Kyara and Liareth, R'xim and Shalnth


Kyara and R'xim slip away together while their dragons do the same. Glowing hide is only part of the equation, however.

Sexual content (explicit portions collapsed)


It is evening of the twenty-eighth day of the fifth month of the thirteenth turn of the 12th pass.


Galleries and Mirror Cavern, Igen Weyr

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“I don’t suppose you’d fancy a swim in a bit? You could use one.”



Though occasionally cleaned by ambitious (or neurotic) drudges or weyrbrats being disciplined, the lack of Eggs over the last several Turns has led to the Galleries falling into a state of disrepair. Sand can be found…well, everywhere. On the benches, under the benches, on the railings and walkways. There is also the random tidbit leftover from people who've wandered into the gathering place since the last cleaning. A random bit of cloth here, a bit of something that might have been a carving-in-progress once there.

A bright, stormless day has passed to a calm, clear night, blessedly quiet throughout much of the Weyr. This includes the Hatching Cavern, though there is a small handful of people there making silent survey of the ever-hardening eggs. One of them is Kyara, the off-duty greenrider leaning on the rail front-and-center to take advantage of the view. Wearing a skirt of crinkled white linen with a deep green tank top and burnished hair loose about her shoulders, the only thing giving away the fact that she’s a rider right now is her knot, which hangs from her belt for the moment. Not much place for it on a bare shoulder, after all.

Enter R’xim fresh off of drills and sweeps for the day dressed in his leathers and a short sleeved shirt. He smells of firestone and ash (scents that’ll never wash clean of his riding gear) and he’s apparently in need of a decent bath the way dust clings to his trous and exposed skin — it’s what happens when you have sweeps over the sandy desert. Shalnth is finding ways to entertain himself in the bowl as he waits for Rix to return, which means the bronze is all up in Liareth’s grill. In typical form, he must let her know that he’s officially off duty. « Liareth. » The scent of saltwater follows his presence. « Are you at the lake? » Meanwhile in the hatching cavern, R’xim is heading toward the railing where Kyara stands, making sure he’s not sneaking up on her.

« I am at a lake. » Oh dear. A testy Liareth typically means one thing, though the rather purred amused with which she answers Shalnth, the mists of her bathhouse curling about his sea-spray mindscape as thick as a heated cloud, conveys that she is only at the start of her glowing, at least. « Why don’t you see if you can guess which? » The pretty green’s state would probably account for Kyara’s more…summery choice of attire right now. Now knowing that Shalnth is seeking out her lifemate, the greenrider isn’t surprised when she lifts her head at a flicker of movement in her periphery to find R’xim approaching. Shifting so that she’s leaning on the rail sideways, her smile warms at the bronzerider, and she straightens as he comes closer. “Hi,” she greets simply, one corner of her mouth lifting higher as she takes in the rough-around-the-edges sight of him. “Fresh off a sweep, I take it?”

Where there is a testy Liareth there is an irritating Shalnth. He can sense her very faint glow through the essence of her mindscape and responds with an oceanic breeze to cool her off a bit. « I already know which one it is. » is his smug response. His leather straps are the only reason he’s not launching skyward to be next to her — which means he’ll start nagging his lifemate to take them off so he can dive into the water. R’xim can already predict the bronze’s actions since he, too, shares the realization that Liareth is starting to become proddy. “Yeah. We were near the Keroon border today.” When he draws near, a hand reaches toward Kyara’s waist and pulls her close so he can give her a quick kiss. “Been here long?”

Cooling off? Never. It isn’t in Liareth’s nature, proddy or not! However, the latter does make Kyara want to cool off, even if she can’t truly escape the heat that inevitably plagues her during. « So you believe, » the green counters, the mists that have billowed back with Shalnth’s breeze now roll back in full force, even thicker this time. The Weyr lake? The Crater Lake? Has she taken off again so that she can choose at the last second? She’s not letting on. Meanwhile, Kyara hums in response to R’xim’s reply and wraps her arms around him as she returns that kiss. “Not too long,” she answers, staying right where she is once their lips part. “I don’t think I’ll be able to stand it in here for more than a few more minutes. Mostly because…well. I’m sure Shalnth is letting you know what’s what.” Lifting a hand to his cheek, she gently swipes a thumb through some dust clinging there and gives a little grin. “I don’t suppose you’d fancy a swim in a bit? You could use one.”

