Beris, Carey, Ramita, Xanthee


Ramita negotiates not one but two jobs for people at the Bazaar. Carey witnesses the whole mad thing.


It is afternoon of the nineteenth day of the fifth month of the eleventh turn of the 12th pass.


Dustbowl Cantina, Igen Weyr

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"I thought about running away with the Traders but there doesn't seem to be any of the travelling kind around."


Dustbowl Cantina

To enter the Dustbowl Cantina is to descend: the heart of the ancient tavern lies half underground, at the foot of ancient steps, insulated from summer heat and winter cold by the volcanic rock surrounding it. A windowless place well-lit by glows, it is homey, even cozy, with a certain bijou charm - but for the deep gouges worn in wooden table and solid stone, some clearly lingering evidence of boisterous brawling. The wall behind the well-polished bar, though, remains free from scars or graffiti, as does the door into the small kitchen, and the stairwell up into the owner's quarters: the barkeep and his staff reign, and they guard their territory well. After all, only a fool angers the source of the booze.

It's a hot spring afternoon in Igen, although luckily the winds are staying relatively quiet so as not to blow up the sand. Ramita could have grabbed lunch in the Pit, drinks included, but she has apparently chosen to venture out today. The lunch crowd today is pleasant. Not empty, but not too crowded or loud in the Cantina. She currently occupies a booth by herself. A tall glass of dark beer, a salad and a stack of hides are all that she's currently sharing it with. Even her escort has been relegated to lurking in a more distant corner of the room. Still obviously watching her, but far enough away to give some semblance of privacy.

Someone else comes to seek lunch - who cares if it's in one of the less savory places of the Bazaar, it's a place to go that isn't sitting where she works to eat. Beris orders her drink and a sandwich, and on receiving the items turns to work out where she wants to sit. She's heading towards an empty table until she spies Ramita on her own in a booth. There's a curious lift of an eyebrow, and the teenager changes course to head over in that direction - oblivious to the woman's watchful escort. "Y'mind some company?" She at least isn't rude enough just to shove herself into the booth without asking first.

Raven-haired Xanthee flounces into the bar, pausing just inside to peer around and access the situation. After a moment, she makes a beeline for the bar when she quickly orders up a cider. While waiting for it to arrive, she turns around, leaning on the bar and taking a longer moment to scan the inside of the cantina. She spies the girl that she remembers having a conversation with that one time in the Galleries. When the tender hands her drink to her, she smiles and slips the correct amount to him. She remains at the bar, sipping her drink and watching how things at the booth unfold.

It takes a minute before Ramita looks up from that hide she was reading. She'll answer in her own sweet time and she had a paragraph to finish reading. Once she does reach a pausing point, icy blue eyes will glance over the girl. "Depends. You're not one of those that chews with their mouth open, are you?" The woman's accent is not from around here, although she wears the headscarf and Steen colors. The accent though, the accent shows off her turns spent in Benden, along with the journeyman's knot. As for Xanthee, the bar's way over there and of no interest to the vintner, although the girl is glanced at by the large armed man, but she seems harmless enough. Too far away to possibly be a pickpocket concern for now.

Beris glances towards the movement, and, like Xanthee, she experiences a flicker of recognition; a meeting what feels like a long time ago. Familiarity. Ramita is her current target though, and the tea room girl will turn her attention back to the Steen. "Nope. Can't stand that, myself." She still hasn't had an invitation to sit, and her standing there is turning slightly awkward. "You're one of Midra's relatives, right? Part of the Steens?" Uh, duh, Beris. Steen colours (if not the accent). The fact Beris has seen her around the Tea Room being friendly with its owner. She's stating the obvious, but in that light, conversational kind of way.

Xanthee takes another dainty sip at her cider and continues to roam her emerald gaze over the room. pausing briefly over the escort, she wrinkles her brows thoughtfully and then returns to her sipping and visual journey over the room. From under her mass of black hair, a tiny wedge-shaped bronze head peeks out and gives a sleepy cheep of inquisition to his humanpet. Reaching up a hand to gently scritches at his eyeridges, a pensive look crosses her features. Finally steeling herself, she heads over to the booth and smiles warmly. "Hi!" she exclaims maybe a little too loudly to the two other women there. Turning to face Beris, she asks, "Did we meet once, in the Galleries right after the double clutching? Beris right?"

