L'denn, Niyati


Two dragonets explore the rain soaked training ground.


It is evening of the first day of the third month of the second turn of the 12th pass.


Training Grounds, Southern Weyr

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Training Grounds

A broad and sheltered swoop of bowl lies bare for the talons and tread of countless weyrlings that-will-be, encased by stone scoured and scarred by those-that-were. Dirt lies as neatly as dirt can lie, swept and raked daily, at the mouth of the caverns that must indubitably be the weyrling barracks. Devoid of decoration, the place stands strangely absent of pressence when empty, the everpresent wind of Southern giving strange acoustics to those under the shelter of the towering bowl-wall.

Evening. The pelting rain has eased up, slowing to a nice drizzle, at least for the moment. After having hatched, eaten, slept, and been bathed, Vindryth is eager to see outside, and so that's where he and L'denn are. Sticking close to the barracks, the tiny blue dragon stands no higher than L'denn's knees as the pair stand and look skywards, watching the clouds drift and occassionally seeing flickers of moonlight. Crouching down, L'denn rests a hand on the small blue's neck, rubbing gently.

Niyati is still a bit baffled at her situation, but that doesn't stop her from giving in to the request to go outside to see what's out there. The green she walks with almost appears a miniature as they stop to consider puddles. No jumping in them or splashing, but the reflections are apparently fascinating. L'ndenn is spotted and she considers the pair for a moment. "Is he dreaming of flying already?"

L'denn looks up, beaming. Nothing can wipe the grin off his face right now. "What? No," he laughs, rubbing his blue's neck and grinning even wider when the dragon hums happily and nuzzles his knee. "Just watching the clouds, seeing…outside. How are you two?" Grin. Vindryth spreads his wings, long and ungangly right now, and then folds them with a rustle to his back. His thoughts stretch to his clutchsister's, happy and joyous, a mental image of a vast open plain as he invites her in. « Hi! The air smells delicious. »

Niyati chuckles. "I'm still trying to wrap my head round it all," she answers, the surprise still clinging to her voice. "But Kaiyth is wonderful. How about you and Vindryth? I saw from the sidelines, even with all of that steam." Kaiyth has to stop and look up from her puddle and at first her only response is an image of sun falling through raindrops over an open field. «Outside is wet! Are the clouds leaking?»

L'denn grins widely at her. "I'm so glad you impressed though!" he says, straightening his crouching posture and wiggling a little bit. "He is amazing. Just /amazing/. He's…it's…" He shakes his head, looking at his tiny dragon in awe. Bending, he scoops him up into his arms to just HOLD him for a minute, snuggling. Vindryth takes this quite well, tail looping around his rider's waist, muzzle nuzzling his neck with a happy little warble. Then, a wiggle, and L'denn sets him down again so he can bound off towards his clutchsister. "It's joy," L'denn says with a slight flush to his cheeks. Vindryth's mind, the empty, dirt-covered plain, catches a few of those water droplets and a few bright blades of grass begin to grow, edging their way out of the red earth. « Mine calls it rain. »

Niyati's smile broadens as she listens to L'denn. "It certainly is. I was absolutely certain you'd be here and he's absolutely beautiful." She reaches down to stroke her hand over the little green's head and is leaned against in response. "I'm sure we'll wake up with hungry mouths to feed and still wonder how we got here." For her part, Kaiyth finally tips her head in greeting as her clutchbrother approaches. «I like it.» And to prove it there's more of that flower filled field and the hint of warm summer air to her voice.

L'denn blushes lightly. "Thanks," he murmurs, watching Vindryth poke his muzzle at the puddle, and then dip a foot into it. Wobble, and then fall over with a thump and a minor splash of mud. Then a soft creel. "Alright, alright. He hates being dirty," L'denn informs Niyati, baffled as he walks forward and pulls a rag from a pocket to begin wiping the little blue down. The creel doesn't last long though, and while he's being tidied up, his thoughts are expending back to his clutchsister's, soaking in the sight of her flower filled field. The blades of grass in his mind begin to grow until there are two. Yes, just two, and then one blooms into a flower. « Me too. I like, » there's a pause, « water! »

Niyati watches the little blue, obviously refusing to chuckle at that tumble. "Let's hope they all like the water as much, we're certainly going to be seeing plenty of it for a while. Kaiyth doesn't like it much but she doesn't complain too much about it yet. She wanted rubbing down after she ate, though." Kaiyth, for her part, looks up at the humans as if this shouldn't be a surprise at all. «I like the clean water. Once it hits the ground it becomes too dirty.» Still, those bright notes to her voice are there, the flowers haven't faded and the rain is still present. «I like the rain.»

