Trek, K'vvan


K'vvan comes to Trek about issues of trust, and she tells him to trust her.


It is sunset of the nineteenth day of the second month of the first turn of the 12th pass.


Igen- Dragonhealer Yard

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Dragonhealer Yard

Painfully elegant, a stubborn brand of cleanliness is retained in the gentle colors of faded murals and various curtains hung from the rusted metal poles meant to shelter injured dragons on spacious couches lining the permanently soot-stained limestone walls. Of a dusty no-color somewhere between brown and gold, the floor extends onward, fading beneath ragged cabinets built to withstand anything from lashing draconic tails to various medicinal spills.

It's been three days since Igen's last fall, and it was a heavy one over Igen Hold. Heavy as it was, though, there's only one dragon in the yard, aside from Kanyith, but the bulky brown seems to be resting comfortably, while the shiny, cauterized remains of a Threadscore reflects the day's last light, dulling as glowlight takes over. Kanyith is also snoozing, though lightly, only one set of lids shielding his slowly whirling eyes. The only sign of activity, actually, is Trek, and all she's doing is rolling gauze in a chair about half a dragonlength from the brown while a mug of klah steams away on the small table next to her.

The healer's yard is among K'vvan's least favorite parts of the weyr, but he finds himself there more and more often as Thread has begun to fall more regularly. His footfalls this time seem purposeful as he walks towards Trek and her gauze. "Wingleader." K'vvan acknowledges with a salute before he leans against the wall nearby, watching that gauze slowly spool.

Trek's motions don't stop, though she looks up to regard K'vvan quickly. "Wingsecond," she replies in kind, though she doesn't salute back, as her hands are full. "Pull up a chair and grab some gauze," she continues, though her tone is more request or suggestion than command. "The sooner this is done, the sooner I can finally eat." She finishes her current roll and sets it on the orderly, growing pile in the basket in front of her, then grabs a loosely, freshly laundered end from a canvas laundry bag to the side of that basket. "Were you looking for me? Is Nadeeth okay?"

K'vvan isn't quite as quick to grab the gauze as he could be, shifting on his feet for a second before taking the seat and reaching down. "Nadeeth is fine." He begins to roll the gauze, though much looser than Trek does seeing as he lacks her experience. Eyes stay on that gauze as it twists before he finally clears his throat. "I had someone on the wing bring me an issue."

Trek's hands do pause at that as she looks up from her gauze to study K'vvan closely. There's another second or two before she replies. "An issue you'd like to share with me?" she prompts gently, likely reacting to something in his tone or demeanor. She sets the partially rolled gauze on the edge of the basket, then folds her hands and leans forward, resting her elbows on her knees.

The last few days have seen a small but marked (if anyone is paying attention) change in the demeanor of the wingsecond. Though as snappish and prickly as ever, when not directly interacting he has taken on a slightly preoccupied air. Before Trek now that departure from the norm is more marked, as the frown between his eyebrows doesn't seem focused on the conversation going on. K'vvan continues to wind the gauze for a while longer. Finally he glances up to see Trek leaning forward. "Yeah. Speaking to bronzerider K'ane," so formal, "it has come to light that there are many in the wing who do not trust Nadeeth and I to do what needs to be done in a fall." Because somehow K'vvan actually managed to be ignorant of this fact previously. "I do not believe this to be true however. It seems to be an issue."

At first, Trek's reaction is minimal. She certainly doesn't seem all that surprised, but then, it would be hard to tell just then by appearances alone, aside from the fact she is watching K'vvan closely. "Did bronzerider K'ane say why?" she asks gently, "Or how?" She doesn't reach for the gauze again, though she does look at the basket for a long moment before pushing it to the side with her foot before she goes back to leaning on her elbows.

Though Trek has abandoned the gauze, K'vvan's hands continue to wind the bit that he had picked up. "I'm not personable." Which wasn't actually a surprise to the greenrider, really. A few more turns on the gauze and K'vvan's looking up, the frown between his eyebrows more of a one of thought then outright contrariness.