With confirmation that the girl at least claims she isn't one of those horrible food smackers, Ramita waves a hand for her to sit, although half the booth is still occupied with the woman's things. Food and drink kept a healthy distance away from the neat piles of hides. "I am. Daria is my aunt. You work in the Tea Room." The last isn't a question, more a statement of fact. There aren't many non-Steens that work there after all. Xanthee's arrival is met with an eyebrow raise from Ramita and a glance towards Beris as if to ask if the girl's with her.

Oh - the newcomer is joining them! All direct questions at Beris, too! The teenager isn't quick enough to keep her reflexive scowl from appearing on her face, but she does push it away sharply enough, to a more neutral expression, with a hint of curiosity. "Yeah, I think we did. Uh…" She's clutching at straws when it comes to the other's name, embarrassingly. Nope. Drawing a blank. Sorry, Xanthee! beris will try and cover up her memory blank by sidling into the booth with Ramita, trying to pick a bit of table that doesn't have the woman's stuff on it to put her drink down. She'll hold the plate with her sandwich, to save space. "Yeah, I do. Nice place." It wasn't a question, but Beris feel like she has to say something in reply to it to try and get some rapport with the Steen.

"It's Xanthee." The raven-haired weyrbrat replies in her usual sunny voice as she puts a hand on her chest. "It's ok, it was a while a go." She takes another sip of her drink as she lets her green gaze slide over to Ramita where she suddenly starts, "Oh fardles, how rude of me! Hi I'm Xanthee." Yes we know Xan, you said that already. Sweeping her hand to indicate the cantina as a whole. "Isn't this a great place?!" She bubbles at the two with a wide smile plastered to her face.

Ramita sets her hide to the side for a minute to attend to her salad. Wherry and cheese and some sort of fruit dressing all on top of a healthy pile of greens, which the woman eats meticulously neatly. Towards Beris's comments, she nods. "It is." Of course it's a nice place. It's owned by the Steens. Xanthee just gets another sharp look from the older woman, again with an eyebrow raise as she bubbles on and on. But since introductions were given, she will consent to provide her name. "Ramita Steen." She trusts the girl knows knots well enough to recognize her's as a vintner and a journeyman.

Beris gives Xanthee a l'il smile, faintly apologetic, when she offers her name. Hey, it was a long time ago, so she probably shouldn't feel too bad. She takes a bite of her sandwich while the younger girl offers a somewhat-unneccessary introduction to Ramita, though it does solve the purpose of Beris confirming Ramita's name through that interaction. Xanthee seems like a safer bet for conversation compared to the icy Steen, so Beris will direct a question at the bubbly girl. "Did you Stand for the clutch…clutches?"

Xanthee turns and grabs a chair from a nearby empty table and sits even though no one's offered it. She is only sipping her cider and doesn't make a move to order food so she needn't take up any precious table space. To the icy lady, she cocks her head to one side and a shadow of thought passes her features, "Oh, I've heard that name before, your family have like a bunch businesses in the bazaar right?" She inquires before turning to Beris and her question, the smile sliding off her lips before she answers, the bubbles gone from her voice. "Yeah, I stood. My dragon wasn't there." she shrugs in an extra exagerated way as if she is playing at being ok with this fact. "I'm weyrbred, I know how these things work." Smile returns as she asks, "so how's business at the Tea Room?" Yes, Xan has an excellent memory.

There's a flicker of something that flashes in Ramita's eyes at the mention of the double clutches, but whatever it was in gone nearly as quickly as it appeared and back to the careful constructed icy exterior and looking at her hides, some sort of ledger of some sort if anyone is glancing at it. "Yes, the Steens own quite a bit of businesses." That's one way to put it and then she reaches for a sip of her beer.

Beris isn't fussed about Xanthee joining them, though she does flick a look at Ramita for her reaction. She seems…no less icy than before. "Ah." Whoops. Maybe she should have stayed away from talk of candidacy and clutches - it seems to have taken the wind right out of Xanthee's sails. She's not callous enough to press the topic any further, letting the conversation be guided by the younger girl. "Yeah, all good. Plenty busy even in the summer, which is nice. You been there before? We do some great iced teas." Never one to shy away from a bit of advertising!

Xanthee cocks her head in Ramita's direction and leans in, "You wouldn't have any jobs going would you? I am looking for some change. I thought about running away with the Traders but there doesn't seem to be any of the travelling kind around." She giggles but it is not clear whether or not that was meant as a joke. Turning to Beris, Xan grins and nods, "I have been awhile ago though during colder weather but Iced tea sounds scrumptious, I'll have to stop by." She leans back in her chair and returns to sipping her drink, allowing the conversation to focus on someone else for the moment.

