Arianne, L'ri


Relaxing chitchat by the waterfalls.


It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the third month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Waterfall, Southern weyr

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The lush Southern rainforests hide snake-like rivers that wind through the thickest part of the underbrush; it is one such river that provides a view that must be seen once in a lifetime. Powerful, the waters spill over the edges of the cliffs, falling from high, high above to land in a large swell of water that feeds into the Black Rock River. On a sunny day, a kaleidescope of colors can be seen as the light of Rukbat is refracted in a rainbow array of vibrant hues. At the base of the waterfall, where even a dragon would feel dwarfed by the towering cliffs and thick plume of falling water, the swell of water is surrounded by greenery of all kinds: trees, flowers, ferns, moss, lichen. As the point where the waterway narrows into a feeder stream to the larger, Black Rock River, a tiny little bridge spans. All around, water roars, eclipsing even the sounds of wildlife.

Though Threadfall passed by yesterday already, dying a fiery death by dragonflame and flamethrowers alike. With it gone for now, one dragon and his rider have made their way out into the wilds to enjoy some time away from the weyr and their duties. A reprieve, which is sometimes needed even when one does the slightly less (to oneself) dangerous work of tending Weyrlings. As the sun begins it's downward descent, L'ri and Cignalusath have found themselves here, at the Waterfalls. L'ri sits on one of the bronze's legs, both of them watch the setting Rukbat reflect off of the ever-falling water. The rainbowing light is a reminder of beauty amidst the chaos that surrounds their lives lately, which is perhaps why Cignalusath insisted that he and his rider find their way here. The volume of the water, as close as they are right now, drowns out almost everything but the sound of dragonwings.

Arianne would surely be entirely grey by now if she had to teach baby riders how to avoid fiery plunging death or an eternity ::between::. So it certainly wouldnever be her suggesting that working with the weyrlings is any less dangerous in -any- way. Yet, with a job that is also stressful at times, being able to stretch out and watch a lovely sunset is a nice thing to do. And wouldn't you know it, the somewhat brotherly bronzerider L'ri is -also- there. It could be the reason for her smile as she and Caelth land nearby. And for her friendly wave. Words would be rather difficult with all the noise.

Fortunately the babies aren't quite to that point yet. Thank goodness. Or L'ri probably wouldn't be feeling so free about going far, despite that there are other AWLMs to keep an eye on things for a while! It's the wingbeats that give Caelth and Arianne away, and L'ri's attention turns to the pair for a moment. He returns Arianne's wave and smile, and hops off of his perch on his lifemate so that the bronze can make more room. The noise here is at least a different kind of noise than the kind that so often bothers them, so it's a good reprieve. Cignalusath probably croons greetings to Caelth, but with the noise they likely go unheard.

<Local> Caelth senses that: Cignalusath is a feathery, fiery phoenix far above the waterfalls. Admiring, but not from too close. The heat of his mind is welcoming, and muted in recognition of the heat that already surrounds them. « Caelth. How fare you and yours? » The bronze inquires, plumes of smoke rising from a distant pyre. Ashes flutter in the wind, blown from the pyre.

Caelth sends his acknowledgment. The equivalent of a mental nod, but not much more initially. Instead he waits until Arianne has dismounted fully and then takes a few lumbering steps back before dropping like a stone onto the existing rock. And going preternaturally still as he's wont to do. For her part, Ari nods towards a perch of rocks that aren't too moss or lichen covered. Not much to be said just yet with the waterfall there. So perhaps she's just inviting the other rider the chance to enjoy quiet reflection in each other's company. Or, speak through dragons.

<Local> Caelth senses that: Caelth is his usual glowering presence, the place where cold and heat meet in the mindscape creating an obscuring mist between the two dragons. « We're fine. And… you, yours? » He's not the chatty sort normally, so the words are as clipped as one would suspect.

L'ri follows his fellow dragonrider over to a more talkable perch, and sits beside her companionably. At least sitting close to one another, if talking's not doable, means they can shout in one another's ears! And if neither are doable, quiet reflection is definitely something that he's not opposed to - considering that he was doing it beforehand anyway. Not that he minds the other's presence, clearly! Cignalusath relaxes in the mist of the waterfall lazily, ignoring any comments to get out of the way of the water or your straps are going to get ruined from his lifemate.