Opposites, these two dragons. Countering Liareth’s steamy bathhouse are the crisp currents of Shalnth’s winter ocean. If she dare take off to another lake, he will be flight bound regardless if his straps are on or off — that is the ultimate tease he cannot resist. Chasing. Especially this pretty (glowing) green. « Liareth. » There is a bit of a warning in Shalnth’s tone, emphasized by the sudden sea salty breeze that picks up. Sensing this sudden urge to chase, R’xim keeps his hand pressed to Kyara’s waist and finally takes a moment to look at her appearance after she admits to the fact. Her touch upon his skin practically tingles in ways he hasn’t felt in a long time, enhanced by Shalnth’s desire to find Liareth. “I could use a lot of things,” he says as his hand trails up Kyara’s back. “But, if I don’t get Shalnth out of his straps in next few minutes he’s going to ruin them. So let’s go.”

« Hmm? » Liareth is unfazed by the warning, regent and judge of all she surveys at the moment - including Shalnth, if he wishes to get close. The need to do the same, and to tease and tempt, is something Kyara finds herself pushing back against with steadily increasing effort…though being in R’xim’s arms, she doesn’t try to curb it quite so much, and doesn’t plan to hold back the latter two at all when they’re alone. The words accompanying the slide of his hand along her back only reinforce that choice, and she can’t suppress an appreciative laugh. “Good to know. So yes, let’s.” She’ll follow him out to Shalnth and even help un-encumber the bronze, if he’ll allow it. There may be just a touch of impatience in play there, though certainly not as much as Shalnth is displaying. It soon becomes evident that Liareth is not at the Weyr’s lake, though once the bronze comes looking for her at the Crater Lake, she is going to make him chase her a bit, both in the air and in the water, before letting him anywhere near her.

Maybe it’s Liareth playing hard to get, or maybe it’s her sass that entices Shalnth to follow wherever she leads. He’s encountered her when she was proddy in the past and yet there is something very different about her that makes him want to constantly be near her. Perhaps it’s R’xim’s influence as well since he very clearly made his claim to Kyara. The bronze is patient long enough for both riders to remove his straps and once he’s free, he is aloft. First to the Weyr’s lake and then the Crater Lake. “Looks like we’re walking.” R’xim says after storing the leather straps in one of Arroyo’s ground weyrs. “Unless you want to opt for the baths instead.” Judging by his tone, he’s down for either location.

Eventually Liareth will come to ground on the shore of the little island out in the crater lake, the glow of her hide a faint luminance in the dim light of early evening. The pretty green is much more…perhaps affectionate would be the word when it comes to Shalnth, though it’s rather coy, in a way. Since Kyara has quite firmly claimed R’xim right back, Liareth is very used to the bronze’s presence again and enjoys using the mysterious pull she has upon him to her advantage. So there she’ll wait for him to join her…

…While Kyara joins R’xim outside after he stores Shalnth’s straps. The cooler air of the evening is extremely welcome, but it’s still warm, and it doesn’t stop her from wanting a swim. “Actually,” she tells R’xim as she gives a stretch with arms overhead, “I’d rather leave those two to themselves and head for the Mirror Cavern.” She tilts her head toward the not-too-distant mouth of said cave, her lips taking on a rather impish curve. “Since it’s so close. And cool. And private.” She’s not going to beat around her motivations right now in the least.

Shalnth lands on the small island in the middle of the lake after Liareth decides that’s where they should rest. He’s not exactly the type to preen and nuzzle, but he does enjoy being in close proximity. He finds a comfortable spot near Liareth where he can easily brush against her if he chooses and settles to take in the serene view over the calm water. Images of the darkening sky are shared with R’xim so that he knows where they both have decided to spend their time. « He has a rowboat he takes out on the lake with Tavuqth’s rider. It’s where they practice casting lines. » Seacrafting roots often lure the bronzerider to water. « Tillek is where he does most of his fishing. »

Taking advantage of a change of clothes in one of the leather bags attached to Shalnth’s straps, R’xim does just that while he’s inside the ground weyr. He exchanges leathers for trous made of much lighter material and opts to keep the shirt he was previously wearing since there isn’t any point changing into a clean one. After the straps are stored and better clothing is had, Rix approves of Kyara’s suggestion. “Better than the baths. Hopefully it’s not full of people looking to do the same.” They won’t know until they get there, of course. “And since we’re walking,” he says, reaching for Kyara’s hand. “You can tell me if you’ll be joining the weyrling staff again.” With an impending hatching and her record of being an assistant weyrlingmaster, he’s curious. “I think Th’bek is going to request a knot from Vosji.”

