to the edge of that dress of hers, brushing upwards on her thigh where it will come to rest, taking the opportunity to trace circles upon that bare skin, exploration growing bolder with each second.

And where is Novak? Surely Terrian isn’t going to leave her alone out here?

Yes! Euphoria is sweet, boosted by a cresting surge of passion as it washes over Erissa. Tilting her head she gives him access to the delicate curve of her neck, her tongue slipping across parted lips to trace the hovering ghost of his kiss.

That whispered suggestion is all she needs to hear. Instantly a mental call goes out and she replies in a low rasping tone, “Dano will be here in just a minute.”

In the meantime…..

Her leg rises slightly, encouraging that exploring hand of his. Smooth skin and well-toned muscle sizzle beneath the passing of his warm touch, the light and loose-fitting sundress no barrier to whatever intimacy they want. Curling into him she tilts her head and tries to recapture those lips, eager for the feel of his mouth over hers.

As for Novak, any thoughts of the observant canine have been lost in the fog of desire.

Boldness grows with consent, and Terrian’s hand is no exception. Higher that hand travels till it cups more than just a well toned thigh. Shifting is becoming awkward in their current positions, thus Terrian decides to fix said positions. Down falls a hand to the small of her back as he shifts her away from her perch upon the pier and onto his lap. A dragon may be coming, but until then he’ll ride the wave in passion, matching her touch for touch. There he’ll allow her seeking mouth to reclaim his, thoughts of anything far, far, far away for this moment.

Erissa is more than helpful when it comes to shifting her seat from the hard pier to Terrian’s…. ahem…. hard lap. Both arms slip around his neck, keeping their kiss solid and fervent throughout the move. Her slender frame easily curls against his, turned into the broad muscular plain of his chest. A moist breeze from over the lake swirls around the would-be lovers, tickling his cheek with loose strands of her hair and feathering a cool touch over bare skin that’s growing hotter by the second.

Danorath, of course, chooses that moment to arrive.

With a solid TWHUMP that vibrates the entire wooden pier from one end to the other, the brawny blue lands as close as he dares to the distracted couple and widens his maw for a whuffled rumble. Precise agility and inborn balance allow for a neat landing on the narrow strip, and wings shadow-darkened to black remain slightly extended as a sign of his impatience. I’m here - let’s get a move on!

Terrian didn’t expect the dragon to land on the pier itself. Come close, on the beach perhaps, but not ON the rock. The sudden shivering of the rocks which surround them is an even better distraction then the lick of the canine had been. The jerking end of the kiss comes as his arms curl tightly around the woman- protecting arms rather than those of passion. Only once he looks and realizes what had caused the world to be a shaking does he let out a rolling drawl of laughter. “Your boy knows how to be makin’ an entrance blondie.”

His lips reclaim hers for just a moment, though he’ll not allow it to delve deep before pulling back again. “Up, and we’ll be gettin’ gone.”

Erissa isn’t at all surprised that her brazen blue would land so close, though she does note that his timing could be better. Breath catches as Terrian tightens his hold around her, emphasizing his build and strength and the full laugh that follows makes her smirk in response. One hand frees itself to feather fingers lightly at his temple then drift back into his hair.

“That he does,” she chuckles, the sound low in her throat. Then he’s kissing her again and for a moment the waiting blue is forgotten. She can’t help a dismayed mew when he pulls away, eagerness immediately flashing through her system so that she rises quickly and straightens her dress with a saucy slide of hand over feminine curves and a flirty swirl of skirt. Grabbing ahold of the front of his shirt she tugs while stepping backward, canting a knowing grin.

“Let’s be getting gone,” she echoes in a throaty purr.

Terrian allows a throaty chuckle to escape when she so boldly tuggs on him to be following her. “Just be patient ther blondie, we got time.” He follows the woman towards the blue, though he reaches up to capture her hand within his rather then allow her to continue to pull on clothing. They really don’t want that to come off right now. As he said, they have time.

They’ve only gone a few steps up the rocky pier when a low sound reaches Terrian’s eyes. A familiar sound, and sad enough that it causes Terrian’s footfalls to pause, pulling Erissa to a stop with him. Eyes cast around and fall upon the very far side of the rocks where a shadow hides close to the water. “Novak.” A gentle reminder. Erissa’s hand is dropped and Terrian is walking away from the woman towards the shivering lump out there watching the blue dragon.

He kneels by her side and smooths her fur gently, murmuring so softly that the words do not carry across the water. She’s shaking, afraid of the dragon that suddenly has come so close.

Erissa just grins more when he tells her to be patient. “Patience is for watchwhers,” she drawls and takes a second to step forward into his chest and steal a quick kiss before moving on. When he suddenly stops and looks around she does the same, confused. When he starts walking in the wrong direction she frowns, confused and concerned. But then he kneels and understanding clears her expression as she sees the canine.

Danorath, however, is not so understanding of the delay and rumbles low in his throat, those partially extended wings rustling. Anytime today, people!