<Local> Caelth senses that: Cignalusath doesn't seem to mind the other's sullen presence, nor the mist that the meeting of their minds causes. « I am well. Mine is finally painting again, so he is well too. » The fiery feathered creature high above shrieks defiance at the setting sun, and swoops into a dive that disappears into the treeline of Cignalusath's mind.

That's ok, Cignalusath… Arianne is here to ALSO remind you (through Caelth) and be ignored. "Cignalusath tells Caelth that you're painting again? What kind of things do you paint?" she wonders, looking fascinated at the news. "I'd love to see!" She has to say it a bit loudly to be heard, but at least there's no actual shouting involved. "I've never had any skill at all with creative things like that."

<Local> Caelth senses that: Caelth takes on the tone of one long used to being lectured, his voice sounding downright bored as he relays, « Arianne says not to get your straps too wet, or they will chafe. And then you will get sores. » Thousands of tiny, beady little red eyes roll emphatically from their hideyholes in the darkness.

L'ri blushes at the question, and the look on his face turns from tranquil to shooting daggers at his bronze lifemate. TRAITOR. "I uh. I do, yeah." He answers after a few moments, quirking a small smile at his friend. "Depends on the day, really," his admission almost sounds guilty! "I've drawn Ixtli a lot, lately." The woman he's in love with, even if he hasn't actually told her the fullness of his infatuation with her yet. "I wouldn't mind if you wanted to come see, sometime. Cignalusath likes it when they're on display." It's actually because of the bronze that he even tries to find time to paint, anymore.

<Local> Caelth senses that: Cignalusath snorts, and shakes his wings emphatically. « I am fine, and so are my straps. The heat and the mist feel nice together. » As for potential chafing…well. That's why he has a RIDER DUDE. « The Weyrlings have potential. » A redirection of topics, to one he rather enjoys. The Weyrlings, the baby riders. Whatever Caelth wants to call them.

Arianne busts out laughing at the look L'ri directs at his lifemate; hell, she gives Caelth the same look often. "Your secret is safe with me. I won't even tell K'nan… unless I smuggle one or more of your paintings to display in my own weyr and then I will have to brag about who made it." She says all that in a rush, hoping that the secrets keeping part is what he really hears. Goodness knows she would gladly proclaim to everyone about a friend being able to do things like make ART! "Ooooh, I'll just bet you have been drawing her alot. I haven't met her or seen her at all. Once I see your drawings I can remedy that." she teases, with a bright smile.

<Local> Caelth senses that: Caelth just grunts; because that's how he rolls. « They old enough yet to be anything other then stupid little shits? » And thus, his feelings on baby dragons are known. Injured baby dragons he protects - once they're healed, they go back to being stupid little shits.

The tint in L'ri's cheeks takes some time to fade fully, embarrassed more that his lifemate has gone spreading that around than that it was to Arianne that it was spread. "I don't mind people knowing, not really, I just…prefer they not." Which makes about as much sense as anything else, these days. "Maybe you guys could come over some day soon, and I'll show you around? Cignalusath thinks I need to spend time around more people that aren't…Weyrlings, y'know?" It's an open invitation, clearly. The teasing about drawing Ixtli has him blushing a little again, and nods. "We could always do a double date." He suggests innocently.

<Local> Caelth senses that: Cignalusath thinks « Not yet, but soon enough they will be. » The bronze sighs wistfully. « They grow up so fast. »

"He's right, you -should-." Arianne agrees. "If it makes you feel better, I have very little social life either. Unless you count the Wingleader meetings." She makes a face at that. Because really. "So I'll help, and we'll come visit so you can show us around." As for the double date; there is perhaps a sly gleam in her eye. "Would you really? Because I'm sure we could find some trouble for all four …six.. of us to get into." She always includes the dragons! But then her eyes widen suddenly and she looks over at Caelth. "Sorry! We have to run. One of my riders showed up injured at the dragon infirmary. Got to check in with them." She quickly gives his shoulder a friendly squeeze and then is off at a jog!

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