Diem, Doji


Doji sharpens her skills in the Dragonhealer Yard when one blue weyrling has a mishap with a kite. Diem is there to help.

Thicktail. Need we say more?


It is midmorning of the seventh day of the ninth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Dragonhealer Yard, Igen Weyr

OOC Date 10 Apr 2018 04:00


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"Did he say 'kite'?"


Dragonhealer Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

Midmorning on a day without Threadfall means the dragonhealer's yard should be nice and quiet right? One might think that, but one would be wrong. There's no grievous injuries today, no threats to life or limb, but it certainly doesn't sound like it. Smack in the middle of the yard sits a very, very young blue dragon and his lifemate and the amount of noise coming from the little fellow would make you think he completely lost a wing! There's a very long OoooorrraououghOOOORRRRRuuuh that's a sound best left unreplicated. The weyrling thrashes about along with the noise before settling down to hunker down around his stomach again. A cluster of the few dragonhealers on staff this morning have gathered around. Doji's present although for the moment she's just taking notes while one of the fully trained healers does the questioning, but the last answer has her blinking as she looks up from her clipboard. "He ate a what?" She needs to make sure she didn't mishear. For the records sake.

Diem strides into the yard from the infirmary dressed in purple scrubs and heads right for the small gathering of Dragonhealers and trainees. With one sleeve already rolled up to an elbow, the Senior rolls up the other when she draws near to Doji so she, too, can hear what's being said. "Did he say 'kite'?" Perhaps she heard that wrong having just arrived in the middle of the conversation. The poor little blue does not look good at the moment, that's quite easy to tell! Both hands are then busy gathering up her long dark hair to pull back into a runner tail so she doesn't have to worry about it later.

The poor little weyrling looks nearly as shaken up about the whole incident as his lifemate and coincidentally also looks like he's about to hurl. Maybe it's because he's getting a full brunt of the dragon's discomfort due to that good ol' telepathic link. If possible, he turns even paler and greener when Diem makes her arrival, but like a good little weyrling, he snaps off a salute along with the other riders gathered around before he squeaks out a response of "Yes, ma'am… a kite. Soth said he was trying to catch it and then he sneezed and well… he didn't tell me about it until this morning!" The boy's voice keeps going higher and higher in the telling. Doji's eyes go a bit wide at that, but she dutifully jots down a note about Ingested: Nonfood object, kite. "Did he chew it at all? Or just one bite? And when was the last time he went to the uh… latrines." If she had glasses, she'd be pushing them up her nose right about now, but luckily the brownrider's eyesight is good and so she just peers intently at the lad waiting the response.

Straightening, Diem acknowledges the collective salute with a nod before returning her focus on poor Soth. She's not a full fledged dragonhealer but she does have a Healer's background that helps her keep up with the technical terms being tossed about. For now, she'll remain quiet while listening to the conversation and summon Zsaviranth to help soothe the little blue from a distance. The senior queen is not currently at the yard but she does very gently manifest within Soth's mindscape to help him focus — she's not far away should they need her physical presence for any reason. "I see. Accidents happen." is her response to the weyrling. "Has anyone notified Vosji?" That, to the dragonhealers.

The effect of Zsaviranth's mental touch might not completely remove all the little dragon's concerns, but Soth at least goes from constant bellowing to a much more muted occasional whimper. There's no such reprieve for the blue's rider however. He's got more questions to answer. "I uh… he doesn't remember. I don't think he chewed it though… and uh, I can't remember? I don't think yesterday." And since Doji has The Record of all this interaction, she'll scoot over a little bit closer to the weyrwoman in case she wants to peek at the notes that are still being written. "B'ram brought them in about an hour ago. Said he was ninety percent certain it was thicktail, but of course, wanted us to look over just in case. Even if he swallowed it whole… the digestive process should have at least broke it down into smaller pieces, right? And so hopefully just a purge will be needed…" She looks over at the more senior healers. She may have only been working with sick dragons for a few sevens now, kids eating something they shouldn't was a familiar enough complaint in the human infirmary from her apprenticeship days.

"Depends on the material, I'd think." Diem says while looking over the weyrling's file, considering. "If they haven't operated on him already then he'll need to be monitored for thicktail over the next few days. It could take that long for everything to pass." The record is scanned again and her tawny eyes pause on a smaller section at the top. The goldrider hums in thought and then hands the file back to Doji when she's seen enough — there's no point in adding anything to it since she's not the expert on duty. "Zsaviranth will keep him calm if he needs to be examined. Has anyone been able to touch him aside from his lifemate?"

"Kites are normally made of a light wood, some string and scraps of cloth or hide. Anything too heavy and it can't exactly fly," Doji will rattle off that quickly as she accepts the clipboard back and the weyrling nods his head along. "It was cloth. And about this big." He holds his hands about a foot and a half apart showing a pretty small kite. The greenrider that's the senior dragonhealer on duty nods his head as for the examining. "We already did that. Might have been what sparked up more of the moaning you walked in on." Soth may be a bit melodramatic when he's got an audience. "To make things even more fun, seems like he already had a case of thicktail brewing before eating something else he shouldn't. I was going to walk the trainee through how to administer a purge, unless you're volunteering?" So tht rider might have a skewed idea of fun. Doji over there seems to be hovering between both a bit of distaste after remembering any of those thicktail treatments from her weyrlinghood days and also excitement over hands on learning. From the way she's starting to bounce on her feet though, excitement is winning, although she'll look to the goldrider to see what Diem has to say first.