Liareth, fortunately, doesn’t have to have considerable physical contact to exercise her wiles. She goes about preening a bit herself while she listens to Shalnth, making certain that a wing or a shoulder or a haunch brushes against him every now and then. « Mine sometimes fishes at the river, » she notes, her mental tone purred whether she means it to be or not. « If we have ever been to Tillek, I do not remember. Does yours go often? »

Kyara slips her hand into R’xim’s, a soft, contented sigh leaving her as their fingers entwine. “Here’s hoping,” she says of the state of the Mirror Cavern. “Maybe they’ll think it’s too much trouble getting there in the dark.” Or near-dark. R’xim’s last earns a quick grin; he does know her well enough to suspect she must be considering it at this point. “I was wondering if he would. And I would like to get back into it, yes. I’m planning on chatting with Vosji soon.” Leaning lightly into his arm, she peers up at him with a subtly arched brow. “Anything new for you? Or are you still settling in some more?

If Shalnth is affected by the random brushes from Liareth’s wing or haunch, he’s not exactly showing it. The only clue is when a few purple shades make themselves known throughout his faceted eyes, otherwise he is appearing aloof. With every touch he grows more and more certain that he will be the one to catch her whenever she decides to rise — his strategy is simple. He will be an even bigger thorn in the green’s shiny hide by not leaving her side. « His parents live in Tillek. We used to visit them often but then he earned other obligations. » With rank comes responsibility and the inability to take random trips away from Igen. « He is hoping to visit more now that we are less busy. » Shifting his wings into a better fold, Shalnth might just casually brush against Liareth’s side in the process. Oops. Hopefully he didn’t disturb her preening…

R’xim seems to approve of Kyara’s intent to join the weyrling staff again. “You’re good with weyrlings and have the right personality for it. Some people… don’t.” Ever since his return from High Reaches, and ever since he’s been sharing a bed with Kyara almost every night, his temper hasn’t flared in sevens. It could be that he’s finally getting restful sleep, or it could be that he hasn’t any rank to increase his stress level. No matter what it is, he’s been in good spirits lately. He considers Kyara’s inquiry and exhales a slow breath through his nose as they continue their walk. “Still adjusting to the lack of stressors in my life. Never thought I’d feel this good after turning in my wingleader knot, but it feels pretty damn good to just be a wingrider in Arroyo.” He lifts her hand to place a few light kisses on her knuckles. “And it feels even better to have you.”

Liareth’s response to that brush is to rumble and gently nip the edge of Shalnth’s wing - a quick nibble, really - before going back to cleaning her talons. « Yours did have too much, » she notes. « Mine is very glad for the change. » Abruptly, she slips off the shore into the water again, submerging briefly before settling into a lazy drift. Apparently her rider isn’t the only one who craves a touch of something cooler every now and then during this time.

Kyara’s smile grows as R’xim voices his support of her choice, fingers squeezing around his lightly. She’s noted the easing of his temper and the depth of his sleep, something she is all too willing to be complicit in helping him achieve. It’s gone both ways; since his return and their choice to be together, she’s been in a much bright state herself on the whole. Indeed, she sleeps less restfully herself when he isn’t there…or she feels less rested, anyway. “The feeling is most definitely mutual,” she grins, touching her lips to the back of his hand in turn on the way down.

Passage to the Mirror Cavern requires a bit of wading and swimming, so once they’ve reached the shore, Kyara pauses to lift her arms overhead and tug off her tank top. There’s a two-piece swimsuit beneath, something she’s taken to wearing regularly whenever Lia starts glowing. Right now it’s quite handy to tease R’xim with a bit, too, as she takes her skirt away too and then folds the garments together, setting them in a niche in the nearby rock and casting an inviting gaze over her shoulder before stepping into the water and starting toward the cavern entrance. There’s a chuckle as she feels Liareth echoing the action out at the lake…or perhaps it’s rider echoing dragon, more accurately.

Mirror Cavern

Cordoned off from the lake under a cape of stone is a sheltered grotto sized like a dragon weyr. Running water dribbles over the entrance not in any great torrent but lesser strings of liquid. Within, isolated waters assume a perfectly protected calmness pitching prisms of refracted light onto the walls and dome-like ceiling. How they flash when the pool's crystal clear surface is disturbed, serpents of light scattering like tunnel snakes from a lantern. Surfaces are naturally unfinished which explains the varying depths, 2-12 feet, and ability to be comfortly seated. As with any small cavern sounds have a way of being amplified be they swim strokes or nuggets of gossip.