Icy? This is Ramita being friendly (relatively) with strangers. Especially young ones that aren't customers at the Pit or any of the other family businesses. From how cold she's being, some might expect an immediate no to Xanthee's question and subsequent giggling, but instead, there's another cold stare, almost calculating something, before her response. "Traders do travel. It's why they live in wagons. What can you do?" It's not a yes or a no yet. Beris's advertisement effort does get the merest hint of a smile from the other woman. See, not frosty at all!

Xanthee's question about jobs gets a quirk of an eyebrow from Beris, as she takes an interest in this line of conversation - and how Ramita's going to react to it. "You should," she'll say about visiting the Tea Room, before busying herself eating the rest of her sandwich to let the other two talk business. She does catch that glimmer of a smile from Ramita though, and there's a hint of one on Beris's face as she takes a sip of her (non-alcoholic) beverage. Tall fruity drink, yum!

"Well, I do drudge work at the Weyr right now, I can prep food with the best of them, scrub like nobody's business and I have an effervescent personality." Xanthee says with her previous bright smile plastered back on her face as she goes in for another sip. She glances over at Beris over the rim of her glass. From deep in her wavy black locks, a cheep offers it's seal of approval.

Ramita steeples her hands together as she considers this list of… qualifications. "I do have a few server positions open at the Pit, but you're a bit young for that position." Although the blue eyes dart over towards Beris, almost as if evaluating her as well. "How are you with animals?" This is asked as she focuses back on Xanthee again.

Good saleswomen there. Both of Beris's eyebrows are up now, impressed by Xanthee's slickness at selling her skills. As she lowers her glass, she'll misinterpret Ramita's look at her as asking Beris to get involved, so the waitress chips in. "How old are you, Xanthee? Don't remember if I asked you last time we met."

Xanthee sits up a little straighter in her seat as if that would make her seem older, "I haven't really worked with animals at all, but I don't have any particular aversion to it or hard work. Serving sounds fun though." she replies even though she isn't quite sure qhat type of establishment the Pit might be. Turning back to Beris, "I'm very nearly sixteen." she says quickly, almost too quickly as she flashes a smile back at Ramita.

Well, not working with animals at all previously rules out the Menagerie, although that was a long shot to begin with. Ramita's father still is rather conservative even if he did allow her to join a craft. At least it was a 'womanly' craft. She nods as Beris asks Xanthee for her age, and then shakes her head ever so slightly at the answer. "Fifteen…. that's much too young for the Pit. However…" And now she does turn towards Beris again with an actual smile. "That might be a position that could interest you. You've worked for Daria long enough. Clearly you know how to serve and count money." And she totally noticed those advertisement skills of hers earlier as well. "Would that be something you're interested in? I can tell you from experience that customers tend to be more generous with tips the more they drink." And don't fret, Xanthee. She's not done with you just yet.

Carey walks in from the Central Bazaar.

Beris tries to hide her smile behind a bite of sandwich as Xanthee tries to put on that she is old enough to serve at The Pit. Does she know what The Pit is? Ramita has a handle on the situation though, and Beris lets herself be distracted by some errant lettuce that escapes her sandwich. As she's scooping it out of her lap, she realised the Steen is addressing her now, instead of their younger companion. "Hm?" Her brain takes a moment to catch up with what Ramita is saying. But not that long, because Ramita mentions the potential for generous tips and something glitters in Beris's dark eyes. "Oh?" she tries to be oh-so-casual, as she plops the lettuce on the edge of the table in front of her. "Well, it would be nice to experience a different environment to the Tea Room." That's her ever so subtle way of accepting, but if Ramita needs a definite yes/no, she may need to press for it because Beris is looking totally blase.

No, we have already established, Xanthee is throroughly NOT aware of what kind of place the Pit is. She raises an eyebrow at the implication of being too young to work at the Pit and her mind now tries to come up with what exactly this place could entail. Sipping her cider again, her eyes dart back and forth between the two other women as they continue their negotiations, mentally taking notes.

Ramita will be getting back to Xanthee shortly. The lettuce is noted, but well, that can be unavoidable when you're eating sometimes. At least the younger woman handled it as well as could be expected. "So that's a yes, right? Because if so…" She is waiting for that definite yes or no before she moves on to her next piece of business. And for the late comer, afternoon at the Cantina, not to busy or crowded at the moment. Ramita's sitting at a booth, taking up half the table with a beer, salad and lots of hides. Her armed escort lurks in a corner. Beris and Xanthee are both sitting at the booth as well.

