Onari, Veresch


Onari's on the lookout for her caprines, and finds a goat of quite a different nature.


It is afternoon of the first day of the fifth month of the seventh turn of the 12th pass.


Kitchen Courtyard, Igen Weyr

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"Well done. Now. Exactly how brave are you?"


Kitchen Courtyard

The domestic space of the kitchen courtyard is small, dusty, slightly over-grown, and practical. The focal point of the stone courtyard is a large well found directly in the middle. Turns have worn the once angled bricks to soft, crumbling curves about the lip, and a bucket always slightly damp is tied, secure, and ready to use at the side. Though a broom has swept here since last you passed through, it would appear the wind-borne dust has merely been heaped under the cobble-cracking shrubs of a stubborn environment that grow ever upward. A few benches are scattered around, but the feel is not comfort, for this small slice of sky and wind are saved for a kitchen staff always on the move.

Being curious can work either for or against a trader. On the one hand, some would say it's best not to know where a certain item comes from. On the other, being nosy about it might lead to something more lucrative. Onari always errs toward the latter - not just in business, but in most other areas of her life. It's a strange mix of business and life in general that has her nosing about the Weyr proper today, looking rather like she's on the hunt. Which she is. Worriedly. Boots and trousers and a work shirt with the sleeves rolled to her elbows complete the aura of purpose around the yuong trader, who peers past the threshold into the kitchen courtyard warily, as though afraid she might be chased off with a wooden spoon for wearing a knot that marks her as anything other than weyrfolk. A long coil of rope hangs across her torso from one shoulder like a bandolier - something more visible as she straightens a puts on a more confident air, her gaze landing on any four-legged denizens of the courtyard with careful inspection.

There are days that it pays to be weyrfolk, and this is one of those days. Veresch, fresh out of a training session, had been sitting and resting in the kitchen courtyard, trying to get her breath back, when her bestest friend comes sneaking in like she's afraid to be seen. Lips twitching with an imp of mischief, she sidles up from her bench and around the side of the little hut, choosing to approach Onari from her blind spot. There's a moment, then two, then… "Boo!" Quick, sharp, with a tickle of fingers towards Onari's ribs. "Almost didn't recognise you in that getup. What're you doing here, 'nari?"

Onari jumps. Oh yes! She jumps, yelp and all, one hand reflexively darting to the hilt of her belt knife. It's a reflex she firmly shoves aside, forcing her hand to drop as she catches her breath and straightens in an effort to regain what dignity slipped away in her startlement. It wasn't much, thankfully. "Shells, Veresch!" She twitches her tunnertail back over her shoulder with a huff, then gradually lets a smile surface past her consternation. "There you are! It's hard to find you all once they pin that knot on your shoulder, you know." She catches her Candidate-friend into a quick hug, then needlessly straightens her shirt a bit. "You haven't seen me much on beast days, then. I'm hunting caprines." Her eyes flash with subdued anger as she explains. "Someone pulled the pin on our pen the other night, and we lost the lot. Even our breeders. One of the Zingari brought one back."

Er. Oh dear. How to tell your friend that her prized breeding pair has likely long since been dragon-dinner if they wandered this way? Veresch, feeling distinctly not up to the task, steps forward to hug her afterwards instead, strong enough to pick her up and spin her once. "Isn't it wonderful? Shells, I hope I Impress. I've been dreaming about this since forever!" She grabs Onari's hand, tugs her to the bench and has the two of them sit. "That smoke-grey pair of yours? Faranth. Okay. They're tagged, right? Have you talked to the Herders around here yet? Perhaps they've rounded them up accidentally?"

Hopefully it wasn't the breeding pair…but she'll find out eventually. Onari gives a slight 'oof' at being picked up - these blasted tall people in her life, honestly! - and chuckles a bit breathlessly before being easily coaxed into sitting. "They're all marked with the green and brown cords about their necks," she affirms with a nod, "and yes, I've talked to a few of the Herders, the people in the stables, asked around the main parts of the Bazaar…but there are so many sidestreets and alleys they could've gotten into, and enough people there wouldn't hesitate to just take them. That's why we're offering reward; maybe it'll persuade people to be honest. And up here… Shells, there are so many places they could've gotten to. If the dragons found any…" Her expression says she knows and really doesn't want to think about the possibility. "Aye, a lot of Reika have been Searched this time. They got Brynn, too. Zhaine told me the night it happened." There's a subtle thinning of her lips, a quick downward flick of her eyes. "He almost didn't go. I'm glad he did."

"Zhaine," Veresch says, using the conversation as a meditational means whilst she thinks, "is hiding something from me. Otherwise, why would he get all silent when I suggested you should sew his robe since you own his ass and wouldn't want anyone else to see it? Nor diplomatic of me, but I was half-asleep. And he…" She thoughtfully trails off, inching one leg up on the bench. "We Candidates are here everywhere these days, so if there are caprines to be found and there's a reward, I'm sure they'll be found. In the Bazaar though…" She frowns. "You need someone that knows the Bazaar like the back of their own hand, and there are definitely places you shouldn't go. I might know someone, but then you'd really have to pony up that reward. "Brynn's one of yours too? wow, there're more of you and the holders than the weyrbrat section like me," she grins. "Well done. Now. Exactly how brave are you?"