No one ever had to tell Shalnth twice to get into a body of water and since Liareth is choosing to go for a swim right now, he does the same. Only this time he launches into the air, takes two massive wing beats, and splashes into the water — no doubt causing a surge toward the drifting green. And in true Shalnth fashion… he disappears, completely submerged and shadowed in the dark water. Only after the water calms is a little trail of bubbles seen to help Liareth figure out where he is beneath the surface.

This is a rare moment when R’xim actually prides himself as a true Seacrafter in that he is thankful for having kept swim trunks in the same bag where he keeps his spare clothes. At an earlier point in his life, he would spend every restday at Tillek with his family and he would also make quick, random visits to fish or swim at the Hold. He’s never fallen out of the habit of packing spare clothes and swimming gear — which serves him quite well in this moment. His clothes aren’t exactly piled as neatly as Kyara’s, and it doesn’t take him long to follow her into the water.

Rinsing off the dirt and grime on his skin feels good. All of the day’s stress seems to wash away with it and he’s left standing waist deep in the water, running both hands through his wet hair. Droplets on his face are then swept away from slicked back hair when he feels that same prowling urge that Shalnth shares with him. “Kyara.” Her name is spoken much like Shalnth’s tone with Liareth when she teased him. Perhaps he’s just trying to gauge her whereabouts while getting water away from his eyes.

Liareth will just keep drifting, though she’ll try to do it with Shalnth, following his trail of bubbles. She’ll also keep up the brushing against him every now and then, if she can manage it there below the surface. She’s rather amusedly trying to tune into Kyara’s doings at the moment…as much as she’s allowed to.

Kyara, though she makes it into the water first, is most definitely observing R’xim stripping down to his trunks from the cave entrance, the heat that glimmers in the depths of her amber gaze having very little to do with her lifemate’s state, really. She steps back just beyond the drizzling curtain of water that veils the threshold, watching him come closer as she waits submerged up to her chin. The way he says her name garners a low, rich chuckle as she rises and comes forward again. “I’m right here.” Reaching forward, she teases her fingertips against the ridges of his stomach before hooking them into his waistband and tugging lightly to encourage him forward to her. “She might play coy, but I’m not much for it myself.”

The bubble trail disappears until Shalnth rises to the surface and causes another wave of water to disrupt Liareth’s drifting. She seems to take the disturbance in stride, though, by just bobbing with the current until things settle once again. It’s then that Shalnth ruffles his wings and pins them back so that he, too, can casually drift and slowly swim further out into the lake. « I’m surprised there aren’t more dragons and their riders taking a swim tonight. » His tail flicks a little water at Liareth.

R’xim is quite grateful for the lack of people in the Mirror Cavern right now, especially when Kyara draws near and pulls him toward her. There are a few glows along the edge of the cavern that people have left behind and they provide a decent amount of lighting, but it’s still rather dim and Rix’s vision isn’t as sharp as it once was in the dark. He can see just fine during the daylight and only requires glasses to read every once in a while — hey, he’s not that old.

Kyara doesn’t need to encourage him forward very much. No, no. In fact, R’xim presses her close and he wastes no time sweeping burnished hair from her shoulder so he can start kissing her neck. “Good.” is his rumbled response. Stubbled chin and cheek gently brush against the delicate skin of her neck as he finds his way to her ear. “I’ll never complain about that. Proddy or not.” His focus remains on her ear for a moment until he moves to find her lips, all while his hands find their way to the straps of her top. This could get interesting if he manages to tighten the knot rather than loosen it.

« Perhaps they know better than to come near, » Liareth counters, quite pleased with the possibility. Of course, a proddy Liareth is not to be taken lightly, so it very well may be the case. The subtly glowing green swipes a bit of water back at Shalnth with he own tail, traces of violet swirling in amongst the intriguing combination of blue and amber that dominates her eyes now.

As happy as the green is with the lack of other company for the moment, Kyara’s gladness at finding the cavern empty probably exceeds it. R’xim’s gratitude for the state of things as well only compounds it. It isn’t easy to see in such dim lighting no matter how things are approached…but seeing everything isn’t a requirement right now, fortunately. It’s an enticing thing to feel things out, especially when that particular sense is heightening while she’s in Liareth’s thrall.

