Alyna, Bronrick


Alyna decides to take advantage of the balmier spring weather to go for a swim, where a couple dolphins give her some exciting news.


It is noon of the first day of the ninth month of the fourteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Beach, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 06 Aug 2018 04:00


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"Are they always this friendly?"



An eerie mirror, the glass-quiet Sea of Azov: the clear waters stretch along the dark-pebbled shores, and along this narrow beach. Here the faintest lap of waves belies the calm beyond; here the rocks have been ground down into finest, softest sand - those observant would mark upon the similarity between it and the sands of the hatching grounds. The soft sand soaks up summer sunlight as a sponge; painfully hot during the warmer months, it is only truly pleasant at wintertime. Rocks rise to east and west, lichen-limned and green against the abyssal darkness of stone.

The first day of spring brings with it balmy weather, warm enough for a trip to the beach for a certain greenrider and her lifemate. Winging in from the direction of the bowl, Haquith descends in a tight circle before landing on a deserted part of the beach. From her neck, Alyna slips out of her straps and stopping only long enough to unclip them, she jumps to the sand, a small grunt of effort as she favors her left leg. With a warble, the green sashays her way towards the waves, her bright chartreuse hide catching the sun when it comes out from behind a wispy cloud. Taking her time, Alyna begins to strip down to the turquoise bikini she wears underneath, revealing in time a pink and healing threadscore that covers the outer part of her left leg from hip to almost her ankle.

Bronrick is off bobing in the water working with a pair of dolphins right now, though a pretty girl on the beach seems to make his senses tingle as he turns and waves to the green dragon and her rider. The two dolphins on the other hand are all but excited to swim over to the green dragon making her way into their part of the world.

Slipping into the deeper water, Haquith trills a greeting to the dolphins and their handler, dipping her head to sink under the water and glide under the waves until she reaches them and surfaces once more with a shower of sparkling droplets raining down on them. From the beach, Alyna shades her eyes as she sees figures approaching her green, making out the sleek bodies of the dolphins but not being able to recognize the dolphineer at this distance. Once disrobed, the greenrider wastes no time in following after, shivering with the first splashes of cold water against her feet, she dives under as soon as she's deep enough, coming up closer and waving a greeting to Bronrick.

Bronrick grins "afternoon, see they finally let you out of the infirmary huh? OR did you sneak out?" comes the playful tease from the mix-eyed man he as he is currently watching his charges interact with the dragon. They are slow to approach because not all dragons like dolphins, or people for that matter.

"Oh, I've been out for awhile. The Healers suggested swimming might be a good way to strengthen my leg now that it's completely healed," Alyna replies as she recognizes the dolphineer as one she met a few times. She eyes him appreciatively although she keeps the reins on her flirting for personal reasons. Swimming over, she can feel the weakness on her left side and kicks slowly so that both legs move in sync, pushing slightly through any mild discomfort. Haquith is delighted by the dolphins' presence and lowers her head to blow bubbles in their direction.

That is all the dolphins needed in ways of invitations, they start to swirl around the dragon and nose boop her sides in a way of playing tag. Bronrick will see her having to favor that weaker side and say "Hey don't over do it ok, here.." He reaches out a hand to help her swim easier "Just take it nice and slow, can't have you damaging that pretty leg anymore than it is."

Delighted with the game the dolphins are instigating, Haquith turns her head to try to catch them with a boop of her own, but they are two quick for her, so she ends up just turning in lazy circles round and round. Warbling her amusement, she ducks under the water trying to see if she can't catch them below. Taking the offered hand, Alyna smiles coyly at the blatant compliment, almost regretting the poor timing of their meeting. "Sweet-talker," she accuses with a sly grin as she stops to tread water in place, "I have no illusions that my leg isn't so pretty any more, but thanks for the compliment all the same. I won't overdo it, but I need to start building it up all the same."

Bronrick nods and gives her a grin "It isn't sweet talk if it is true." He will help her avoid the slow spining and diving dragon and friends. "Have they given you a routine yet? The healers I mean." He does try to help people when they are in his area of responsibility. The dolphins are more that happy to allow the dragon to almost catch them before zooming away and comeing back again with in reach.

Haquith kicks with powerful hindquarters in her attempts to catch the sleek ocean creatures, but she is of the air and here they are in their element and she will always just seem to miss. Pushing herself to the surface when she feels the need to breathe, she showers the humans with a cascade from her breeching, quickly crooning an apology to her rider and Bronrick. Shaking the excess water off herself, Alyna just chuckles, reaching a reassuring thought out to her green, she turns to Bronrick with a nod, "Walking, some light weight training, and now that it's getting warm enough, lots of swimming. I hope it won't take much more than another month before I can get back to drill and flying Fall."

Bronrick nods and smiles "well you are on the right track at any case." The smaller of the two dolphins seems to curiously be circling the pair of humans before slowly coming up to float near Alyna's injured side. "Hurt bad?" comes the high pitched childlike voice from the dolphin.