"I wouldn't want to disrupt your teaching." Diem says with a knowing smirk to the senior dragonhealer (IE: she's not going to volunteer for thicktail purging aaaanytime soon). Instead, she'll help reassure the blue's lifemate that everything's going to turn out fine, and she might touch upon that mindfulness lecture just a tad with some help from Zsaviranth. "I'd like a follow-up report on Soth's recovery when it's available." And she doesn't have to remind the 'healer that Vosji will need a copy, too — that's a given! Doji is then observed for a moment and she notes the 'dragonhealer trainee' addition to her knot. "Ah, yes. I was wondering when you'd sign on." Not that she's been reading the brownrider's profile or anything.

Considering it was almost like Doji had a big flashing sign over her head even before she Impressed that said 'future dragonhealer' that she was the only one who couldn't read, it's probably surprising it took her nearly two turns before signing up, but the siren's call of medicine has lured her back in. Since it looks like she's going to get the 'honors', she rolls up her own sleeves and smiles a bit bashfully at Diem. "That's what everyone else seems to be thinking as well, but there was so much to learn first!" Like how to stay alive and not die which is always very important before then moving on to making sure others didn't die. "Would you mind holding this, ma'am?" This being the clipboard and pencil. With the wind, there's really no good place to set it down at the moment. And conveniently enough, someone already brought out all the herbs and implements that will be needed for the standard thicktail treatment set oh so neatly down near Soth's tail and so Doji will crouch down there to inspect the supplies first.

Oh yes! THIS is something Diem can do at the moment. "Certainly." She collects the clipboard from Doji and takes a step back to give the actual dragonhealers plenty of room to perform this procedure on blue Soth. The desert breeze does have some bad timing when it swirls sand across the yard, though it's short lived when the gusts die down for the moment. "Have you shadowed anyone more than once?" It's not that she wants to bombard the poor trainee with a million questions right before a purge, but she can't really help it. She must know these things~ "Some dragonhealers have specialties, some focus on general practice." Shhh. She'll stop talking now when the senior dragonhealer glances over at her. Ahem.

"I was supposed to be shadowing I'yn for a shift a seven or so ago, but then one of my wingmates came down with a case of food poisoning that morning so had to fill in for sweeps instead," But one day the stars will eventually align and Doji will get to study under the greenrider's wing. One day! But as for this day, she'll continue getting her supplies in order, sometimes holding up one of the vials and asking the senior dragonhealer for confirmation. Once that's all settled, she'll start to wash her hands in the redwort nearby. "I haven't really had much time to think about specialities yet… but when I was a healer I kept getting drawn towards trauma injuries. I had a lot of practice on my stitching. The turns of living with a clan full of embroiderers probably helped with that." The brownrider is surprisingly talkative as she's staring at the blue's tail. The glance from the senior does have her hushing up though and giving a big gulp before moving on to business. "Okay, Soth. This is going to pinch a bit. But I promise, it's necessary and you'll feel better after." Much after.

Diem knows her place in the yard and when the senior dragonhealers need to concentrate, she accommodates by keeping quiet and having Zsaviranth settle any distractions amongst the nearby dragon populace. "Yes, that's it…" The queen is still gently present in the blue's consciousness and helps him relax a little more when things are starting to take action around him. Meanwhile, the clipboard is pressed against her chest and both arms fold around it as the procedure is monitored from a few feet away. Doji's part throughout the purge is observed and Diem watches for any signs of distress from all parties involved — patient and 'healers alike.

Pinching might be a little bit of an understatement. Unfortunately for Soth, a first time makes for nervous hands and how many folks can get through their first procedure without a little bit of a hiccup? Slow and steady might be what Doji had intended to do, but she ends up squeezing the syringe just a little bit too hard. It's definitely not a comfortable feeling from the squawk that the little blue gives, but it is effective. He hops forward a bit, but leaves behind a 'present' for the healers, right on Doji's shoes. And knees and legs. Someone's going to need a new pair of pants. She does a pretty good job of staying collected though as the weyrling dragon looks bashfully over his shoulder with his rider comforting him. Doji stands up and coughs slightly. "O'luk… you'll need to go through and make sure you find all the pieces. Vosji's orders apparently." Because what better way to encourage a weyrling to NOT allow their lifemate to overeat?

Of course things can't ever be smooth sailing around here, right? Diem winces after Soth's 'relief' and she doesn't have to say anything about the clean up — it's already in process. Dragonhealers are working to clean the ground and area that was most… effected. She does, however, step toward Doji and motions for O'luk to start his new task. "That was good work, Doji. I'm glad to see that you have a strong stomach." Which is something that makes an excellent dragonhealer, believe it or not. Between ichor, vomit, and feces, a 'healer will be covered head-to-toe at some point in their careers! And she is not above that statistic at all, as much as she'd like to think otherwise. "I'll take care of your clipboard and see that it's returned to the infirmary's desk for you to collect… after you've cleaned up." Get thee to the baths, Doji!

It's probably best that anybody else have charge of her clipboard. It's one time that Doji isn't going to protest at all! In fact, she looks relieved she doesn't have to figure out what to do with it. "Thank you, ma'am." And with a quick look to the senior dragonhealer for confirmation, the trainee is well and truly dismissed for the moment. Who would want to deal with a dirty healer after all? Baths, here she comes! Along with a mental note to always keep a spare pair of clothes in her bag before working in the 'yard.

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