Being pulled against R’xim, folded in his arms as his lips traverse her neck, has her breath hitching, her skin flaring with gooseflesh as his stubble rasps with such tantalizingly gentle roughness as his kisses ascend. The soft moan that sounds from her throat bears clear evidence of just how much she enjoys it, a hand rising to sink into his hair as she tilts her head slightly to ease his passage. “She doesn’t have to be proddy for me to feel this way with you, of course,” the greenrider remarks breathily in a break for breath between kisses, pressing closer with a hand splayed against his stomach as he starts to explore the intricacies of her top. There aren’t many, thankfully; tightening the tie in the middle of her back would take some talent! And if he does manage to do that…well. The whole thing slips off easily enough with a few tugs.

“Have I mentioned lately…” She whispers as her hand makes its way steadily upward between them, studying the dips and rises of his body’s terrain with a savoring search of gentle fingertips. “…How happy I am, getting to be with you like this? To feel that you’re really here…” Perhaps there are times she fears waking to find it’s all been her imagination. But he’s very real beneath her hands, undeniably so, and she kisses him again out of sheer joy at the fact.

A proddy Liareth just means that she has Shalnth’s full attention with that sugar and spice attitude of hers. It’s a bit of a challenge to keep her interest and it’s easy for him to develop an obsession to stay in close proximity — hey, if she’s going to rise, he’s going to be near enough to know exactly when that’s going to be. And since she’s in the early stages, it just means that he’s not going to stray very far for the next few days. Nor is he going to complain about the lack of competition surrounding them in this very moment. « Yeah. Because I’m here. » There is an obvious confidence in his tone of voice as he predicts his claim.

Even if R’xim managed to botch the entire effort of removing Kyara’s bathing suit top, he’d more than likely just tear it off of her. No matter the outcome, the garment is coming off one way or another. “Mmn.” It’s the only coherent response he can muster when the top is removed and her skin is felt against his chest — said garment is also tossed somewhere near their dry clothes. “You haven’t.” Mentioned it lately. Both hands lift to gently cup the sides of her face so he can softly kiss her lips. “I’m here.” Perhaps a mirror of Shalnth’s proclamation tinged on R’xim’s words when he bends his knees slightly to find what’s left of Kyara’s two piece. With one piece already removed, he works at shimmying the other down. Down. Down.

It’s as if Shalnth can hear Kyara’s words echoing through his shared consciousness with R’xim that prompts him to rumble his response. « Good. » He can’t quite remember why he even brought it up in the first place and is now opting to succumb to more of Liareth’s temptations. « Mine would like to return home. » No doubt to sleep. « Think I can stay on your ledge tonight? » He has a Plan B if the green turns him down, rest assured.

Finally, R’xim loosens his arms and steps back into shallow water so Kyara can stand without the water level being too high for her. Her ministrations through his hair are difficult to give up, but there is a large part of him that wants to rest with her at his side. The cool night air is starting to settle over the desert Weyr and he can feel a noticeable change in temperature now that his heart rate is down. He will, however, thoroughly enjoy the kiss Kyara gives him a little longer than he should and then eventually nod after she speaks. “Yes. Now let’s get back to our bed.” So they can quite possibly enjoy each other for a second time — R’xim is going to sleep like a damn rock tonight.

He reaches for Kyara’s hand to collect within his and starts wading toward the ledge where their dry clothes are. They can worry about finding their swim trunks and two piece tomorrow, if some other folks don’t find them first.

If Liareth is at all bemused by Shalnth’s lack of elaboration, she doesn’t show it beyond a blink. His question earns a rumble of draconic laughter, and she regards him with a coy arch of her neck. « If you think you can handle coming closer, then you may. » Her ledge is quite spacious, but they’re still going to have to get cozy if he wants to sleep there.

Kyara doesn’t want to disentangle herself from R’xim, but they obviously can’t stay as they are no matter how good it feels. And a bed is definitely starting to sound good, for a few different reasons. His assertion about getting to one is so aligned with her thoughts that she can’t help but grin. “That sounds perfect,” she answers, a second round immediately springing to mind and not entirely because of Liareth. Though as the days toward her lifemate’s rising progress, the odds that R’xim will end up sleeping like a rock with her as the primary reason will likely increase drastically. Just being in his arms for the night sounds lovely, too. A win from any angle!

The greenrider doesn’t spare a thought for her discarded swimsuit either, eager enough just to get back presentability for the short flight home. And from there…a memorable evening to be had all around.

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