"I sure hope so, being grounded is no fun at all," Alyna replies with a bit of a pout before eyeing the dolphin as it gets closer. Being from the north, she's had very few dealings with dolphins up close although she's seen them from a distance. The way it speaks surprises her, although she knew they did, and then with a smile she replies, "I was hurt bad yes, but it is almost healed now." She looks at Bronrick with a raised brow, hoping that was ok.

Bronrick chuckles saying "They aren't like y'alls dragons, if they talk to you then talk back to them. They don't care." The sleek dolphin with gray spots drifts closer to Alyna now clicking happily at the girl asking "Melon rub?" before trying to put its head in the girls mid section.

Alyna doesn't know what the dolphin means by that, but she'll reach out anyway to rub the creature's head before squeaking as it gets a little more personal, "Hey now, no poking ok?" She asks with a giggle before turning back to Bronrick with a grin, "Are they always this friendly? And what's a melon rub?" she wonders curiously as she marvels at how smooth and rubbery the dolphin's hide is.

Bronrick grins and takes the ladies hand placing it on the huge forehead of the dolphin saying "we call this the melon, and for them it is super sensitive and they love contact." She can feel the dolphin get excited as she touches the soft skin, it is more delicate that she might have thought as well. "And yes they are this friendly, they enjoy company and playing."

When showed where to rub, Alyna does so gently, grinning at the reaction she's getting from the dolphin, ice blue eyes growing wide with amazement. "Is this one your partner then?" she asks, her knowledge of the dolphincraft is limited, but she thought she remembered that pairing with a human was part of it. Haquith slowly drifts over to hover a little possessively over her rider, eyeing the affection the dolphin is getting from her rider. But a sharp thought from the greenrider makes her settle with a grumble.

Bronrick shakes his head "No not my partner, I am not currently paired with any. I am more of an overseer right now." As they are talking the other dolphin swims up to the otherside of the green rider. They start chatting in their high pitched clicks and whistles back and forth before the larger one starts swimming around them whistling excitedly.

Looking slightly apprehensive when the second dolphin comes over, Alyna trusts that Bronrick warn her if she was doing something wrong. A puzzled look crosses her face as she listens to the chatting between the two, eyes flicking over to the dolphineer as she stays as still as possible, her arms and legs moving just enough to keep her afloat and no more. "Did I do something?" she asks him, before eyeing the larger one as it circles around her, "If you want your..uh..melong rubbed, you'll have to wait your turn ok?" she says, hoping it can hear her over the whistling and racket.

Bronrick looks puzzled as well, "um, not that I know of.." Not cool man they are totally breaking his groove with the hot green rider. It isn't till the getting pets whistles and clicks a pattern that the older journeyman is grinning and laughing saying "I just don't have any luck lately.." Looking over at the green rider he asks "How have you been feeling today?"

Alyna doesn't like that the one who should know what's going on is looking puzzled as well, her eyebrow lifting speculatively at his cryptic words. "Luck? What do you mean luck? I'm feeling just fine, a touch of heartburn, but that's all. Why? What did it say?" The greenrider asks, her voice rising with a touch of concern as one hand drops to her leg, wondering if they could see something wrong with it that the Healers missed.

Bronrick chuckles and floats a little bit as the second dolphin comes up to lightly touch her abdomen before it softly trills happily. The Journeyman sees her reach for her leg and shakes his head saying "No no your fine, rather your body is going to start working at peek performance, but you should probably see a healer anyway. Congratulations are in order, or maybe it is condolences?" The little dolphin wiggles away and swims over to the green dragon and pokes her with her snout saying "Baby!"

That touch to her abdomen has Alyna diverting her hand there, eyes growing round as the journeyman beats about the proverbial bush, but she finally understands with a soft gasp. "They can tell? How?" she asks in wonderment, "We've only been trying for about a month now, my weyrmate and I, I don't even have any symptoms." She chuckles nervously then as she looks over at her green who is busy blinking down at the little dolphin crooning softly at it before trilling her excitement at the revelation. « Wait till Searuth hears…» but Alyna clamps her mind tightly onto the green's, » No! You are keeping this to yourself until I say so, understood? « Sullenly the green rumbles with disappointment before her rider turns back to the dolphineer, "And this is for certain? I'll get to the Healers right away, but you're-they're- sure?" she asks, no small amount of hope in her voice.

Bronrick chuckles and nods "While they are not infallible, there track record is nine out of ten at least. I would go to the healers right away, remember no betweening." Because he has seen people get so excited they forget and well that is just a sad event. The dolphins are circling around the dragon and woman now happily celebrating the new life that is on the horizon.

With no regard for personal boundaries, the greenrider throws her arms around the Journeyman and plants a hard kiss on his cheek, eyes bright and dancing with joy. "Thank you! I'm going right now," Alyna confirms as she parts from him and starts to swim back towards the beach, her mind racing and an absolutely goofy grin on her face, not believing that their planning came to fruition so soon. Haquith follows her out of the water after blowing some last bubbles of thanks for the dolphins. Without a care, Alyna pauses only long enough to shrug her shirt on and bundle up the rest of her clothes as she makes haste towards the infirmary, her green following closely from the air.

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