A'hali, D'ex


When it is pouring outside, people seek places that are not outside. D'ex and A'hali have a chat about Wingseconds and Missing People in Black Rock.

Mild Cussing


It is evening of the fourth day of the sixth month of the twelfth turn of the 12th pass.


Living Caverns, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 10 Nov 2017 07:00


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"M'noq caught me in Black Rock's tavern."

Living Caverns

Grand and spacious, the cavern curves high aloft in naturally-vaulted ceiling that soothes any sense of claustrophoba. Rich woods line the cavern floor, varnished and stained a rich mahogany, while round tables scatter about candlelit and intimate. The largest table lies southerly next the sideboard, long trestles that seem oriented to providing for the weyr's youngest. The rich blue of Azov can be seen from a distance in good weather, when the heavy stone doors covering the entrance are allowed to stand open.

It is the fourth day of Winter and 50 degrees. Still dark and overcast, the winter rain has picked up and become heavier, albeit still pleasant.

A'hali's like a big shaggy dog during the rainy season. Ohanaveth is out getting his Aloha on in the waves, and Hal just drips. There's more of him to catch the rain than on the average person y'know. As he comes into the living caverns he leaves a puddle wherever his foot steps. And when he finally pulls off that coat a very BIG puddle gets left behind.

"I sure hope you brought a mope, you're leaving a trail." D'ex's arms are folded, a towel in hand as he scowls at the newly-formed puddle. The bluerider is dry, and has clearly been in the living cavern for quite a while now to have maintianed this level of dry. A little green slip of a lizard darts around him twittering, usually unseen in the daylight, Lady is out now that the sky is dark. Out and being ignored vemonatly. The towel will be offered and another table will be pointed at, "If you are looking for company, I'm sitting over there."

"A mop?" A'hali looks at D'ex a little bit like the bluerider might JUST have gone completely insane. Like, bonkers. Then a glance behind him, "Oh. No. No mop." So… it's just gonna have to stay. SO SORRY D'EX. Taking the towel with a, "Thanks," A'hali uses it on his wet hair instead of the wet floor as he heads to the table D'ex indicated. (The floor will dry okay!)

The floor will NOT dry okay! D'ex's scowl will follow A'hali, however D'ex himself will not. Arms fold. Lady twitters and lands on D'ex's shoulder to be affectionete. D'ex allows it for a moment before breaking and following A'hali. D'ex has himself set up quite nicely at this table, food, a few papers, clearly intending to wait the rain out rather than face the wet. "What are you doing out in this weather?" Contaminating floors with water?! Why?!

A'hali settles himself at the table and then sets the towel aside, all crumpled up in a sad wet ball of towelness. An elbow gets set against the table and A'hali leans into it. "Looking for some sweet for Vani." Because of course he's trying to do something nice. It's Hal! "You?" Polite glance at that stack-o-papers.

D'ex will watch the total and complete lack of rightness with a mildly annoyed expression. The towel will be laid out on the bench to dry before D'ex actually manages to sit down, "That's nice. She into sweets?" It makes sense though, she's the Sweetheart. D'ex taps the papers and shrug, "If you ask Zynth, I'm 'playing with Maps'. But I'm not. I'm fixing them. Some dumbass doesn't know how to scale things correctly. So I told him I'd redo it." He waves vaugely at Lady as again she tries to land on his shoulder, "And it's easier to do it when there is food readily avalible." Ie, he didn't want to cook himself.

How did Hal forget what a neat freak D'ex is? Oh, right, because he hasn't lived with the man for a LONG TIME now. A half-smile for the memory before being back onto topic. "She worked in the rain today." With the weyrlings. "Decided it would be nice." In other words A'hali's doing his best to see if he can spoil his woman rotten~ "M'noq likes maps. Will be happy you are setting them to rights." A nice segue into wing matters.

"Does he? Well that N'lim couldn't tell you a good map from the bad map and sometimes I wonder if the man can read! If M'noq could like mapes enough for both of them, that would be something!" D'ex is not a fan of knots in general, however M'noq is a cool guy. N'lim is not. Lady will abandon her attempts to pester D'ex, flitting over to A'hali to rub up against him with a feline-like affection. Hello A'hali! "I sure hope that you have a mope at home if you are both wandering around soaked. You're going to warp your floorboards."

A'hali grunts as N'lim complains about the wingsecond. He knows he should put something charitable in here about the guy but… Nothing is forthcoming. "Yes, we have a mop." But A'hali is also going to ponder the fact that maybe it would be nice to redo the floors at some point… Wouldn't that be a project? (That Vani would KILL him for…) "You should be Wingsecond."

"No." The word is not stated. It is snapped. "Don't say thing like that! Your just going to encourage him!" Him? Oh right, thatgentle brush of snow on A'hali's mind, the chill of that endless winter in the pines, « We would be great Wingseconds, wouldn't we? » D'ex groans, "Nooooooo. We are Not doing that! A'hali, that is a terrible, horrible idea. I don't want to be a wing-anything other than Rider! I didn't even want to be that for the longest time! I don't want to deal with people! Or knots! You be wingsecond!"

Oops, Hal totally noticed the firelizard in his last pose and started stroking Lady. Yup. THAT WAS A THING. A reall grin breaks upon A'hali's face as that brush of cold meets against pissed-off rider. "Could explain M'noq to me then."