It's that time again: that time where one needs liquid sustenence to quench the thirst and relax the nerves. And get away from all those damn annoying apprentices. So, here's Carey, strolling lazily into the Cantina to find himself something cool and alcoholic to get on the outside of. Right up to the bar, where his favorite drink is ordered, and brought to him with a grunt. A grin is exchanged for that grunt, and the man turns himself round to plop down in a chair situated somewhere near the three… conspirators? Negotiators? Whatever, he's sitting there and he's drinking his spiked tea.

Beris pauses as she considers that, eyes going distant as she thiiiinks. "Yeah. Why not." YOLO and so on and so forth. She smiles a little as she makes the decision, then looks over at Xanthee, with a glance at the girl's hair. Was she imagining things or did it cheep earlier? Movement nearby draws her gaze to where Carey sits, but she doesn't immediately recognise the man and so will look back at Ramita to see what she says to Beris's answer.

"Good. I'll expect to see you at the Pit at noon tomorrow," That's a true smile that Ramita gives Beris. "And I also need to inform my aunt I stole one of her employees." But she doesn't seem too concerned about that at the moment because now is when she turns her attention to Xanthee. "And it appears… that an opening has come up for a sever in the Tea Room." Now she's looking to the younger girl for a response. The vintner is kind of busy at the moment handing out jobs, so she's not paying attention to Carey's entrance, however, he's definitely getting more of a visual inspection from the Steen's escort than either of the girls received, although the journeyman is also relegated to non-threatening at least for the moment.

Xanthee grins as Beris accepts her new position and then the movement from the door takes her attention and she turns her head to see who it is and does a double take when she recognizes the man. The apples of her cheeks almost instantly color with a faint blush as she offers a little wave in Carey's direction with one of her sparkling smiles. Her hair ruffles a bit, as if something is moving underneath the mass of wavy black locks, and then a bronze head pokes out from the side that is closest to Beris and warbles in a friendly manner. Xan's head spins back at Remita's words and she looks like she is about to emit a shriek of joy, but pulls it back at the last minute, cause a nearly 16 year old wouldn't shriek. "Yes!" Xan exlaims, "I accept!""

Well, thank goodness for appearing to be unthreatening, for Carey is the least likely suspect for accosting women at their work. The escort is given the most discreet of inspections, then the women again; it dawns on him that perhaps one of them is of the family royal. Perhaps he ought to scoot over — a little farther away from these dangerous ladies, but Xanthee's palpable excitement has him pausing just a moment. What exactly did he get himself into, here? Perhaps he'll just sit right here and listen, while trying to remain unthreatening. NOPE NOPE NOPE, nothing to worry about over here. Nothing at all.

Well, at least she's not going mad. Just a friendly little fire-lizard living in someone's hair. Around here, that's basically normal. But, Beris needs to seal the deal with Ramita. "Noon tomorrow. I'll be there." She'll return Ramita's smile - she doesn't envy the woman the task of telling Daria she's poached an employee. Not her problem! And then her grin softens, glad, when the position she's barely vacated is offered to Xanthee. Everything works out nicely! She'll drain her glass, peeking over Carey to give him a grin as he, too, sees Xanthee's barely-contained excitement.

"Excellent," Ramita looks pleased with herself if that hint of a smile that's lingering is any indication. She's managed to kill two birds with a single throw during lunch. Maybe more, depending on how all this hidework in front of her goes, although the near squeeing and firelizard do get a brief flicker of concern. "Just a note… my aunt is not the biggest fan of them." And nod towards the firelizard in her hair. So.. keep it away from work. "And remember that the Tea Room is a place people come to relax." So quiet, not exclaiming over everything. Please don't make her look like a fool in front of Daria. "And you should show up to the Tea Room when it opens." So breakfast time. Better be punctual. And now her attention is back on her dark glass of beer. Carey still unnoticed from her.

Carey offers Beris a wink of amusement at Xanthee's expense; it's so amusing to see a young girl getting something she wants! The drink is lifted to his lips again after a salute in her direction. May times be interesting in the Pit — well, more interesting than they already are, at any rate. Ramita is given a brief glance, though his usually ebullient curiosity is staunchly muted for the time being. It simply wouldn't do to alarm anyone. So much hidework.

Xanthee shakes her head vigorously, "No ma'am. Grymm and Banshee are very well behaved and they will stay away if I tell them to. No worries there ma'am. And that is very understandable, very relaxing place the Tea room. I will be there first thing. Thank you so much ma'am." Xan seems to be trying for a new record of 'ma'am's' in a single breath. "I should go let the them know at the Weyr that I got a new job." She jumps to her feet and actually bows in Ramita's direction and then bolts out the door in a flash, the excitement bubbling over her. One final wave is given over her shoulder and after she has passed the threshold to the outside, a loud SQUEEEEEEEE can be heard fading into the distance.