Onari frowns swiftly, a disapproving arch of one brow given when Veresch mentions how she dealt with Zhaine. "Why wouldn't he hide something from you, if that's the way you put it?" she asks with a bit of sharpness to her tone. "I own no one - arse or otherwise. And he doesn't let people in easily. Don't press him. If he has something to say, he'll do it when he's ready." She takes a moment to let that sink in, flushing slightly for the edge put upon her defense of Zhaine and taking a deep breath to cool it away. "Brynn is my cousin," she says more evenly, "one I never thought I'd meet. Now I have to wait a bit longer to keep getting to know her." Which could potentially be over a Turn, considering. Then…brave? She looks at Veresch sidelong, her brow arched for a very different reason this time. "I'd say I've got a healthy amount of it to me. Why?"

Veresch accepts the scold with a shrugging of shoulders and a slight smile. "Accepted, accepted. And you're wrong, you know. Just because she might Impress doesn't mean you can't get to know her. There'll be a few months, maybe, when she has to bond, but after that… well, the Reika can only benefit from another rider." She stands to go and draw a pail of water from the pump, sloshing some of it into a smaller container, and beckons Onari over to a sandy spot of the courtyard. With a small dribble of water she reactivates some mud there, and starts sketching out the bazaar's main streets in swift movements. "Turn here," she commands softly, indicating an alley to go down. "It's opposite that carpet shop with old Mrs. Tyzin. Two rights, then a left, knock at the door with the half-moon sign, and tell the woman that answers that you're looking for a redthorn spine. She'll just close the door. From there, take exactly this route." Her fingers sketch out a route into the depths of the bazaar. "One left, two rights, squeeze through the narrow alley, and you should be in a tiny courtyard. There'll be a man waiting there for you. Tell him I sent you, and he'll help. You'll have to pay, but if anyone can find your uneaten goats, he can."

"I didn't say I couldn't get to know her," Onari says, absently shifting the coil of rope on her shoulder. "It's just that…I was only starting to. Now I have to wait a little longer. But if I can wait in one thing, I can wait in another. I have a lot of people to wait for, with this clutch." A tilted little smile includes her friend in this as she rises to join Veresch at her little mud patch. Watching closely, she nods along with the instructions, wincing a little when the younger woman adds 'uneaten' as a qualifier. Then she squints slightly at the route and the position of the courtyard, the little frown that tugs at her lips this time one of thought. "Wait…is this the tiny courtyard with the date palm standing in the middle of it and the blue and white tiles on the ground?"

Veresch shoots her friend a look. "No, that's on the other side of the bazaar. This isn't the place where they have plants and pretty tiles, 'nari, it's the place where there are no tunnelsnakes because the garbage has grown sentient enough to eat them, and then ask for ketchup." One hand lifts to wave at the wince, apologising wordlessly. "Just… follow this route and don't get lost, okay? You're a great deal tastier than a tunnelsnake, I'm betting." She pauses, straightens and tilts her head. There's a distance to her look. "If you see a blonde man with a smile like a knife, go the other direction." There's a short description of Josef that follows, then a reach to clutch at her friend's hand. "I know what the goats mean to you, and your caravan. Just… just don't deviate from the directions, okay? You'll be in amongst hash-dens and the worst kind of brothels. Keep your knife at the ready."

Both of Onari's brows hike dubiously for Veresch's description, but she doesn't question. "Oh, him," Onari says after Josef is described. "I've met him a few times. Not the sort I'll hang around willingly, don't worry. And I'll be sure to stay on the path. I may not sneak around like you or the Zingari spies have, Resh, but a certain spymaster did teach me a thing or two." After all this time dealing with Bazaarites, she'd better have some sort of savvy to her name. The last suggestion has Onari giving a shake of her head as she squeezes her friend's hand in return. "No, it's alright. I'll see if Javid will come with me, if he doesn't know something himself. Besides, don't you need to be where they tell you to be and stick to curfews and everything?" A contrite smile follows; if the circumstances were different, she'd likely accept. "No need to risk it right now."

"Onari," Veresch reproves, and turns to stand and kiss her on the top of her head fondly as one foot kicks at the drawing on the ground to obscure it. "This isn't spy business. It's not a secret I want Javid or any of the Zingari to know. I'm telling you because I think it might help, and you need help if you're here at the weyr like this. Just be careful. That's all I ask. If you think that my friend's life isn't worth more to me than sneaking past a handful of people I could sneak by on the sunniest day, then you don't know me very well." She straightens and steps back. "Besides, I want a couple more dances out of Javid before he croaks. The guy… I mean, he's okay with girls! But he's not so good with boys. He's a trifle, um… um. He's um. Slightly not quite… but I trust him. More over, I trust him with you."

Veresch just wrinkles her nose. "Not Javid," she mutters as she goes to toss the remaining water down the well again. Waste not, want not. "You'll see what I mean when you meet him. Whether the Zingari want to play at being spies or not, I'm trusting you with one of my secrets here." She sets the container down resolutely. "This is part of my life, it's what I do, and I do not want him to get into any danger. He's done too much for me as it is." Her mouth tucks into a thin line. "But as it is, I think you need to go. I've got some more classes, and I'll ask amongst the candidates if they've seen some caprines with that kind of rope around their neck."

Onari regards Veresch thoughtfully, concern very subtly limning her gaze as she gives an acknowledging nod. "I will go once I've asked a few questions out here," she counters decisively, "though I'd appreciate it being passed along if any of the other Candidates have seen anything. Good luck in your classes. Be sure you sleep well, too, Veresch." Why add that? There's likely a specific reason, but the Reika woman will keep it to herself for now. In the meantime, she'll just put some questions to the cooks and dangle the matter of a reward before them, then move on. Likely to the feeding pens. Best to cover all possibilities, after all.

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