"'Personable' and 'Trust' don't really go hand in hand, though. I mean, look at the weyrleader," Trek says, point blank as she fixes K'vvan with an even closer look. Does she know or suspect? Hard to tell, though she's normally so easygoing. "I'm not sure what we can do to change that. And if it's coming from just one person, there's nothing to say for sure that the rest of the wing feels that way." She sits up, though her hands stay folded. "If N'cal and I felt that way, you wouldn't have lasted long as wingsecond."

Trek has a point there, on W'rin. The gauze ball is finally finished up and K'vvan puts it in the basket, shruging slightly. "I don't think it's important either. But I figure K'ane might just be the only one to be speaking out." He leans back from his slightly hunched over position and rakes a hand through his hair. "You'd set me straight if you thought that there was an issue?"

"Well, this is the first I've heard of it," Trek says, "and I know N'cal would have said something, too. If they're only thinking it and not saying it, then it's still not your problem or ours." There is a beat before she's forced to add, "Unless something happens. But up until now, nothing has, so… do try to shake it off." She lets her hands unfold and rests them on her thighs. "Is there anything I might be able to do that could help you? Or address these concerns?"

"I'm not looking to get anyone killed because they think I won't watch their back." K'vvan shifts in his seat, no longer looking right at Trek as he attempts to puzzle his way out. "Even if they're not speaking out. If they're not speaking… maybe I should be doing something about it." Discomfort finally leads to movement and K'vvan pushes himself to his feet to pace a few steps towards the wall to lean against it again.

Trek doesn't follow, except with her eyes. She leans back in her chair and stretches out her legs. Not that they stretch all that far. She takes a slow, deep breath and lets it out with measured force before she replies. "K'vvan, I know we haven't been flying together long, but you're a good rider. Again, wouldn't have kept that knot on you if I thought otherwise." She gets to her feet, but only so she can pick up her klah, then she sticks her free hand in her trouser pocket and sips her klah for a moment, watching the other rider. "On top of that, Nadeeth is just a joy to watch. She knows what to do. You know what to do. If you're going to start questioning yourself because of one guy's words, though, you just might get someone hurt or killed."

K’vvan stands still enough listening to Trek give her advice, though being under her scrutiny is uncomfortable. He folds his arms across his chest and fixes the ground in front of his wingleader with a look. “Nadeeth is good at what she does, and I wouldn’t do anything to put her in danger.” There is at least some conviction that creeps into his voice at that statement. “So I should just leave things be till someone else says something?”

After a few beats of silence, Trek approaches K'vvan, though it's slow progress, and not directly at him. She aims instead for a point just past his left shoulder until she also ends up leaning against the wall. "Yes and no. Clearly, this is eating at you," she answers quietly as she focuses on Kanyith, who is still snoozing away, though the steady swirl of his eye can still be seen beneath that thin lid. "Maybe there's something we can do to help solidify trust. Not just in you, but in all of us." What that is, though? She doesn't offer any ideas just yet, sipping again from her mug instead.

Her movements are probably well justified, seeing as he is so twitchy about things like that. He digs a boot into the ground before looking over at where the wingleader's blue snoozes. "I'd be willing to try anything. Not looking to be as chummy as Whirlwind, but." Another shrug as he fidgets that foot into the ground again. "I don't know. This isn't my strong suit." Yes, she may begin laughing anytime now at the understatement.

Trek does not laugh, however. Not even close. "Honestly, I'm not sure that would work for Arroyo anyway," she admits with a hitch of shoulder. "Given… well." She worries her lower lip for a moment, then gives K'vvan a sideglance. "Well. Let's just say I'm under no delusions that our wing trusts me one-hundred percent, either." She takes a quicker breath this time, then drinks down a good half of her klah as she looks away again. "Shells. I don't know. I mean… with each Fall we go through and survive, I would think the trust would come with it. We could also split the wing into three like some of our drills, but just arrange it for the flights, too. Then you, N'cal and I all lead one. There are more than enough potential backups we could call on for each flight's 'second. And just… rotate the rest of the riders through each group. Beyond that, though, I don't think the others are going to trust you until you trust yourself." Blunt, but she's leaving it there as she sips more klah.

