Va'os, Rielle


Rielle decides Va'os could use dinner away from the Weyr rather than a brooding session near the Sands.


It is sunset of the first day of the twelfth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Hatching Caverns Entrance, Southern Weyr

OOC Date 11 May 2018 06:00


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"Aye, well, all the reasons to get lost for an evening just keep adding up, don't they?"


Hatching Caverns Entrance

A grand and storied entrance into a place where dreams and dragonets roam: it is western-facing, this greatest-entrance, and not heat nor rain nor ferocious wind can disguise the truth of the hatching grounds beyond. Adventuresome merchants occaisionally take root in the sheltering stone-roof of the otherwise open-air entrance, selling klah or stuffed meatrolls or even jewelry and tiny knick-knacks frequently draconic in nature.

Evening has fallen on the first day of summer in Southern! And it's already promising to be hot. Most have long since gone to turn in for the night or find somewhere to cool down. Va'os has picked the entranceway to the Hatching caverns as a place to lurk. It's a somewhat comfortable spot to lounge, out of the worst of the mugginess but not too close to the sands themselves (that will come later but not long enough!). The few merchants who setup within this entranceway are absent. There is nothing that truly gives away the reason why the Weyrleader is lurking here. Only that he seems to be wandering aimlessly, as he sometimes does. At least he doesn't appear drunk?

The hatching caverns are definitely at the bottom of most people's lists for places to relax right about now. It won't stop Rielle from meandering that way when she spots Va'os however, dressed as though she's just come from the beach. Slightly damp hair reinforces the fact. "So here's a thought," the brownrider starts by way of greeting. "Dinner at the Barrier Hold. Preferably Le Brulee'. For a few different reasons."

Va'os starts at first, when Rielle's voice speaks up from behind him. He's all smiles for her though, when he quits with his aimless pacing and turns to face her. "What, no hello or how are you?" he teases jokingly. "Not even a salute!" He's not dressed for the beach, though he does cast both an appreciative and wistful once-over look her way. Maybe he wishes he could be lounging by the water? No, he's dressed in his usual clothes, having not returned to his weyr to even change into something more casual. He blinks, brows furrowing slightly. "… and those reasons would be?" Amuse him a little, here! While he pretends to have no idea what she's hinting at.

Grinning, Rielle playfully ticks a two-fingered salute off her brow, then decides to define "hello" with a kiss before pulling back to elaborate on her suggestion. "One, that it's hot here and not there. Two, that maybe I feel like dragging the continuing Weyrleader off to a nice dinner. And if not for that reason, then because I feel like dragging my boyfriend off to a nice dinner. If he's available for it, of course." She gives a little tilt of her head as she looks up at him, studying his expression. "What brings you down here, anyway?"

Her kiss is the far more desirable version and Va'os will return it with a playful grin. He listens too, to her ticking off the various reasons. Each which just brings him to scoffing lightly, "Alright! Those are all pretty awesome reasons to shirk my duties and flit off somewhere for awhile. I'm sure D'wane could handle it!" And he'll even be nice and warn his continuing Weyrsecond ahead of time that he's skipping out on Southern for a day. "Not sure if I can… even remember the last time I went somewhere for fun. Usually it's all duty and politics." If that and it's boring! What brings him here? He smirks, jerking his head towards the sands behind them. "Just thinking. Preparing, I guess? Mayte warned me on a few things… and y'know? Going away is really starting to sound good."

"Aye, well, all the reasons to get lost for an evening just keep adding up, don't they?" Rielle lilts, taking Va'os' hand and urging him to come walk with her. "No duty, no politics. Just dinner. Though we should both probably dip into the baths first." Her with her sandiness and him with his sweatiness, probably. "What'd Mayte warn you about?"