Lady drinks in the attention, rubbing against his hand and almost vibrating, if firelizards could purr. "You would be a great wingsecond! I mean, I think you're almost too nice to be in Lynx, but that works for Wing-Seconding. M'noq's a nice guy too, you'd work great together!!!" D'ex shuffles his maps and hisses softly through his teeth as again snow and ice drifts between them, « Yes, A'hali would be a good wingsecond, perhaps a better wingsecond than D'ex. However, I would be a better wing second than Ohanaveth. »

Jungle scents will just overpower the crisp winter that Zynth introduces into the conversation. Ohanaveth may not be very ambitious but he still takes offense at that Zynth! That was an Ohanaveth HRUMPH. A'hali shakes his head slowly at D'ex's insinuation that he and M'noq would work well together. "M'noq does not trust me."

The HRUMPH will be politely ignored. « Maybe A'hali and I should be wingseconds! » "Hell no!" Dragon theft is not okay in D'ex's book. "If M'noq doesn't trust you, then there is no way he's ever trusting me! At least I'm legitimatly not-trustworthy! In fact, trusting most of Lynx wing is a mistake. Look at Dora! Look at me! Why on Pern did you even transfer?"

EXCUSE HIM. Ohanaveth is just going to give serious mental shove to Zynth this time. His human kthanks. There's also an underlying tone of 'don't make me come sit on you because I will' that is expressed in Ohanaveth's jungle that is just gonna be super overgrown for a moment. "I…" How to explain it in the fewest words. A'hali looks down and away from the younger man. Shame causes his shoulders to bow more than slightly. "Had a break down in the dragon infirmary. Thought some distance would be best."

In that moment of growth, Zynth's snow-scape will be come a windy, empty tundra, lifeless and dead. While Zynth will not make an effort to shove back, his mind will not yet return to it's usual mountians and forest. D'ex will pause at this. A'hali have a break down? Hmmm. That was possible. D'ex shifts slightly, frowning, "Distance? Yeah. .. . I guess that makes sense. But Lynx? Why not Leapord? Or somewhere that you are not asking to be taken advantage of?" Not that anyone in Lynx would to that.

As shown by the time it took the player to write the pose, D'ex's question isn't an easy one for the brownrider to answer. Hopefully D'ex is patient as A'hali puts all of his thoughts together in one clear bundle. "Jaguar is mid-flight. Ocelot is… rough." Other excuses are given for the other wings until, "Lynx was good to Vani. Maybe a good spot to… get better."

D'ex may be many things, however 'pacient' is not usually one of them. However, his player is. The redhead will stop watching A'hali stuggling through things after a while and turn back to his maps with an occational nod, and 'Un-Huh'. He pays just enough attetion to file away each wing's faults and when finally, A'hali finishes, D'ex looks up again, "And are you? Are you getting better?"

"No. Not yet." Which is why A'hali hasn't gone back to the infirmary… except maybe to give Rookie some pets on the sly. Because he loves that dog. :( "M'noq caught me in Black Rock's tavern."

D'ex blinks. He's not sure how those two things are related. "And that's a bad thing? Black Rock has far better liquor than the weyr. Cheaper too. Why is his finding your there a bad thing?" After all, D'ex is there quite often. Maybe not recantly, but it is a place he frequents

"No. He was looking for information. I… would not say there. Then I could not. Remember Phre?" A family on Black Rock, mother, father (Phre), a couple sons, a daughter or two, etc. "Told wife he got job, but hasn't come back yet."

"Yeah, I remember him. I worked the docks with his sons, I think, right after my trial." It might have not been them, but he knows the famliy, at any rate. This, however, is knew to him. "Really? Did she see what ship he got on? Hmmmmm." D'ex leans back, checks how dry the towel is, and will fold it. "Wait… how long? How long has he been gone?"

A'hali lifts up a finger to show three, then verbally adds, "Sevens." So It's not IMPOSSIBLE that the job just hasn't finished yet, but… also kinda not-so-possible.

D'ex's eyes wide. Well then. He knows Black Rock, knows how long one-time deals/jobs/gigs should take. "Really? What got M'noq involved? I don't think they'd be the type to go to the Weyr. Not that going to the hold helps." But… .perhaps Phre's family was less anit-weyr than his own.

"Says he is looking for smugglers hiring crews. Phre was hired." And now he's missing. So it's not so much that anyone went to the weyr… A'hali's lips are twisted in worry. "I could not tell M'noq more. Everyone very quiet - few Black Rock Jobs right now."

Not so terribly long ago, D'ex had been among those searching for jobs in Black Rock. He understands. There is a level of desperation that comes to all scavengers eventually. "I see… . Well, I can see what I can see." One finger taps on the table lightly. Lost in thought before nodding, "I know some folks good at listening. Maybe they heard something useful." The finger pauses and points at A'hali, "M'noq won't know I'm looking around. Kay? I can't do that to folks."

A'hali nods as D'ex puts a condition onto his own looking. That's more than a little bit about how A'hali feels too! Black Rock people just require a different… touch. With a heavy sigh A'hali pulls himself to his feet. "Talk soon." Zynth to Ohanaveth or, "Maybe dinner." Seriously, D'ex, come over some time. And then A'hali is just going to have to take himself off towards the kitchen. A greenrider will be home soon~

D'ex will hum non-commitably, Lady will purr with disappointment. But the two will see A'hali off without further comment. Dinner, Maybe. Only if there was time scheduled in to clean. That Ship-weyr was probebly desprately in need of help.

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