Beris collects up her glass and plate, carefully nudging the discarded bit of lettuce onto the latter. Hard to break certain habits. "Thanks, Ramita. I'll see you tomorrow, then!" She's a lot more chill about this than the younger Xanthee, but there does appear to be a spring in her step as she passes by Carey, giving him a look up and down (a girl has eyes, after all), and then on to the bar to deposit her empties, before she heads out of the cantina, too.

Ramita watches the verbal flood of words from Xanthee with a careful guarded expression. Was this actually a good decision? Well… at least Beris shows promise for the Pit. A hand rubs at her temple as the two girls leave, coincidentally right after that SQUEE can be heard. But she does have lunch to finish and she'll set down the hides to start eating at that.

And off they go, each to their own errands. There's a muffled chuckle as that squealing drifts into the Cantina, quickly drowned into his drink. "Kids." He mutters to himself, almost missing Beris' checking him out. THat once-over is met with a bland, bland look back: whatchu lookin' at. He drops his chin into the palm of his hand and circles the remainder of his drink in his glass, contemplating the value of getting another while he still might. Another glance towards Ramita, the desire to question eating him alive.

Ramita is apparently as approachable as she ever gets today. She just gave not one but TWO teenagers jobs. That's crazy. There is a nod of agreement when the other journeyman mutters about kids, but she's eating, so no actual words are said. Just a look, the look of those that have had to deal with putting up with crazy apprentice shenanigans .

Carey's eyes roll in agreement of that look — doesn't he just know about the headache Ramita's let herself in for. Finally, with a sort, he offers, "Good luck with… " A hand is waved toward the door the teens have disappeared through. "… all of that." She seems like she'll need it before the week is out. He shifts to relax a bit, letting the glass gently down onto the table, and rests his hands across his belly. Wait, speaking of kids, does he hear some of his own apprentices cutting up in the Alley? He sighs, rolls his eyes, and debates going out there to settle the score. But he's in luck! Someone else gets on it before he can push himself to his feet to deal with it himself. "Kids." He growls, swiping a hand over his face in disgust.

"The older one shouldn't be a problem," Ramita says with some confidence. "Has worked for my aunt for over a turn now." So at least she's partially trained by a source she trusts. And the younger… she's not going to say it outloud, but if Xanthee doesn't work out, really that's Daria's problem and not her's. She was just trying to be helpful when poaching an employee. Least amount of disruption to business and all that. The commotion in the alley does have her escort's attention, even if the vintner is ignoring it.

Carey slides them a look, comprised mostly of surprise and a little apprehension. But then, it's their job to worry over this woman's safety. The commotion subsides quickly enough, and the miscreants' voices fade as they're led away. "Mm… perhaps she'll steady down. They usually do." He rubs his ear thoughtfully, as if to clear it of the memory of that godawful shriek the girl let out. He smiles warmly at the thought of the Tea Room. "Gotta say the Tea Room's a brilliant idea. Best place to go when you want to escape the rowdies." Most notably, those tanner brats who are convinced of their toughness to rather absurd proportions.

Ramita nods as she picks at her salad. "That, or she won't last long." Really, no skin off her if the girl finds herself without a job quickly, but she does give another nod and the smallest of smiles at the compliment to the Tea Room. "It is. My aunt has done quite well with it." The Pit however… that's usually where you can find some rowdies.

"Way of the world." Casey shrugs dismissively, and downs the last of his his drink with satisfaction. He then offers Ramita a wry twist of a grin at her modest reaction to the Tea Room's success. "Ha. Quite well, indeed." He agrees, then pushes himself to his feet. "If you'll excuse me, I'll go help settle our fake rowdies in their respective places before they decide to do themselves severe damage." THe very idea produces a glint in the eye — possiblhy a wistful one. "I swear I'm going to put all their behinds in The Pit to fight, since they're so interested in doing it. Boys can be so stupid." Oh, wait — wasn't Casey, at one point, a boy? Perhaps he's learned by his stint in The Pit, due to a very wise old father.

Ramita laughs a little at his suggestion of what to do with the rowdy boys. "Let me know if you decide to do that. We can make an event of it. I'm sure the other crafts have their share of delinquents as well. Imagine, herders versus tanners versus miners." She may be joking or she may be serious, who knows? But she very clearly does have connections with The Pit. There's a nod of farewell as the other journeyman departs and then she's back to her beer and hideworks. Oh the joys of running a business.

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