Va'os chuckles, "Yeah, I'd say the favour is definitely in the 'pro' column than 'con'! Wouldn't want me to get all dull and boring, eh?" He takes her hand and follows Rielle without complaint or hesitation. There's one last glance over his shoulder at the diminishing view of the entranceway and then her prompt has him looking down at her. "Oh, just Rhiscorath's … ah, I mean, just what to expect once the eggs are clutched. Won't be going no where!" Oh joy and fun! "Except for the obvious necessity of flying Threadfall, but…" No escape! EVER.

Rielle lets out an "ah" of understanding, though can't help but adding on herself. "Rhiscorath's quirks?" With a groan of sympathy, she rests her head upon Va'os shoulder for a moment as they walk. "The Sands are blazing as it is, but summer clutches? I'm surprised the eggs don't harden overnight." Which would be both amazing and panic-inducing all at once. She glances back at toward the entrance for a second herself, pensive. "Sometimes I wonder what Obe would be like as a clutchfather. I don't know if I'll ever find out. But I imagine it'd be adorable."

"Quirks! Right. That's a good word," Va'os' mind is likely split across several lines of thought right now, but he does turn his focus back on Rielle when she rests her head on his shoulder. The display of affection doesn't bother him. It's not like their relationship is a secret! He laughs, "Oh but that'd be a relief one way! No long, lengthy sentence of egg sitting for either of us! Sure, we'd be dashing about like headless-wherries trying to find Candidates in time but…" He waves a free hand upwards dismissively. Details! "Hey. Never say never? You may visit another Weyr someday and one of their juniors go up and… bam!"

"I know, but…" Rielle makes a face, chuckling a bit. "Faranth. The thought of being away from Southern for something like that hadn't even crossed my mind. I don't know if Obe would even show interest." But they'll never know for sure unless it happens! "Not something I'd be able to predict, anyway." The living caverns are in sight now, and her skin practically tingles with the thought of finally getting scrubbed of salt and sand. Glancing back up at Va'os, she arches a brow quizzically. "How is Tsiroth with a clutch? Does he get broody, or would he rather be doing something else?"

Va'os grins, giving her a little nudge to the ribs with his elbow. "You know that's how it happens right? You start thinking 'nah, this won't ever happen!' And it's like it's some huge cue for them to just go and prove you wrong!" He speaks as though he's wise and all knowing in these things! Her earlier mention of the baths was missed, but he's content to follow her. Maybe they'll be lucky enough to get there without interruption? "It's kind of hit and miss with him? I mean… I think we were all terrified of Khalyssirelth. Didn't help that he went and chased Vani's green…" He clears his throat. "I've no idea how he'll be! Might be a little more respectful, at least." Va'os is probably praying for it.

"Well, I know now. I've had a few rounds of watching you go through it, aye?" Rielle grins and nudges right back, steering them toward the living cavern in earnest now. Mention of Khalyssrielth begin terrifying earns a chuckle and a little shake of her head. "Guess you'll be finding out, too! Hopefully Zymuriath won't be following right on Rhiscorath's heels and tempting him." Because if chasing a green earned a queen's ire, she can only imagine what chasing another queen might result in!

"I'm the worst example! Don't follow MY example!" Va'os laughs heartily and weathers that nudge back. He goes right into retaliate, even if it earns them some good stares from those sitting at the tables in the caverns. Probably NOT the place for him to be playfully swatting at one of his Wingleader's backside, but hey. This is Va'os, after all! Wouldn't be like him not to throw something new into the gossip mills. "… I forgot Zymuriath hasn't risen yet." Is he looking a little pale? Yeah, he's definitely pale. Until he shakes it off and is back to grinning. "I doubt Tsiroth is that ballsy to even try." And he won't be wrong! The bronze will admire and all, but no. No, he's not THAT dumb, folks!

Rielle doesn't mind such retaliation in the least, of course. Even if it does cause her to make a funny noise and then try a counterstrike of her own involving a pinch. "Good on him, then," she chuckles, and picks up the pace, catching his and to do so. "Come on. A quick rinse and then to dinner; my stomach is starting to get angry at me for neglect." Soon enough, they'll be away for the evening, all of this left behind for a bit, as promised…including (perhaps most importantly) the sweltering heat.

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