L'denn glances skyward and nods. "This rainy season lasts a long time, then?" He straightens and flips the rag across his shoulder while Vindryth spreads his wings and fans them, before they fold against his spine, restless. "I wonder if they all like to be clean." Vindryth noses the puddle again and then tilts his muzzle skyward, only to snort and sneeze when some of the drizzle goes up his nose. That was surprising. « Don't get it in your…uh. » That thing.

"Not terribly long, but for them it'll seem like forever. It may seem that way for all of us with rambunctious little ones who want to go out and play." Niyati finds this somewhat amusing, judging from her expression. "Kaiyth doesn't appear to find the idea of getting dirty very appealing. She said she wouldn't mind it if she had to, but so far she hasn't shown any real interest doing more than looking into the puddles." Kaiyth is still watching Vindryth as if his experience were as good as having one of her own. «Nose. She said it was a nose.»

L'denn looks over at their little dragons and grins. "Very possible," he agrees with a slow nod, chuckling. "We'll have to find other ways to keep them entertained then." Vindryth circles the puddle and rumbles brightly to his clutchsister. « Nose! » New word! It's a GREAT word.

"At least they'll want nothing more than to eat and sleep for the most part for now, with a little exploration thrown in. In a few days… Then I imagine that's when the real work starts. We have to come out of weyrlinghood as useful riders, after all." Niyati is still amused, watching the two little dragons as the puddles and rain are explored. "Come to think of it, I should probably see if I can send someone to clean out my things. I imagine I could send off some of the things for Sabina since she said she'd probably venture down once in a while." Kaiyth does venture to lean out to sniff at a puddle, careful to keep her nose out of it and the resultant inhale of water. «It makes you sneeze if you breath it in. I think.»

L'denn nods, "Right. Yeah, I'm sure they'll grow really fast." But right now…CUTE! TINY! He can pick his dragon up. And he will. Often. Because how much longer will he be able to? Vindryth noses the water again with a warble. His exhale causes ripples and his head lifts abruptly, to stare at it. He does it again. « Look look look! »

Niyati is watching her lifemate, because the little green seems far too interested in those ripples. "I'm sure we'll have plenty of time before they're too big to hold or lay over our laps…" Her words fade off and she's in the midst of saying "No, Kaiyth that's….!!" But it's too late. The little green has inhaled so much her midsection is puffed out like a balloon and as her head tips down so that she can breath over the water she lets go with a mighty (for her size) blast of air that sends the water splashing out in a spray. "…going to go everywhere…"

L'denn laughs, ducking his head a bit from the dragonspray. Vindryth is thrilled, his wings snapping open and fanning with an eager little trumpet. But, oh no…he's /dirty/ again, and L'denn is hurrying over to wipe him down. Still, the boy is grinning widely, as if cleaning his dragon (HIS dragon!) is the best task he could ever do.

Niyati lets out a sigh but it's hard to be angry when her lifemate is looking around the puddle as if it exploded all on its own. "Sorry about that. She wanted to make ripples of her own. Now she's convinced she's made rain." As evidenced by the fact that the little green is now blasting air into any puddle she can get to. It's not until her bounding sends her skidding to a splash that she lets out the most pitiful sound. «It's muddy!» That unhappy announcement is made in the loudest of tones punctuated by blasts of molten light.

L'denn laughs again, shaking his head. "Don't worry about it. Truly." Vindryth wiggles, bounding after his clutchsister until she skids and splashes, and he tumbles in muzzle-first. « It is! » he says with a laugh, and then a mental protest. « I do not like it! » Being dirty just will NOT do. No no no. "I think we should get them back inside, give them a bath," L'denn says, bending to scoop up his muddy, wet dragon and hold him half over his shoulder, like he was carrying a large canine. Did Vindryth just lick him? Cough.

Kaiyth walks toward Niyati with her wings held up as if she's certain she's just dripping with mud and wants to keep it as far away as possible. «I don't like it… I want clean water. Please?» It's said for everyone to hear because she just doesn't care anymore. SOMEONE needs to bathe her now. "Yes… enough puddles for one day." To L'denn she chuckles. "Well, at least there'll never be any protest over keeping clean." And thus she follows her fellow Weyrling into the barracks for dragon wash duty.

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