Terrian lifts his gaze up from the canine to look at Erissa. No smile there now; the mood is well and completely ruined. “I’m sorry Blondie. But I’m going to have to raincheck if you’ll be lettin’ me.” His gaze falls back down to Novak, and rubs a hand across her head soothingly. “She’s the smartest canine what I’ve ever trained, but she ain’t no dragon nor ‘lizard. I need to be gettin’ her home.”

Seriously? Dumped for a canine? Passion denied surges through her system, a faint flush blossoming beneath her tan but lost in the shadows. Lips flatten and palms set on her hips, head canting and pale brows rising. It’s the epitome of the ‘you’re the one in the canine-house now’ pose.

“Hmmm,” she muses aloud. “If you’re sure.”

Novak, a little calmer with the reassurance from Terrian, sits quietly, waiting for the dragon to move so that they can leave. Terrian pushes himself to his feet, looking a bit woeful himself. Where can one get a cold shower in Igen? Because the guard surely is needing one.

A few steps bring him close to Erissa again, and he’ll take the moment to be bold… and perhaps a bit ungentlemanly. Hands slip around her slender hips, pulling her towards him, as lips bend to capture hers. The kiss, if she so chooses to allow it, speak of his own disappointed passion and suggest an ending to the evening which he has just denied the pair.

Well, that is if she reads kisses correctly. Terrian hopes she does, the lake is not the cold shower he’d prefer thanks.

Erissa doesn’t move as Terrian stands and returns, stepping forward right into her personal space. When he suddenly closes the gap by pulling her close her stiff pose melts against him, her hands reaching to curl about his upper arms. Words are unnecessary, her ready assent obvious in the way she instantly returns the kiss, even pressing further with a slip of tongue across his lips. Always beneath the thick veneer of attraction and desire is another source, ever stronger, ever influential in a subtle way of which Erissa is unaware. Passion is read and doubles back upon itself, flickering into full flame as quickly as it had been snuffed.

She’ll not be the one to halt it. Showers are even better when taken by two.

Terrian’s hands wander from those slender hips, moving possessively down to her bottom, cupping and then releasing. Passion denied only causes the flame to grow higher- but in the end, duty will hold Terrian back. Duty to a creature who deserves to not be left here alone after putting her trust in him. He’ll break that kiss and look downwards at the woman, the play of moonlight across her fair skin only making what he’s about to say that much harder.

“Blondie. I want nothin’ more to be takin’ you to bed tonight.” Blunt, soft, his voice is gravel rough as he tries to keep it as gentle as possible. “But I got to be takin’ Novak home, and you best be findin’ bed.” But he doesn’t release her, his body betraying him at every turn.

Erissa isn’t going to make it easy on him either, her own sense of wanton desire blown out of proportion to sensitivity that might otherwise have some sway on her emotions. Regret will be a bitter pill later but for now she’s going to push for what she wants, leaving the tough call to him no matter how difficult it may be.

Melting into his embrace her body presses to his, making a case for submission all on it’s own. Generous curves of chest and hip make a distinct impression as she draws up tight to him. Lifting her chin she brushes warm lips along his jaw, voice a whisper against his skin.

“So take her home and then come to me.”

“I ain’t one to be sleepin’ on the first date’.” Terrian’s words come out very very slow, perhaps an attempt to quell the fact that his breath is coming a bit faster than normal. Looking down he’ll smooth his hands upwards on Erissa’s body, reveling in the feel of soft curves till they come to cup her face so he can look her straight in the eye. “But Blondie, you got somethin’ what I’m havin’ a hard time resistin’. Will you be waitin’ for me if I’m takin’ the pup back?” A challenge, one last time for Erissa to break herself free if she chooses.

Erissa lets her hands slide down his chest even as his rise in the opposite direction. As he cups her face she hooks her fingers in the waistline of his trousers and gives a tug.

“Of course,” she breathes, deeply shadowed blues intent on the rich brown of his. “Go to the edge of the bazaar. My ledge is above. Dano will watch for you and bring you up.”

“Be gettin’ to your Danorath gone and I’ll be gettin’ my Novak home.” Terrian manages to resist kissing her, leaving it with just that promise.

It’s a near thing, but he does manage to let her go and step backwards, resisting the temptation that her curled fingers present.

Erissa stays right where she is, making him move backward. A saucy little grin appears as her hands fall back to her sides and she tilts her chin down to watch him through a feathering of pale lashes.

“Don’t be too long,” she drawls in a husky farewell. Turning slowly she keeps watch over her shoulder as long as she can, a definitive sway to slender hips as she goes to her waiting blue.

Terrian watches her walk, letting out a deep breath slowly. His head shakes as he watches that blue dragon leave and move skyward. Only once she is gone will he whistle for Novak.

His steps do not rush. No, he deliberately walks Novak back to the guard house, the pup much subdued for her encounter with the blue dragon. A few moments of soothing and a bone set her to rights before Terrian takes his leave again. To the blue dragon waiting at the edge of the bazaar. To the blond haired woman who has captivated his attention in the play of moonlight, and soon, glow light.

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