K'vvan actually opens his mouth as if to comment once while Trek speaks, but closes it as she keeps going. The last statement lands like a cannon ball right into his chest, leaving him completely still for long moments after she ceases to speak. The arms across his chest tighten before loosening abruptly. "You're not the first person to say that." At least he's honest? He looks up from where his gaze had been stitched to the ground. "I don't think we should do anything too drastic, not with thread falling as erratically as it has been."

"Agreed," Trek agrees easily, and by the smile she gives him, she certainly appreciates his honesty. She finishes her klah, then lets the last few drops hit the ground before she looks at K'vvan again, the mug dangling from her fingers. "I won't lie, K'vvan, I was skeptical about your involvement in Arroyo's leadership. But also know, if I felt you were somehow endangering this wing I—." Voice catches, and she changes direction a moment later. "Well. We've all had to sacrifice something to be here, haven't we? I don't need you as my wingsecond, but I do want you there. You're not afraid to tell me when I'm being a jackass, or when I'm completely off my rocker, and any leader, wing, weyr or otherwise, needs people like that, desperately. You have a good head on your shoulders, and I think any dragon in the wing would follow your lifemate, even if it's just for the chance to be near her. So." She fixes K'vvan with another steady look, which is hard, being nearly half a foot shorter. "It's up to you. You can believe me, or you can believe K'ane."

A smile finally cracks on K'vvan's face, even if it is because of Trek's compliment to his dragon. He shoves up from against the wall, a hint of tension leaving his shoulders. "I do think you'd remove me if I f…" he bites back the word, shifting it to one his wingleader might like better, "screwed up badly enough. So I'll just keep listening." Which means he might actually have to talk to someone, "and see what comes of it."

Trek clearly caught the cut-off word, and it makes that grin of hers just a little rakish. "It's okay to say 'fuck', K'vvan. It's like the best word ever." But that aside, she also pushes away from the wall and glances at her empty mug for a moment, if only for a brief focal point. Her finger tips tap the ceramic sides for a moment, then she looks up at him again, meeting his eyes. "I think that sounds like a good plan for now. If I see any doubts or second-guessing making you less of a wingsecond, though, I'm going to need to do something about it," she says, and though her tone is gentle, the look in her eyes is quite sharp. "However, it will come from me. Deal?" As she asks the question, she holds out a hand toward him, with just a tiny uplift of the corners of her mouth.

Confusion. What? Because… That little brown frown of K'vvan's comes back till he shakes his head to clear the unimportant confusion from his brain. That'll have to wait for later. "It's well enough." Trek's hand is eyed briefly, till K'vvan actually extends his for like, the lightest of handshakes ever before he's yanking it back again.

It's no more than Trek expected, as the upturn of her lips turns into a full smile. "We'll start there, then. If I think of any other tactics we might try, too, I'll let you know." She glances toward Kanyith, who has unlidded his eyes and is staring at them with the one they can see, though he hasn't otherwise moved. "Well, fuck." Because she can. "So ends my brief stint as a dragonhealer for a day," she mutters, slapping the side of her mug into her palm before she looks at K'vvan again. "I need to run. Something about the next Threadfall. The usual." And yet, she stands there for several more seconds, just studying him before she states, "I really appreciate that you felt you could come to me, K'vvan. I know we didn't start out as well as we might have, but I hope we can all continue to improve from here on out."

K'vvan has pulled his hand back way more quickly then a normal person should, but he did shake. First steps. His eyes flicker over to where Kanyith rests before reaching back to Nadeeth to check what she has to say. "You're the wingleader." Look, this is still improvement, and he shrugs uncomfortably. "Fly safe sir," before he's turning and making his way back out of the area, hands shoved into pockets.

Trek can't help but grin at the "sir", though that doesn't say whether or not she likes it. She sends a salute toward the departing greenrider, then turns back toward the table and baskets of gauze to tidy up before also taking her leave.

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